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Less than 10% of the ocean has been explored.

2013.01.07 21:36 meowstradamus Cold, deep, dark and occasionally sexy.

View and submit posts containing the wonderful, dark, and largely unknown world in the deepest depths of our oceans.

2012.10.10 21:48 Atmospheric Optics

Atmospheric Optics. The subreddit for anything related to optic sky phenomena: rainbows, ice halos, aurorae, mirages, cloud iridescence, green flashes, crepuscular rays and spectres of the Brocken.

2023.05.30 18:59 bahai-110 Mullah Nasruddin on “acquired infallibility”

Once, Mullah Nasruddin found himself in the midst of a lively debate about infallibility in the Baha'i Faith. People were discussing the concept of acquired infallibility, and Nasruddin couldn't help but notice the confusion in their words. He decided to share a story to shed some light on the matter.
Gathered around, the eager listeners awaited Nasruddin's insightful tale. With a playful twinkle in his eye, Nasruddin began:
"Once, there was a King who proclaimed himself to be infallible. He declared that he had acquired infallibility from God and had the Divine right to rule, much to the amazement of his subjects. Curiosity piqued, a brave young man approached the King and asked, 'Oh, great and infallible ruler, how can one acquire infallibility?'”
"The King pondered for a moment, then responded, 'My dear subject, acquiring infallibility is like acquiring a ray of sunlight. You see, the Sun is the source of all light, and illuminates the world. Similarly, the infallibility bestowed upon me is like a ray of sunlight. It shines upon my decisions and protects them from error.'”
"The young man scratched his head, perplexed. 'But, O great Monarch, can anyone else acquire this infallibility as well?'”
"The King continued, with a sparkle in his eyes. 'Indeed, my young friend. If you follow my laws and uphold my authority, you too shall be blessed with acquired infallibility. Just as the Sun shines upon all my subjects, my infallibility can be shared with those who follow me without questioning my decisions.’”
"Nasruddin paused for effect, looking at his audience with a knowing smile. 'Now, my brothers and sisters, what do you make of this tale?'”
"The listeners exchanged glances, some chuckling at the absurdity of it all. One person finally spoke up, saying, 'Mullah Nasruddin, this story illustrates the fallacy of acquired infallibility. It is like claiming that a mere mortal can acquire a ray of sunlight from the Sun and become infallible. Since the Sun shines freely on everyone, including upon those who don’t follow this King, then by his own logic we should all be infallible, which is nonsense! Infallibility is an absolute attribute that cannot be obtained or conferred upon by anyone.'”
"Nasruddin nodded approvingly. 'Precisely! Just as you have astutely realized, Infallibility cannot be divided or diluted. It is a Divine attribute that can only belong to God and His Manifestations. All other claimants to “acquired” infallibility are lying through their teeth.’”
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2023.05.30 18:59 Pogchamptheythem very confused on the height of the light dragon.

Hello, I’m going to get the master sword without doing any quests, such as the deku tree or geoglyphs. As of right now, i have two full stamina wheels. My current plan is this:
I teleported back to the shrine of awakening and went to the veryyy top of it using ascend.
I looked up the light dragons path, and have been angling my view downwards and left my switch in view while i chill on my phone, waiting for it to come.
but i have a few questions:
  1. is the light dragon still so high up, even from the very top of great sky island, that i would need to angle my camera upwards to see it? and if so, how would i get to it?
  2. if the dragon is below, or atleast relatively the same level as the south part of grat sky iisland im on, would 3 full stamina wheels be enough to reach her? i have two full permanent wheels and one yellow wheel.
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2023.05.30 18:59 AdEconomy2566 New Enclosure Help/Rating!

New Enclosure Help/Rating!
Hi! I'm a new (proper care) hamster owner with my little Syrian boy Augustus. I was hoping to see if people could help me out with my enclosure. I'll provide a list of what I have below and things that I'm planning to get. Also, little Augustus is in the last 2 images 🍓
I give him fresh water daily, a scattered mix of forage, fresh vegetables every other day, and 1.5 tsp of a mix of an Etsy business hamster food (mix of seeds, mealworms, oats, dried herbs and flowers) and Oxbow hamster essentials (what he had at the petstore. I'm weening him off it and won't buy another bag after it's done).
Augustus has a Pawhut cage that came with two shelves, but I removed them. I cut one of them to use as a barrier between his natural Kaytee paper bedding and the Eco-Earth coco fiber that takes up 1/3 of his cage. His bedding slopes a bit, but at the highest point, he has 10-11 inches of bedding.
What I have: • Multi-chamber hide (3 compartments) • Ceramic mushroom hide • 2 coconut hides • Multi-hole hide • Softwood hide (I carved and sanded off the dried resin as well as most of the bark to avoid splinters. No nails used, only hamster safe glue per the website) • Corn husk hide • 2 bendy wood bridges • Ceramic critter bath hide (litter box) • Sand bath with Repti Sand (all natural, no calcium) • 11 inch wooden wheel • Niteangel platform to support heavy mushroom hide and food/water bowls • Marble cooling slab • 2 cork bark • Hay tunnel • Timothy mat • Millet sprays • Toys: 2 toilet paper tubes, corn husk pompom, barrel chew, hamster-safe sticks, a few chunks of cork bark
What I'm planning on getting: • Grape wood branches (will replace center cork bark) • More varied sprays • Niteangel forest moss • Willow tunnel • New acrylic sandbath with lid to keep out coco fiber • A plastic Niteangel wheel that I'll replace the wooden one with when it gets too dirty
Anyways, that's everything! Please let me know what I can improve on! Augustus and I would greatly appreciate it 🍓
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2023.05.30 18:59 Adventurous_Judge493 I made a tier list on what everyone is doing for summer break (now with the addition of the new cast). Yes, I know most of the first few Gens are adults by now but this is if most of them were the same age.

I made a tier list on what everyone is doing for summer break (now with the addition of the new cast). Yes, I know most of the first few Gens are adults by now but this is if most of them were the same age. submitted by Adventurous_Judge493 to Totaldrama [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 18:58 Chelictinia Gardening makes me loathe birds

My peppers and tomatoes are being pecked to death. I didn't even know they could eat my peppers, they're very spicy. I've tried hiding the tomatoes and putting water out for the birds. They ignored the big bowl of water I put out for them and then shit in my dog's empty water bowl. I got a feeder so they would be distracted but it just brought more (+squirrels). I even put the pecked tomatoes in the bird feeder to offer those up instead. They simply kick the tomatoes off into the grass and peck a fresh one.
My breaking point was this morning when I saw a single hole had been pecked out of each and every almost-ripe tomato on the plant. Out of rage I plucked one off and lobbed it straight at the mockingbird, surprisingly I nearly hit it. Nothing short of building a bird netted enclosure around each of my plants will keep this menace at bay. There's no point to this rant I just had to get it off my chest.
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2023.05.30 18:58 Valuable-Banana96 I'll be honest with you, the Joker has NEVER come across as insane to me, in any incarnation.

In fact, I went my entire childhood without even realizing I was supposed to think he's insane, I thought he was just a prick with a vile sense of humor and an obnoxious laugh.
Think about it, all his plots are intricately planned out and carefully calculated to rile the heroes up; he always knows exactly what he's doing.
If he was actually an insane person he'd be killing people because he thought they were putting frogs in the chemicals to turn the freaking water gay, or something.
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2023.05.30 18:58 RedFumingNitricAcid How noticeable is laser hair removal?

I’m not ready to tell my family or work that I’m trans, but want to start laser hair removal in June. I hate my facial and body hair, and with HRT reintegrating my mind and body, the unwanted hair is becoming uncomfortable.
I don’t see my family very often, but my coworkers might notice something. I’m usually clean shaven and my body hair isn’t very thick. My facial hair is dark, arm hair (the only exposed body hair during work hours) goes between light and dark.
How noticeable would lasering be after the first few sessions?
Also, what is a good daily sunblock for early transition skin? The exposed parts of my body tan immediately on exposure to sunlight.
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2023.05.30 18:58 sjosephs27 Maxing out around 1500 OU Ladder. Any suggestions for a Special Attacker?

Hey there --
I'm a fairly new OU player so this was my first swing at building a team. It's gone through many iterations, but this is where I'm at right now. I recently subbed out a suicide Glimmora lead into Meow, so that's the most recent change I made.
I feel like I need another special attacker but I can't decide what to get rid of. I'm thinking Garg, but open to suggestions.
Feel like the team is self-explanatory but here's a quick run-down:
Generally Meow lead, U-Turn into the three beefy boys depending on what their lead is. Try and break down their team there to find an opening to bring in Gholdengo. Then work there and flip between beefy boys til it's appropriate for Roary to come in and sweep.
Garganacl @ Leftovers Ability: Purifying Salt Tera Type: Water EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Iron Defense - Body Press - Salt Cure - Recover
Meowscarada @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Protean Tera Type: Grass EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Spikes - Flower Trick - Knock Off - U-turn
Gholdengo @ Air Balloon Ability: Good as Gold Tera Type: Fighting EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Make It Rain - Shadow Ball - Nasty Plot - Recover
Great Tusk @ Leftovers Ability: Protosynthesis Tera Type: Fighting EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Impish Nature - Earthquake - Stealth Rock - Knock Off - Rapid Spin
Iron Hands @ Assault Vest Ability: Quark Drive Tera Type: Fighting EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Drain Punch - Thunder Punch - Heavy Slam - Volt Switch
Roaring Moon @ Booster Energy Ability: Protosynthesis Tera Type: Flying EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Dragon Dance - Crunch - Earthquake - Acrobatics
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2023.05.30 18:58 elijforthewin Ectopic pregnancy?

Honestly I'm not sure if I'm in denial or if my instincts are correct.
35F, 170lbs, 2 c sections (2.5 years apart) both healthy kids although difficult pregnancies. Taking birth control Lo estrin and lexapro. I also take vitamins (multi, melatonin, hair skin and nails)
Sunday morning after a date night so some drinking but not drunk I woke up and proceeded to throw up for 8 hours. I could hold nothing down at all. 2 days later while I cam hold things down I'm in a constant state of nausea. Last time this happened I was pregnant with my daughter. Today I took a digital pregnancy test which came back negative BUT I proceeded to bust it open to see what the inside looked like and I'll be damned if it wasn't a faint positive. I've now taken 4 tests (1 pink dye negative and 3 blue dye faint positive but different brands).
Now I think it may be ectopic because last week I would have told you I had my period although a very light period except for a couple of bursts of heavy blood bright red blood. Cramping so bad it was reminiscent of contractions from my first child. Today I have incredible shoulder and neck pain, I have done anything that should have injured my shoulder.
My OB has moved her practice out of state within the last year so I currently don't have a doctor. I have no idea if this is serious enough symptoms to go to the ER? I take my birth control everyday at the same time, I'm vaguely in denial I'm even pregnant. Sorry for the word vomit, any advice appreciated.
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2023.05.30 18:58 IAm-The-Lawn Grow Bag Watering Systems

I’ve been scouring the internet (and taking gardening classes), looking for a definitive answer on grow bag watering technique. Can you let them sit in a tub of water? Some say yes, the plants won’t get overwatered. Some say no, the plants still shouldn’t sit in water for prolonged periods of time even in grow bags, etc.
Could you post your experiences watering grow bags in the comments? Ideally, if filling up the water tray they sit in will let them drink at their leisure, and won’t cause issues, that’s the way I’ll go.
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2023.05.30 18:58 Civil_Toe5575 Collapsed from eyeballing dosage. (Lesson learned)

I guess I’ll start by mentioning that I am OKAY and no mental or physical harm came my way as a result of this. I would overall classify this trip as a good trip, mainly because I had one of my lifelong and trusted friends with me to help me through it.
At first it started with my friend hitting me up at like 11:00 pm saying “yo u tryna trip tonight I don’t got work tomorrow” (this is on a Saturday and I had no plans either). I told him I’d be over soon with about 4g… or what I thought was 2g but really was just a big ol’ handful. Keep in mind this is PE. So we ate the 4-6g I probably had and then my friend gets the genius idea to go get MORE. This is because my friend is a real big guy and has tolerance issues with a lot of substances.
Now, i’m NOT a big guy, I’m a 5’8 135 pound guy, a real little British dude. But still, I didn’t disagree because I do love myself some mushrooms. The trip actually went extremely well for about the first two hours. Me and boy was just watching revenge of the sith and chillin, on our existential mushroom conversation about life and thoughts. Shortly after, I felt a wave of weakness and started getting bad trip thoughts. I got up and something along the lines of “dude I gotta lay down dude wtf”. My friend asked probably the worst question he could have: “You having a bad trip dawg?”
(not his fault though obviously he’s tripping also)
This parts a little fuzzy because I did actually lose consciousness, but I moved toward his guest room because he was kind of leading me there talking about something with a bed. Then I looked and saw about 5 cardboard boxes with a bunch of junk in them and I remember the whole surface of the bed started moving around like it was water which REALLY tripped me up, so I started stumbling into his living room and then I realized I lost control and was about to pass out. I directed myself towards an empty part of the room and fell on his living room carpet.
My friends reaction to this was excellent, I’m amazed by the fact he was so coordinated that he actually picked me up, placed me on the bed, and turned off the bright light that was overstimulating me (which he could tell because I was covering my eyes).
Literal moments after this- we’re talking about 6 seconds- I felt amazing. Best part of the trip by far. I was warm and happy and my friend sat down and I kind of went over what happened with him since I was unconscious. He told me what I just described to you and at first I was embarrassed but then I said to him “ay, it’s a good story isn’t it?”
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2023.05.30 18:58 BarkyDogs Arrested of DWI at .01% BAC (lowest possible reading - no drugs), Not Mirandized, Denied Attorney at Questioning

Synopsis of my story (sorry for the length): On Saturday, 5/20 in Brunswick County, North Carolina, I had one drink (Vodka Cranberry) and a large glass of water with a meal in downtown Wilmington, NC. I did not drive until 12:45am on 5/21 (almost four hours later). That night, the Brunswick Country Sheriff’s office and Shallotte PD were running a "Booze it or Loze It" DWI checkpoint. I was subjected to this DWI checkpoint. A young Shallotte PD officer asked me if I had had anything to drink during the night. Unfortunately, I thought being friendly and honest with the officer would go a long way. BIG MISTAKE! He pulled me out of the vehicle. A Lt. from the Brunswick Country Sheriff’s office then jumped in my vehicle and pulled it up farther up the freeway. He locked it, then came back and handed the keys to the officer.
The Shallotte PD officer asked if I would perform FSTs. I told him that because of multiple sports injuries and surgeries to my legs, I would have to politely decline. The Sheriff's LT heard this and became angry. He went back up to my locked vehicle and began looking through the windows with a flashlight for evidence. The Shallotte PD officer asked if I would blow into a portable breathalyzer, which I gladly accepted. I blew a .01% BAC, the lowest detectable limit of BAC. At the same time, the Sheriff's LT saw a "Yeti" aluminum cup, with a lid on it and a straw in it, in my center console. It contained water. But, the Lt loudly exclaimed, "We have an open container of alcohol!". Apparently, he has some sort of x-ray alcohol vision to look through a locked car's window, through an aluminum cup, and see alcohol. He commanded the officer, “If he won’t perform FSTs- arrest him!” (evidence on body cam)
My arrest included violations of my civil and/or constitutional rights:
  1. I was never properly Mirandized after being arrested
  2. I repeatedly asked to speak with an attorney. I was repeatedly denied this request
I know you all will say to "lawyer up" and get an attorney, but I refuse to pay $5k- $15k for this, at least yet. All that has to be proven in court is a "Reasonable doubt", of which there is plenty.
There are procedural things I want to do first, such as view the body evidence for myself (and take copious notes). Can anyone recommend a good paralegal in Brunswick County, North Carolina who understands this system and can help me get access to the evidence that I need?
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2023.05.30 18:58 Immediate_West8019 Frontier round trip experience May 2023

Hello everyone,
Recently flew frontier on a roundtrip from Charlotte NC to Salt Lake City UT with a layover at Las Vegas NV. Since there has been a lot of questions, complaining and posts in general on this sub regarding flying with frontier, I thought I would share my experience here. My and my fiancé flew for the first time with frontier.
We both decided to pay for a carry-on as it was a week long trip. Cost us $69 per direction through the app. We checked in early through the app. At the gate, they announced multiple times regarding the bag policy that the personal item needs to fit in their metal compartment for us to board the plane. When the zone 1 boarding was announced, we got up asap and boarded smoothly without anyone questioning us about the bags.
The only problem here was a 2 hour delay, with the previous flight being late as the reason. Same as Charlotte for the bag policy, lots of announcements beforehand but barely checked anyone during the boarding. A lot of people in the zone 1 line had obnoxiously large bags and strollers but were allowed without any questioning.

This is where I felt them being a little strict for the first time. We had to wait for a flight that was boarding before us with two of the frontline workers standing next to the metal boxes and selectively asking people to get their bags measured. They were randomly picking people out from the line. Some had to check-in their carry-ons that they had paid for because of size being too large. Lots of back and forth going on and I feel like the only people who were asked to pay were the ones who had ridiculously stuffed personal items or some really big ones. Luckily my gate changed (not to mention the flight being late for 1.5 hours) and we were transferred to a make-shift basement where there were not metal boxes and everyone was able to board without any measurement hiccups.

There were 3 frontier gate in line with lots of people waiting for the flight. Luckily again (ikr) the other two flights were before mine so most of the frontier workers were busy handling those lines. The weirdest part was that the line on my left was pretty chill with the workers allowing people to literally shove their personal bags as hard as they can and letting them board without any issues. But the line on the right was super strict for literally the same thing. Lots of people being told to pay for the personal items if they didn't fit. By the time I could see more of that shit show my boarding was announced with literally 1 worker handling the boarding, meaning there was no one to question the bags, and were were able to board smoothly.
Conclusive remarks:
  1. The airline bag policy is a mixed bag. There is no definite protocol to enforce the bag policy. It's basically pure luck at this point. Zone 1 definitely gives you some advantage as I saw them being a little lenient towards the people who board first. It also comes down to pure luck, and the gate workers. But I would heavily advise to go light on the personal item. That's what we did. Got some bags that would help us fly without any measurement issues.
  2. Check in early if you can. On return flight I received an email like 4 hours before the flight regarding them downsizing the plane and giving away vouchers. Luckily I had already checked in the night before so I had been assigned a seat already so it wasn't an issue for me.
  3. The main issue I would say is the flight delays. This issue was common, throughout the airport, specially with frontier, as I could see on their app. So make sure you keep checking the flights and their timing either through the frontier app or flightaware.
  4. The planes are not in the best condition and the service is mid at best. But you get what you pay for. Will I fly with them again? With bags and the ticket I paid $300 roughly for a round trip to fly coast to coast to see my family, so yes I will probably do it again considering the next best option for this trip is $800 unless I find anything else that's cheap, because I would definitely pay just a little more to not fly with them.
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2023.05.30 18:58 Comfortable-Ear2157 Find this young lady a hole punch!

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2023.05.30 18:57 el_be PANCE Study Guide

To all the future PA-Cs in this subreddit, I figured I would share this helpful study guide that my class put together. It is pretty well inclusive of nearly all topics from the PANCE blueprint, and it will definitely help you pass!
I was a Wednesday tester from this past week, and excitedly found out today that I passed!
My study tips during clinical year:
Primary resources included Rosh Review EOR exam pack + a study guide
The study guides that I used were Twist of Lemons EOR study guides (for most), followed by study guides that classmates made, which I found just over mid-way though the year, they were similar to ToL, but with more up to date info and a bit more in-depth. The ToL study guides would definitely be enough if combined with Rosh Review, just make some edits along the way. The AAPA Rotation Crash Course podcasts were also a bit helpful for some high yield stuff.
To prepare, I would first download a copy of the study guide to the Notability app on my iPad. This would allow me to highlight important things with my own color-key, and write down extra info I thought was important in the margins.
BEFORE reviewing the study guide information, I would pull up Rosh Review and go through the questions to see what I knew, prior to reviewing the study guide material.
IF POSSIBLE, I would create small Rosh exams based on subject matter. I.e. I would create a “cardiology” exam and select the cardiology questions. Then I would create a “pulmonology” exam with the pulm questions. etc. etc. etc.
While quizzing, ALWAYS use Tutor mode.
If I got a question right and I knew it, I would quickly skim through the explanation and see if there was any other important info.
If I got a question wrong, whether it was a small mistake or I truly didn’t know, I would review the information, and take notes along with the topic in my study guide. Again, highlighting key points and writing extra notes in the margins.
If I got a question right but it was with luck because I truly wasn’t sure, I would again review the information and take notes in my study guide while I followed along.
This helped me better understand things I wasn’t too certain of, because it would give me a patient/clinical vignette to be able to make sense of what was being asked. Instead of just reading bulleted notes, now I had something to associate the information with.
After completing the different sections and marking up my study guide, I would go back through the study guide to review the notes I just took, and review things that didn’t have notes associated with them.
After reviewing the material more in-depth, I would create randomized exams and go through them again to see what I knew. By now I’ve reviewed the material nearly twice, and have a good knowledge of topics. If there are still areas of weakness, review and review some more.
If I was a bit lazy during my rotation and was on a time crunch, I would use the above method with only the “major areas” on the exam. This is where looking up the EOR blueprints is helpful, because you know which categories will be of higher percentage on the exams, and you can tailor your studying that way.
My study tips for the PANCE:
I would recommend taking the PANCE as soon as possible after graduating. The information is still very fresh in your mind, and it’ll reduce the test anxiety associated with the exam.
For the PANCE, I took a somewhat similar approach to my EORs. I utilized the PANCE study guide my classmates had created, PANCE question bank on Rosh, and listened to Cram the PANCE podcasts.
Google docs link to study guide
This time, I was more-so focused on the study guide and the podcasts, and would use the ROSH questions sporadically. This was primarily due to the timing factor of it, since Rosh can be time-consuming. But again, I found it helpful to break things down by category to make sure it the questions would coincide with my study guide, when I would utilize Rosh.
I found the podcasts very helpful for high yield information, and some of his ways of remembering things were quite clever. I had several questions on my PANCE that they helped out on!
When test day comes, remember to get plenty of rest the night before, eat a good breakfast (I went with a hard boiled egg, walnuts, and a banana), and take the breaks they give you during the exam. Get up, use the bathroom, stretch, grab a light snack that you packed, drink some water, etc.
Posting from mobile, so sorry if the formatting of my post is weird. Let me know if you run into any issues with the study guide, and I will try to fix it.
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2023.05.30 18:57 Late-Brother8511 My top 3 wildest dreams.

  1. Walking with my husband along the street. For some reason it was common knowledge that dogs were train conductors that worked underground. Dog is glowing green from radiation poisoning. We go up to try to save him but he tells us that this is his job and he is happy here.
  2. My ex coworkers from Sonic and I broke into an Asian woman’s house to just hangout. My old drug dealer broke in and stole her collection of Samurai swords off of her wall. Lady comes home and accuses us of stealing the swords. I go “nooo it was the guy with the red beard” (NOTE: Asian lady in my story is the lady who owns the sushi place in the old kids show ‘Victorious’)
  3. I get a letter from my OBGYN notifying me that they had accidentally inseminated me with John Cena’s sperm, and in turn, my twins did not belong to my husband, rather John Cena. I was so happy for some reason 🤣 but also sad because they were not my husbands.
These are the light-hearted dreams I’ve had. My dreams are life-like. I have worked with therapists and psychiatrists for years because of how vivid and detailed my dreams are. I often wake up in a haze and confused.
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2023.05.30 18:57 fyonasfeet My pretty toes, wrapped in pretty fairy lights~

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2023.05.30 18:57 DueLibrary6440 Bruising/scaring

Hey guys, i live in algarve( south portugal) and i love my medicine towers, but right now they are starting to scar and bruise i hope someone can tell me what is happening. I sometimes water it a little more than necessary because the soil dries a lot, and it is strarting to be very hot and bright as summer is comming, maybe is one of these reasons for them to be like that.... I've seen some ants and spiders around them from time to time too. Thank you, peace and love
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2023.05.30 18:57 burkechrs1 Looking for a good harness with extra

Looking for a good harness with extra
My pup is passed her first real growth spurt and now it's time for me to get her a high quality harness.
I've gone through about 3 cheaper harnesses to do her basic training and she loves harnesses now. I like to have my dog harnessed up all day, I put it on in the morning and take it off when the day is over and it's times to settle down. She's used to this routine. Im very outdoor oriented and my dog likes coming along with me so I'm looking for a harness I can utilize across many different activities.
Things im looking for in a harness:
  • snug yet comfortable fit, and durable
  • front loop for no pull, top loop for regular leash, and a handle for lifting her safely
-some way to add a small bag or two, perhaps molle connections. We do a lot of hiking and I want to utilize her working breed to help carry some water, snacks, bags, and other light weight things when we are on the trail so I'm not carrying a 40lb backpack the entire time. Minimal carrying weights maybe a 4x6" bag or two.
-this one is important, the ability to attach floatation to the harness I do a lot of kayaking and my pup loves water but I don't want her on my kayak without some additional floatation. I'd prefer not to have to buy a separate k9 floatation harness and I'm not looking for a true life vest, more just floatation assistance so if we go overboard I know I can flip the kayak back over without her having to tread water. Something that offers positive buoyancy but isn't bulky and single use like most k9 life vests.
I'd really prefer to have a 1 size fits all approach as I don't want her to associate different harnesses with different activities. I'd rather not have to own 3 different harnesses but instead 1 that can achieve all the activities I'm looking to do with her.
Cost isn't an issue as this is an investment I plan to make for my dog to safely and comfortably experience lifes activities with me.
I've seen a couple options online through some law enforcement and working dog sites but am looking to see if anyone has any experience with anything similar.
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2023.05.30 18:57 AWildMars Daily Worship

Firstly I apologise if this is an insanely obvious question. I did try to search this sub but I think I just confused myself more and would really appreciate it if someone could break things down for me 🥰
I'm quite new to hellenism and still finding my feet. I'm trying to be stricter with myself and establish a daily routine, but I have a few worries.
I don't have much time and privacy to dedicate and have to do the best with what I have. From what I understand, the God's are gentle and compassionate. I have two altars, one to Athene and one to Aphrodite. I was thinking of burning little chime or tea lights for Them as it's quite discrete and can be done while I get ready for work, when I get home etc. Would I be able to light both candles at the same time? For instance, if I woke up early to specifically set time aside to sit quietly with Them, maybe pray, could I light both of Their candles at once or do they need to be separate? Also, if I was to pray to Them in the mornings, could I pray to Athena and then Aphrodite or would it have to be separate (different days, morning and evening etc)?
Also, would that be sufficient or do I need to do more for Them? I dread Them thinking I'm half-assing or that I don't care.
Sorry again if this is convoluted or a stupid question 💕
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2023.05.30 18:57 u-wrong230 Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary blasts Target and Bud Light's woke marketing moves: 'Huge mistake'. 'Budweiser was the American beer. It took decades to build that brand and they blew it up in 30 hours'

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary blasts Target and Bud Light's woke marketing moves: 'Huge mistake'. 'Budweiser was the American beer. It took decades to build that brand and they blew it up in 30 hours' submitted by u-wrong230 to Canada_sub [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 18:57 SavingsU Just got my first shot a hour ago

I just got my first shot and I'm so excited, I've been researching for the past month and just went to doctor and got my first .25 injection. I was nervous since I have a phobia of needles but the shot honestly was a walk in the park. I can already feel the nausea and fatigue everyone's talking about though. My goal weight is 150, but anything under 200 would take a huge weight off my chest, literally and figuratively. Of course I want to make the best of this so I was wondering what everyone was doing the first month of injections, what diets worked for you and didn't, what light excercises have you guys been doing, or just things that help you stay motivated? I've heard fasting is a good way, what intervals worked best for you? I've always had trouble with binge eating so I'm scared I'll just loop back into it, also what's some good snacks that are lower calorie that you guys enjoy? Honestly any advice would help, and just tell me about your guys experiences! What worked for you, anything really. Thank you guys and here's to all of our weight loss journerys <3
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