Lowes vanities for bathrooms

The drone merchant

2023.05.30 18:39 SculPoint The drone merchant

Never thought I’d say this, but I actually been kinda digging the drone merch. I usually play super chill, until someone hax my drones, then I will relentlessly hunt them down and hook ‘em. My character gets super triggered by hackers, so it’s understandable.
What add ons/perks do you recommend?
Currently i use Adi Valentine #1 and shotgun speakers for add ons.
Perks I have distressing, unnerving presence, corrupt intervention, and coulrojobiap (or however you spell it)
As you can probably tell, it’s a skill check build. I’m sure it would be a joke in high MMR. But at low MMR gens explode constantly.
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2023.05.30 18:39 pine_apple_supreme What’s a good fish that’s both got a personality, pretty and good for a 20 gallon?

So I got a 20 gallon long luckily and I’m wanting to have a setup where I can see it on all four times.
I’m thinking of a it having an island like affect with all the plants and hard scape in the middle of the tank.
I’m wanting a fish that’ll have a bomb personality and is also pretty in its own way.
I have mutt guppies, paradise fish, sparkling gouramis and African dwarf frogs.
I like animals that are different and kinda odd looking if you know what I mean.
I’m also a big fan of low tech aquariums, so this tank would only have lighting, heating and a filter, but that’s it.
I was originally thinking maybe a giant betta or pea puffers, but I felt they weren’t flashy enough if that makes sense.
I will also be getting she’ll dwellers for another tank as well so no she’ll dwellers.
Thoughts on what I could get guys?
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2023.05.30 18:39 Healthy-Possible-213 [CA] Is it worth pursuing support if custody is 55/45?

I have the 55%. I've been told that if both parents are somewhat low income (though my ex makes more) they will just automatically set it at 0. My ex also purposely reduced their hours recently after the custody change (they used to be primary) so went from making more than me to below minimum wage - I'm worried if I wait to file until later that they will have set a precedent of working part time. I used the state calculator and it's saying they would owe me 400/month if imputed at their previous income.
I make about 18/hour. I can manage, but right now I pay for all of kids extracurriculars myself and with inflation I'm really starting to feel it. Is there any point in filing?
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2023.05.30 18:39 Boriz0 Umbrel Home - Is the 2TB storage expandable with external HDD?

I like the setup, but the integrated data storage of 2TB is too low for my needs.
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2023.05.30 18:39 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Monitor In USA Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Monitor In USA Available on Amazon
A gaming monitor is a specialized display designed specifically for gaming purposes. They typically have features that are optimized for gaming such as fast refresh rates, low input lag, and high resolutions, which can provide a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.
Gaming monitors come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, ranging from smaller 24-inch monitors with a resolution of 1080p to larger 32-inch monitors with a resolution of 4K. Some gaming monitors also feature curved screens for a more immersive experience, while others are flat.
When choosing a gaming monitor, some important factors to consider include the size and resolution, the refresh rate, the response time, the input lag, and any additional features such as adaptive sync technology or built-in speakers.

Best Gaming Monitor

Alienware 34 QD-OLED Review

Alienware 34 QD-OLED is a new high-end gaming monitor from Dell's Alienware division that features an innovative Quantum Dot OLED display. This monitor is aimed at serious gamers who want the best possible image quality, performance, and design. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Alienware 34 QD-OLED and see how it performs in various aspects.
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LG Ultragear 27GN950-B Review: A High-Performance Gaming Monitor

The LG Ultragear 27GN950-B is a high-performance gaming monitor that promises to deliver stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the design and build quality, display performance, features, price, and overall conclusion of this impressive monitor.
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Gigabyte M32UC Review

Gigabyte is a well-known brand in the world of computer hardware, and their M32UC monitor is one of their latest offerings. This monitor boasts a sleek design, impressive features, and solid performance, making it a great choice for gamers and professionals alike.
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Pixio PXC277 Advanced Review

Pixio PXC277 Advanced is a gaming monitor that has been designed with the modern-day gamer in mind. It boasts of a 144Hz refresh rate, FreeSync technology, and an impressive 27-inch display. In this review, we shall take an in-depth look at the design and build quality, display, performance, features, price, and conclusion.
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SAMSUNG 34-Inch Odyssey G85SB Series QD-OLED


Samsung 34-Inch Odyssey G85SB Series QD-OLED is a premium gaming monitor that boasts advanced features, excellent build quality, and top-notch performance. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the design and build quality, display, performance, features, price, and overall appeal of the Samsung 34-Inch Odyssey G85SB Series QD-OLED.
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Nitro by Acer 27" Full HD 1920 x 1080 1500R Curved PC Gaming Monitor

Acer has been in the monitor market for quite some time, and they have always provided quality products to consumers. The Nitro by Acer 27" Full HD 1920 x 1080 1500R Curve PC Monitor is one of the latest additions to their lineup. This monitor promises a lot with its curved design, full HD resolution, and various features. In this review, we'll take a closer look at this product's design and build quality, display performance, features, price, and our overall conclusion.
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2023.05.30 18:38 MightBeneficial3302 John Ciampaglia: Uranium Story "Incredibly Bullish," Balance of Power Shifting

John Ciampaglia: Uranium Story "Incredibly Bullish," Balance of Power Shifting
Interview Video >> https://youtu.be/cZtW83EhOvI
"I think the utilities understand that the producers are partners, and that they have to pay fair prices based on today's realities," said John Ciampaglia of Sprott Asset Management.
The uranium story remains "incredibly bullish," but macro factors are weighing on the sector.
"Right now I think uranium is kind of caught in the backdrop of a very bullish scenario in terms of the fundamentals," John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, told the Investing News Network. "But the backdrop it's being caught in is banking failures in the US, (and) everyone still waiting for some kind of a pivot or a pause with Federal Reserve policy."
This scenario has frustrated investors who continue to watch positive developments in the industry without necessarily seeing company share prices respond. It's also dampened activity for the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX:U.UN).
Even so, Ciampaglia pointed to the resilience of the uranium spot price compared to other commodities. He also noted that companies mining the material are now able to exercise more control when selling to utilities.
"I think utilities are finally starting to figure out that the prospects for uranium look much more bullish, and the prospects for nuclear energy remain much more bullish than the situation two years ago," Ciampaglia said. At that time, low prices and abundant supply meant the balance of power was skewed to utilities. But now market dynamics are changing.
"I think the utilities understand that the producers are partners, and that they have to pay fair prices based on today's realities," he added, explaining that this is why miners like Cameco (TSX:CCO,NYSE:CCJ) are able to be selective in the deals they sign.
"Obviously the world has changed dramatically in the last two years — the energy transition is a real secular driver in terms of driving countries and economies to net zero," Ciampaglia said. "We think nuclear energy plays a big part in that transition. Governments have clearly shifted their preference back to nuclear energy after basically ignoring it for a very long time."
Watch the interview above for more of his thoughts on uranium supply, demand and prices.
Article Source >> https://investingnews.com/john-ciampaglia-uranium-forecast/
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2023.05.30 18:38 Ok_Freedom6493 Ionm is over 50% shorted, news about to come out, $1 a share right now.

Ionm is over 50% shorted, news about to come out, $1 a share right now.

Tiny float look at that shorting!!

Closed offering.

Cost to borrow is high

Oh, look lawsuit about to settle.

looks like 3.3 million in a refund coming too! MORE NEWS!

Yep, she looks to be really shorted by float checking.
Looks like just one of those catalysts could send this....

Needs to fill a gap.

This is for DD and swing squeeze play. Low float. Good luck!
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2023.05.30 18:37 Napea1942 Is Kalista toplane or Kayle toplane better for carrying low elo if you have good kite mechanics?

Is Kalista toplane or Kayle toplane better for carrying low elo if you have good kite mechanics ?
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2023.05.30 18:37 GapPuzzleheaded3258 Losing weight

27F, 15% burden of PVCs. Im obese, and i am trying to lose weight, i am at a loss, i try calorie deficit, everytime i feel hunger i go into PVC episode. (Every 1-6 beats, lasts an hour or 2) same with low carb, and intermittent fasting. I have been going to the gym, i see the difference with my PVCs but not so much with my weight.
Has anyone has any success with diet? Which one worked for you?
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2023.05.30 18:37 SpecificTemporary877 History of Axes, Part 10: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

Hello hello! Today we are going into the future of Tellius after Path of Radiance with it's sequel, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. After the very strong showing axes had in the previous game, will we see that same strength hold up after 3 years (in-game)?

The systems and mechanics implemented in FE9 were kept the same for FE10. The way Strength was used for weapon weight mitigation, 2RN Hit system, the weapon triangle bonuses and penalties, the Forge and Biorhythm (some slight differences here and there though for these two). The Forge still allowed you to improve basic-level weapons for Gold, but now you could get Coins to spend on Forge Cards, which can give you random special bonuses to your weapon. Biorhythm worked the same in that it gave bonuses and penalties when the BR was high or low. But now instead of just a minor Hit and Avo bonus/penalty, the numbers were bigger and would also affect Skill activation and finding hidden treasure. There were two things that I didn't mention before. Both FE9 and FE10 have skill scrolls which are 1-time-use items that give a unit a skill if they have the Capacity, which are these "skill points" that get expended and refunded if you attach or detach a skill to a unit. In FE9 if you remove a skill, it is lost forever, but in FE10 it still stays with you, so you can take and swap around skills all you want unless they are signature or Occult skills. The other thing is that in both games, all Axes deal effective damage against Doors, which is a really niche use case but a funny and nice bonus nonetheless.

Just like before, units have both Strength and Magic stats that raise independently, but unlike FE9 there are no magic axes so all the player needs to focus on is Strength. The damage calculation is Strength + (Wpn Might x Effectiveness), with the Effectiveness coefficient going back to 3 like in FE8, so now effective damage matters more since tripled Might is way better than doubled. Defense was still used for defensive calculations. The way to increase these stats were the permanent stat boosters of the Energy Drop and Dragonshield. Sanaki had an exclusive item called the Rudol Gem which boosts her Def by +10. And then these stats could be conditionally raised via support bonus with the proper affinities.

The weapon list of axes in FE10 was pretty much the same as FE9, but some weapons had their rank requirements and/or stats changed around, creating new shifts in power for certain weapons. There were also a set of brand new weapons in the Poleax subclass of axes, which were beefed up versions of the "basic weapon trio" of Iron, Steel, and Silver. The Hit rates for all axes were generally higher than before, so they hit more reliably at base. There was a new weapon rank in "SS-Rank" which were reserved for the true legendary weapons. But there is actually an SS-Rank axe available to the player, and it was the one that wasn't usable in FE9! The list of axes in FE10 are...
The Bronze Axe is a brand new level of basic weapon that has low Weight and Might, high Hit and durability, but cannot critical. It is also the only E-Rank weapon, so literally anyone can use if you need lower damage in certain cases. Iron-Steel-Silver worked the same way it did before, but unlike in FE9, Steel Axes are C-Rank so you have to do a bit of work before you get them. The I-S-S Poleaxe weapons were equivalent to the Blade type weapons we had seen from FE4-FE8, as they were stronger but heavier and more inaccurate versions of their base weapons. They were decent if you had them, but ultimately the normal I-S-S axes were better due to their more reliable stats and access to forging. The Venin Axe was statistically identical to the Iron Axe but with poison, but poison is still bad so if you want an Iron Axe but don't have one for whatever reason, use this instead. Hand Axes actually got stronger since they had better stats overall, and retained their ability to be forged, so they were still one of the best axes in the game. The Hammer was still a bit heavy and inaccurate, but it's no longer the heaviest axe available to the player and due to tripled might, is a lot better at dealing with armors. The Brave Axe was significantly buffed since it only required C-Rank to use, weighed 13 instead of 20 like it did before, had a reliable hit of 80%, and retained its normal Brave Effect, so it was a very valuable axe to have. The Killer Axe exchanged a bit of Might for some Hit, but it was still a great axe because of its high Crit. The Short Axe this time around WASN'T a straight upgrade from the Hand Axe since it had lower Hit, and it can't be forged like the Hand Axe, but it was still a decent weapon if you had it.
The Tomahawk was still the statistically strongest 1-2 range option, but it now required an S-Rank to use. The Urvan is the only SS-Rank axe available to the player, and while it didn't have 1-2 range, it was still an insanely strong axe. 50 uses, 17 Weight, the highest Might of all weapons at 22 (barring Crossbows, but they don't count since they don't take account the users Strength), an insane 110% Hit, and a +3 Res boost to the holder to boot! It was a very easy candidate to be blessed and taken into the endgame Tower. Finally there is the Tarvos, which is the signature weapon that Nolan gets in Part 3, and was a great axe overall. It has the second highest Might of all axes at 18, but only had 12 Weight, an astounding 100% Hit, 40 uses, and gave a +4 Defense boost when held.

The axe-wielding classes in FE10 work a bit differently than they did in FE9 due to the way these classes were reworked for this game. Paladins were mono-weapon classes, different Generals had different weapons available to them, and of course the biggest change was the introduction of Tier 3 classes that had higher stat caps, access to Occult Skills (for free, no longer needed a scroll), and access to new weapons. T3 classes also will "autolevel" secondary/tertiary weapon ranks if they are below a certain threshold. There are also a lot of these classes that are technically enemy-exclusive since some units join in their Tier 2 classes, so the Tier 1s are never used by the player. The list of axe-wielding classes in FE10 are...
Hero was a swordlocked class like it was in FE4, and is the exclusive class of Ike. It's promotion to Vanguard allowed it to wield Swords and Axes like GBA heroes, and it got the signature occult skill Aether, which was a mix of Luna and Sol. It was a very strong class that excelled in most stats aside from Resistance, and was befitting for the main character. Fighters were still the same as strong axe wielders. Warriors were still strong, but instead of wielding traditional bows, they got Crossbows. Crossbows were a subset of bows that required no weapon rank to use as long as the class could use bows at all, all had 100% Hit, and had insane Mights, but that was to make up for the fact that they didn't take into account the users Strength, so the Might you see is the damage you get before defenses. Reaver was the T3 class that had an even bigger emphasis on Strength, and acted as proto-Berserkers since they had an innate 5% crit bonus, and also since Berserkers were not in this game. Their Occult Skill was Colossus, but was much better since it no longer needed a Constitution check and now tripled Strength instead of 1.25, and only required a (Skill/2)% chance to proc. All of the T1 Knights had the same strengths, with Strength and Defense being their highest stats, and their only differences were the weapon they had (which frankly is a big difference). The General classes had some slight differences in stats but they were for the most part very similar and had the same strengths as before. Lance Generals had Lances and Axes, Sword Generals had Lances and Swords, and Axe Generals had Swords and Axes. However all of them promoted to the same T3 class, Marshall. Marshalls could use all 3 weapons, were very tanky and strong, and had access to the Occult Skill Luna. Luna had a (Skill/2)% chance to proc and could only activate in melee range, but on proc it would triple the user's Strength AND bypass Defense. Marshalls didn't have the best Skill stat, so the chance of proccing was rather low, but when it did it was very lethal. Axe Knights and Sword Knights also had similar stats and strengths, being great all-rounders that could provide mounted utility and high mobility, with the drawback of being locked to only one weapon type (how much of a drawback it was depended on the weapon type). Their respective promotions of Axe and Blade Paladins furthered these same strengths and weaknesses. Both of these class lines promoted into the same T3 class of Gold Knight. Gold Knights wielded Axes and Swords, while their counterpart of Silver Knight got Lances and Bows, and this was a weird way of having different weapon-wielding Paladins like they did in FE9. Gold Knight was a strong class due to their overall good stats, access to Axes, mounted utility, and their Occult Skill of Sol. Sol was available to both Gold and Silver Knights, had a (Skill/2)% chance to proc, but when it did it now tripled damage (effectively making it a "guaranteed" crit) in addition to healing the damage done, making it a "sort-of-but-not-really Aether". Wyvern Riders were renamed Dracoknights and created a brand new standard for the class, which is that they now wield Axes as their base weapon instead of Lances. This meant that in FE10, Dracoknights no longer had to wait until promotion to utilize forged axes, so their damage and utility increased a good amount. Also, this whole class line no longer had weaknesses to Bows, so they could easily facetank Archers and probably kill them back with Hand Axes. They were now only weak to Thunder Magic, which was heavily nerfed in FE10 and even if they took damage, that could be patched up via Pure Waters or Barriers, so the Dracoknight line had virtually no weaknesses. The T2 promotion to Dragonmaster gave them Lances as a secondary ability, and they retained their strengths of being strongy, tanky, and mobile. Finally the T3 promotion of Dragonlord helped raise their strengths and round out their other shortcomings, so they were kind of the best of all worlds. Their Occult Skill was Stun, which had a (Skill/2)% chance to proc, and would triple the damage dealt and lock an opponent's movement (but not lock up their other actions) for 1 turn instead of 2 like in FE9.
For the enemy-exclusive classes, Bandits were the only ones and they worked the same way they always did, but now they had no promotion since Berserkers are gone.

Unlike in FE9 where the unit quality was very clean and consistently good, the way that classes and the story worked, unit quality varied wildly in FE10. One could argue that since the way the game is structured, availability and the "context" these units are in matter even more than they usually do. There is one feature that I won't cover in the analyses, but in this pretext, and that is Transfer Bonuses. If you have an FE9 save on the same system as your FE10 save, and a unit from FE9 maxed out their level AND a stat, that same unit in FE10 will get a static bonus in that stat. An example would be if Ilyana capped Skill and Resistance as a Level 20 Sage in FE9, she would get a +2 Skill and Res bonus to her bases in FE10. The same will go for weapon ranks as depending on a units weapon rank in FE9, it will give a WEXP bonus to them in FE10. Transfers can really help a unit are almost always beneficial, but I won't be mentioning them here since it'll make for a cleaner analysis. The axe unit roster in FE10 are...

There are 5 items that benefit axe users in FE10. There are the permanent stat boosters of the Energy Drop (+2 Strength), the Dragonshield (+2 Defense), and the Arms Scroll (+1 Weapon Level up). Then there are the promotion items of the Master Seal to promote T1 classes into T2, and then the Master Crown which promotes T2 classes into T3.

FE10 really kept the high momentum Axes had in FE9 going. The buffs that many axes had in terms of Hit or Weapon Rank requirements, the Tier 3 classes being quite strong, the Forge system, and the many axe-wielding units that were some of the best characters in the game like Haar and Ike. For the past 4 games, Axes have had such an amazing streak and were considered almost the "meta" of these games. But as we finally leave Tellius and go back to Archanea, will axes go back to being the trash weapon meant for ruffians like it was before?

Thank you guys for reading! Radiant Dawn is always such an essay to write because of the sheer amount of content that is in this game. It's insane, but its also a lot of fun! Any comments and critiques are more than welcome, and it may or may not be tomorrow, but Part 11 will come out soon. Thanks guys, have a great day!
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2023.05.30 18:36 imgurofficial Could Jaylen Brown be a top 15 player if he was a Veggietale?

Jaylen's biggest weakness, obviously, is his handles and subsequent turnovers. Here's the thing: Veggietales don't have arms. If you've sat down and jerked to the show, you know that the objects that they grab and hold magically float around them, as if they're using telekinesis. I've watched plenty of Veggietales episodes and specials and not once has someone accidentally dropped something or knocked something over - their force-holding powers are flawless. Let's turn Jaylen into a Veggietale, probably a cucumber for height purposes. He now has the ability to mentally float the ball around him, instantly curing his biggest weakness -- turnovers and poor handling. It would look like holding an object in a VR game - it'll wobble around and smack into shit as you turn, but you're not dropping it. I think Jaylen Brown with god handles could be a top 15 player, and could finally turn Boston into champs next year. Let's, now, explore a reality where every player is an animated vegetable. What changes? Well, every player has incredible handles, which greatly minimizes turnovers and hurts the value of players like Kyrie and Steph a bit since they already had vegetable handles. Fouls are rarely called in general since hands can't hit hands on the way up to the basket, so free throw shooting skills aren't too important (another point away from Steph, with a point to that dude on the Nets who missed a record number of FTs in the Celtics series in 2022). As far as general scoring skills go, the Veggietales haven't demonstrated the ability to bring objects outside a normal arm radius, so we can assume there's a sort of "invisible arm" that allows them to shoot normally. This is especially meaningful for 2017-18 Markelle Fultz, who would have been clowned on less if we couldn't see his arms. It might also affect Kareem's legacy, for better or for worse - we'd have a hard time understanding what the fuck we were looking at when he delivered a crisp skyhook, but it might be even more unguardable. What else would change if everyone was a low-poly telekinetic vegetable?
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2023.05.30 18:36 RoyalPuzzleheaded170 28 y/o F, recent grad looking for guidance

I recently graduated from X-ray school, and I am about to start a job in Cardiac Cath lab in about 2 weeks. This is technically my second degree; I already have a B.S., in my opinion did nothing for me career wise but with this new job I will be doubling (probably more) my incoming and hopefully have lots of opportunities to be more financially stable. I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my debt low (I think) and paying what I can out of pocket. I spend within my means, cook at home, while in school I worked two sometimes three jobs, so I am no stranger to working hard. I’ve made great connections with people at the hospital that I will be working at and can pick up shifts in X-ray department as well and will probably do that on top of my full-time job in Cath lab.
I am a victim of identity/credit card fraud by someone I know and although I’ve confronted this individual the debt still must be paid. Yes, I reported to the police, contacted the credit card companies but this person had access to all my information including my SS#. I found out about the debt after it was already in collections, so there was little I could do (I think). The debt in terms of the fraud is under control at this point because I paid most of it myself, but when I first found out it was about 15k of debt.
I feel like I have been giving a chance to really start my life over and be financially stable, but I don’t know how or where to start. I know little about investing, 401k, budgeting, emergency funds etc. I want to get a new credit card (I have 2, one is a student credit card with $500 credit and the other is a target card $2k credit) that I can use to help build my credit. My main goals this year is to pay half of my student loans off, rebuild my credit and save about 5k or more.
I currently don’t have any savings; I used the money to move. I lived in the rough part of town when I was in school and had to get out of there, my catalytic converter recently got stolen and that was the cherry on top of living at that place.
Tentative annual income: 64k, (I will start taking calling within 3-6 months and that will increase my pay)
My debt/expenses
CC- less than $400
Student loans: 25k
CC fraud- $1,500 (this is the lowest it has been)
Rent( split) my half- $735, not including utilities I recently moved so I don’t have those numbers yet.
Gas- about $40 or more
Car insurance: $100
I paid off my car last year.
I just need advice on where to start, should I get a financial advisor? Where can I learn more about investing, budgeting and 401k? what are some credit cards recommendations for someone with low/fair credit score?
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2023.05.30 18:36 officer_dog Is pernicious anemia common with eds?

I've been off and on anemic my whole life and no doctor has ever been able to nail down a clear root cause.
I'm currently working on getting a hematology referral from my GP.
I've thought for a long time that pernicious anemia could be the issue because my b12 levels are sometimes too high (from supplements) and sometimes too low. It seems I might not be processing b12 properly which is why my bloodwork is confusing.
Is this common with EDS?
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2023.05.30 18:36 Signal_Valuable_1743 My anxiety and ADHD are ruining my life and I don't know how to fix it

I (21, they/them) got diagnosed with ADHD almost 2 years ago and tried three different medications to help manage it before I stopped taking them a year ago. Adderall made my anxiety horrible so no matter how much it helped me get things done and feel like a normal person, the anxiety overruled that to the point I couldn't manage basic daily tasks anymore. Vyvanse was fine until I realized the reason I started having daily migraines again was due to taking the medication. I didn't want to go through another symptom battle with a different medication so I just stopped taking it. Medication was making my day to day better and more manageable until the symptoms started. I also want to add that I was taking low doses as well, I never went higher than 20mgs on any of the ones I tried.
Now, I can barely remember to keep up on my chores and have panic attacks at the thought of going to work. I had a job that I loved but it would take me 2 hours to get out the door every day because I was so anxious to go to work, even though I would be fine when I got there. I decided to go back to school this spring and had my best college semester ever, but at the same time decided to leave the job I had for something in the city where I go to school. I was also worried about them letting me go because while they really worked with me and were very flexible when I could come in, my anxiety would make me later than I said every day if I even showed up.
I'm scared I'm about to be let go from my current job where I make more than ever, and I feel awful and like I'm not able to do anything about it. I had covid which lasted two weeks and then that turned into a sinus infect the week before I was to leave for a 2 week time off due to finals and a cruise with my family. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow but I'm having an anxiety attack at the thought of it. I used to be fine once I could get there, but now the 30 minute drive is filled with me having anxiety about getting in a car accident and then once I get there, I can never seem to pay attention. I feel like I get my work done relatively fast but it is painful to be able to focus.
I need to be able to work to be able to pay my bills. I need to be able to regulate myself and be able to pick up after myself. I live with my partner and because I have such a bad time remembering to do tasks, he ends up picking up after me or just doing the tasks for me because he doesn't want to wait for me to get to it and is getting justifiably frustrated about it. I have a therapist but can never remember to make appointment with her or by the time I do make an appointment with her, I've tricked myself into thinking that it isn't that bad. I want to get on medication to help me, but I don't have a doctor anymore since I aged out of my pediatrician and I tried to make an appointment but then I forgot to go and have been too embarrassed to call and make another one.
My boyfriend has adhd and was diagnosed as a child, he stopped taking medication because of the side effects and started going to the gym everyday which helps him manage his emotions and his adhd more. I go to the gym with him, not every day but most days, and he always walks out feeling better and happier, I don't. I feel like something is wrong with me because working out is supposed to give you endorphins but I feel the same as if I didn't go to the gym every time I leave. I'm mostly going because I need to for health reasons. I'm very pre-disposed to develop diabetes and I already have some mobility problems with my hips when I walk for a longer distance, but even then knowing all of this doesn't even motivate me to go when I need to for my long-term health.
This was just a brain dump of everything that's running through my mind at the moment, I was feeling pretty rough at the start and it did help me to write it all out. But, every part of my life seems to be falling apart because I can't manage my emotions, my adhd, my anxiety or other health problems and I can't even complete simple daily tasks like doing the dishes or remembering to take a shower everyday, let alone even going to work. I just don't know what to do or where to even begin to fix it.
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2023.05.30 18:36 meggygirl At the Beach vs. Coco Paradise vs. Waikiki Beach Coconut: aka All the Coconuts

I searched this sub high and low for reviews on the differences between At the Beach, Coco Paradise, and Waikiki Beach Coconut and found lots of lovers of all three scents but no concrete comparisons. Sharing my thoughts in case it helps someone else decide which one(s) to get!
In a (coco)nutshell:
I ended up getting At the Beach and Waikiki Beach Coconut and passing on Coco Paradise. My only complaint with these two is staying power, but I also feel like B&BW fans know what we're getting into and I welcome the opportunity to switch up my scent or layer throughout the day.
At the Beach is, IMO, the Coastal Grandmother of the bunch. She's fresh, light, and effortless. If there are sunscreen notes they are expensive sunscreen to my nose. I got the new packaging and it's so pretty. I love the copper accents on the shower gel and FFM and the texture on the labels.
To my nose, Coco Paradise was just too heavy for daytime wear and was giving heavy beach resort at night + 80's suntan oil vibes. This one wasn't for me personally but I'm kind of fickle about seasonality with my scents and wouldn't be surprised if I liked it on a day when it wasn't 80+ degrees out. 😅
Waikiki Beach Coconut is the one that surprised me most. I assumed she would be my least favorite but I was smitten at first sniff. I'm learning that fruity scents really pop on my skin and this one is basically like drinking a piña colada on a breezy yet sunny day.
In the Game of Coconuts everyone wins, but if I had to pick a favorite I would choose At the Beach!
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2023.05.30 18:36 Emergency_Row_2794 Am I overreacting?

I was seeing an old friend of mine, one of my best friends, he always told me he had feelings for me, but I never liked him as a possible boyfriend, over the years I thought maybe I was constantly dodging the perfect person for me so I tried to date him. One day I went to his house, we had lunch, it was nice. Then he started kissing me and I was okay with it, he wanted more but I was on my periods so I said that I couldn't do it. So he thought it was okay from him to pull out his thing and tell me "at least this", I felt forced, I didn't actually want to do it, but I felt like he was hoping I gave him so pleasure, like since we were dating I "at least" had to suck his thing. I ended up doing it, he even finished in my mouth without even asking if it was okay, then I went straight to the bathroom feeling disgusted and I washed my mouth. Afterwards he basically kicked me out of his house cause he said he had other things to do. He told to all his friends I gave him a bj, while I never even mentioned this thing to anyone close to me because I feel ashamed. Now it's been like 2 years, it was exactly this period of the year and I didn't realize back then this could have been like some kind of sexual assault cause I thought "it's okay it was just a bj", but the more I think about it the more I feel ashamed, used and disgusted and this feeling is making me feel really bad so I think I need to seek therapy (I have to go also because of other personal traumas).
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2023.05.30 18:36 remote-brief00 How to Trade the Forex Market on Memorial Day!?

How to Trade the Forex Market on Memorial Day!?
When the forex market experiences reduced liquidity due to closure or other factors, it can lead to increased volatility and potential challenges for traders. It's essential to be aware of these conditions and adjust your trading strategy accordingly. Here are some valuable tips for trading on low liquidity days. https://www.wikifx.com/en/newsdetail/202305309124620613.html?gip=TGal20
Recently, Priceline CEO Brett Keller claimed that summer travel prices are still ‘very shocking’ during Memorial Day. Keller joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss rental car rates, airfares, and hotel prices as the busy summer travel season kicks off during Memorial Day weekend.
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2023.05.30 18:36 DrBubbles Whole House Rewire - Complete! Project writeup

About our house: - Built in 1925 - 1,800 sqft - Southeast Pennsylvania
This is kind of a long writeup, because I don't know what details will be useful to others considering this work. There is a tl;dr at the bottom.
Portions of our house were remodeled over the years, and some areas had modern romex wiring feeding the fixtures and devices (updated kitchen, remodeled bathroom), but most of the wiring leading into the panel was either knob and tube, or 2-conductor cloth-insulated wire.
While this electrical system is far from ideal, typically as long as it's stable, it doesn't really require an urgent rewire. Unfortunately for us, whenever it rained, most of the power on our second floor would go out. We had 2 electricians out to diagnose the problem, but neither could locate the issue without going fishing in the walls.
If we were going to open the walls to get this fixed anyway, we decided the best course of action, long term, was to just bite the bullet and rewire the whole house. There were smaller problems all over the place, and we didn't want to go through the hassle of major electrical work more than once.
We only got two quotes (!!!), but honestly we knew who we were going to use from the start, so one of the quotes was moot.
In addition to the rewire, we included in the statement of work lots of other additions, changes, and improvements. We added some light fixtures, hard-wired CAT6 running to the office, added a ventilation fan in the bathroom, and added lots of outlets.
Our 3rd floor attic is finished, but there is a crawl space, and that's what they used to access most of the runs.
We knew that there would need to be holes made in our walls (and most of the walls are lath and plaster), and we were expecting like big shoebox sides holes. In the end though, they were just a couple inches wide and maybe 6 inches high. Some of the more problematic areas required holes every 3 feet, other required no holes at all. They did a rough patch of all the holes with spackling mud.
I was expecting them to remove the old wires from the walls, but that didn't happen. They just disconnected it, taped off the ends, ran the new lines through the wall, and left the old wires where they were, dead and inert.
The rooms that were remodeled recently were not rewired, since there was already romex in the walls. All that was needed was to ensure that they were fed by romex all the way to the panel.
One thing I really appreciated is that with only a couple small exceptions, our house was fully powered and useable on evenings and weekends. I even managed to work from home for about half of the time. They worked in chunks so that they could complete and reconnect whatever it was they were working on each day.
I won't name the company that did the work here, but if you're in SE PA and looking for a good electrician, PM me. I left them a 5-star review and will be calling them for any other electrical work I need down the road. They were professional, communicative, knowledgeable, and respectful of our home and our budget. They finished the job ahead of schedule and under budget.
Okay, I know what everyone is still waiting to know.
It took 8 days. Most days it was 2 guys working, but one day we had 3, and another day we had 4.
The final cost was $17,400. We were billed for time and material. The bill included the wire itself, labor, all the decorator-style devices, and the bathroom fan with ducting and a roofer to come out and install a vent on the roof.
In the end, it was worth every penny. I feel that our house is now safer, the gross and clunky decades-old switches and outlets are gone, the new ones are clean and grounded, the house is fully functional in all weather conditions, and with the changes and additions we made, it's now truly our home.
tl;dr - electricians rewired our house in 8 days to the tune of $17,400. We added lots of other goodies while we were at it.
I don't know what other info people would find useful, but I'm happy to answer questions.
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2023.05.30 18:36 TheOneIUseToFap The name says it all

I'm 30. I've been looking at porn since I was a kid. Idk how old I was when I started. By my guess, I've been looking at porn for 2/3 of my life. Most people wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom, and brush their teeth. I wake up,sit on the toilet, and immediately start looking at porn. It got to a point where I was not even thinking about it. Somtimes i would find my self opening up private browsing tabs on my phone in public. I'm scared I won't be able to catch myself.
This is my second attempt. I already failed this morning.
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2023.05.30 18:35 Gullible_Mixture_279 26 weeks pregnant, employer is now raising performance concerns which they haven’t done before?

Apologies for the format, I'm writing this on my phone.
As the title says I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant and a couple of weeks ago my manager raised a concern about a particular task I was preforming low on (there was no concerns with any other tasks). I did advise I am struggling with fatigue, brain fog and pain all related to pregnancy.
There are no kpis for this task and the kpis we do have, I'm achieving. I've tracked my own stats since this meeting and I'm not preforming any worse than any colleagues on my team.
A week later this manager decided to put me on a preformance plan, with no context of the length or outcome. I said I wouldn't sign it till I spoke to HR.
I've since spoken to HR last week who have confirmed the correct procedure has not been followed by said manager and it needs re-written.
Where do I stand? I've worked for the company for 4 years, I've never had my preformance questioned till now, I've always been told I'm a top performer but now I'm not?
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2023.05.30 18:35 FirelordDerpy A speech by Senator Amidala and Senator Faus on Naboo

A speech by Senator Amidala and Senator Faus on Naboo
A towering structure rises far above the landscape, two large durosteel barrels are pointed toward the stars, around it a series of elegant brick buildings hiding complex machinery and command and control devices. Parked outside, brand new and freshly painted yellow AAT tanks with the chrome accents of the Naboo Security Forces provided a guard for the facility.
Far away on an elevated balcony in the Theed Royal Place, a crowd stares out at the structure in the distance.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Her Royal Majesty Queen Jamilla!”
“Thank you Captain Panaka. My friends, one and half years ago my family was thrown out of our homes and marched at gunpoint out of this very city, now thanks to skillful diplomacy it is that very invading force that has given us the tools to ensure nothing like that can ever happen again. And for that, I would like to thank our former Queen and my dear Friend, Senator Padme Amidala!”
“Thank you your majesty, part of healing wounds is moving forward, we will bear the scars of the attack for years, but they will only be scars, and we will carry them with pride for having stood together, Naboo and Gungan, we won together. Our cities are rebuilding and we have a military strong enough to ensure that we cannot be threatened again! Thanks to the hard efforts of many in the Galactic Senate, including Senator Faus, we have affected meaningful changes to both better protect all the People of Naboo, and ensure that the Trade Federation will never again bring any world to that point again.”
“I am Senator Faus of the Trade Federation, I would like to extend my sincere apologies to Naboo. Viceroy Nute Gunray’s actions were not what the Trade Federation was created to do. His abuse of power and overreach has invited corruption and authoritarianism to enter the Federation. I hope we can work together to get justice and closure for Naboo and rid the galaxy of those who wish to use violence and force as a way to push their political agenda. If there is anything more that I can do for Naboo please reach out to me.”
“Would the press like to ask any questions?”
“Theed Daily, Senator Amidala how do you feel about Senator Binks becoming Regional Senator?”
“Senator Binks and I have had some disagreements, but I wish him well and I know he will do his best.”
“Coruscant Times, Senator Faus, how does the Trade Federation intend to ensure that this will never happen again?”
“We have purged a lot of the corruption and manipulation that allowed such terrible events to occur! We are striving to be better as what happened was a wake-up to how far we strayed!”
“Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be time to ask more questions later, however, the weapon is ready. The Trade Federation has provided a derelict cargo ship, if you will all look at the sky to the left of the Moon.”
“Captain Panaka, you may fire when ready.”
“Begin countdown.”
Across the city a low siren whines slowly and a voice calls out on the intercom. “Defense Cannon Test firing. This is a drill. Defense Cannon Test firing. This is a drill.” Any citizen not already watching rushes outside to watch as the countdown finishes and with two dull thuds the cannon fires, the shots arcing into the sky as a loud cheer erupts across the city. The two shots tear through the atmosphere before a tiny speck of an explosion lights up like a flash of an asteroid, a satellite feed shows both shots hit their mark and in a flash obliterate the outdated cargo vessel.
“Weapon test complete, My Queen, I report that the weapon operated completely as intended. Target annihilated.”
“Thank you Captain, my guests, let us adjourn to the dining hall.”
(OOC Note: Naboo, and TF gave me Permission to post this on their behalf.)
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2023.05.30 18:35 DarkAmaterasu58 [unidentified media] Carol puppets religious VHS videos?

When I was very young in the late 90s and early 2000s, I remember my grandmother having this VHS tape that was of a fairly low-quality Christian VHS puppet show for kids. I don’t remember what the title of the box said, although I remember the design of the box; it was considerably harder than traditional VHS boxes and had a grainy texture to it. Grandma referred to it as the “Carol puppets”. The entire thing was puppets that talked and sang Christian songs. I only remember a select few parts of the tape, one being a bald headed puppet who I believe was supposed to depict a deaf man. I also remember that the devil himself was a character, and his puppet was the stereotypical all-red depiction with the two horns at the top and a pitchfork attached to one of the hands. I also remember one scene of two puppets talking, and one depicting an older lady who was discussing taking medication, and I remember her commenting on how she feels like her medicine “gets stuck” in her shoulder area. It doesn’t make much sense, but I’m sure I’m forgetting some details. I can’t find anything on this tape and if there were others like it. I grew up in a small, fairly religious town, so it’s very possible this could have been some sort of local creation. Googling “Carol puppets” just pulls up things about the muppets Christmas Carol special. I would ask my grandma, but she unfortunately has developed dementia and can’t remember much now. I’m just wondering if anyone else remembers or has seen the Carol Puppets?
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