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A place for Indians to share ideas that strike one during their showers.

2014.09.17 20:43 ashwinmudigonda A place for Indians to share ideas that strike one during their showers.

You've had that moment. You're in your damp bathroom, squatting on the floor next to an orange plastic bucket. You scoop a mug (blue color with a handle) of water, and pour it all over yourself and an idea explodes like a bottle rocket: "If Alexander was Sikander, shouldn't Alexandria be Secunderabad?" And either you towel yourself like a decent individual, comb and oil your hair, part it, put on clothes, come to this sub and type it out, or you run out all nangoos screaming like Archimedes.

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Discussions about Spin Class.

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Afeli is an innovative 3D marketplace, integrating with the next generation social network. Feel how reality turns into virtuality!

2023.05.30 20:37 whats_the_yams_ Physical distance = Emotional distance… Can anyone relate?

Posting this here because I haven’t really seen anything about it anywhere and I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience.
I am FA and any time I am far away from from my friends or partner, I convince myself that they hate me & no longer want to be with me.
It’s happened with boyfriends in the past, where I’ll go on vacation or am physically distant from them, and I get SO convinced that they’re going to breakup with me when I get back. Somehow it feels so real in that moment & often ends up sending me into a depression.
It’s very common with friends as well. If someone doesn’t answer texts right away, I am convinced that they’re mad at me or that they hate me. I start racking my brain to figure out what I might have said or did to make them hate me. I replay all our interactions and analyze their responses/reactions to things I said or did.
Once I’ve accepted that the friendship/relationship is over, I’ll start to mourn that relationship, and then begin to mentally prepare myself to be alone again. Only to realize that nothing was wrong.
Logically I can recognize that this is a recurring thing & that my friends don’t hate me just because they’re busy, but in those moments I am so convinced that it’s over.
Can anyone relate?
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2023.05.30 20:37 Sonalpaltl04 Board Meeting Management Tool

Board Meeting Management Tool
In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective board meetings play a crucial role in driving organizational success. However, managing board meetings efficiently can be a complex task, requiring meticulous planning, seamless coordination, and comprehensive documentation. This is where a Board Meeting Management Tool steps in as a game-changer. By leveraging advanced technology and streamlined processes, a board meeting management tool revolutionizes the way organizations conduct and manage their board meetings. In this blog, we will explore the top five reasons why adopting a board meeting management tool is essential for modern businesses striving for productivity, transparency, and collaboration. So, let's delve into the power of this transformative tool and discover how it can elevate your board meetings to new heights.

Board Meeting Management Tool
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2023.05.30 20:36 Pitorito Spying Japanese Slender Teen Showering in Bathroom

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2023.05.30 20:35 TensePorcup This is a disturbingly accurate meme. I don't want to sound like a fossil or anything, but it's very strange to see CDs come in as the height of modern tech when I was a teenager only for nobody to use any disks of any kind now.

This is a disturbingly accurate meme. I don't want to sound like a fossil or anything, but it's very strange to see CDs come in as the height of modern tech when I was a teenager only for nobody to use any disks of any kind now. submitted by TensePorcup to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 20:35 Sonalpaltl04 Board Meeting Management Tool

Board Meeting Management Tool
Effective board meetings are critical in driving organisational success in today’s fast-paced corporate market. However, properly managing board meetings can be a difficult process that demands rigorous planning, seamless collaboration, and thorough documentation. A Board Meeting Management Tool can be a game changer in this situation. A board meeting management solution transforms the way organisations conduct and manage board meetings by combining modern technology and efficient processes. In this blog, we will look at the top five reasons why using a board meeting management solution is critical for modern firms looking to improve efficiency, transparency, and cooperation. So, let’s investigate the transforming power of this tool and see how it may take your board meetings to new heights.

Board Meeting Management Tool
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2023.05.30 20:35 Life-Piccolo-6734 Is my husband's fucking his gay uncle?

Every night when my husband uncle's at home he's acting sketchy. When we're eating they both suddenly disappears also, when I saw them both in a room alone they are really both worried and it's really giving me an awkward feels like what you two jerks both hiding. Do u fuck each other? Etc.
One time, I heard his uncle is already at home. Im in the kitchen area while he's at his room. I saw my husband immediately go to bathroom. His uncle distracted me, he ask me to help him buy something and boom! While i went out to buy for the thing he needs,when I came back they both disappear again. I was on the alert that something is not okay.
How do I confront my husband that I know what they're doing? I'm really annoyed that they really think Im that stupid not to recognize that there's something wrong.
*P.S english is not my first language, my sincere apologies if you having a hard time to understand my rant. I really need a help.
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2023.05.30 20:34 Sea-Train4997 Looking for a good driving instructor for private driving lessons in the Heights

Please send your recs. Adult learning how to drive on these texas roads. Thnx!
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2023.05.30 20:34 splendidspaghetti Compulsive sexual behavior

I’m about to break, I can feel it.
For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with very compulsive sexual behavior, I’m still trying to uncover where it comes from since im not 100% sure, I was groomed on the internet as a child I know that but my compulsive thoughts and behaviors started way before that.
No matter what I do, it has to be sexual in nature, the art I draw, the photos I take, the conversations I have (knowing that the other person is comfortable btw), everything I think about day in and day out is sexual in nature, I compulsively masturbate because I feel like I need to, it’s a chore, I even had a super bad episode where I needed to masturbate every night for months straight, if my schedule was broken, who knows what would happen.
My compulsions have gotten worse ever since that stupid website got popular, every single night I’m on that stupid site, talking to the characters I admire and automatically compulsively sexualize the second I see them.
Im currently sitting on my bathroom floor, crying, because it’s too much, everything is fucking too much. The constant sexual urges and thoughts is too overwhelming, it feels like my brain is going to explode.
I don’t want to be looked down upon or be seen as a degenerate because of shit I can’t control.
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2023.05.30 20:34 Mucho_Bucho Carry Trading JPY pairs

If you trade JPY, you might have noticed that JPY is in a decline on long term. (GBPJPY, EURJPY etc).
Is anyone carry trading it, keeping positions overnight, racking up the profits from the swaps as well as the trend itself?
I am asking because JPY has seen some strength recently, and i am looking to enter a long position as long as my indicators show good sign.
Happy to hear other peoples opinions, thoughts, comments etc
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2023.05.30 20:33 put_your_foot_down Where does all the extra food go on cooking shows?

Im watching Barbecue Showdown on Netflix and these people are cooking 5-6 chickens, whole lambs, turkeys, 5 racks of ribs etc. it got me thinking of all the shows with perishable items used in the competition and their huge “stocked pantry”. Who eats all this food? Surely it doesn’t go to waste.
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2023.05.30 20:33 GlastoFestFeed Block9 reveals its line-up program for Glastonbury 2023

Block9 reveals its line-up program for Glastonbury 2023
The Block9 family reunites for Glastonbury once again around the legendary venues of NYC Downlow, IICON, Genosys Sound System, and Meat Rack to throw their 16th birthday party in spectacular style – as well as introduce a new stage from Notting Hill Carnival which returns to the Festival for 2023... Click here to read the full story.
Block9 line-up poster highlights for Glastonbury 2023
Notting Hill Carnival line-up poster for Glastonbury 2023
IICON line-up poster for Glastonbury 2023
NYC Downlow line-up poster for Glastonbury 2023
Meat Rack line-up poster for Glastonbury 2023
Genosys Sound System line-up poster for Glastonbury 2023
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2023.05.30 20:33 Possible_Ad_8288 Bathroom Stall Portable Lock

I came across this cool little device on TikTok that is able to lock a bathroom stall that may not have one or is broken. I have terrible bathroom anxiety when I out in public it is and have had to go to a completely different store/ restaurant/ bar because of the no lock situation. I paid 21.99 . Just wanted to share!
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2023.05.30 20:31 Kingchess89 Did the WG experiment on Sandersonia and Marigold? Like the kids in Punk Hazard.

I'm catching my friend up on One Piece and we just finished Amazon Lily. I noticed this time around that Sandersonia and Marigold are much larger than their sister Hancock, and found it odd.
For reference from the wiki: Sandersonia is almost 15 ft, Marigold 14 ft., and Hancock is a bit over 6 ft tall.
This could be because they are not blood related, which is likely the case, knowing Oda's "found family" philosophy. They also are built quite different from the rest of the women in Amazon Lily.
Both sister's fruits, according to the Wiki are Zoan type, but those don't seem to make the user taller or wider in their human form, only in their hybrid or beast form. Other Zoans are Dalton, Lucci, Jabra, and Kaku for reference most are at/close to 7ft tall in human form. The sisters could be in some level of Hybrid form at all times, I suppose. When Sandersonia passed out from Marigold's flames, I would think those features would disappear if that was the case.
Since they were slaves to the World Government, it is possible that the beginning of the testing for NHC10 could have occurred with them during their time as slaves. This could be a reason for their height/physical difference in comparison to the others on Amazon Lily. .
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2023.05.30 20:30 TheSaxo Mold in the new BnB

Mold in the new BnB
Moved in an apartment in Tenerife after after washing all my stuff and leaving my home with mold. Found this in the new apartment.
Mold in the bathrooms, and some mold also in the shelters and kitchen...
Honestly I am pissed off, also beacuse I already paid 1.5 months of stay here non refundable.
How bad do you think this is? Should I move asap?
The good thing is that this BnB has a giant terrace and I'll spend most of my time there
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2023.05.30 20:30 Echo3073 We went On an Investigation, but Something came back with us.

My name is Evaline and my sister who is vital to this as well is named Vivian and we are twins aged twenty-three. Yesterday we went on a graveyard investigation, and I don't think we came back alone.
We pulled up to the graveyard In Vivians beat up red bug. She shut off the car and looked over to me.
“I have a weird feeling, Evaline, are you sure you want to do this?” asked Vivian.
“Oh yeah everyone keeps telling me about this place!” I exclaimed.
As we exited the car and walked up to the property Vivian turned on the ghost box (A tool used for communicating with ghosts by scanning through radio frequencies and white noise).
The ghost box said one word very abruptly “STOP.”
We looked at each other with puzzled faces.
“Do you not want us here?” asked Vivian.
“STOP.’ Came through the ghost box again.
“Uh color me crazy but I think we should still go in.” I said.
Vivian looked at me for a moment and then agreed we heard one final “STOP.” as we entered and then it was dead silent for 15 minutes.
We were walking around when my sister Vivian stopped and looked at a specific tree. This tree is twisted looking literally it has two parts to it that twist together to make sort of an arch way.
“A woman is over there.” Vivian whispered and pointed towards the tree (Vivian Is a medium by the way)
“Well let’s go check It out.” I enthusiastically said.
As we reached the tree the ghost box said the name “ANNIE.”
Vivian Greeted Annie and asked her why she was there.
But I was more Interested In trying to find Annie’s headstone.
“Hey, ask her for her last name!” I shouted over to Vivian who gave me a thumbs up.
I walked further away scanning all the different headstones with my flashlight. Some of these guys are really old, like 17th century old.
“Maybe that’s why it’s so haunted.” I thought to myself.
As I looked up to scan the next headstone, I saw a figure of a man standing by a headstone. “Holy shit where'd he come from?” I thought “Hey Vivian do you see hi-” I cut off because when I pointed back to where I saw him no one was there.
“Okaayyy.” I said in a hushed tone “I’m just going to go walk over there and see what the headstone says.” I made my way over to the headstone.
“Oh no way Vivian come over here, look who I found!” I shouted
“What’s up, what'd you find?” Vivian asked excitedly.
She looked down as I shined my flashlight on the fading stone the words “Annie Forester Beloved Mother and Wife” were shown.
“ME.” Said the ghost box We both looked at each other. We normally don’t get very intelligent responses so this was a big deal.
“What happened to you Annie?” I asked “HUNG.”
“Oh Jesus, that took a dark turn.” I said
“Evaline, stop it.” Vivan shouted, "Can you tell us why?” she asked,
“Oh she must have been a part of the old witch hunts that happened all through England and Ireland.” Vivian said
“Yeah but why are you still here Annie?” I asked Nothing happened for a good five minutes before the response
“TO PROTECT” came through.
“Protect what Annie?” I asked another few minutes pass by before the ghost box says “THE LAND”
“Huh that's awfully sweet of you do you make sure the living are safe?” Asked Vivian
“YES” the ghost box replied almost Immediately
“LEAVE” It says.
“Why do you want us to leave?” I asked
“Yeah what's wrong Annie?” Asked Vivian
“Who is him?” Asked Vivian
Those were the last words the ghost box said for another twenty minutes
“Maybe we should go, it's been a while and we haven't gotten anything else.” Said Vivian
I Looked around the graveyard I had a bad feeling
“Yeah lets get outta here this place is starting to creep me out.” I said as I stood and shook myself off trying to get rid of the odd energy.
We packed up all of our things and headed to the entrance. We said a prayer so nothing negative would follow us and threw our bags in the trunk. As I opened the door I slumped down In the passenger seat.
“Phew.” I breathed
“We got some pretty good stuff from Annie. I just wanna know who the mysterious him is.” Giggled Vivian
The drive home was uneventful but I couldn’t shake that odd energy from my body.
“Hey Viv do you feel weird or is that just a me thing?” I asked looking over at Vivian
“Mmm yeah ever since we left I felt odd, hopefully it's just our nerves.” Vivian said with a warm smile. But something was hidden behind the warmth of her smile : fear.
We pulled up to the house and unloaded our bags onto the kitchen table. It's become sort of a ritual at this point, every time we finish an investigation we unpack and load in all the recordings to listen to with high quality noise canceling headphones. We also order some kind of takeout tonight's meal of champions was Chinese food my favorite.
I stirred together my orange chicken and rice as I pawed through the recordings settling on the third one when Annie mentions “HIM”. The recording fills my ears as I intently listen.
“LEAVE.” Says the ghost box
“Why do you want us to leave?” you can hear us asking
“HIM” the ghost box says
“Who is him?” Vivian’s voice says
I listen closely as silence fills the space
“I'm Him.” A deep voice says not over the voice box but right next to the recorder.
I screamed and jumped out of my seat throwing the headphones on the ground.
“What what what!” Says Vivian
“Oh hell no, that sounded like satan.” I said laughing In disbelief
I rewinded the recording so Vivian could hear it. I saw her face turn into a huge grin.
“Now this is solid stuff we have to go back there!” Exclaimed Vivian
“Yeah I'm down but you're reviewing the tapes next time that voice is creepy.” I said with a smile
“Deal!” Said Vivian as she stuck her hand out for a hand shake. I took it and shook hands.
“I'm gonna get ready for bed Viv goodnight!” I yelled as I walked away
“Goodnight!” yelled Vivian
I stepped into the poorly lit bathroom and turned on the shower
“That voice is seriously creepy.” I muttered to myself as I took out my High ponytail and let my dark brown curls bounce down to my shoulders. My hair always did look nice with my pale skin
“Thanks to you mom.” I said looking up at the ceiling
I stepped into the shower and started washing my hair when I heard something fall.
I opened the shower curtain to see the culprit my cat Leo
“Oh Leo you're going to be the death of me.” I puffed out closing the shower curtain again
Another crash comes from outside the shower curtain
“Leo Get ou-” I ripped open the curtain to find the toilet paper holder in the sink
I stared dumbfounded as to how my small cat could have body builder lifted the toilet paper holder into the sink.
“VIIIIVIAN” I screamed
Heavy footsteps pound down the hallway but no Vivian
“Vivian?” I called
Pounding assaulted the walls to the point they were vibrating as the footsteps continued
“VIVIAN” I endlessly scream for what seems like hours until the door bursts open and the walls stop pounding immediately
“Are you okay, what's wrong, what's going on?” Exclaimed Vivian with a very worried look.
“You didn't hear me screaming for you?” I sobbed
“No, I just now heard you and came in. What happened?” asked Vivian
I told her all of the events that had just occurred she looked towards the sink and back to me with a confused face
“The toilet paper holder isn't in the sink Evaline.” She said pointing towards the sink which was in fact empty
“What no I swear it was!” I exclaimed
“I believe you Evaline you never cry it's just odd try and get some sleep okay maybe you're really tired? Cooed Vivian
“Yeah maybe” I said
I finished my shower without any problems and climbed into bed.Covering myself with the plushy blanket I let sleep take me over.
“Evaline wake up!” Vivian yell whispered as she shook me awake
“What's going on?” I groggily asked and then I heard it pounding on the walls but it was everywhere The walls were all slightly shaking
“Is this what happened in the bathroom?” Vivian asked me
“Yeah pretty much just not as loud.” I said standing up I'm gonna go check it out stay her Vivian
“You're that white girl that dies in the horror movie.” Vivian said with a smirk
I shook my head and stepped out into the hallway. Literally all of the walls seemed to be buzzing with the pounding. I made my way past the family portraits and got to the back door slowly putting my hand on the door knob and twisting it till I quickly pulled it open and the pounding stopped. I Looked around the dark backyard and I noticed something: the figure of a man standing by our fence. I looked closer trying to get a better look it was definitely a man.
I turned around to grab the bat sitting on our porch.
“Hey buddy you better beat it!” I yelled, turning back with bat in arm to see he was gone.
“Weird.” I thought and went back inside the house. I closed the back door and turned to walk back to Vivian when I saw the shadowy man standing right in front of me.
“AH-” I started to scream but the air seemed to be sucked from my lungs and the only thing that came out was a small peep.
“I don’t like you creatures.” The man said in a voice I can’t even begin to describe. It wasn't human.
“But still you exist to only displease me.” He went on
“Who are you?” I stammered
“You wouldn't know the word but you gave a soul hope tonight which made her free of me so now I need another soul in return for the one you greedily took.” The man like thing said
“Annie?” I asked shakily
He made an odd gurgling crunching noise reminiscent of a laugh but sounded more like a garbage disposal.
“Obviously” he replied
“Now you're going to replace that soul.” He said calmly
“Evaline?” Vivian placed her hand on my shoulder
“Evaline Are you there helloooo?” Vivan said snapping her fingers in front of my eyes
“Yeah sorry Viv I just was thinking.” I replied
Now i'm writing this to you hoping someone out there knows what this thing is and how to get rid of it before I become the next soul to be taken by HIM.
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2023.05.30 20:29 RepresentativesFear Baffled by 80-year-old plumbing, hoping to avoid wrecking more than necessary to fix it.

I'm in a lovely little home built in the mid 1940s, and have a plumbing issue that has baffled myself and both plumbers I've had out to look at it. We had a problem last year with a pipe in the basement leaking, but only when the outdoor tap is running. No problem, easy fix, all sorted out. Now that gardening season is upon us, and we're running the outside tap again, the leak has somehow moved up?
The (main floor) kitchen ceiling leaks now, but ONLY when running the water outside. The leak is located under the washroom, which has had me looking there for the source. There's no sign of any leak from either the toilet or the lines leading to the tub. Has anybody out there ever encountered anything like this? In my (admittedly limited) knowledge of how plumbing works, this doesn't make any sense. The demand on the water is a good 12-15 feet below the leak. Any insight or suggestions that keep me from having to cut into the kitchen ceiling or bathroom wall would be really appreciated.
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2023.05.30 20:27 galth88 Nordstrom Rack Find in Store Coupon Code

Go to this page for Nordstrom Rack Find in Store Coupon Code. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.05.30 20:27 0uwilliams- That hath abused and dishonoured me

Even in the strength and height of injury.
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2023.05.30 20:27 Possible_Ad_8288 Bathroom Stall Portable Lock

Hey everyone,
I wanted to share because I know that a lot of us struggle with public bathroom anxiety. I’m not sponsored by them or anything like that and I just placed my order today but like I said I wanted to share because I’ve definitely been in situations where there hasn’t been a lock on a stall in the men’s restroom or it’s simply just broken and I’ve either totally left where I was or just prayed that no one opened the door. It’s something that causes so much anxiety for me so I was pretty excited when I saw it on TikTok. I can also update my post when I receive it . I’ll put the link in the comments
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2023.05.30 20:26 FinallyFreeFromThem Question - Should I let know to step-mom I've been estranged from for 30 years that late Ndad incested me?

I (50s F) recently learned that Ndad died a couple of years ago in the most horrible way (karma's a b), and I've got this need bubbling up to let eStepMom know what I've remembered so far about the incest (which ins't a complete scene yet, thankfully for me, but I know in my guts what happened).
He didn't seem to be even remotely abusive towards their kids, for the few of their younger years when I was around, because well times had changed, and slapping around kids just didn't roll anymore (their eldest is 20 years younger than me)... but you know, incest is on another level, and often times, adult children only start remembering bits and pieces in their 40s... and I'd like to prepare eStepMom to listen and believe their kids if they ever start remembering stuff he did to them.
So IDK ... I'm getting this urge to tell her what was the story to our cryptical falling out with Ndad, that she witnessed, where I just badly dissociated, and couldn't utter a word of explanation about the ludicrous stuff he was accusing me of, because it had opened that one door I couldn't handle seeing opened, if you see what I mean. Because the explanation to those two small incidents directly leads to the incest scene in the bathroom, and the many many ways in which he abandonned me, as a human being, y'know, reducing me to a doll with which he replayed his own trauma.
Ndad was physically, sexually, verbally, emotionally abusive towards me, and there also was some emotional incest going on, but I only want to warn her about the incest, because if he didn't slap and spank them, she'll never believe me.
What are your thoughts?
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2023.05.30 20:26 orangesocialcurrency Front wheel basket or mount suggestions for Poseidon X?

Want to add a lite weight rack to my Poseidon X w/ road bars that I mostly use for commuting in town.
Would love for the rack to be able to support the weight of a backpack, and/or a 6pack of beer! Any suggestions are welcome
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2023.05.30 20:26 hoshibtw The Funnel Growth Hub By Kwaku Ofosu

Introducing "The Funnel Growth Hub" by Kwaku Ofosu. If you're a coach or consultant seeking innovative strategies to supercharge your business growth in 2023, this is the ultimate solution for you.
"The Funnel Growth Hub" is a state-of-the-art program designed to revolutionize your business model and drive sustainable growth. This brand new program is specifically tailored to help coaches and consultants like you create a scalable and thriving business that generates recurring revenue and delivers exceptional value to your clients.
"The Funnel Growth Hub" is a comprehensive program that covers all the essential aspects you need to know to create and launch a successful growth funnel. It provides step-by-step instructions, customizable templates, and real-life examples to save you time and avoid costly mistakes.
This program leverages the power of modern marketing funnels, guiding you to create a streamlined customer journey that captivates your audience and converts them into loyal clients. By implementing effective funnel strategies, you can generate recurring revenue and build a solid customer base.
"The Funnel Growth Hub" empowers coaches and consultants like you to:
  1. Drive recurring revenue: With the implementation of a well-structured growth funnel, you can generate consistent and recurring revenue streams, ensuring a stable income for your business.
  2. Deliver ongoing value to clients: By providing valuable content, personalized support, and community engagement through your growth funnel, you can foster strong relationships and enhance client retention.
  3. Scale your business efficiently: The flexible nature of growth funnels allows you to scale your business and accommodate a larger client base without compromising the quality of your services.
"The Funnel Growth Hub" is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for you to follow and implement. As a testament to its effectiveness, the program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, Kwaku Ofosu, an experienced coach and consultant, is dedicated to providing ongoing support and training to help you achieve success with your growth funnel.
In conclusion, if you're a coach or consultant looking to propel your business to new heights in 2023, "The Funnel Growth Hub" by Kwaku Ofosu is a must-have. This comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create and launch a successful growth funnel, generating recurring revenue and delivering ongoing value to your clients. Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Enroll now and embark on your journey towards a thriving and profitable business with "The Funnel Growth Hub"!
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