Mess around and find out meme

Fuck around and Find out.

2020.02.10 04:33 mhyquel Fuck around and Find out.

Tracking all the DNC Fuckery leading up to the 2020 presidential candidate selection.

2020.04.05 13:07 wotsit_sandwich crappyanimalcrossing

Welcome to the Animal Crossing Sub for the rest of us. A place to show off your own crappy islands and rooms, and enjoy those of others. You are welcome to post, ..crappy half dead gardens. ..houses with one bed and a mat. ..elevated areas that you are still somehow unable to get to. ...strange interactions with villagers. ...and all those things that just didn't quite work out how you expected. If you are new, welcome, please check the rules, and enjoy your time here.

2016.12.28 21:11 Zetice wholesomebpt


2023.05.30 20:25 ApocalypseSeeker [18F] Old lady cashiers at antique stores consistently find me pleasant and engaging so it's good enough reason for you to be my friend:)

Feeling horrible after eating not good potatoes
Dudes, this loneliness is getting really hard to remanticize lmao
The most exciting part of my day is when i finally go to bed at night and start creating imaginary scenarios in my head and I hope that making few new friends will change it and I'll be able to at least have someone to talk about them
ANYWAY Im European (or you can also call be proffesional cowboy at this point) that just (damn already eight months has passed actually) started another year in high school!
My hobbies:
-Saying "no worries either way" when I'm actually worrying both ways plus a secret third way
-Measuring time using songs: "oh it only took me 3 songs to get here"
-Cooking - I find a lot of recipes online that I'm actually making but they turn out to not be edible
- vulture culture (don't let that scare you), taxidermy
-building pretty homes in minecraft (only on creative tho, I'm not good enough to survive on survival more than 3 seconds)
-Talking to flowers (I found them pushy and superficial)
- Games, of course
-Sending emails to Obama
-Sneaking a few blueberries into a strangers pocket so they can have a little snack later
-Arguing with conservative people on twitter and everywhere else
-Going to sleep with the sun and waking up with the sun
-veganism, feminism <3
Excuse me for posting so often but most of people messaging me are total freaks that are sending their worm pictures or ask for weird stuff right away so I'm giving another try to finding actually genuine people!
Please say something more than "hi hru" or at least don't be surprised if you won't get any answer to such dry messages:) I want to find someone long term so effort is very important! Idk you can start with saying what's your favorite worm or why capitalism is bad or your controversial opinion. It's up to you <3
Don't message me if you're way older (5+ years), have empty profile, looking for relationship, don't like animals, or if your account is full of nsfw things (posts/comments) or I'll scream
Oh and also add "I peed" at the end of ur message as a proof that you've read it all <3
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2023.05.30 20:25 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Complete Agency Navigator (Here)

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.30 20:25 yolkofficial Trying to come up with a plan to get away from my mom(this is just a lot of rambling)

There are some things I want to explain first so the plan makes sense:
I'm trying to come up with a plan so I can get away from my mom. I'm 18 and autistic, along with depression/anxiety and of course, CPTSD. I dropped out in high school at 16 and have been living in the house for a few years since then.
During that time, we were already strained. Then I came out (ftm trans), and that made pretty much everything worse. Lots of yelling and her telling me I'm delusional and going to ruin my body and I'm going to go psycho if I take hormones and a whole suicide attempt later she still keeps going on with the same crap, saying I just need to be around other people so I can snap out of it, just basically every anti-trans rhetoric in the book that wasn't religious. She yelled at me that she wouldn't ask me any questions about trans people because I wasn't being nice to her about it or something along those lines, it's just a whole whatever in my mind. She only snapped out of it in some way when a doctor gave her a packet about trans people and told her I wouldn't go psychotic on hormones, which she cried in the appointment and said she was a failure of a mother, and suddenly she's forcing me into queer groups and being super "supportive". I don't believe that, because she wants her daughter, she treats me like I'm a completely different person and she's absolutely delusional for thinking that my gender has anything to do with my relationship with her because I have hated her for the last several years and I don't appreciate the way she raised me and how she was and still is codependent and coddling and just overall annoying. If I sound apathetic it's because I absolutely done with her and I've been done with her for years. She can't control me like she could when I was a minor, so she doesn't take my phone away or force me on meds, but she's still neglectful of my feelings.
There was this whole scare yesterday where she made this post that sounded like she wanted to kill herself and she turned her phone off so I had an aunt and my stepdad texting me wanting to know what's wrong and I didn't know what mood she would be in, I do not have a fun history with suicidal people, so I called the cops on her and she was completely fine, she wasn't going to do anything or even meant anything, she was just upset cus she's parading me around online as her trans son and is so upset with transphobia and the family not beings supportive but I really don't care because it's not her battle, it's mine and I handle it well. She's selfish, my stepdad is out of state right now because his mom is going through some medical trouble and it's serious and he said he didn't know exactly when he would be coming back and she felt alone or something, I just can't imagine being so vain that someone else going through medical trouble and needing attention is about her. She's full of it, and of course after everything settled down, I've got my aunt giving me the ol love your mom she deserves your forgiveness stop being mean to her crap because the family also thinks I should take care of her feelings. If that wasn't just fabulous already, I had my mom coming into my room randomly crying about how she would just never let me find her like that(dead) and just crying up a whole river and the icing on the cake that made me snap was her saying that she misses her daughter and that she wants to know who I am and some crap basically how she worships the ground I walk on and she desperately wants my approval because her life is so worthless without me I guess. These aren't direct quotes, they've been filtered though my bullshit translator because it's the only way I can cope at this point. Basically she thinks I'm not her daughter she gave birth to, but that I'm a random ass guy, but then that I'm her son, and I just can't take it anymore. It's just crazy when I think I hate her enough and see how vain she is, she serves me another slice of her personality. I've been waiting for a miracle but no one is coming to save me, so I've gotta try something.
With all of that, which thank you if you're still here because I know that was a lot, it really needed to be said so what I'm about to say makes sense.
I know she has some personal documents of mine, I believe an expired ID, my original birth certificate and a new one that has my updated name on it (yeah she put a whole show on for the judge about how much she supports me so much and that she just wants me to be happy as myself [but she's not ready to know that who I am is not her kid]and I hate the sound of her voice) and my social security card. This was all obtained legally, and I have my own copies of my birth certs and SS card, but she told me today that she treasures my og birth cert and with that language it sounds like it's going to be a whole fight to get it from her. She genuinely thinks she's entitled to keep it as a memory, she is in denial and is not supportive of me in any way, I cannot stress that to you enough, she literally says she's mounting the loss of a child and still has the gull to tell me I'm her son.
Along with these personal documents, she has access to my savings account and I'm too scared to ask for the password. It's not like it would matter, because she has this account linked to hers, because I was a child when it was made, but when we went to the bank to take out some money, it came up from one of the bank tellers that I would not be able to split away from that account until I'm 21, that she has access to my account til I'm 21, which I really think is some bull crap and I don't know why that would happen. Regardless, I want to withdrawl all remaining money in that account and open up a new account, but I don't know how to do that without her catching wind because other than the fact she has access and will see the money is gone, I don't know my bank info or anything often sort. I know she doesn't steal money, she's been awfully annoying promising me she would never do that, I don't care.
For these two issues, seizing her copies of my personal documents, and gaining control over my money, I've called a disability lawyer. I haven't gotten a call back as of writing, but I'm hoping that she'll be able to help me out because I know I won't be able to do any of those things without her crying and yelling and I don't need that. I could spin it as a independence thing, but I really don't trust her to start crying that I hate her and don't trust her, she's very accusatory.
Besides those, I'm trying to get into a housing situation or have a mentor with me so I can get out of the house during the day. I spend all my time in the house and while yes, I am 18, I can leave at any time, I have nowhere to go, no family to depend on because they think I'm mean to my mom and are trying to force me to love her, and I don't have friends. The only way out of the house is her. She drives me everywhere. If I walk out, she wants to know where I'm going, and I can't go far. I know, I know, I've heard it a million times, "just go", but understand I'm paralyzed with fear. Yes, yes, I am giving her all the power, say it, but I need help. Beyond the fact that she would freak out if I went out for a walk beyond her bouds(she doesn't track me, years of living like this have made an imaginary boundary in my mind) we live in the suburbs or whatever, it's just very far away from any amenities like a park, so just going biking to the heart of town is definitely a no, and the terrain is very mountainy so I would probably get stranded in the the middle of town because of all the uphill and then she would freak out that I left the house. I'm told a lot "just get a job", but beyond this, I'm mentally disabled with social anxiety, it controls my mind. I get burnt out easily, and I'd hate to be a failure to an employer because "boss my trauma's really bad today and I don't feel like working", and of course, no businesses are close enough to me that I could bike. Let's say I never got burnt out, the other issue is she "needs" to know everything I'm doing. I can't just head out to a job, she wants to drive me. I can't sneak out the house at night, she'd have a panic attack and think I'm gonna try to end it again. I feel like I have no autonomy at all, it's like I'm so smart and capable but I didn't get the teen milestones like learning how to be an adult, it was always just arguing in the home.
I don't have a car, and I don't know how to drive. I wish "get a job and a car" was something I could just do, but I can't. I don't have anyone to teach me that I know. Of course my mom raised me telling me that everyone on the internet is out to get me, and while that's not the whole deal, I've got myself programmed so that reaching out to people in my town, random strangers, for help or the like is a big no no and that she will find out some way. Too scared to reach out because what if she thinks I'm getting kidnapped? She's had this issue since I was young that she thinks everyone is going to kidnap me from her and that everyone is out to get me and I don't believe that entirely, but I don't want to hear her yelling and crying about it, it's annoying and stops me from doing anything. The only people I really talk to face to face are medical people like my therapist and my psychiatrist. And she thinks that she hasn't done any harm to me, or when she "admits" it, she just is begging for my affection and it's really uncomfortable and sounds like a whole lot of noise I just want to stop.
I know there's some state sponsored programs and I've contacted a few, but that stuff's got waiting lists and everything is just getting to be too much. I tried getting out by running off to a job corps, but I was just not prepared to take care of myself because I still felt like she was around and I just kept getting in trouble and yeah it wasn't the most accepting environment but I looked past it because I finally felt some sort of freedom, but that only lasted 10 months, got kicked out cus I did something stupid, and got lumped right back into this home life. I like it there, because I didn't have to talk to her every day, but she still managed to keep a hold on me because if she called, at the time I was 17, I had to call her back, lest she leave a crying voicemail and accuse me of ignoring her, and so the phone ringing made me paranoid. I went through some crap socially there, so I don't have plans to go to another one, not like I could, I'm kicked for two years and it's really not worth it to me.
I'm trying to get on SSDI currently, taking some time, been working on it for the last few months I've been back, and I'm trying to keep everything hush hush cus I don't want her "helping" me. I don't want her to advocate for me I want her out of my life and to stop smothering me because she's delusional about who i am and I don't care about family values, hell, I went through some abuse with a cousin of mine, but I can't talk about it with her because she makes it about her and how oh no she feels awful of happened and all this crap, try to avoid talking to her during the day but it's hard.
I feel bad about myself at times because I want to be active, and eat healthy, but I don't want her watching me in the kitchen, and even if she's not in there, I still feel like I'm being watched. Going out biking, I have to walk through the house and she'll see me, or I'll just tell myself whatever task I'm working on is more important. I want to be able to be with local queer groups, but she knows all of them and she yells around about how supportive she is of me(probably a lot of lying, I don't let myself think about it because it makes me want to lash out) so even when I'm out of the house, I don't know if I'll be able to go to these groups without her being there making the pain I went through about how she's some sort of saint for "helping" with hormones and my name change before I was 18. I don't look at her with relief for letting me start my transition, I would've done that on my own and having that view that I should be greatful gives her this position of superiority and she's worthless so no, there's no credit or slack to be given here, she's still "mourning the loss of a child", she's selfish and lives in this fantasy world that she gets upset if it's criticized.
Hell, I had a point here, but then it just turned to venting. I don't have many people to talk to this about, so if you read all of this, thank you, I hate feeling alone through this cus it feels like I'm the one ruining my life and I'm making it all up. Feels nice to type it out.
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2023.05.30 20:24 Tension_Swimming 19 [m4f] Mississippi/anywhere I'm looking for someone to date and play games with

I'm gonna be honest l've been really sad lately and I really been needing a companion for awhile now.
I've been on dating stuff before but I've never really found anyone unfortunately Well enough of being a baby...
hey my names Ethan and I'm from Washington but live in Mississippi and I love playing card games and video games. I've been working out lately nothing happened yet but l'm trying lol as l'm pretty much open to anything so just ask Text me
I've got pictures in my account if you wanna see me
I like people older than me like maybe 18-26 I just like that kinda stuff lol
Im looking for someone to geek out with or to comfort with. I wanna find someone who loves affection, cuddling, and generally being around me😊
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2023.05.30 20:24 headsandmindgutter False hope and loose morals

I was doing ok ish. I mean, I've had a rough few weeks/months/years. Life is a bit of a chaotic mess with recent grief/marital separation/moving out/etc.
Hadn't seen him for about two weeks, until today. At work, as planned. Spoke to him inbetween, few messages but nothing too over-friendly. But I can read too much into anything though.
We spoke on the phone last week about an issue - I messed up and it could have blown up his life. He had a genuine reason to be fuming at me about it, but he didn't seem to be. Why wasn't he? Why can't I stop dreaming about him? Why can't I move away from wondering why he's not that mad? Instead my mind pieces together some false hope that maybe he's decided I'm either worth the risk short-term or work the giant life leap long-term.
And I'm not even sure if I'd want him to take the giant leap.
He knows I have a lot of stuff going on, and so I start to wonder if he just feels sorry for me? He was pretty normal with me today, and not actively avoiding me like he could have. Maybe I mean so little to him that it's all forgotten, all blown over; he's just ambivalent about me.
And then I discover that I may meet his wife soon. And I realise the scenario that my brain created, that maybe he was considering taking the giant leap, well it's just not what's happening. It will never happen. His friendliness today has just been caring but formal-friendly, not feelings-friendly.
And I'm jealous of her ffs. I know for a fact he's cheated. More than once I'm told.
But the morals I once had have disintegrated with him. I crave his attention, his gaze, and his validation. All I want is him. At this point I would just take a night with him, not the giant leap. If he would tell me he thinks I'm pretty too? Well that would be a bonus.
The only solace is that I'm not in tears and spiralling right now. But I think I've probably gone backwards a bit. My morals and my life are a mess. Sometimes I really hate my brain.
Until the next time it latches onto some false hope with him, and the cycle starts all over again.
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2023.05.30 20:24 Dan91x666 People seem to abuse me emotionally - need insight please

TLDR: People seem to have dumped their emotional bullshit on me, since i excist but I am growing out of this.

I have huge problems with setting boundaries, this is related to my upbringing. Im reading a book about it and i have in the past so it kind of helps.

There is this guy with whom I was hanging out in his shop, hes like 10 years older than me, im 31. Hes currently in therapy and seems to be quiet lonely, i also felt very lonely and it was nice to hang out but i felt die emotional pressure when i was with him. I made clear that I don't want to know anything about his emotional state, for excample a friend of him was over in his shop once and they were talking about their childhoods and how bad they were and stuff. I did not like the topic so I left. Later on the guy told me, that I did not seemed to be interested in any emotional affairs, which I agreed upon.

I liked to hang with this guy because we talked business and I like and need to do this because I have been working on myself, my working style and my life since I can remember and I need to make progress towards money making but since there was no progress made from his side and his projects were very miserable I decided not to continue hangig with him.

I was on a 3 week holiday and after my return we talked and it was oweful. We hang for 4 hours and at that stage I did not feel the overwhelming effect of the whole thing. I also did not realize (because I was tired) how much it was of an emotional talk. The next week I felt a huge resentment and could not text this guy or answer his phonecalls. Today he called and texted me egain how I felt and if I was ok. So it totally switched to this kind of relation which I did not want in the first place because I feel huge pressure and I think this guy is emotionally fucked up and I cant stand it. So I told him with excamples and stuff that I did not want to have this emotional relation but rather to have a business relation, to work together and stuff and he say something "Ah I thought you wanted to have friendship." But he knew that I did not want to care about his emotional state because he told me this once so I told him that he at least at one point new about my intention and that was it.
I think people dump their emotional trash which they have not solved during the past times on me. I also felt this with the marriage of my mother and father. It makes me insane when I'm with them, they tell me im no good, not doing anything and that their merriage is fine and stuff which is the exact opposite. I even feel the tention between them when im on the floor above. My dad tells me I don't work (I do have a regular job) but when I'm there he does not give me any work but complains about how much there is to do?! WTF I'M kind of weaking up to all this stupid abuse people alwas threw at me man, any thought idea or anything?

I certenly have business as well which I have not properly dealt with in the past but I'm trying and I'm putting lot of thought and effort in it to be happy but this kind of people just make me feel super tired, anxious and confused. I'm totally losing myself in emotional confusion. I feel they are everywhere? I hope to find some good people one day and to be able to have a good relationship with them and not fuck shit up.

This kind of situations where people gaslight me in this way and lie and stuff just make me feel like radio rental(mental).

It sounds strange because of my age of 31 but I think today I have for the first time consciously talked about my boundaries in relation to others. How do you handle this?

Any thought appreciated.

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2023.05.30 20:24 Sebor_Yrrch Rooted my 7 Pro

I love this phone but there were at least a couple of things that I missed coming from Samsung etc. Couldn't stand one-tap to check phone, it caused way too many accidental screen awakenings. Coupled with the fact that you can open the calendar from the lock screen, it meant I would find my phone in the calendar accidentally quite often. Why not just good old double tap to wake? Anyway, I achieved that with root and AOSP mods.
I just don't like just gesture navigation so I actually still use the three buttons, and couldn't believe that Google doesn't let you customize the order of the buttons. If you're right-handed, it makes way more sense, to me, to have the back button on the right side! Was able to customize that, also with AOSP mods.
Those may be smallish things, but the constant screen waking was annoying, and who wants to go back to having to press the power button to wake up the phone lol I didn't really want to mess with rooting and such, but Google kind of made me 🤪
Anyway, does anybody know if there are any mods that can be done with root to improve battery life/overheating with the G2 tensor chip?
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2023.05.30 20:24 galth88 Nordstrom Rack Frankies Bikinis Coupon Code

Check this out for Nordstrom Rack Frankies Bikinis Coupon Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.05.30 20:24 masterwork_spoon How do I help my stay at home spouse keep things clean?

A bit of a plea and a bit of a rant... I've been searching for advice on just keeping a house clean but all I can find are unrealistic influencer blogs and complaints about unwilling spouses. I'm willing, though, and I think you guys are probably the best source of advice for my particular problem. I'm a breadwinner dad and my wife is a homemaker. Her daily routine involves quite a bit of work trying to keep up with the house, ADHD home improvement projects that hijack focus, and two young kids that are constantly creating extra work and getting underfoot. The oldest is capable of basic tidying, but won't participate without a lot of prompting (which is another source of stress).
When I get home after work I frequently find her frazzled because a messy house is a trigger on her anxiety. I'm already tired (and honestly I have to figure something out because I feel more tired than I should be for an office job, but that's another discussion) and feel like I don't know how to help keep the house clean and still do all of the extra projects she asks me to. It's giving me a sense of dread at the end of the workday. I grew up in a household that didn't know how to tidy, so that's something I still struggle with. My dresser and nightstand for example are piles of things I don't know what to do with. When I look at the kitchen island, I don't know where to start, between the papers, the snack bags, and half-started projects she puts there.
What approaches have you guys found successful when one spouse is overwhelmed by clutter and kid mess? How do you split tasks to make the housework more manageable? How have you successfully encouraged younger children to help tidy and avoid making as much mess? Any ADHD-specific advice?
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2023.05.30 20:24 CitricDolphin_ Question about Switch Lite stick caps

Sometime soon, I'm expecting to do some mods and repairs to a Switch Lite. Among other things, I plan on putting in new sticks.
As far as I'm aware, the stick modules in Joycons and in the Switch Lite are the same, so I can use Gullikit Joycon sticks. Trouble is, the Switch Lite comes with white stick caps, while the Gullikit sticks have black caps.
Is there anywhere that I could get the sticks with white caps? And if not, is there a way to swap out just the caps without affecting the rest of the assembly? I've done stick swaps before but never tried swapping just the caps, and I can't seem to find a good source on this.
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2023.05.30 20:24 aakashdahake What's up with the Matrimony market and girl's demands these

I am writing this thread after reading two similar kinds of threads related to arrange marriage.
Little about me: I am M31 living in Europe, working in IT, and acquired a job directly from India to pursue my dreams in life. Earning well and belonging to a decent liberal family.
For some time I was looking for a match on Shaadi and Jeevansaathi, and it's been very hard to find a good girl, especially when you live abroad. I have faced weird experiences while searching for a potential match. I realized that there have been some weird trends happening in society which is very worrisome. But there are way more weird demands I came to know about especially arrange marriage.
Some of them are -
The girl wants the boy/man should have his own house (some of them want it in a tier 1 city) but the boy/man shouldn't have a loan on him, coz later she would need to contribute to it as well in the future. (Isn't this dowry in another way?)
The girl does not want to live with the boy's/man's parents.
They talk about equality but when it comes to earning they want high-earning boys/men than them, and they think its totally fine
They claim they are open-minded and liberal but can't marry out of caste/community or even sub-caste from the same community
Girl/Women's parents are proudly supporting the weird choices of women/girls
There are many more weird experiences I have faced and my parents are also faded up with these weird demands and mindsets of community people. Btw I have my own house, my dad got his two own houses, I am well earning, happy-going person, average looking guy.
I wonder what else I need to prove as a Man? I came to Europe on my own, with no on-site no unnecessary master studies, to live a better-quality life (I wish to come back to India after a few years as well, coz I love my country)
Now I am seriously considering finding and marrying white women, which is not my priority because I spend most of my time with them and I saw that cultural difference. (Indian-WHite couple only look good on Youtube channels, very hard to maintain in actual life), But these experiences of searching for Indian women also put me in confusion, coz at least white women do and say what they mean, straightforward, no stupidity.
I would like to know if are there more people who are facing these experiences while searching for matches in India.
NOTE- My intention is not to defame Indian women/girls, neither I claim every woman/girls are responsible for these experiences
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2023.05.30 20:24 miarrial Balkans. In Kosovo, some thirty Nato soldiers injured in a new outbreak of tension

Link in French – Balkans. Au Kosovo, une trentaine de soldats de l’Otan blessés dans une nouvelle flambée de tensions

Peacekeepers protecting town halls in northern Kosovo were targeted by Serbian demonstrators on Monday. Tensions have risen following the inauguration of ethnic Albanian mayors in the predominantly Serb-populated region.
KFOR soldiers confront Serbian demonstrators outside Zvecan town hall, Kosovo, May 29, 2023
"It's been more than a decade since KFOR men were injured in the line of duty", notes La Repubblica. On Monday May 29, according to Agence France-Presse, some 30 peacekeepers from the Kosovo Force (KFOR) were targeted in clashes with Serbian demonstrators.
Corriere della Sera reported that "41 people were injured", including "14 soldiers of Italian nationality". According to the Milan daily, some "suffered burns and fractures caused by Molotov cocktails". The Hungarian Ministry of Defense said that more than 20 Hungarian soldiers were also among the wounded, seven of whom were seriously injured.
ALSO READ: Kosovo. Fifteen years on, Kosovo still in independence limbo
This rare attack on KFOR soldiers reflects "the rising tension in the region", notes the European edition of the Politico website. For several days now, the situation has been explosive in northern Kosovo, where many members of the Serbian community, the majority in four towns in the region, do not recognize Pristina's authority and are loyal to Belgrade. Serbs boycotted the April municipal elections in these towns, which resulted in the election of Albanian mayors with a turnout of less than 3.5%.
Serbian flags removed from town halls
With tensions rising, KFOR soldiers were sent to form security cordons in front of town halls. In Leposavic, "barbed wire was placed around the town hall building and Nato soldiers were seen wearing riot gear", according to CNN.
On Monday, "Serb nationalists from the most extreme fringe - and supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin" - wanted "to carry out an attack during the inauguration ceremony of a mayor of Albanian origin in Zvecan, a small town in northern Kosovo close to the Serbian border", reports La Repubblica. Serbian protesters first clashed with Kosovo police before KFOR soldiers intervened to try to separate the two sides. At least 52 Serbs were injured in the incidents, three of them seriously, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in Belgrade on Monday.
ALSO READ: War in Ukraine. Russia wants to "set fire" to the Balkans
"The demonstrators were angry not only because of the Albanian mayors taking office, but also because of the brutal attitude of the Kosovo police, who showed up with guns and armored vehicles," explains the BBC. The fact that Serbian flags were removed from municipal buildings and replaced by Kosovo flags provoked them even more."
Last Friday, the USA, France, Italy, Germany and the UK issued a joint statement condemning Kosovo's decision to force access to municipal buildings in the north of the country, following the election of Albanian mayors. "The EU and the US criticized Pristina for destabilizing the situation and urged the authorities to 'defuse the crisis'", but "this advice seems to have fallen on deaf ears", notes the BBC.
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2023.05.30 20:23 Macklin_You_SOB Evangelicals who resonate with universalism, are you (still) engaged with evangelism or missionary activity?

I come from a strongly evangelical environment, and my particular denomination places a high emphasis on global missions work. I'm a pastor in this denomination.
I have become convinced of Christian Universalism, which puts me at odds with our denom's perspective for many reasons. One of the reasons that CU is often argued against is because it will take away from a sense of "urgency" to carry out the Great Commission.
Personally, I experience no dissonance here.
Fear of eternal conscious torment is not a motivator for me to share the Gospel with people. The motivation is Jesus himself.
I want people to know him. I want people to encounter his love, to leave the Kingdom of darkness and enter into the Kingdom of light. I want people to experience healing and the presence of the Holy Spirit. I want them to learn contemplation and the mystical tradition. I want them to experience union with Christ. I want people to find their ultimate end in him, for whom all things were made.
I believe the task is URGENT, and worth sacrificing for ... even without damnation on the table as a consequence.
So I am still as engaged with evangelistic work as ever. As a pastor, I still want to encourage the folks in my congregation to share their personal faith in wholehearted and honest ways, without the echo of guilt and shame in the background.
The idea of an eternal hell does not motivate me to evangelism. And the absence of an eternal hell does not take away motivation from evangelism.
Am I an anomaly for sticking with the evangelical tradition?
I'm curious to hear from others who've been impacted by CU who come from an evangelical background. Are you engaged with outreach work? Have you had to work hard to find a new approach to it? Or have you needed to let go of the idea altogether?
I'd love to learn from those in the Eastern Orthodox stream as well. What does the idea of evangelism (if that's even the right word to use) look like from your perspective?
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2023.05.30 20:23 Free-Tomorrow-8371 looking for answers

My ex (19) and I (19) dated for about a year and 4 months before we called it quits. He went to my prom, my graduation, and visited me at school multiple times. To make a long story short, we really cared about each other but I think we are just too young and wanted really different things. Regardless, I would like to say that he really loved me and cared about me at one point. He started dating his friend a week after him and I broke up. I can’t even begin to describe how awful it’s made me feel. He constantly posts her, makes tiktoks about her, and it just feels so in my face in literally every single way. We broke up over the phone and when I came back home for the summer I asked him to talk and he really harshly rejected me.
Honestly, I don’t know what my point is with this post but I just feel so confused. We didn’t end on bad terms initially (i got mad and called him a prick for moving on so fast after i found out) but I am just so confused as to how and why he moved on so quickly. Was he just pretending the whole time and emotionally checked out way before we actually broke up? I really wish we could speak and I wish I could hold him accountable in some way but I am blocked and he wants nothing to do with me. I just can’t handle this emotional whiplash and being in the same city makes me feel sick. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice. Is he just scared of being alone? Did I matter at all? And how can I find closure within myself?
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2023.05.30 20:23 Noseasmamonguey I want a platonic hug

So I (23M) Met this girl (27F) out last week at the bar. Didn’t even have intentions when I first met her, but as we were leaving I asked for her instagram and she gave me her number. So I asked her out cuz why not? We chatted for about 30 mins and she seemed nice.
We went on a date Thursday. The date was fine, nothing extraordinary but certainly didn’t go bad. I walked her home and we kissed outside, she said she’d be down to go out again. Whole thing lasted maybe 2.5 hours.
I texted her on Friday just asking what was up and didn’t hear anything. So, I texted her again this morning asking if I had done anything wrong or that upset her and she literally said, “Sorry I forgot to reply and I guess if I forgot to reply I wasn’t thinking about it that much. You didn’t do anything wrong but it was nice meeting you, sorry.”
Made me feel like shit to be honest. I am by no means a bad date, but reading that made me so angry.
Not only was it a shitty thing to say, essentially calling me boring and inadequate, but it’s also so indicative of dating as a young guy right now. Girls will go on and on about how low their standards are and how they can’t find good men, yet when a guy can’t immediately make her swoon then they lose interest so fast.
Not only am I angry towards her response, I also am angry at myself. Wish I had spent that money on literally anyone or anything else. Such a shitty feeling to be told off like that.
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2023.05.30 20:23 Unhappy_Technician68 What detatchment rules for the other craftworlds would you like to see?

So since 10th seems to be going the route of providing detachment rules which are flavored to represent subfactions, without you actually having to paint your units as that subfaction, what are we going to get with the full codex that would match the fluff for the other craftworlds? I think we can all agree this is an improvement, and the current reroll one hit and wound roll for every unit is pretty powerful and simple. The current detchment rule is pretty clearly meant to be Ulthwe and it makes me curious what other simple and powerful rules they will give for the other craftworlds.
Here are my geusses for the others:
Swordwind (biel tan): All aspect warriors get +1 OC, and in one turn you can declare that army wide all aspect warriors either get fights first in melee or shooting gets devestating wounds on 6's Maybe 5-6.
Fieldcraft (Alaitoc): I don't know what I'd like it to be army wide always in cover at greater than 12" would be nice but I'd also like something like 3 units get infiltrators ability. Maybe some ambush ability so you can declare on one turn or on turn 1 that all eldar units get ingnore cover ability.

Wind Riders (Saim Han): No clue what could be done here. 6+ Invuln on Jetbikes and vehicles? Lots of easy deepstrike maybe.
Wraith-host\Army of the Dead (Iyanden) : Buffs to spirirt seers and wraith units maybe an ability to heal wounds on wraith units.
I know we won't know until it comers out but I find it fun to guess and theory craft. To me 10th seems like it will be good, so long as they get points costs right. I like the loss of battle focus tbh, I don't think eldar having non-interactivity is fun for opponents.
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2023.05.30 20:23 Flying_Snails_today Sans vs Koro-Sensei fight Cosmic Clash

Sans was walking in the City of Japan with his brother, Papyrus. After frisk this timeline Declined Being a governor For Monsters, Papyrus became governor. However Papyrus Was Getting stressed out, And with some help from Undyne he was able to buy a ticket for a vacation in Japan.*
Sans: How have you enjoyed your vacation So far, Bro.
Papyrus: it's been good but I want to get back to work!
Sans: Bro, You were getting too stressed out to do it correctly. You need to relax
Papyrus: But!
Sans noticed a Yellow Monster, And He could see that it's LV was 19
Sans: No buts. Look, go to the restaurant Over there, I'll meet ya in a minute.
Papyrus: fine I guess it would be nice to eat something….
Papyrus Goes to the restaurant, And sans goes the opposite Way of The yellow monster only to end up right in front of him
Sans: Heya Pal, What's Your Name?
Koro Sensei: My name is Koro Sensei, What's yours?
Sans: Sans, Sans the skeleton. Now, I'm usually pretty relaxed but… couldn't help but notice The LV you had there.
Koro: What is LV?
Sans: Hehe, Well let me show you what it stands for
Sans puts a hand Out of his pocket, And kuros soul suddenly shows up
Kuro in mind: Is that my soul? Wait….. is he magic?!
Suddenly a bunch of bones come after Koro
Koro dodges all of the Bones With ease And Goes after Sans But He dodges It, But koror keeps on attacking so sans keeps on dodging
Koro: It seems That your dodging outmatches My Speed! I'm impressed!
Sans: Heh, Thanks. But your sorta Boning Me here
Sans winks
Koro: Ah, This fight would be such good Learning for my class. Wait a minute
Koro Leaves And Comes Back With a Camera Set up
Koro: Ok! Now we're wh-
Koro Gets Hit By A Gaster Blaster Which Also Blasts The Camera And The Set up.
Koro: I spent My savings on that… guess that means I have to win.
Koro Tries to run but his soul turn blues and he's suddenly Down
Koro: Aw, This is making me turn blue
Koros Face then turns Blue As Bones are rushing
Koro: Uh Oh!
Koro Jumps Ahead Of The Bones
Koro: Oh, So This is like a platformer!
Sans: Nah, It's Like Stop Signs
While Koro Was Jumping a Blue Bone suddenly Pops Up And Hits His Soul, And He feels The KR
Kuro in mind: Interesting, He has some kind of poison….. is it from his magic? This is a fine specimen In deed, I'd like to get to know him a bit more.
Sans: huff Puff
Koro: You seem To Be Getting tired, While I'm Still Up For The Count! How about We stop fighting?
Sans: Heh, Sure.
Koro: So, How do you get that poison running?
Sans: It's Some Magic I Have, Ain't nothing too complicated.
suddenly, Korors Soul Gets attacked from Bones, But Koro Regenerated
Sans: From Your face, Ya seem pretty mad. Be careful, Don't Become fried kaminari.
Koro: I Gave you mercy, And You rejected It, Which only means one thing. I can show NO MERCY!
Koro relentlessly attacks and Sans is starting To get Overwhelmed
Sans: huff Puff I'd recommend Stop Fighting BEFORE I show ya my special Attack.
Koro: Oooh! A special Attack! show me your true Power!
Sans: Heh, Alright. Survive THIS and I'll show ya it.
Several bones show up to attack Kuro, But Koro parkours on them, Sans Then Waves his hand And Kuro is flying, But waves his arms to break the bones before they hut him. Kuros soul turns Blue and he narrowly dodge's some bones, Before 20 Gaster Balsters in a circle Start blasting at Koro, Koro starts Running. The gasters eventually give out, But sans waves his hands All around making Koro hit buildings, Cars, And streetlights…. But sans eventually gives up and falls asleep.
Koro: Tip number one
Koro Is behind sans, But sans wakes Up But Sans is too late and Kuro hits him, Which makes sans go flying
Koro: Never Sleep while trying to assassinate a target At Mach 20 Speeds! Well that was fun, Wouldn't Ya agree sa-
Koro has leveled up to level 20
Koro turns around and Sees that sans is turned to dust, Only His Jacket remaining
Koro: whoops, Shouldn't have done That! Well, Time To Go tell my students! I made Notes!
Koro runs off as papyrus comes stomping
Papyrus sees Sans jacket and the dust
The End!
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2023.05.30 20:23 Borderline_Pigeon Getting consistently fucked around by jobs.

I keep job hopping to make more money/ find a better opportunity. My friend and the guy he works with do construction and asked me to join on this summer for a good hourly rate. Working with them for 2 months now and I have yet to make the money they promised. They’re also getting stressed and shitty in the past week because apparently they are not making the money they were now that they’re paying me at the promised wage and I been giving 100% including my attitude the whole time. NOW they’re saying I’m not worth the wage they’re paying me. I asked if I mislead them or not meeting expectations as this sounds like they fucked up not me. They agreed it’s their fuck up and that the work I’m doing I should be paid -$8 less for it. Said I made more then them bc I’m getting paid hourly…
I’m pissed and I want to kms, want to set the house on fire and their truck. Want to stop trying and destroying my hands for pennies. Life is a joke I don’t want to work everyday and never make ends meet not to mention NEVER GET AHEAD IN LIFE.
I want to just live in a vehicle and get by working less and having more freedom.
My dog might have cancer. I spent all my money on an operation for them. My partner want to get married in the fall and I have no money for the arrangements or ring. Everything is just stacking against me and I can’t get out I’m freaking out and I’m giving myself carpal tunnel wiring this much (showing symptoms for past few weeks)
What can I do!?! What DBT stuff would help? I’m just totally lost .
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2023.05.30 20:23 glitchytraveller02 I went through a glitch in the Matrix on the London Tube

Throwaway account. This happened in 2015 on the Piccadilly Line, in the London Underground, if you are not familiar with It you might want to get a map of it. So, I was just going back home after seeing a friend's concert in North London, at the time I lived around Dollis Hill Stn in NW, I was travelling back with a friend of mine, we were both extremely sober (I only had a small beer at the start of the evening and drank water during the event) and hadn't smoked nor taken any sort of drugs, nor we have ever been psichiatric patients. It was some time after 11 pm and we were a bit concerned about the underground closing time so we were trying to figure out the best route. As we approached King's cross St Pancreas stn we decided that maybe It would have been best for us to change with the jubilee line at Green Park, only to change idea at the last second. We got up from out seats towards the exit and the train doors closed right in front of us. Not a big deal, we decided to get off at the next station (Russel Square) as It was a small station and it would have been easier after all to go back to King's cross were we had more chances to find trains still running. So we wait a few minutes for the train to get to next stop, the monitors on the train and the voice over the speaker telling us that out destination will be Heathrow Airport. The train reaches Russel Square, its name spelt out on the ceramics that decorate the walls. The doors open right in front of the short corridor leading to the staircase where a man is mopping the steps, in preparation for closure. We go over the bridge and wait on the platform, right in front of a billboard advertising David Bowie's latest release (I believe It was the last of his compilation albums). The monitor tells us our train is only 2 minutes away and will terminate at cockfosters. As usual, my friend and I can't help but chuckle. The train arrives, we both get in, doors close behind us. A couple of minutes go by and I can't help but notice the people with their luggage, that for whatever reason didn't seem like they were coming back from the airport. The monitor says: 'This is a Southbound train to Heathrow Terminal 1,2,3 and 5'. It must be some kind of why is the recorded voice announcing the same? And why is It saying "The Next stop Is Russel Square"? My friend and I are a bit confused, so we ask the couple with the luggage for their destination. Heathrow. They must be on the wrong train and the computer system must have somehow fucked up. There is no other explanation. So we wait patiently for our train to get to King's Cross St Pancras, however as the light starts coming in from the windows we can't help but notice the same ceramic patterns of Russel Square Stn, its name spelt on the wall. Once again the door opens in front of the same corridor and the same guy is cleaning the stairs - I swear he glanced at me in a way that made me clear that he's seen me already. Once again we are greeted by David Bowie's face and once again we get on a train to cockfosters, only this time we are not thinking about juvenile puns. We manage to both get home safely, in complete disbelief but sure that we have had the same experience, nobody has ever been able to give an explanation of what happened and I have done again the same route to find out that its perfectly ok.
TL;DR I took a train at Russel Square station in London to go back to King's Cross and ended up once more at Russel Square, where I had to take the same train again to continue my journey.
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2023.05.30 20:23 hello_i_amnothere Pet ghost is stuck halfway in the ground, moveobjects on doesn't fix it

The ghost of a stray my Sim adopted is permanently stuck halfway through the ground on my legacy family lot.
I assume the ghost was trying to possess a dining chair and glitched out. Even moving the grave/urn around the lot, and the ghost itself with moveobjects doesn't correct the issue.
Should I move the ghost to a community lot?
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2023.05.30 20:23 Leading_Department_7 How to get on top of my budget and save my bank

Hello everyone,
New to this page so don’t know if other posts will of already been able to help so thought I would ask here.
I’m a 23M who has taken a major paycut to get onto an apprenticeship for a long term gain of a larger income, I have gone from earning roughly 2200 monthly to 1200 and it is catching up, I’m currently 2 years into a 4 year course but my spending habits of a larger wage have caught up to me and I’m now struggling to save any money monthly and have even maxed out an arranged overdraft of £1200, and I have monthly payments going out for things like car finance, insurance,etc that currently adds up to around 800 monthly
any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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2023.05.30 20:22 Zoze13 KM PS5 Story - is there a Kingmaker NPC that, within lore, might have become an apprentice of Jubilost?

I like creating/hiring mercenaries in WR that were characters in KM, albeit slightly evolved. Imagine if the events of KM resulted in Octavia desiring to become more battle ready and evolve into an Eldritch Archer; or influenced Regongar to turn good/help others, and use his natural gifts as a bard; or Linzi (I know...) to become more lethal as an Arcanist. Well I don't want to use the real Jubilost upon finding out he makes an appearance in Wrath! so I want to imagine an apprentice of his joins the fray in Wrath.
So is there a character from the Kingmaker story, who might have decided to become an alchemist, inspired by, and wishing to be trained by Jubilost? While Jubilost was a grenadier, mine will be an incense synthesizer. So it's reasonable to think Jubilist trained him/her, then they made it their own with incense.
I'm also on console so limited to the character portrait's provided in game. But if you give me a dope suggestion, I'll make something fit.
Alignment is of no consequence. And doesn't matter how much or little they are already in KM.
Thanks for any fun suggestions
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