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2017.01.20 15:19 John_Miles Eurofighter Typhoon

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2023.05.30 18:16 Significant-Ad-4184 I would have been happy with 70's

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2023.05.29 02:31 WaterShjeep Has Asmon reacted to the Diablo Support a streamer drama?

Video for context,
https://youtu.be/7_dND-j37Og Not mine. heres a short and the tweet that started it all: https://youtu.be/ZSQ28Ff2cJs

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2023.05.28 09:23 DeathDonky93 Multi-Color Panel Plates AND SharKa-50 Panel Plate Available **SOON** Check Comments

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2023.05.28 09:15 DeathDonky93 Multi-Color Panel Plates AND SharKa-50 Panel Plate Available **SOON** Check Comments

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2023.05.25 22:57 AquaK11 Ben 10 WAS NOT inspired by Dial H for Hero

Ben 10 WAS NOT inspired by Dial H for Hero
I've seen multiple websites claiming it was, without ever mentioning a source, so I figured I'd dig a little deeper, and I found this old blog post with a statement from Duncan Rouleau:
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2023.05.24 18:45 Gwynbleidd_1988 Bit of a hot take: Naughty Dog’s talent for multiplayer modes is severely underrated.

This post is bit in anticipation for what I’m hoping is the gameplay reveal of the Factions game, and just to show love to what I believe is an underrated aspect of ND’s talent. Bit long but just wanted to put this out there:
We all know how talented ND is at single player cinematic titles, but the multiplayer modes attached to these single player games have gone below the radar and I think it’s a crime.
Uncharted 2 multiplayer to this day remains one of my favorite competitive and coop games. It was so well balanced and fun. UC3 was really fun as well and had many more features, although the balance went out of the window a bit with the introduction of loadouts and unlockables. I’m still sad these are offline. Now that I have a PC though I do have a way of playing it some modders seem to have managed to create private servers.
UC4 multiplayer I still play to this day. It definitely had some controversial features like the inclusions of AI companions that could be a bit overpowered, but I still love it. The mix of gunplay and platforming is so smooth and fun, it really rewards tactics and use of positioning and cover.
And Factions I admittedly did not play as much but what I played was brilliant. Gameplay is brutal, desperate and tactical and I enjoyed the “camp resources” meta the game had. It always made it feel like you were working towards something.
As for Factions, I’m hoping for a very fleshed out meta where you have a camp/base and as you play and loot you acquire resources to build it up and your fellow survivors, but have it be more detailed and involved than it just being numbers going up like in the first multiplayer.
As for gameplay, I’m hoping for a sort of Battle Royale/extraction sort of game with PVPVE. Yes I know this is becoming a bit tired in the current gaming landscape, but the world of TLOU is begging for this sort of treatment and is tailor made for an extraction or BR mode, with the Infected/Spores being the environmental hazard that funnels players into new areas. And the whole scrounging for weapons and gear is what you do in TLOU games as a survivor.
As we await the reveal of Factions, just wanted to show some love to ND’s underrated multiplayer outings and see if other like minded players on here feel the same.
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2023.05.23 16:27 nicoleOK03 How would you parent?

My child is 7 year old female. She has an appointment to start the dx process for Autism but it’s unfortunately not until October. I’m ND myself, DX ADHD inattentive and self- suspected Autistic. My eldest daughter (who is not my husband’s biological daughter) has had mental health problems since she was little and until recently Autism hadn’t been on our radar. Her therapist suspects it and has also referred her for autism testing. Here’s the thing, I’m fairly confident that our little one is Autistic, probably level 1 but maybe 2. My husband though isn’t totally convinced and he is insistent on parenting her like she’s NT. Now my husband has not been dx as anything ND but there are signs and he even sees them but he’s got a lot of internalized ableism. He doesn’t want to get a dx because he worries it will define him somehow and so he avoids it. I can see the way his parenting is slowly eroding their relationship and I worry she will have residual trauma from this and eventually negatively impact their relationship. Honestly, it’s also negatively impacting our marriage as well. I know it’s not easy to go through this and accept that your child might not be NT but I want our daughter to thrive and I worry that trying to treat her as NT when she obviously isn’t (she shows many, many signs) is going to cause her harm.
My question is is how did you parent in the interim between dx suspicions and actual dx assessment? Is he correct that we should treat her like a “normal” child -who in his view, throws fits, lies,and manipulates, and should be punished or should we be understanding and more gentle in our approach?
If anyone has any reading material or documentaries to recommend that would be helpful for us, please share. I’ve had a hard time finding anything on this time of limbo that we are dealing with. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.22 17:39 hacken07jrw 迷幻配樂推薦:EKKSTACY 的英系搖滾復興 - 集結獨立搖滾與後龐克於一身的當代樂團之音

迷幻配樂推薦:EKKSTACY 的英系搖滾復興 - 集結獨立搖滾與後龐克於一身的當代樂團之音

「我覺得後龐克是認真的音樂,而且頗強調藝術性。在一種結構嚴謹的重複中,有時壓抑、有時憤怒,講一些內心的事情。」—這是目前暫休的台灣後龐樂隊 浮舟樂團 主唱 SAM 對此風格一席精準的形容。
若今天對於情緒不想太燥、太鬆或是過喜,甚至流於表面,那麽這位不久前登上台灣大象體操、落日飛車都演出過的知名現場節目 Audiotree 的加拿大搖滾新星 EKKSTACY 大概率會讓各位循環播放一整天。
EKKSTACY on Audiotree Live (Full Session) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOZ7_u5u2LM
從淒涼悲戚的混嗓裡,清淡的哼著如「Nobody gives a fuck about me」這類自厭的歌詞,再將這些病懨懨情緒附上後龐克、英係搖滾的濃烈節奏成就其獨到魅力。來自加拿大溫哥華、剛滿 19 歲便推出個人首輯《NEGATIVE》再於 2022 年發行續作《misery》,緊接著便榮獲當年度 ComplexNME 等權威媒體公佈的最佳新人獎。
談及 EKKSTACY 的音樂風格,我們可以感覺到綜合了 SoundCloud 大趨勢之後的 Emo rap、Lo-fi 與早前數十年當紅的 Dream-pop、Shoegaze 等夢境系樂團氣息,再加上 Joy Division 、英搖此等復古濾鏡 —「我不希望它是純粹的龐克,而是帶有龐克元素;我想讓它聽起來自英國。」-他於 採訪中 如此自我介紹道。
EKKSTACY 從創傷裡奮而起身,沒有選擇從高樓一躍而下,而是轉向音樂抒發,並成功在雲端串起一代人的同病相鳴。而漸漸地當大眾把 Elliot Smith、Kurt Cobain、The Cure 等時代經典與這位 20 出頭歲數的年輕人相連結之時,你便知道,他成功了。
生涯兩張專輯,帶你體驗極致 Emo 的憂鬱情懷
致力推廣好音樂與大麻平權的自媒體選物店 全球發貨,代購及訂單問題請洽LINE客服 unique merchandise w/ online magazine
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2023.05.21 15:57 EvaRaw666 están desperdiciando el dinero.. me parece genial..

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2023.05.18 12:24 shady80s_baby You guys are f'ing this up for all of us. 68 minute ride, 2 stops, $24.

You guys are f'ing this up for all of us. 68 minute ride, 2 stops, $24.
I'm kinda speechless. No wonder rates are trash.
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2023.05.17 15:40 Myrandall OOP goes NC with her friend of 39 years and reports her to the FBI

This is a repost sub. I am not the original poster. The OOP is NonPartisan_Truth and goes by the name Lisa.
Fun fact to hide spoilers for our mobile users: The role of Luca Brasi in The Godfather was portrayed by an actual mafia enforcearsonist called Lenny Montana. He was picked for the part after the original actor playing the character died of a stroke. Montana was very nervous about appearing opposite actor Marlon Brando. Director Coppola incorporated this real-life tension into several scenes, showing Brasi repeatedly practising (and later fumbling) his congratulations to Don Corleone.
Themes and trigger warning(s): Traumatic Brain Injury, QAnon, toxic friendship
Mood: a fairly positive outcome

Brand New - 24 Jan 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

I've had an account for years but didn't understand how the site worked and never had time for it. Recently searched for support groups for coming out of far-right extremism and found this site. Hi all!
I guess I've been a follower most of my life. I was liberal, live-and-let live when I was young and paid zero attention to politics. I gradually became more conservative as I got married and had kids. I still consider myself more conservative than liberal, but I'm changing at a rapid rate so will see where I end up. I personally don't want any labels or to identify with any party.
When I was 16, almost 40 years ago, (GASP - probably old enough to be most of your mothers if not very young grandmothers), I met my best friend who remains my best friend to this day. I moved 3 1/2 hours away in 2020 and am moving back to the same area as her where nearly all my family is in a few months.
Anyway, she's always been highly opinionated, a leader, and certain she is right on every topic. She has also been intensely loyal to me, seen me through some terrible times, and we have private jokes going back nearly 4 decades. I don't want to end the relationship, but I need to know how to navigate it moving forward. She's always been the leader of the 2 of us, is wicked smart, and has a way of making me feel like any contrary opinion I express is naive.
M has always been very political and hard right. I smiled, nodded, and changed the subject until covid. Then I thought maybe she made sense. I quickly followed her onto Twitter, got in with a big group of covid deniers, anti-vaxers, and the whole 9 yards. I quite Twitter about 4 months ago after realizing that my best friend since age 16 was a toxic bully. Quoting scripture on one hand, bashing "the libs" on the other.
We text often. No matter what comment I make, she turns it back to politics. Which I now completely ignore. I have no interest in us vs them or being a conspiracy theorist anymore. It's getting to the awkward stage at this point.
What really got me undone is an exchange the other day. My sister has had long covid for 3 years, something M dismisses as not real. I said I had been spending more time with her lately and could easily tell that she is not the same person as before covid. She's going to be getting SSDI for it after 2 appeals - how can it not be real? My sister has a lot of neurological issues, which I also have after never healing from a concussion 7 years ago. My friend has always doubted my sensory issues as well, chalking them up to stress & blaming them on my husband. (who is not stressful in the least).
I am attaching her response that blew me away, yet at the same time didn't surprise me. She is calling my sister a liar, isn't she? And by extension as someone with many of the same symptoms, calling me a liar. I'm also attaching a photo of a little something I did today - got my first-ever covid vax. M would die to the point of disowning me, but I'm tired of being a follower and having my mind clouded with all this crap.
Thanks for reading/listening.
- Lisa
[Comment from OOP in reply to herself:]
I can't figure out how to post a picture with this. I am typing the text my friend said that has my head spinning. This was in response to my her saying long covid is fake & me talking about how I'd spent more time with my sister over the past several months & she's clearly different than she was before. Here it is, in all its "glory."
"No one paid attention to permanent issues people had from the flu or other viruses' pre-China virus (her words), and there isn't a test that isolates -19 now, no matter how hard people believe there is. It was all a set-up for the vax, and it is astonishing how people are dropping dead now in their prime. (Her husband's) vaxed friends are sick all the time. My sisters are a lot, too. I pray every night they don't end up with aggressive cancer or drop dead of heart issues."

Don't Understand Friend's Talk About "FEMA Camps" - 05 Feb 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

My long-time close friend whom I've discussed before lost her mom in November. Her mom is now buried at Fort Snelling Cemetery, a military cemetery in Minnesota, next to her stepfather who was a veteran of WWII. She has made a few references now about "I hate that my mom is in a FEMA Camp" and I absolutely don't get the connection to a military cemetery. I looked up FEMA camps, and sure enough, they're tied to more far-right conspiracy stuff. Any insights?
PolitiFact Claim of FEMA ‘prison camps’ is part of long-running, thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory
[Some comments from OOP in reply to people answering her question and sharing their own stories:]
I don't get why anyone wants to be so paranoid & mistrustful about everything. My mother & stepfather happen to be buried in the same cemetery. Them being in a "FEMA Camp" is something that never crossed my mind. I suppose if I believed this it would be troubling to me.
I just don't understand how she fell into this. She has a master's degree and is a very smart, independent woman. But I think she get something from the adulation of the twitter group.

Seeing Q friend this weekend after 3 months - she doesn't know I've changed - 09 March 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

I've written about "M" before. We have been best friends since high school (84-86) but I don't give her that title anymore.
I fell into the rabbit hole because I followed her into it. She's always been far, far right & strong-willed & opinionated. But I recognized I was wrong & had become a complete asshole & got out of it. Helps that I only truly believed for about 2 years. As is often the case with me, I pushed back doubts for months before a single incident caused ALL the scales to fall from my eyes. Realizing that my pastor who I once thought walked on water spouts all the same stuff as M, from the pulpit, and is insane.
Anyway, haven't seen her since Christmas as I'm currently 200+ miles away but am moving back to the same town at the end of the month to be near family. I've said via text I decided to go back to being apolitical for the sake of my mental health & preferred not to discuss politics. Anytime she has brought up politics since then via text, I've completely ignored it while responding enthusiastically to anything else.
Will be down getting some stuff ready for our new place this weekend & meeting up with her. My immediate & biggest concern is that I feel embarrassed by her in public due to her saying things about politics & covid to total strangers. I find it even more obnoxious now & need to know how to broach the subject of asking her not to when with me. I've always been the follower in the relationship & she is absolutely not used to getting any pushback from me. It would set a precedent.
Most people would tell me just to say it. I get anxious at the thought, almost as anxious as I feel when she does that crap. I know, get a grip, but it's a whole new territory. Any suggestions welcome.
PS - I checked her Twitter today against my better judgment to see if she's still the same. Of course, she is. Here are some gems from just today:
  1. Said "Happy Tim Walz (MN gov) Sucks Day" to people at a restaurant. This one is a favorite of her.
  2. Said there isn't a pandemic now and there never was one.
  3. Threatened the governor that he will have to stand before God & give an account for his actions someday and that his "handlers" won't be there to protect him.
  4. Posted scripture, because of course.
  5. Retweeted a racist, classist post of someone else's.
You get the idea. I'm so grossed out I have considered ending the relationship. It's the time (39 years!), decades of memories, and remembering some of the selfless and supportive things she has done for me in the past that have prevented me thus far.
I have to ask..why do you want to continue this friendship?
I really don't. I'm just scared & going through a lot of emotions. Feel it would be wrong to just walk away without an attempt to see her & see if she will respect my boundaries in person. I'm straight, but it's almost like facing the breakup of a marriage I've been in over 2/3 of my life.
You think you can ask her politely to stop being racist around you? I'm not sure that's how it works. If this is what she's tweeting, then her hate is her identity. Hey, I'm an optimist, so I always think you can push back with data and rationality. I'm also almost always wrong.
That is what I have come to realize. Her hate is her identity. It's super painful to admit that. I've loved her like a sister for so long.
You ll be okay, maybe a little rattled, but go get a burger and coffee with mom. We had to do that with an ex friend of many years because she just got out of hand with everyone and like, “ okay that’s enough”. She had a little hissy fit and found new friends really quick. It shouldn’t be hard for her to find a Q-Karen to bully others with. Oh and yeah, totally posts scripture as a bait hook to get people to trust her than she drops her bombs.
My mom's been gone for 8 years. I will just hang out with other (normal) friends and my sisters & daughters, whom I had a strained relationship with for a few years because I was a q'ish weirdo.
Honestly I would devote your time and energy to repairing those relationships and just not even bother with a formal break up with the Qanon friend... seriously consider too that you're going to be living in your new neighbourhood, do you really want everybody seeing you out for coffee with the racist Qanon lady ? That's a really horrible first impression to make, and there might be some better ways to grieve the loss of that friendship ? Hugs if wanted, anxiety sucks
Thanks. I have worked very hard on repairing relationships with my family and am so beyond blessed they have all forgiven me. It rips my soul out that I hurt my young adult daughters. I have owned it. Recognize that I allowed very unhealthy influences into my life, but it's not my friend's fault or anyone else's that I chose to be influenced by them. I'm done, so done. I love my girls, my sisters, my father, and other friends so much. My mom in gone, unfortunately. We used to go out every Friday night. Funny thing is that in all the years we lived in the same town/area (over 25 years), I only ran into her in public once.
Dump her
I like you. Very direct. I need to be more that way myself. Come from a long line of passive-aggressive, beat around the bush types.
Oh boy. I totally understand being mortified by your Q's rude behavior in public! But, I don't have to deal with it anymore, because I left my Q partner and am full no contact. I urge you to do the same with your former friend. The relief of doing so is just profound! Be well (and at least somewhat warm).
Almost there. Besides being God-awful embarrassing, it's dangerous. Who knows the stability of the people she's spouting off at? They usually just look at her confused, but one of these days, she's going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and end up shot. Her husband is equally obnoxious.
She is number 4 item on her twitter feed to you. Misleading you with her words. Yes you've had a bunch of fun in the past and she has manipulated you with lies so successfully you WASTED two years of a life you only live once on and thankfully finally made your way out of the propaganda. Block he, delete her, don't tell her your plans, don't arrange to see her, just fade away. Tell her you're sorry your busy with work, family or romantic pursuits. I wish you the best.
Thank you. That's what I'm seriously thinking of doing. She knows which apartment complex we're moving to but not the number, so no way of finding me there. [...]
Why the fuck do you want anything to do with this mentally deficient piece of garbage?
I don't as she as now. But just as divorcing my narcistic ex-husband was such an obvious choice from the outside, there's a whole lot of emotion involved here. I guess I held onto hope she would "outgrow" this, but it has only gotten worse.
[One more comment from OOP in reply to a comment that is too long to share here:]
I'm giving it one last shot to go out with her this weekend. She says anything to our server or other diners about politics or covid, it's over.

Update: Cancelled dinner date with Q friend & am letting go of the relationship - 10 March 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

Thanks all for you helpful (and sometimes rather blunt, LOL) responses in the 2 posts I have made about separating myself from my Q and former BFF of nearly 40 years. I decided not to meet up with her when I'm in town this weekend because it is just too stressful not knowing what she's going to say to people in public. I just said we decided not to come down because of the expected snowstorm. I don't need to get into it with her.
And I also decided I will not contact her at all from now on. I'm not going to tell her the apartment number where we're moving at the end of the month so she can't find me. I cried quite a bit yesterday over this decision but know it is the right one for my mental health and for the sake of my relationships with others.
One thing I haven't mentioned too much here is how big of a role my brain injury had in all this. It happened in 2016, and over the next 3-4 years, my personality changed drastically. I already had pre-existing mental health conditions that grew so much worse that by the time covid came around, I became pretty radicalized for aprx [=approximately] the next 2.5 years. It wouldn't surprise me to find a larger percentage of brain-injured people in the Q community than the general population.
As I continued to recover from my injury, I became more like my old self. Physical distance from my Q (we moved 230 miles away in August 2020) & dropping out of our twitter group helped a lot too. I "found myself" in our adopted city/state & am now ready to move back home & resume happy relationships with everyone I had alienated.
Something she said has stuck with me a lot too. She was telling me about some of her husband's cousins who they didn't really know but "who aren't worth knowing because they're all libs anyway." Didn't seem like a very Christian attitude at all, and it really turned me off.
(Because by the definition of “Christian”, Q can’t be one). Hugs. Hopefully you can get back to enjoying life!
I already have! And agree she doesn't embody the spirit of the Jesus she claims to follow. Praying out loud over dinner at restaurants & then trying to fire people up she doesn't even know with political comments. Hypocrisy in action.
The only person I know who loudly prays in restaurants is literally the trashiest guy I know. Coincidence? Idk but…
I actually find that quite embarrassing as well. I have faith/spirituality, but it's a quiet one that shows in my actions towards others. I don't feel the need to broadcast it. We used to go out every Friday night. Servers would come to bring our food while she's praying. And a lot of what she prayed about was hoping things would go Q's way, at least in the last few years.
Your brain injury theory is interesting, my Q uncle fell on the ice a few years ago hard enough to knock himself out and need hospitalization. 🤔
It f's you up good. I fell off a bike in my driveway. Hurt like heck, but I didn't think much of it at the time. I have permanent damage in my left eye and ear that requires me to wear an eye patch & ear plug in public or I will have seizures. But thankfully the mental health crisis it caused is long in the past.
My dad had 2 TBI’s [=Traumatic Brain Injuries] (including one with extended coma) and was headed down the Q path when he passed. I believe strongly in your correlation as well.
It's very real. I hesitated to bring it up earlier because I didn't want it to seem like I was making excuses for myself. But I honestly think I wouldn't have headed down that path had I never had a TBI. I was a moderate who paid little to no attention to politics. And though I'd always had mental health issues, I didn't lash out it anger at people before the injury.

Last Post on This Topic: Letter to Q & I've Blocked Her - 11 March 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

I can't sleep at all. I just emailed this to my former BFF since 1984. If you choose to comment, please keep in mind that:
  1. I'm not interested in opinions about Christianity, good or bad.
  2. If you would have been much harsher in your response. Yes, my friend has absolutely shitty beliefs and has become so toxic that I can't be around her. She is still a human being. I'm going to treat her, and everyone, with respect no matter what. Because that's who *I* am.
Dear M,
I’m sure you have noticed that I have been quieter than usual lately. I am not mad. I love you very much. If anything, I’m quite sad.
I told you last fall that my mental health was in bad shape again, and that I had decided one of the things I needed to do was remove myself from Twitter and all political discussions in real life. This decision brought me immediate peace and has made me deeply contemplative.
One thing I’ve realized is I have been far too dependent on you over the years for advice and have always sought your approval. That is not your fault, it’s mine. If anything, it was an unfair burden to place on you.
I have stopped believing in Qanon-type stuff, for lack of a better term, over the last 6 months or so. I find that whole way of thinking bizarre and deeply disturbing now. The conspiracy theories are really out there, like the Sovereign Citizen stuff (another Twitter friend) was spouting when we met her. Also racist, classist, sexist, and unnecessarily targeted at gay people.
I’m an obese, divorced, and remarried woman. All 3 are sins according to the Bible, but no one hates on me for any of it. I don’t see why sexual orientation is a greater “sin” than anything else. My job as a Christian is to love and serve others without stopping to consider whether they are worthy of it. I know you are kind to your (lesbian friend from work.) This is what I see in the overall Twitter group I used to be part of. I leave it for God to judge, not me.
I got my first vax in January and the second in February. I was tired of all the arguments about it and wanted to see for myself what would happen if I got it. If I dropped dead, so be it. I am not afraid of that. Absolutely nothing happened either time other than a sore arm for a few hours. No one coerced me, and in fact I didn’t even discuss it with anyone before doing it. (husband) remains unvaxed. That is his choice, this is mine.
This is something I should have told you a long time ago, but I get extremely embarrassed when you or (her husband) say political/covid related stuff to strangers in public. Like the Happy Tim Walz Sucks Day. I think it’s highly inappropriate – and if I’m being honest, obnoxious – to try to engage people with your way of thinking who are just trying to enjoy a meal out or do their jobs. I also worry you’re going to upset the wrong person some day and get assaulted.
I worry about you because I don’t find the obsession with Walz and the Twitter group healthy. That is what I am sad about, and the fact I just find all of it so toxic I can’t be around it. It almost seems like it has become an identity, and in my opinion is a cult. I think you are better than that and that you have been taken in by far-out stories and unprovable lies.
I trust neither “side” and don’t identify with a political party. I will vote by issue when the time comes. Most of my family are liberals. I have no desire to hate them because of it.
I was also deeply troubled by a response you sent me about (my sister's) long covid, saying how no test can isolate it and some other stuff. My sister has been through so much with it and I would have liked to have seen some compassion for her. I see her much more now and I see the effects on her mind and body. They are real and she’s not crazy. I was an awful sister for judging her.
(my sister's) symptoms are real and so are mine. We each had a triggering event, and possibly have a faulty genetic autoimmune response that did not allow us to recover from it. Hers are from covid and mine are from a concussion. (another friend's) siblings died one day apart in October 2020 from covid. It wasn’t from anything else. They were overweight, type 1 diabetics and at very high risk.
I need the space to figure out who *I* am and what I truly believe. This is very painful, and I imagine it’s a shock to you. It’s not something I can say without breaking down, and like I said above, I’m too embarrassed to go out in public together due to the comments made to strangers.
One last thing, and I hope you feel the love and sadness I have and not that I’m attacking you. As a Christian, it offends me to see you post scripture at night and then bash on “the libs” all day long. I feel that will turn more people away from God and not towards him. Also praying over food in restaurants & then wishing someone a Happy Tim Walz Sucks Day.
So, if I don’t respond or want to get together, I wanted you to know why. We have had a heck of a friendship going back almost 40 years. It breaks my heart to say these things to you. It’s just that I can no longer NOT say them. Please allow me space over the next several months as I finally come into my own.
PS – I now think (former pastor) is completely insane. I won’t be going back to that church.
Love, NonPartisan_Truth
How did it go over? I’m assuming you sent it already. No response?
I asked for space for several months & blocked. Maybe cowardly, but I just can't handle with all I have going on in my life. Like planning a long-distance move within the next 2 weeks. I completely know what the response would be though. I'm condoning sin & she's praying for me. I truly don't think it's having a back-and-forth about.
Sorry you lost your friend. Very brave response about what being a Christian really means. But I really also wanted to say sorry to hear about your sister. Long Covid is a bitch. I don't understand why some people expect the medical community to have all the answers immediately, particularly when they don't trust that same medical community. Symptoms like Long Covid (ME/CFS) have been reported for decades but on a much smaller scale so it never received research funding. It took a catastrophic severely contagious and recurrent infection like Covid to finally give it the attention it deserves.
My compassion for my sister was a factor in this decision. M basically thought my sister is a hypocondriac & long covid isn't real.
I believe I responded to your original post. The part about identifying as a Christian but acting very un-christlike is something I've dealt with, with my grown son, and has been sad to behold thru this Trump era. As far as my Qsis & BIL, I have gone mute. There is no way to communicate.
I agree, there really isn't. I would be told some version of the following:
  1. I am condoning sin by having gay friends and not trying to make them not be gay. I will have to stand before God & get judged for this someday.
  2. I have set myself up for a lifetime of health issues & an early death by getting the vax. Never mind the fact I already have chronic health issues that she doesn't believe are real and that I had no complications from either vax whatsoever.
  3. Her judgments on various groups of people are not her choice. She has to follow what God says & she doesn't write the rules.
  4. She feels an obligation to help people "wake up" and will continue harassing innocent people in public.
  5. I've given into "worldly thinking." I assume that's a direct pass to hell.
Just 5 I can think of off the top of my head.

Shocker: Went No Contact with Former Best Friend of Nearly 40 Years & She Doubled Down - 15 March 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

A few people asked me if my former friend M responded to the letter I wrote her about 5 days ago, basically ending the friendship but in a very loving way. I didn't know because I blocked her on everything. Yesterday, one of my other friends looked at M's Twitter. My letter had 0 effect on her. She's still spouting constant hate & still obsessed with the governor of Minnesota. I know her well enough to know that having a back-and-forth was pointless. But I'm still disgusted. When losing your so-called closest friend of nearly 40 years doesn't get you to self-reflect, nothing will.
You are, unfortunately, correct. It sounds to me like you have taken a big step toward saving your own well-being. Sad, but true.
It was absolutely necessary. I was absorbing her aggressive and ignorant personality.
Q stuff primes them for this exact thing. I’m forgetting exactly when you dipped out of the crazy (fuck yeaaah!! btw), but Q has continuously ramped up how intensely they instill and reinforce messaging about how everyone who doesn’t believe all that bullshit is basically in league with their made up satanic feverdream villains. So much of what they consume online is just endless repetitive ragebait, triggering dopamine and conditioning them how to receive, respond to, and reject any conflicting information/people/ideas/etc.
About 6 months ago. I saw someone describe them as addicted to rage and thought that was spot on.

Wondering if I should alert the Walz administration that my ex-friend stalks him - 18 March 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

If you've read my last few posts, you know that my Q ex-friend is beyond obsessed with Tim Walz, the governor of Minnesota. I know she goes down to the governor's mansion, parks, and watches from the street to see if she can catch a glimpse of him coming and going. She makes notes of when the State Patrol is parked out front & when it isn't. She has not actually done anything but look; however, I worry with her increased radicalization. What would you do?
I have questions. See my update at 1:18 pm CST.
Second update: My sister will drive by & get M's license plate number.
I'd report to everyone you can. Sadly some in law enforcement are Q and might not take the report seriously or might even be encouraged by it but by getting as as many eyes on the situation you might prevent it from being ignored. Remember there was a plan to kidnap the governor of Michigan which was foiled.
FBI & MN State Patrol so far. Maybe the St. Paul Police Department, too?
If you don’t actually talk to someone with the FBI, don’t count on a callback. Been there. The police will roll up on her in her car and ask her questions; let her know she’s on their radar. That ll ground her again
Yay! That is exactly what I'm hoping will happen. Once they pull her driving record/vehicle registration with the detailed info I provided, I'm really hoping they catch her outside the mansion directly. She has become completely unhinged in her hatred towards him.
You’ve done her a favor. Better they speak with her beforehand. So many people wish they didn’t make that final step.
My greatest prayer is that she is pulled over & talked to. I don't think she realizes how far gone she is. I was telling my husband she has been completely taken over by evil, and she thinks she's on the right side. It's tragic. She was (still is) so addicted to the recognition she gets for being a wacko on Twitter that she couldn't go to the bathroom without her phone when we'd go out. She became one of the de-facto leaders of that group, and it went to her head. She's also a bit of a Republican darling locally, which only feeds the addiction.

A Little Humor After a Tough Day - 19 March 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

It's not every day you report your former best friend you have known since high school from decades ago to the FBI and state police. I need to calm down after that. I started using weed for sleep about a year ago, but the place we are moving to is 100 percent smokefree. One of my sisters got me sleep gummies combined with THC and CBD in "Evil Minnesota" a few days ago. I love it.
To my great shock, my husband asked for one tonight. Understand he grew up staunch Baptist and doesn't tend to question things. You can imagine what he heard about THC. But he said it helped him relax before bed and I'm so proud of him growing more open-minded.
The funny part is that he found catnip while we're packing to move today. Our 2 cats found it, so our household tonight consisted of two stoned 50 somethings and their 2 stoned cats. It was hilarious. We needed that so much.

Update: Reported Ex-Friend to the FBI and Minnesota State Patrol

Here is what I said for the MSP. It includes new details I didn't share in my previous post. Thanks for your help, new Reddit friends.
I am extremely concerned about the potential of violence from a former friend of mine and her husband towards Governor Tim Walz. I know for a fact she stalks the governor's mansion trying to get a glimpse of him, learn his comings and goings, and determine the State Patrol's schedule for protecting him.
Please check her Twitter account to understand her level of hatred for Walz. The user ID is --- and the profile picture is ---. I would also recommend checking out the people she interacts with regularly on Twitter as they all egg each other on.
I have known her for 39 years and we were best friends. I recently ended the friendship due to her increased radicalization. What really concerns me is that her husband legally owns several guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. I have never known either one to be violent in all that time. However, I'm worried that news of Trump's pending arrest on Tuesday could push them over the edge. They absolute hate all Democrats and will see the arrest as persecution.

Going through 2+ years of texts from ex-Q friend as part of the healing process & for concrete proof of stalking the MN governor - 20 March 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

Holy moly. I started re-reading our texts from January 6, 2021, and moving forward. I think they go back every further. That date, as you can imagine, is filled with cray-cray, both by her and me. As embarrassing as it is, I need to see my own descent into and climb out of Q-related insanity. Husband and I have both taken time off work for the move & I'm going to use part of it to understand WTF went wrong with me.
Her first instance of parking outside the governor's mansion and just watching is from January 2021! Trump was going to be declared the legal president and Walz arrested. I know you will ask, but I have no idea why she thought Walz would be arrested. She's literally obsessed with the idea & seeing him do the "perp walk."
I'm saving all of them in case I'm questioned by law enforcement after they read my reports. And her husband was with her that time, so apparently, I do have something on him. Didn't think I did because I was unaware he'd been there, and all his guns are legal purchases.
I remember her taking me on the route once, and if asked, I will admit to that. She parks around the corner, watches, and then drives behind the alley of the mansion. For what purpose, I'm not entirely sure. It's not like Walz is just going to stroll out and wave to her.
I've covered January and February of 2021 so far, and it's 98 percent politics between us. YUCK. No wonder I was insane. It's all she could talk about, and we texted almost daily despite me living in another state by then. I just want friends I can laugh with, cry with, vent with, and be there for each other. Not this crap.
My healing journey continues. Onward and upward.
[OOP replied to herself with this comment:]
Don't think I mentioned she is so addicted to Twitter that she took it in the bathroom with her at restaurants & paid more attention to it than me while at the table. In between making sure everyone saw her pray & wishing everyone a Happy Tim Walz Suck Day, of course.

Q ex-friend sent me a birthday card - 26 March 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

She sent it to our address in ND because that's the only one she has. I asked my husband to throw it away without giving it to me as I was already back here in MN. I'm glad I never saw it. Just the handwriting would be enough to give me an anxiety attack. It feels a little cold not to acknowledge her effort, but I asked for space, it's way too soon & I don't want to get sucked back in. Her Twitter tells me she hasn't changed at all & actually seems to be getting worse.
Snail mail is the only opening she has to me unless she and/or her husband run into me in public. Everything else blocked.
I took a look through some of your previous posts. As a fellow TC resident, I think you will be surprised how easy it is to live in proximity to someone but never see them. It’s a big ol’ city with lots of places to not see her. You’ve got this!!
Thanks! Have been officially moved in since Friday, and I'm just getting to where I'm not looking over my shoulder or scanning parking lots for her car.

OMG. She's hideous! - 01 April 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

Been looking at Q ex-friend's Twitter this week to see if any indication of being stopped by police since my report a few weeks ago (none) & if she'd flip out over Trump (yes, but the obsession remains with Walz). Just thought I'd share some "highlights" from the last 4 hours!
  1. The third world welfare takers in Minnesota number more than anyone would believe. And I’m not talking immigrants or illegals.
  2. Mental illness is often a choice. More often than “experts” would lead you to believe.
  3. Tucker Carlson was right. A movement filled with people who think they are gods, able to change creation/nature/biology. This is ultimately a war on Almighty God (and remember, friends, they lose - Jesus Christ has already overcome the world).
  4. When you understand (MN governor) Tim Walz is owned, this all makes sense. Selling your soul to Satan returns like this.
  5. Take away the guns, you still have mentally ill people roaming the streets with knives, rocks, broken glass, a motor vehicle...
As if I needed more validation that I made the right decision. SHE contributed to my mental illness, which by the way, was NOT a choice. I was born with it, grew up in trauma & then had a brain injury. And didn't get better for years exposing myself to this!
Legit fuck her for #2! 20 years ago my dad and every church I went to was selling that shit. I had to wait until I turned 19 to get diagnosed, or get any help for my mental illnesses.
I am so sorry. I've struggled with severe depression & anxiety all my life & then after the brain injury 7 years ago, paranoia, anger, aggression & mental confusion. Mental illness has stolen YEARS of my life. Why would anyone choose that? I just bristle when I see some of her stuff now. I am starting to think she's sociopathic with no compassion for others whatsoever. So, in other words, she has a mental illness. Ironic.
Maybe you should step away from this now, rather than trying to keep following from a distance. Where our attention goes is important. You made your decision and you did it , might be best now to put this relationship behind you and detach from following the latest on it.
You're right. I was doing well for a while but feel compelled to check after reporting her. It's not like she's going to announce that on Twitter.

Today marks one month since I initiated no contact with former best friend of 39 years - 10 April 2023 in /QAnonCasualties

One of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life has turned out to be one of my greatest blessings. She was having a negative influence on me for years, even before Q came around. I don't miss her at all & have no desire for contact. I do occasionally feel sad & wish she would "wake up" (ironic since that group accused everyone else of being asleep or "sheep") but I have no control over that. My relationships with everyone else are so much better with her out of my life and I'm just enjoying everything and everyone so much because I'm not angry/suspicious/judgmental like her.
It would be an entirely different matter if they would either drop the subject when asked or maybe not have that be all that they talked about all the time, right? If you were to talk about football or hockey or, like "Family Guy" once joked, you were one of those people who still keep talking about "The Wire" and "Breaking Bad", and those were the only things you ever talked about everyone would find you an annoying person to be around. Maybe, I dunno, maybe they or he climbed out of it in the past two years? Check them out online and see if maybe they came to their senses and you can talk to your old friend again.
I have checked & had to stop for my own well-being. She's only gotten worse on Twitter. Boundaries disrespected in the past when I requested "no politics."
[Optional reading, OOP's timeline post to her own profile with 155 comments:]

My timeline for leaving Q stuff behind

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2023.05.17 10:55 mobiletophat I overheard someone get called “weird” today

So long story short, I’m a nursing student and I’m currently on clinical placement in a hospital. I have a facilitator who is employed by the uni to check in with us, make sure we’re doing okay, assesses us at the end etc.
Today I was sitting in the tea room and my facilitator came by to let me know we’d be having a debrief later. I said all good, everything was fine. After she left, I noticed 2 of the nurses exchange looks and called her weird. This made me realise a lot of things.
Now, I don’t know if my facilitator is ND but that’s not the point. I joke sometimes that if I get along with someone, it must mean they’re ND because NT people always seem to pick up on something off about me. Seriously, how do they have such an ingrained radar for sniffing out ND people?
I’ve had plenty of lovely conversations with my facilitator, and it surprised me hearing other people be so openly blunt like that. Another student had tipped me off that she’d had this facilitator before and described her as “…interesting, weird”.
There’s been nothing strange about her as far as I’m concerned, but seeing that reaction from the nurses just once again reminded me that I can try masking until I’m blue in the face but NT people will still pick me up on their radar. Those same people will probably still be just as judgemental if I don’t mask; you can’t win.
I appreciate that it’s slowly becoming more accepted to be honest about who you are, but so many people still see it as a reason to “other” us and make us feel lesser than. How the hell are we supposed to be accepted?
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2023.05.16 15:52 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: More Like CRUDE-y Giuliani by Nick Turner & Crooked Media (05/15/23)

"Florida's getting out of that game." - Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), on his state's education agenda

Wagner?! I Hardly Knew 'Er!

Ukraine is fighting a war for its survival and it’s getting a lot of help from the riled West.
Of course, the news is never ALL good. Ukraine hasn't come out of the weekend unscathed.
A war with this many moving parts means that gains are almost always met with bad news somewhere else, but it's not getting any easier for Putin. Especially since his country was kicked out of the Eurovision Song Contest when the Ukraine war began.

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

Friends of the pod, Crooked is venturing across the pond with our brand new podcast Pod Save the UK! This hilarious and insightful new podcast is your go-to source for everything UK politics. Hosted by comedian Nish Kumar and journalist Coco Khan, it's everything you love about Crooked podcasts, but with a British twist. From strikes to scandals, they cover all the topics that matter.
From the minds of Crooked Media and our friends at Reduced Listening, you won't want to miss a single episode of Pod Save The UK.
Listen to Pod Save the UK now on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!

Under The Radar

Toot toot. The Mormon Church has a whistleblower. Former investment manager for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints David A. Nielsen has claimed a stockpile of over $100 billion that was intended for charity work was actually just a clandestine hedge fund. Nielsen insists the charity funds were spent on for-profit initiatives as a tax dodge, alleging that, “Once the money went in, it didn’t go out.” The church collects tithings that are intended to be 10 percent of the earnings of the church’s 17 million members—which amount to about $7 billion dollars per year. The good news is they’ll have plenty of money for lawyers.
Nielsen was a devout Mormon recruited from Wall Street to work at Ensign Peak Advisors, a Mormon-run “nonprofit fund” created in 1997. Now worth $100 billion, the fund is twice the size of Harvard’s endowment or The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Nielsen told 60 Minutes “I thought we were gonna change the world. And we just grew the bank account.” He resigned from his position in 2019 after links were revealed between church members and shell companies that held billions of dollars in stocks and bonds that were actually controlled by Ensign Peak. The Securities and Exchange Commission has said that the church went to great lengths to hide the size of its investments through shell companies and fake office addresses.

What Else?

Uh oh, America’s decayer, Rudy Giuliani, is in the news again. Former employee Noelle Dunphy has filed a 70-page harassment lawsuit detailing how he sexually exploited her. Allegations against Giuliani include forcing her to work naked and making her perform oral sex on him while he talked on the phone, sometimes with Donald Trump on the other line. She also says Rudy bragged that he and Trump were selling pardons for millions of dollars (!) and splitting the money (!!!).
The digital director for Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) turns out to be a prominent follower of neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes. Gosar, who gave the keynote last year at the Nick Fuentes-hosted America First Political Action Conference must be SHOCKED.
Religiously indoctrinated parents had a meltdown after a 5th-grade teacher showed the 2022 Disney movie Strange World which boasts a gay character. Their worry? Indoctrination, of course.
The U.S. border has seen fewer migrant-crossings than expected after Title 42 expired. Officials claim there’s been a 50 percent drop in asylum seekers since the days before the border restriction policy ended.
The most hated man in football that isn’t named Aaron Rogers, Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder, loses his death grip on the team. Without clicking the link, you already know the new owner is another white guy.
The Supreme Court rejected Alabama's bid to execute a death-row inmate by lethal injection, leaving in place a lower-court ruling that his preference for lethal gas is a viable alternative method.
President Biden has selected cancer surgeon (and patient) Dr. Monica M. Bertagnolli, who has led the National Cancer Institute since October, to be the next director of the National Institutes of Health.
America’s Next Top Kyle Rittenhouse has a new winner. Donors have kicked in over a million dollars for Subway Choker’s defense fund.
An American citizen charged with spying in China has received a life sentence.
While we were focusing on brain injuries in the NFL, a Colorado Rockies pitcher suffered a fractured skull after being hit with a line drive this weekend.
Krysten Sinema is running marathons and a grift, simultaneously, using her attendance at races to raise a little money and get heavily pampered.
College graduates are leaving coastal cities. I guess they have to go to wherever their parent's basements are located.

Be Smarter

While the world’s richest weirdos are focused on escaping to outer space as the world melts, the world’s smartest weirdos are focused on living underwater. After all, that’s where all of this is headed, right? U.S. researcher Joseph Dituri has broken a record of 73 days of underwater living and doesn’t plan on surfacing until he hits the 100-day mark. He’s staying in Jules’ Undersea Lodge (named after 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea author Jules Verne) at the bottom of a 30-foot deep lagoon near Key Largo, FL. Dituri says it's been pretty chill but he eats microwaved salmon down there so you be the judge. The previous record was achieved in the same lodge by two professors in 2014.
It’s not just a vacation as he has continued to teach classes online. The goal seems to be more of an effort to raise awareness than to actually build a real-life Atlantis, although that is something the professor would like to see. “The idea here is to populate the world’s oceans, to take care of them by living in them and really treating them well,” Dituri said. It's pretty refreshing to see some educational benefits from a stunt like this. It’s as if a David Blaine “magic trick” actually had scientific merit. You can follow Dituri’s countdown to his resurfacing on his website. The thing he’s most excited to see upon his return to land? The sun. Makes sense but a salmon-cooking oven was probably a close second.

What A Sponsor

Do you care about LGBTQ rights? Abortion rights? Religious freedom? Public education? Equality? Democracy?
If you do, then it’s time to fight for the separation of church and state. These fundamental rights – and our democracy itself – are increasingly threatened by White Christian Nationalists who want to impose their narrow views on us all. Fight back by signing the #OneNationAllBeliefs pledge now.
Americans United for Separation of Church and State is battling the billion-dollar shadow network of powerful organizations fueling un-democratic, un-American religious extremism nationwide, but we can only succeed with the power and passion of people like you supporting our cause. We’re calling for a national recommitment to keep church and state separate because it’s the fundamental value that underpins our most precious rights and freedoms—and we want you to join us.
Sign the #OneNationAllBeliefs pledge to keep church and state separate. Together, we can restore and strengthen this pillar of American democracy that respects and celebrates all beliefs.
Americans United for Separation of Church and State brings together people of all religions and none to fight in the courts, legislatures, and the public square for freedom without favor and equality without exception. Join us!

Light At The End Of The Email

Platypi are finally back in Sydney’s Royal Park after their decades-long trip to the store to get cigarettes.
Martha Stewart became the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s oldest cover model and the oldest in the magazine’s history as well, confusing teens with limited internet access.
IRS finally gets its head out of its ass, testing a way to simplify the process of doing your taxes on its website for free.


abby on Twitter: "from the ashes, a hero rises"
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2023.05.16 03:57 Neither-Put-149 Koschei Buy Stations - Items + Craft Recipes

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2023.05.16 00:18 BeatlesElvisfan Look what I just popped in

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2023.05.15 19:41 designwallah "Re-Recorded Sped Up"

What are these tracks polluting my Release Radar lately? I don't see or hear the point of them. This one sounds like an insult to the artists and producers of the classic original:
The Delfonics: Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) - Re-Recorded - Sped Up
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2023.05.12 13:14 Mars3lle Koschei Buy Stations - Items + Craft Recipes

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2023.05.06 23:24 Micome I don't know about this new angle

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2023.05.05 14:02 dreftzg [Daily News] There Are No Big Releases Today, So Here's A Stuffed Edition Of Indie and Micro Brands: A Steel FC Is A Great Deal, Ball Fixes True GMT Shortcoming, Zero West Pays Homage To Trains...

It's Friday and it looks like none of the big players released anything for today. That won't stop us enjoying our news! So here's something a bit different. Instead of focusing on just five major pieces of news and keeping it around the 5 minute reading mark, I stuffed this edition to its gills with a bunch of news from all sorts of smaller and indie brands to make up for the lack of big news. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to our regular schedule on Monday.

What's new

The Steel Frederique Constant Classic Tourbillon Manufacture Is A Great Deal
Exactly a week ago, I wrote about the new Frederique Constant Classic Tourbillon Manufacture in pink gold that the brand launched to mark their 35th anniversary. While the price of the watch, considering the in-house movement and pink gold case, was a relatively acceptable €25,995, it would have been better if it were a bit cheaper. Maybe €10,000 cheaper? Well, good news, because Frederique Constant is adding two new stainless steel tourbillon models.
The basics of these new Classics Tourbillon Manufacture steel watches remain the same, with a polished 3-part case with reasonable dimensions; 39mm in diameter and just below 11mm in thickness. Both editions are paired with a blue alligator leather strap with matt finishing, and closed by a steel folding clasp.
The dial sticks to the style introduced on the gold model, with much simpler lines too. There are no faux-guilloche or Roman numerals, just a sunray-brushed base with applied markers and hand-polished hands. You can get it in blue or silver, while the one-minute tourbillon sits at 6o’clock.
The watch will be limited to 350 pieces per colorway, and I assume they will sell out pretty fast, despite the price of €14,495. It’s a lot, but keep in mind that you’ll struggle to find an in-house Swiss made tourbillon for under 30k, with the odd exception of a TAG Heuer, Horage or CODE41.
Bovet Shows Off The 1822 19Thirty Blue Meteorite & Titanium, A Different Meteorite Dial Watch
Look at this Bovet. Then remember that this is a more subdued watch from the brand. That was the actual brief when they introduced the 19Thirty collection - to create straightforward everyday watches. Yeah, ok…
Bovet is introducing a version of the 19Thirty with a cosmic blue Gibeon meteorite dial housed in a matte sandblasted titanium case. The design cues of the collection, with the signature bow and crown at noon, are inspired by a 1930s pocket watch. This new version comes in a 42mm case that’s only 9.05mm thick.
To reveal the lines and patterns of the Gibeon meteorite, the dial is first etched with nitric acid and then treated with a transparent blue PVD coating. Like other 19Thirty models, the dial features an inverted figure eight with the hours displayed in the larger top circle and the running seconds in the intersecting sub-dial at 6 o’clock. A sapphire caseback reveals (because of course it does, the Bovet brothers created the first transparent casebacks in the early 19th century) the beautiful in-house calibre 15BM04, a manual-winding movement with an exceptionally robust power reserve of seven days on one barrel.
The Bovet 19Thirty Blue Meteorite & Titanium joins the regular collection, is fitted with a matching blue textile strap and retails for CHF 35,000.
Ball Attempts To Fix Major True GMT Shortcoming With Engineer Roadmaster Pilot GMT Green
Seeing as GMT watches are all the rage this year, in the past two weeks I referenced (and tried to explain the differences between) the two main types of GMT complications - the “traveller” or “true” GMT that has a jumping local hour hand, and the “caller” GMT that has a jumping GMT hand. Both types come with their pluses and minuses. The major shortcoming of true GMT watches is that they don’t come with a quick-set date, as one has to rotate the local hour hand until the correct date is displayed.
Enter Ball, a brand that’s not on your radar that often. Their new Roadmaster Pilot GMT Green attempts to solve the issue. The Roadmaster is not a chronograph, and yet, you can clearly see the two pushers on the left hand side. Ball uses them to control the local hour hand. Pressing on the pusher at 8 o’clock jumps the local hour hand backwards while pressing on the pusher at 10 jumps the local hour hand forward. This is a quick and convenient way to adjust the local hour and it allows you to use the crown for a quick-set date, unlike many true GMT watches. This is made possible thanks to the COSC-certified Ball calibre RR1204-C, based on the Sellita SW220 or ETA 2836 industry workhorse calibres.
The case, just like the bracelet, is made of titanium and measures 40mm in diameter, 47.8mm lug-to-lug, 14mm in height. It also has 300 metres of water resistance thanks to a screw-down crown and case-back.
This Ball Roadmaster Pilot GMT will be limited to 1000 pieces, and is available for pre-orders now until the 10th of May at a price of $2,799. After the pre-order period ends, price will go up to $3,249 (RRP).
Zero West launches two railway-inspired watches that pay homage to a world-famous locomotive
British company Zero West, makers of the Spitfire S4-P9427 and H1 Hurricane (the watches, not the planes, obviously), has just launched two new, limited-edition pieces that celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Flying Scotsman, a famous steam train designed and built in 1923. The watches, the FS-1 and FS-2 Flying Scotsmen, are limited to 100 pieces each, but the brand promises this isn’t your average special edition.
The FS-1 and FS-2 come in at a wearable 41 mm in either polished or black PVD-coated finishes, respectively. It has an almost steampunk style with a unique lug system attached with four screws. As an added gimmick, on the back of each watch and behind a sapphire disc, you will find an actual section of the steel boiler from the original Flying Scotsman, engraved with the Scotsman’s original serial number ’1472’.
In true Zero West fashion, the dials of the FS-1 and FS-2 are well-thought-out and packed with interesting detail. Like with all of their watches, longitude and latitude are printed at 6 o’clock. In this case, they point to Doncaster Works, where the Flying Scotsman was designed and built. The FS-1 dial takes inspiration from the gauges found inside the cab of the Scotsman, and steers the watch in a more utilitarian direction. The FS-2, however, borrows its design from a famous clock on platform 8 at Kings Cross station in London. With its applied chrome Roman numerals over the deep black dial, it’s a more monochromatic offering. Powering both variants is the SW200-1.
The Zero West FS-1 and FS-2 are available now as limited editions of 100 piece each at a price of £3,000 excluding VAT
Of All Companies, Ferragamo Comes Out With An Interesting But Severely Overpriced Skeleton Dial
Ferragamo makes fantastic shoes and a couple of very nice bags. They also make horrible watches. Just look at their website. They look like generic fashion brand overpriced pieces, some of which even seem like dupes of watches from Richard Mille and the like. However, they just released the F-80 Skeleton. Yes, it’s plastic. Yes, it’s overpriced. But at least it’s a stab in the right direction, and it’s interesting.
When Swatch came out with the bioceramic MoonSwatch we all had a good chuckle at them attempting to rebrand plastics. But it looks like bioceramics are here to stay, even if they are just plastics. At least you can get interesting colors out of them.
The F-80 Skeleton comes in a bioceramic case that’s 41mm wide. The lugs have a single oversized screw at the center of each integrated lug assembly. You can get the watch in several colors - Amaretto, which is a medium matte tan tone with faint pinkish undertones or Navy Blue, a rich and even matte navy tone.
Both new Ferragamo F-80 Skeleton models share essentially the same skeleton dial layout, other than color. Amaretto-cased models render this intricate skeleton layout in a case-matching buff hue, although a metallic texture helps to keep this colorway from appearing too uniform in photos. The greater contrast between the rose gold ion plated dial hardware and the skeleton dial surface helps to make the Navy Blue model a far more legible option, although it loses some of the monochromatic smoothness of its sibling.
Ferragamo powers both new F-80 Skeleton models with the Landeron 24 automatic skeleton movement. This powerplant is closely patterned after the ubiquitous ETA 2824’s architecture, and offers broadly similar performance including a 40 hour power reserve at a 28,8000 bph beat rate.
The watch will cost you a pretty hefty $2,195. If they cut the price in half or even more, this would be a fantastic watch. At this price it’s just too much for a plastic watch with a modified ETA.
Vero Launches the Meridian, a Casual Weekend Watch
In 2021, with the launch of the Open Water diver, Vero made a hard pivot from making their watches in house in Oregon toward outsourcing their manufacturing to trusted Swiss partners, and refocusing the brand on customer service (they now offer a ten year warranty) and shifting the design language into something a little bolder and more colorful. And that’s what you get with the newly introduced Meridian, Vero’s take on the classic field watch with a manually wound movement.
Vero characterizes the Meridian as a “weekend watch,” which is borne out in the casual color schemes of the two models that launched the collection. First up is the Rambler, a bright blue dial with a red and white outer track, and easy to read black Arabic numerals at each hour. There’s also the Rally, with its cream colored dial and accents in the perimeter in blue and red.
The cases are 38mm in stainless steel, and are defined largely by their wide, radially brushed bezel. The watches are mounted to a very nice five link bracelet that uses the Nodus developed “NodeX” push button micro-adjustment clasp.
It has a 100 meter water resistance rating and a flat sapphire crystal, and the movement is the Sellita SW-210 manually wound caliber. It’ll run for 42 hours on a full wind, and has been custom decorated with black coated plates, heat blued screws, and “snail finished” gears.
The Meridian is available now at a retail price of $795.
Moritz Grossmann Strikes A Chord With The Tillman Electric Cello Watch
While you might not recognize his name instantly, you have certainly heard Martin Tillman’s music. He has composed the soundtracks for movies like Total Recall, The Da Vinci Code, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Dark Knight. After a chance encounter with Christien Hutter, CEO of high-end German watch manufacturer Moritz Grossmann, Tillman suggested they should collaborate.
Selecting the Moritz Grossmann Backpage as the canvas, the result is a highly limited watch with an almost fully exposed mechanical movement. The case is made of 18k white gold and measures 40.5mm across and 11.3mm in height. It comes with Moritz Grossmann’s crown-and-pusher system to eliminate any play of the hands while setting the time. .
Your eyes will be drawn in by the inverted and semi-exposed calibre 107.0. The only thing ‘obstructing’ the view is the half-circled hour track with small seconds sub-dial, executed in a very lovely champagne tone. This holds applied black indices and is surrounded by a minute track printed on a sloped flange. Time is indicated by handcrafted polished steel hands for the hours, minutes and seconds, with the central two having a luminous HyCeram insert. For the rest, you can witness the superb levels of finishing of the front-mounted Grossmann balance, the hand-engraved balance cock, the violet heat-annealed screws, the German Silver mainplate underneath, the running gear and so on. It’s a work of art with a contemporary touch, perfectly in tune with Tillman’s work on the electric cello, his instrument of choice most of the time.
The Moritz Grossmann Tillman Electric Cello Watch is limited to just four pieces. The watch is worn on a handmade Kudu leather strap fitted with a polished stainless steel pin buckle. If you can get your hands on one, it will set you back EUR 37,300.

On hand - a selection of reviews

Yesterday was May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day, so enjoy this look at the Kross Studio Boba Fett Tourbillon
Hodinkee spent an entire week with the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 on their wrist
Hands-On with the new Delma Shell Star Titanium dive watch
What’s it like to own the tiger-themed Konstantin Chaykin Smilodon

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

The Strayer STR 4601 is another attempt to introduce versatility into watches
Strayer is a new watch brand from the creative mind of Mr. Ola Stray. An accomplished Swedish industrial designer, Mr. Stray answered the “call of horology” in deciding to develop his own watch brand, starting with an interesting debut model family known as the STR 4601. “STR” stands for “System-Turn-Release,” a term related to how this watch case was engineered. In short, there is a mechanism that locks and unlocks the middle case from the outer case (the turning lever near the crown is the switch). When unlocked, the middle case is able to be pushed out and then put into another outer case (each STR 4601 watch comes with two outer cases). The idea is to further a sense of giving the watch fashionable versatility. What is probably more interesting is how well the case system is actually engineered.
People loved the PRX giveaway! That's why I'm doing a new one. This time, we're giving away three Seiko Alpinists in that lovely green. Head on over to the newsletter if you would like to enter the giveaway.
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2023.05.01 18:53 Naralina What do I even title this and what do I even flair it as

Hi, I’ve been lurking for a while and I finally decided to make my own post.
I (36F) suspect autism so I am in the process of getting a diagnosis and wanted to talk to diagnosed people so I figured this was the appropriate sub.
I already had my first assessment and I’m a little frustrated so I wanted to vent and hopefully find people who get it. My family doesn’t know I started the process as they are old-school and would probably scoff.
I’m looking into either a yes or a no regarding autism. It would explain so much and although I’m sure it would be hard to get a professional “yes, there is something else going on with you”, at the same time it would be a relief to know that this is just who I am and it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me. If it’s a no, I would be very confused as to what exactly it is then (because I KNOW there is SOMETHING), but I would at least know I need to explore different avenues to find an explanation that isn’t autism and feel relief that I did the right thing by looking into professionals to guide me.
I refuse to self-diagnose, which is why I went to people who know what they’re doing so that they can professionally assess me and tell me what they see. I found this center who specializes in neurodivergency, autism and ADHD so hopefully I’m in good hands.
I have always, always struggled socially, but I also am bipolar type 2 (diagnosed over a decade ago), and ADHD (diagnosed about 5 years ago). Starting medication for both literally changed my life and improved my quality of life, but I still feel like there’s something else that can’t be explained by those two things.
It’s pretty easy for me to click with people, but it is incredibly hard to accomplish an actual bond/friendship. First interactions seem to be okay, people definitely notice there’s something different about me (I’m not sure they realise I’m not NT) and seem to like it? I’ve been told I’m very straightforward and honest, and that they find it refreshing. But with time I can see people being irked, pulling away and some of them straight up excluding me, ignoring me, bullying me. Sometimes I can tell what might have irked them, other times I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong even though I try to be careful with my delivery.
There a lot more things that make me suspect autism of course, but what I specifically worry about is: could it be that both my bipolar and ADHD have made me fly under the radar? Could it be that masking for those two things have made me develop coping strategies that (for lack of a better word) “even out” autism signs and symptoms? Could these two get in the way of a proper diagnosis?
Also I definitely understand most sarcasm and I’m pretty decent at interpreting face expressions, but I cannot figure out what it is that keeps me from connecting with people. But could this sarcasm and expression understanding stem from survival strategies given to my upbringing in an extremely abusive household and constant bullying at school? If it actually is autism, could these abilities hinder me getting a proper answer? I do know that I had to make an effort at learning to socialise and it wasn’t something that came naturally nor something I like doing.
My worst fear is what if it is indeed autism but I learned to mask so well that I get in my own way of finding out?
I know I’m being irrational because, again, I looked into people who specialise in this and know what they’re doing. I remind myself that I tried to look as little as possible into the nitty gritty details of an autism assessment so that I could go in there as the most genuine version of myself as possible and not have subconscious bias. So given these circumstances, if there is something else going on with me and they actually know what they’re doing, they will see it regardless of the bipolar and ADHD. Or they will confidently be able to say it’s not autism.
But I cannot keep my head from spinning!
I was also frustrated with the neuropsychologist, because for most of the appointment she seemed to not fully take me seriously as she asked me to recall my life story, but then when she started asking me standardised questions I could tell my answers threw her off. I could see the “Oh.” in her face.
Is there someone else with a similar story? I know these things can coexist, but from what I’ve gathered in my research it’s almost always “bp+autism”, “bp+ADHD” or “ADHD+autism”. I haven’t found experiences of all three of them. I know it’s a spectrum and everything is possible, autism can look so many different ways, etc but I feel so lonely in this. I always have.
I’m sorry, I know this is rambly and long-winded and probably didn’t even scratch the surface if more details would’ve been helpful, and I know that ultimately the only people who can give me answers are professionals. I know I’ve only had one session and there’s three more to go.
I just didn’t want to go to autism subs that support self-diagnosis and get “iF yOu KnOw tHeN yoU dOn’T nEed aN aSSEssmEnT aNd yOuR sELf-DiaGnOsiS iS vALid” answers. I want people who, just like me, believe a proper diagnosis is not something you can merrily skip.
Just please, I just want to not feel alone through this. I just need to talk to someone who gets it. Or just someone to tell me it’ll be okay.
Thank you so much if you read all of this and sorry again if this was insufferable.
Edit: spelling
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2023.04.27 14:43 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: McCarth Before The Horse by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (04/26/23)

"That's the Foreign Minister for Vladimir Putin... Coming here, talking about the loss of Tucker Carlson." - CNN Anchor Erin Burnett accurately describing the Kremlin’s reaction to the loss of their ace in the hole

Debt Your Bottom Dollar

The House GOP has passed its national ransom note called the “Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023” and folks, it’s as bad as we thought it would be.
Sounds bad, huh!
So where does this bill go from here? To hell, hopefully. President Biden said he will not negotiate with debt ceiling terrorists, but is “happy to meet” with McCarthy to talk about other issues. White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt excoriated the bill and accused the Speaker of having “cut a deal with the most extreme MAGA elements of his party.” This shitstorm was perhaps best summarized by Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) when he said it’s “completely appropriate” for members of Congress to debate and discuss spending as an annual practice, but “It is not appropriate to use the loaded gun of default to coerce a particular menu of cuts.” That’s much more polite than I would have been.

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

Friends of the pod, Crooked is venturing across the pond with our brand new podcast Pod Save the UK! This hilarious and insightful new podcast is your go-to source for everything UK politics. Hosted by comedian Nish Kumar and journalist Coco Khan, it's everything you love about Crooked podcasts, but with a British twist. From strikes to scandals, they cover all the topics that matter.
From the minds of Crooked Media and our friends at Reduced Listening, you won't want to miss a single episode of Pod Save The UK. Listen to the trailer now, wherever you get your podcasts!

Under The Radar

In a struggle that is making us somehow root for a huge corporation, Disney sued Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on Wednesday, alleging that the governor’s only basis for trying to commandeer its Florida theme park was a “targeted campaign of government retaliation” after the company publicly opposed DeSantis’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay'' law. The suit directly coincided with the DeSantis-appointed Disney World oversight board voting to void a deal that gave the company local autonomy over design and construction decisions. DeSantis, who has attempted to position himself as a “no-drama,” further-right version of Trump, has done nothing except embroil himself in culture-war issues, and his decision to take aim at such a beloved institution is a big political head-scratcher. Disney’s lawsuit has been assigned to Judge Mark Walker, a notably progressive Obama appointee who has struck down many of DeSantis’ most notorious anti-free speech measures in Florida.

What Else?

Montana State House Republicans have officially voted to ban Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D-MT) from attending or speaking during floor sessions for the rest of the legislative term. Zephyr, a trans woman, was punished for refusing to apologize for saying that her GOP colleagues would have “blood on their hands” if they passed legislation banning gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youth, a reference for the reduction in suicidality when trans youth can receive the care they seek.
Disgraced fake-biotech CEO Elizabeth Holmes has once again delayed the start to her 11-year prison sentence by filing an appeal of the judge’s decision on her date to report to prison.
Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND) signed a bill into law that will prohibit transgender minors and adults from using bathrooms, locker rooms, or showers that match the gender they identify with.
The territory of American Samoa has issued a public-health emergency after a measles outbreak spread throughout the island.
Longtime magazine columnist and writer E. Jean Carroll took the stand in a New York City court room and testified under oath that Donald Trump raped her in 1996.
Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan said that the U.S. government will “not hesitate to crack down” on nefarious business practices involving artificial intelligence.
Former Trump U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said she would welcome Disney in her state of South Carolina, a direct hit at Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for his war on the corporation.
Presidents Bush and Obama’s former NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander has “won” a $2 million job consulting for countries such as…Saudi Arabia.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell defended the ethics of the conservative Supreme Court Majority, so now you know without a doubt that they’re unethical.

You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me

As if the Nazi memorabilia were not enough, here are some more unsettling facts about billionaire GOP mega donor (and personal benefactor of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) Harlan Crow. Crow and his family were granted passports for St. Kitts and Nevis, a notorious tax haven that deals in a cash-for-citizenship scheme and promises impermeable financial secrecy for billionaires like Crow. Financial-transparency experts have noted that the island’s tax officials would ensure that Crow’s assets would be extremely difficult to track. According to a collaborative report of international investigative journalism, customers of agencies that obtain tax haven passports are disproportionately oligarchs, fugitives, and businesspeople of dubious repute. On Monday, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden sent Crow a letter requesting that he provide evidence that he “complied with all relevant federal tax and ethics laws.” St. Kitts and Nevis has been designated on the European Union’s list of “non-cooperative jurisdictions,” referencing obstinance to global efforts to combat money laundering and other financial crimes. Wow, this Harlan Crow guy is so nakedly corrupt I bet we’ll see him on the 2024 Republican ticket.

What A Sponsor

"How'd you sleep last night?" If you answered, "Not so great... just okay... or don't ask," you're not alone. One out of three Americans report being sleep deprived, and your sheets could be the problem. The wrong sheets can trap body heat leaving you boiling one minute and freezing the next. The solution? Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets!
Cozy Earth Sheets b-r-e-a-t-h-e ... so you sleep at the perfect temperature all year round. Made from 100% premium viscose from bamboo, Cozy Earth are the SOFTEST, most luxurious, and best temperature-regulating sheets on the planet.
Don't believe it? Cozy Earth is the brand that has made Oprah's Favorite Things Five Years in a Row. That’s how awesome their products are!
Whether it's their luxury sheets, loungewear, pajamas, or new bath towel collection-- you'll love shopping at Cozy Earth. Check them out today and save up to 35% at https://CozyEarth.com/CROOKED.

Light At The End Of The Email

The co-founder of We Build The Wall, Brian Kolfage, was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors. Grifters gonna grift!
President Joe Biden released his first re-election ad and folks, it’s a good one.
European regulatory authorities are finalizing a major crackdown to curb the power of digital platform giants like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.


𝒦𝒾𝓉 𝒟𝓊𝒸𝓀𝓌𝑜𝓇𝓉𝒽 on Twitter: "girl get up"
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2023.04.26 18:40 GeanBreens If you weren’t planning on participating in Guardian Games, the new weapon may change your mind.

Spoiler warning for those not wanting to know what is coming with GG next week (hey, you do you); it’s a Scout. A good one.
Taraxippos is a lightweight (200 rpm) Scout with a 0.9 TTK at 3 head, 1 body. Now, many of you may immediately turn your nose at the notion of using a Scout in PvP, however Taraxippos brings a lot to the table in both aspects of the game, PvP and PvE, and missing out on it would be a crying shame in my eyes.
What makes Taraxippos stand out is that with the right roll it can imitate and even outperform in some cases MIDA Multi-Tool, a deceptively potent exotic Scout in the right hands.
Lets point out some similarities:
Both are 200 RPM with a 0.9 TTK
Both give a Lightweight Speed boost (MIDA marginally more so) to your Mobility and sprint speed
Both have access to the perk No Distractions (a great perk for dueling with Scouts)
Both have similar stats with Taraxippos having the potential to surpass MIDA in everything but AA (it can get close even here)
Now, lets address the pros that Taraxippos has:
Roll-reliant, allowing for significantly better Range, Stability, Reload Speed, and Recoil Direction. (T. Pos has a recoil direction of 54, making it naturally more vertical than MIDA’s 80.)
A 19-point zoom value compared to MIDA’s 20, opening up the accuracy cone slightly more than that of MIDA’s.
Access to Zen Moment (which has the potential to be even better than ND on Console) and 4th column perks, which include EP for flinch(?), Kill Clip for 3-taps, and Keep Away for accuracy and Range improvement.
Best overall stats and rolls of all Lightweight Scouts in rotations.
Omolon Foundry Perk, bumping up your Stability when beginning engagements and, easily maxing out your reload when paired with Keep Away and no other enhancers.
Opening up your Exotic weapon slot.
And now, the cons;
No radar while ADS (biggest difference, obv)
Speed buffs are just slightly less than that of MIDA
15 less AA after 1 targeting mod (Moving Target + Targeting Adjuster hits 100, but you’d be missing out on ND or Zen)
No access to High-Cal flinch (mitigated by EP rounds)
This Scout has the potential to rival MIDA in terms of reliability. If you enjoy Scouts, I highly recommend checking it out.
This information was from Light.gg’s API on the weapon, which admittedly is prone to change, though I am not sure of such a thing ever occurring. Still, this is considerably speculative.
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