Coffin pink acrylic nails

'Pink frog fae', 2023, painted by me in acrylics

2023.05.30 20:16 LittleLachrymose 'Pink frog fae', 2023, painted by me in acrylics

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2023.05.30 19:57 AdEconomy2566 New Enclosure Help/Setup 🍓

New Enclosure Help/Setup 🍓
Hi! Apologies for the repost, my formatting got messed up.
I'm a new (proper care) hamster owner with my little Syrian boy Augustus. I was hoping to see if people could help me out with my enclosure. I'll provide a list of what I have below and things that I'm planning to get. Also, little Augustus is in the last 2 images down below 🍓
I give him fresh water daily, a scattered mix of forage, fresh vegetables every other day, and 1.5 tsp of a mix of an Etsy business hamster food (mix of seeds, mealworms, oats, dried herbs and flowers) and Oxbow hamster essentials (what he had at the pet store. I'm weening him off it and won't buy another bag after it's done).
Augustus has a Pawhut cage that came with two shelves, but I removed them. I cut one of them to use as a barrier between his natural Kaytee paper bedding and the Eco-Earth coco fibre that takes up 1/3 of his cage. His bedding slopes a bit, but at the highest point, he has 10-11 inches of bedding.
What I have:
  • Multi-chamber hide (3 compartments) • Ceramic mushroom hide
  • 2 coconut hides
  • Multi-hole hide
  • Softwood hide (I carved and sanded off the dried resin as well as most of the bark to avoid splinters. No nails used, only hamster-safe glue per the website)
  • Corn husk hide
  • Ceramic critter bath hide (litter box)
  • 2 bendy wood bridges
  • Sand bath with Repti Sand (all natural, no calcium)
  • 11-inch wooden wheel (I am putting some adhesive cork on the bottom to smoothen out the bumps today!)
  • Niteangel platform to support heavy mushroom hide and food/water bowls
  • Marble cooling slab
  • 3 cork bark
  • Hay tunnel
  • Timothy mat
  • Millet sprays
  • Toys: 2 toilet paper tubes, corn husk pompom, barrel chew, hamster-safe sticks, a few chunks of cork bark
What I'm planning on getting:
  • Grape wood branches (will replace center cork bark)
  • More varied sprays
  • Niteangel forest moss
  • Willow tunnel
  • New acrylic sandbath with a lid to keep out coco fibre
  • A plastic Niteangel wheel that I'll replace the wooden one with when it gets too dirty
Anyways, that's everything! Please let me know what I can improve on! Augustus and I would greatly appreciate it 🍓
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2023.05.30 19:47 zqvvi [Acne] idk what to do??

I had a purple dot on my upper left cupid bow and I tried popping it, and my nails dug into my skin, but not deep. That was I think maybe a week ago that I did that. I put Neosporin thinking that would maybe help with my lip being a faded pink and the now red dot, but it hasn't. I'm not sure if my upper left cupid bow is going to stay a faded pink or if it's still healing. Can someone help pls?
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2023.05.30 19:25 Ready-Coconut-4469 I can’t stop chewing my acrylics/ peeling gel polish off??

I can’t stop chewing my acrylics/ peeling gel polish off??
I’ve been a nail biter as long as I can remember, and I’ve tried so many things to stop. The least damaging thing to do for me seems to be getting acrylics, because it’s /harde to chew them than my natural nails. I go every two weeks to get a full/ new polish to keep them looking as fresh as possible, but I still often end up needing a new set because of lifting around the base, or because I’ve chewed a nail right off. Does anyone have any advice on what might provide the same satisfying feeling of peeling off gel polish, or popping a nail off that doesn’t wreck my nails? Pictures included of what my fresh set looked like, and what it looks like today (exactly 1 week later)
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2023.05.30 19:20 Traditional_Excuse46 My Critical review of Haikyuu

Hi just this is my first post on this subreddit, I'm ready for umm, some hammers and angry rapid fan response. Anyways as a 30+ year old male, whole used to play Volleyball in his late teens and throughout my 20s, I'd say that Haikyuu is really bad for volleyball. Good exposure, bad everything else. I have to put a note here that I've only watch halfway through the first series almost to the end, I've just stopped as I heard the cliche, "lose ???? then go to nationals". Sure they have to market the new Molten's red and green and yellow and blue of Mikasa volleyballs somehow. They are signature balls everywhere now.
Anyways apart from it's "AoT no training arc" start. There's some gaping flaws in Haikyuu. Maybe anime this generation isn't made for us older folks. No side stories, no side characters to explore etc. Almost no slice of life added to a "sports" anime. Characters as bland as NPC meme. The MC looking like a curly redhead version of naruto minus the jumpsuit. Trust me I hate the bland Kirito archetype or the super japanese sociopath/sadist mad genius like Lelouch. Or the glasses guy, Uryu Ishida in bleach.
One caveat I hate is how the MC just suddenly learn to spike like some type of "Ultra Instinct". Also a HUGE HUGE flaw is he has the same "timing" for every spike. Just cuz you can draw anime like he's Michael Jordan or Lebron James doesn't mean it's good. Also having the same timing SHOULD make him vulnerable to blocks. I mean Imagine being a good spiker but can only hit 2-3 balls, not 1 balls? Or in this case fast 1 balls. You're so limited to the angle and attack vector. I mean if this was just high school or even post-high school club, any normal volleyball player after watching the MC spike 2-3 times would be able to block every ball of his. So in essence, the MC needs to learn different variety. As well as dinks, tips, swipes and cross court spike to "change it up". Imagine if you only got a killer cross cut spike, you're gonna get stuff everytime by someone who can get over the net.
No training arc really hits the nail in the coffin though, go back and watch older anime like Slam Dunk or Prince of Tennis. I know we're in global recession but you're gonna cut the "naruto Chunin Exams" arc. I mean Imagine the Naurto series without the first 3 arcs? At least do it sorta like a flashback like "Prince of Tennis" where the MC was already in the "World Championships" as a toddler lol.
Also the "love of the game" isn't well displayed like other sports anime. Take the passion from "Hikaru No Go", a spectral ghost plays chess and baffles the mind of a child prodigy. Then playing online and beating the world's best players"....Fast forward 20 years and in real life AI beats the world's best Go player. Then almost 7 years later, "A Human Amateur Beat a Top Go-Playing AI Using a Simple Trick". More notably the double encirclement/trap technique".
Also look at the immense side characters of the "Prince of Tennis" series. They got top schools, school rivals, street rivals. All to inspire and compete against. Even people with similar styles etc... I admit the era of Gintama and Dragonball Z and 2010s are over. Anime is only getting at most 13-26 series, but one would wish they could just make quality over quantity in the asian anime/donghua entertainment industry. Just look at Hollywood, getting subpar actors and crap plots and soon no one is gonna watch your S***T. I mean who wanna watch 100 Adam Sandler movies, it's like welfare for scrubs? When you can rewatch older films which stars Arnold or Sylvester Stallone . In essence there's no "street volleyball scene", where are the casual grass volleyball players? the beach goers? No super specialized libero or block expert? Anime doesn't even explain moves or strategy. It's like middle school soccer where everybody including the goalie chases after the ball. Aside from a few moves where are the "specials". No hook shot, no hovering move/air time. No dink expert. No back court king etc... I know blue lock came later but I heard it was created earlier in manga? Aside for it's ridicoulous plot it's a saving grace after Haikyuu and Kuroko's Basketball.

In Conclusion:
Overall in the spirit of trash anime, being 5/10. I rank Haikyuu as a 7/10 right behind, BOFURI and Ascendance of a Bookworm.


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2023.05.30 19:09 DeeLit3 Beginner Storyteller starts making targeted homebrews over a player getting lucky

Names have been changed to maintain anonymity. Also, my bad if the formatting is off, I don't really post on Reddit all that much, but I really needed to get this particular story off my chest.

So over a year ago, I met some people in a VTM 20th Anniversary game, which eventually fizzled out due to some stuff that's not super relevant right now. But long story short, a group they had been longtime players in had recently hit the reset button on their game and a campaign that had been going on for about three years, mostly due to losing one of their two Storytellers.
I was invited to join in this new game, as one of the previous players had stepped up to be one of the Co-STs for the game, their names were Mark and John, with John being ten years older than I am and having a huge amount of RPG experience under his belt. Mark eventually started flying solo in the ST seat due to some Storyteller burnout with John eventually hopping into a player's seat. Mark was a first-timer when it came to Storytelling, and to this day you can very much see it, but we've all been there to help him along the way, since most of the players have done more than a few rounds in the ST seat.
When I joined, there were a few things they did differently to other games I have previously been a part of, mostly these were limited to a few homebrews as well as stuff to make use of the flexibility of two STs. A hallmark of their previous game was sending in emailed 'Downtime Actions' which continued in this game, but if not used, would often mean consequences. Such as being down seven blood points (RAW you need to spend one to rise every evening) if an action wasn't used to feed. Another hallmark was the Storytellers handling stuff like side scenes in different voice channels during game time. One ST could go off with a small group in-session to have a private convo and another would keep the main scene going with usually zero issue. At first, it was jarring to me because firstly I'm used to not having to write so much on the weekly with the Downtime Actions stuff, and secondly, I didn't enjoy the abnormal amount of secrecy at the table. Both of which I kinda grew to not mind, because the side scenes wouldn't really disrupt the momentum of the game, but I still do find it a tiny bit odd, cause it felt like we weren't trusted to not metagame.
However, when John stepped down, these hallmarks didn't really go away. Mark still tried to maintain the workload of two people with Downtimes between five players as well as balancing side scenes, despite us as a group wanting to move away from all the secrecy. But these would often leave the game dead in the water mid-session and disrupt the momentum of a Court assembling or a social event happening in-game since 90% of this game was very politically focussed. And Mark was still trying to juggle two scenes at once. Since it would be him chatting with one or two players and the rest of us just sitting in silence for upwards of five minutes at a time. At first, it didn't really matter too much to us as players, since we were sorta just vibing with it, and we were under the impression John would come back to the ST seat eventually.
For a while, we were very much fine with it. But often the conversations with the ST or an NPC would drag on, or he'd spend ages trying to type out what was basically an essay in DMs at the start of a session. It kinda wore on my patience quite a bit, because, for one, it felt a little distrustful of us as players and our ability to adhere to general table etiquette, such as not metagaming. I understand wanting to be secretive in VTM, because the system encourages backstabbing and whatnot. And two, it started to get very tiresome after a while because, due to timezones, I would often have to wake up at like 3am to make it on time to games, since I'm over in Australia and the group is mostly over in Europe. So I'd wake up, and sit in a session where I would basically be doing nothing but fighting off drowsiness whenever the ST left with another player. Especially when the side scenes began to grow more and more frequent and tended to grow longer. At one point, an entire action sequence played out off screen for most of us players, so we had no damn clue out of game what was happening
Along with the side scene shenanigans as well as the Downtime Action emails, we have another homebrew that makes 10s count as two successes and skill specialties grant an extra die. Eventually, stuff came to a head with this particular rule which ended up being the nail in the coffin for my run in Mark's game. Mark started growing more and more frustrated as the game went on due to us getting lucky on dice rolls, and us having pretty sizeable dice pools because we'd earned a pretty huge amount of exp over the course of the game. Most notably, his aggression went towards a player named Nikola, who was essentially dubbed a 'problem player' and was called out for being a min-maxer by Mark. His character at the time was a Nagaraja necromancer, pretending to be a Malkavian.
There were multiple DMs that were exchanged via Discord to Nikola by Mark about his character being overpowered because he'd gotten a lucky shot on a boss fight that had been set up, or Mark hadn't accounted for a power like Telepathy being used in a murder investigation. Snide comments were made out of game about Nikola using a ritual to solve every problem, which really drove me up the wall as a player. For the most part, it just didn't sit right with me hearing Nikola just get absolutely dragged behind his back by Mark. But Nikola had barely done anything to optimize dice pools, for one, he'd dumped most of his experience points into necromancy.
Mind you, most Necromancy in VTM is not only horrendously costly but nine times out of ten it had a very specific niche regarding dead stuff and ghosts, this specific instance being limited to wraiths which were incredibly hard to encounter in the wild. Nikola's character took a bunch of levels in the Vitreous Path, having a total of one ability that directly did damage to anything. A lot of the rituals he had were incredibly situational, with him even having to work with Mark to homebrew in rituals from other editions, as well as copying some things from Thaumaturgy just to make it the slightest bit viable. All of this was stuff Mark okayed and said yes to. At any point, he could've pulled the plug.
There were often times were Nikola would wake up to rants from Mark, which would either be walls of text in DM's or a mashup of voice messages and texts, and Nikola would also have to sit through the shade that was thrown in-game at the playecharacter. This was after he would stonewall Nikola in furthering a plotline, by either forcing him to roll dice for a menial task like jumping out a window, or by even introducing Mages and Fey and trying to screw his character with death magic. Nikola isn't a very confrontational person, and let a lot of this slide since this was basically Mark's second proper game of VTM.
This entire ordeal sent Mark down a path of trying to reinvent how we rolled dice, as well as nerf/alter several discipline powers despite them being costly as hell to use in the right circumstances or incredibly niche. All because one player had been getting lucky and Mark hadn't accounted for powers such as Auspex being good for investigating crime scenes and its particular power of telepathy being quite strong at getting info from mortals. One of the main homebrews I was vehemently against was solely because Mark's reasoning behind it was "you all roll too well" or something along the lines of us not botching for a good amount of sessions. In spite of the fact that several players had been on a very unlucky streak for the past few sessions. The rules we used up to that point are just the RAW ones from the corebook, with 1's cancelling out successes, and if you roll more 1's than what's considered a success, it's just a failure. A botch only occurs when you have no successes and any amount of 1's were rolled. This with our other homebrews apparently made us roll too well, with us at the time having 10's always count as two successes and specialties adding a bonus die to our roll.
Mark's homebrew was to change the RAW stuff to try and nerf the double tens homebrew rather than simply going back to RAW. His changes were as follows: If we go below zero successes with 1's it's a botch, even if successes were rolled. The severity of a botch would change depending on how many 1's were rolled. A lot of powers and dice rolls in this game have a lot of bad consequences if we botch already, with some aura reading/emotion focussed powers straight up knocking out a character for an entire scene on a botch. Which could be anywhere up to an hour of in-game time, or quite literally the next 'scene'. I honestly just didn't see the point of increasing the chances of stuff like that happening, especially when it has the potential to just flat-out stop a player from doing anything whatsoever
Many of us suggested going back to the RAW rules for specialties, as 10's only counted as two successes when a specialty was present, but this was ignored, and he started shoehorning in extra maths for other suggestions that confused the hell out of our less numbers focussed players. His other homebrews were very much specifically targeted, as he had tried to nerf Telepathy limiting it only to surface thoughts, no matter how many successes were rolled on the dice as well as changing how the entire Celerity discipline worked. Trying to add a huge amount of limitations to what could and could not be done using a celerity action. The only player that had used the Telepathy power even somewhat often was Nikola, as 90% of the players either didn't bother having Auspex or weren't high enough level to use Telepathy.
This all sort of came to a head during a sit down to discuss the homebrews, where practically nobody could agree on a suitable dice rolling mechanic, with Mark once again, barely even acknowledging my suggestion of just ditching the double 10's homebrew altogether. The energy in the voice channel was tense as hell, with Mark backpedalling on his reasoning for the botch changes. It went from him feeling like we roll too well, to him not feeling enough interesting storytelling was occurring with the current dice-rolling system. John ended up poking his head in and very specifically asked Mark why he felt the need to increase the chance of botches and ended the comment with something along the lines of "Isn't it your job to make failures interesting as an ST?". John also bringing up the fact that we all usually tend to roll for things our characters are good at. Everyone has a niche and to an extent, our characters are built to fill that niche.
Most of that discussion went in one ear and out the other because it was a lot of arguing and going in circles, and in the end, we stuck a pin in the dice rolling system because no one agreed. And i was too exhausted to pay attention because I'd only gotten back home from work an hour or so before the discussion started. This took about three hours to resolve, by which time it was 5am for me and I was incredibly mentally exhausted listening to grown adults being unable to settle on rules for a plethora of their own reasons.
A few days after, I left the game, sending a message to the ST that getting up early/staying up late after work was way too exhausting to do every week when we basically do nothing in game, and I didn't like that a lot of the homebrews felt targeted and very adversarial towards us as players. I reminded Mark that it wasn't anything personal. But his response was mostly sweet, but he tried to shift the blame onto Nikola who allegedly expressed a need for these changes and didn't even bother to acknowledge the fact that I mentioned how I was feeling about the game itself. Mark essentially tried to make an adjustment and re-invent how VTM dice rolling works, which honestly wasn't really called for by anyone but him, and then tried to pawn it off and make it another player's fault.
I'm kinda sad this ended like it did, mostly because I did enjoy vibing with the players, and I really loved my character. I consider many of the people at the table pretty close friends, and I feel like my thoughts and feelings may have burned some bridges. But the game was essentially taking a nose dive, and I didn't want to waste my early mornings/late nights feeling like we were basically doing nothing when I could be getting some much needed sleep.
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2023.05.30 18:58 elijforthewin Ectopic pregnancy?

Honestly I'm not sure if I'm in denial or if my instincts are correct.
35F, 170lbs, 2 c sections (2.5 years apart) both healthy kids although difficult pregnancies. Taking birth control Lo estrin and lexapro. I also take vitamins (multi, melatonin, hair skin and nails)
Sunday morning after a date night so some drinking but not drunk I woke up and proceeded to throw up for 8 hours. I could hold nothing down at all. 2 days later while I cam hold things down I'm in a constant state of nausea. Last time this happened I was pregnant with my daughter. Today I took a digital pregnancy test which came back negative BUT I proceeded to bust it open to see what the inside looked like and I'll be damned if it wasn't a faint positive. I've now taken 4 tests (1 pink dye negative and 3 blue dye faint positive but different brands).
Now I think it may be ectopic because last week I would have told you I had my period although a very light period except for a couple of bursts of heavy blood bright red blood. Cramping so bad it was reminiscent of contractions from my first child. Today I have incredible shoulder and neck pain, I have done anything that should have injured my shoulder.
My OB has moved her practice out of state within the last year so I currently don't have a doctor. I have no idea if this is serious enough symptoms to go to the ER? I take my birth control everyday at the same time, I'm vaguely in denial I'm even pregnant. Sorry for the word vomit, any advice appreciated.
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2023.05.30 18:49 Visual_Contribution6 Two years since Whale Reports

This week will mark two years since I stopped writing my whale reports. True Safemoon OG will know who I am (DaddyByB). I wrote 67 days of daily reports tracking whale movements and overall SFM news; I had over 10k followers in the SFM community. I originally purchased 700B tokens the first week after launch for $12,000. This week I told the SFM community that the bear market was finally here and the "ride was over". On a normal night of reporting I would be showered with kind feedback and praise for the hours of time I was investing. Sadly when I told everyone the market was changing I was flooded with hate mail and various threats from dozens of people who felt I was their hero only 24 hours before. The amount of hate caused me to lose my shit and tell the whole SFM community to F*ck themselves and I was out! You can search Whale Reports in the SFM Reddit and find all the ones if you wanna see all the great times we had and the drama that ended it all. Originally I was extremely upset at the situation, however, I am THANKFUL to the entire community for pushing me away. I was able to cash out roughly $5M USD (400x-ish profits) . Had I continued to drink "John's Koolaide" my investment would be less than 90% of what it was when I sold.
For those who continued to hold, just know I tried my best every night for the community. I called almost every price hike we had within 2 days of it happening and even warned you that bad times were coming; feel free to look at the whale reports if you wanna challenge this claim. This week SFM also lost Trevor Ragnar, who was amazing at speaking and helped with initial marketing. He was pushed out by that goofy [email protected] Ben, which was another huge red flag of things coming.
I still check the SFM Reddit every day, primarily because it's better than having a Netflix account. The desperation and cult following have grown SO much over the past couple of years. However, I am honored to see that I was able to earn a place on that Binance Flag they were posting every day for over a year. Thankfully since the last hack, it seems the community is starting to wise up and listening to more negative feedback.
This last tax change should be the final nail in the coffin for the token. Being a deflationary token with a high burn and redistribution was what attracted most investors. Now it is a standard MEME coin like Safemars and Elongate or the other thousands which launched at the exact same time? If you are a holder what reason is there to hold? Why do you think Safemoon is different than the other thousand meme coins with the same tokenomics? Do you think that every shit coin will one day return to its glory? If I still held shit tokens I would sell them and take the loss for the purpose of taxes. I often see people in the SFM Reddit say "Why would I sell now after having such a huge loss". If you live in the United States you can 'wash' crypto gains with losses. So if you buy XYZ crypto today for $500 and it goes up to $5000 when you sell, then you are required to pay tax on the $4,500 gained. However, if you sell your SFM for a $3000 loss, you can apply that towards the $4500 gained. Now you are paying taxes on $1500 of profits instead of $4500. I would highly recommend you folks use the free version of Koinly or other crypto tax software to track your profits/losses to see what tax effect you would get by taking the loss in SFM.
On a final note, I want to thank the admins who created this SFMInvesting Reddit. For a long period of time, the mods in the SFM Reddit were killing ALL negative comments and feedback. This is a great space for people to share the true viewpoints of SFM. Thanks to all of those who were truly nice and cared about those reports written 2 years ago, which is nuts to think it's been that long.
Much Love
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2023.05.30 18:29 privideniyeboy Nail in the coffin for tanks?

Is it just me or adding the new reaper weapons really made tanks obsolete we already have the rust weapons that stop tanks from healing and now we have a new weapon that completely negates defense points and what makes it worse is that pixonic are making no new tank bots now all you have are super fast dps bots roaming the battle field now making tank robots less and less prevalent.
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2023.05.30 17:59 prettylilpeach00 I need to know if I’m being crazy here…

I need to know if I’m being crazy here…
I’ve had my vacation submitted for probably two maybe three months now? In that time I’ve had my availability pretty much reduced to nothing cause I’m working a second job and getting settled in there, deciding if it’s the right fit for me. Anyways, it’s a long vacation so I wanted to give a reasonable amount of notice, I think I’ve had it in for quite some time. Today, after it sitting for weeks, my manager denied it.
I’ll level with ya’ll I’m not gonna be on the island I live on or even within like an 8 hour drive of my store.
Everyone is expecting me to leave, and this is really the nail in the coffin. I only take one trip a year and he’s had plenty of notice to sort it out on his end. How should I go about this?
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2023.05.30 17:26 soleful_barbie Pink soles & nail polish

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2023.05.30 17:04 WhatNow_9396 Rubber Gel?!

Rubber Gel?!
So I just discovered this rubber gel through an instagram post and I’m fully obsessed!! Watch videos before application because if product touches your skin you can get blisters.
Overall it is amazing, it’s like wearing acrylic! It’s a thick product so you have to work it but nothing a little YouTube college can’t teach 😂
So if you have fragile nails this rubber gel is perfect for you!!
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2023.05.30 16:34 Metal_Florida Day T. Florida rock community’s top voted song starting with T

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2023.05.30 15:48 Katt-96 Acrylic nails and semi-permanent enamel with decoration 🤩

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2023.05.30 14:37 98NSX Kiss acrylic kit diy lifting. Help!

I filled my at home acrylic nails last week and they are already lifting. I can't stand them getting stuck in my hair. I use alcohol prep pads before starting, the nail primer, everything but they still lifted. Any tips/tricks? When I filled them I removed all the previous lifting with a cuticle cutter. Should I cut off the lifting and fill them again, remove all and start over, or is there something I can do to keep them on but seal in the lifting, or a different brand? Very much appreciated! (Using Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit)
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2023.05.30 14:07 Ralfop PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nail

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2023.05.30 14:00 Topusshop Moon Design Nails With Rhinestones Short Nails Acrylic

Moon Design Nails With Rhinestones Short Nails Acrylic

Moon Design Nails with Rhinestones: A Stunning Choice for Short Nails with Acrylic

Moon Design Nails

Moon Design Nails

Moon Design Nails

Moon Design Nails

Moon Design Nails

Moon Design Nails

When it comes to nail art, there's an endless array of possibilities to express your personal style and enhance the beauty of your hands. Moon design nails with rhinestones are a trendy and glamorous choice, particularly for those with short nails looking to make a statement. Combining the elegance of moon-shaped designs with the sparkle of rhinestones, this acrylic nail art is bound to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Moon design nails, also known as half-moon nails, feature a crescent shape at the base of the nail, leaving the rest of the nail bed exposed. This unique design has gained popularity due to its versatility and ability to complement different nail lengths. While moon design nails are often associated with longer nails, they can be equally striking on short nails, thanks to the right choice of colors and embellishments.

To create moon design nails on short nails with acrylic, you'll need to visit a professional nail technician who specializes in nail art. They will apply acrylic extensions or sculpt the acrylic directly onto your natural nails to create the desired length and shape. Short nails are ideal for this design because they provide a compact canvas where the moon-shaped design and rhinestones can shine brightly.

The moon design can be customized to match your preferences and personal style. You can opt for a classic white moon against a natural nail base for an elegant and minimalistic look. Alternatively, you can experiment with vibrant colors, such as deep reds, rich blues, or bold metallic shades, to add a pop of excitement to your nails. The choice of color largely depends on your individual taste and the occasion you're attending.

Rhinestones play a vital role in elevating the allure of moon design nails. These tiny, sparkling gems can be strategically placed along the border of the moon shape or scattered across the nail bed to create a dazzling effect. Rhinestones come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to customize the design further. You can choose to go for a subtle and refined look with small, clear rhinestones, or make a bold statement with larger, colored stones that complement your chosen nail polish.

When it comes to maintenance, moon design nails with rhinestones on short nails require some attention to preserve their longevity and beauty. Regularly moisturizing your cuticles and nails will keep them healthy and prevent dryness. It's also essential to avoid using your nails as tools to prevent any accidental damage. With proper care, your moon design nails will continue to impress and add a touch of elegance to your overall appearance.

Whether you're attending a special event or simply want to elevate your everyday look, moon design nails with rhinestones on short nails are a fantastic choice. They combine the sophistication of the crescent moon shape with the captivating sparkle of rhinestones, resulting in a stunning and eye-catching manicure. Visit a skilled nail technician to bring your nail art vision to life and let your short nails shine with acrylic moon designs and radiant rhinestones.
#usa #beauty #nail u/usa
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2023.05.30 13:53 Topusshop Moon Design Nails With Rhinestones Short Nails Acrylic

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2023.05.30 13:26 ohgodwhyalwaysme [Explorer] BO3 Rogues: The Anti-Anti-Rakdos Deck

First time doing a write up and doing it on mobile, so apologies if there are any formatting issues. Also I’m not the most updated with the meta, so my experiences are purely anecdotal and may not be the most accurate.
This is my first time getting to mythic rank ever since I started playing in 2019, mainly because I don’t enjoy the grind and I usually stop at platinum to switch to Historic Brawl. However, I really enjoyed the play style of Rogues and managed to hit platinum pretty early on, so over the course of the month I slowly made my way up the ladder, usually playing 1 or 2 matches every other day before finally reaching mythic with a 29-7 record (1 match wasn’t recorded because I accidentally closed Untapped).
Out of the 7 losses, 5 were to Rakdos Midrange, 1 to Boros Convoke, and 1 to Greasefang. As you can see, Rogues does pretty badly against Rakdos, although I find the matchup to be interesting and the games to be very close (most of my games went 1-2). With such a terrible matchup against a meta deck, why play it? The main reason is because the deck does well against the decks that try to go bigger and over Rakdos (e.g., Keruga Fires, Mono Green), so you can probably call it the anti-anti-Rakdos deck. The deck is also capable at playing at instant speed 90% of the time and our threats/answers are much more efficient than that of control decks, making them a good matchup for Rogues as well.
Rakdos Midrange: unfavored
Even though untapped shows my record as 1-5, the one win is against Rakdos Sacrifice (which I don’t have enough experience playing against and won’t comment on) so in reality I am at a 0% win rate against Rakdos Midrange. Basically, the deck has efficient answers (Fatal Push, Bonecrusher) and threats that are built in 2 for 1s (Trespasser, Fable) that makes it hard for the Rogues deck to keep up with. The nail on the coffin though is Kroxa. A recursive threat that weakens our entire game plan (threats, answers, card draw) changes this match up from slightly unfavored to outright unfavored. Adding 2 Into the Story in the sideboard didn’t help much for me, especially when there were times I lost 8 life because of 4 mana Sheoldred. You could probably try to change the deck configuration to outgrind Rakdos (4 mana Sheoldred and Into the Story maindeck), but it makes the deck clunkier and I personally prefer the play style of my current list anyway.
Keruga Fires: favored
Playing against a deck full of >3 mana cards makes this an easy match up for Rogues as you can use the first couple of turns to develop your threats and out-tempo them, ending the game before their big cards come online. Even their most common sweeper, Temporary Lockdown, isn’t the most effective against Rogues because you could just EOT bounce with Brazen Borrower and make a lethal swing. Post-board they may bring in Supreme Verdicts, so it’s just a matter of not overextending. As long as you can keep Fires of Invention off the board, the Keruga Fires deck usually only has enough mana to deploy one threat/answer a turn, which we can hold up counters/answers for while we chip away at their life total with our creatures.
UW Control: favored
Both the Rogues and UW Control decks are looking to play at instant speed, but Rogues has the upper hand with a heavier threat density and more efficient answers. Postboard makes it even more favored for us as we drop dead removal while the control deck has to keep them in, and it’s just a matter of playing around Verdicts. The only thing to watch out for is a turn 2 Rest in Peace, which is back-breaking, but thankfully for both times it happened to me I had a Spell Pierce at the ready.
Mono Green: favored unfavored
The Mono Green matchup feels similar to Keruga Fires, although Mono Green has the potential to be a lot more explosive. If you have a Fatal Push for a turn 1 Elf it is probably correct 99% of the time to do so. The cards I’m most concerned about in the match up would be Karn and Cavalier, so I try to always keep up counters against them.
Greasefang: roughly equal(?)
I’ve only played the match up twice and went 1-1, so I’m not exactly clear who is favored in the matchup, but I imagine it’s draw dependent and that it gets better for the Rogues deck postboard. The interesting thing is that both decks want the Greasefang deck’s graveyard to be filled, so it can often come down to drawing the right threats/answers against each other. Faerie Mastermind is also huge against Raffine’s Informant, turning their loot into a draw for us. Postboard, we get more targeted graveyard hate and efficient removal through Ray of Enfeeblement.
Mono White Humans: unfavored
Even though I won 2-0 against the Humans decks I faced, I believe that the matchup to be unfavored especially with the addition of the Aftermath card Coppercoat Vanguard, which pumps and grants ward to other Humans. Coupled with Thalia, this can make our removal inefficient. Ray out of the sideboard definitely helps, but probably not enough.
Creativity Decks: favored
I’ve faced Izzet, Rakdos and Grixis versions of Creativity, and find the decks to be too clunky to beat Rogues. Just always keep a counter up for Indomitable Creativity and it feels like you’re up against a subpar control deck.
Boros Convoke: unfavored
The newest kid on the block, I find the deck to be very difficult to manage especially if they drop an early convoke creature on the board. The deck goes wider than the Rogues deck can manage and if it gets more popular, it may be correct to start adding Crippling Fears to the sideboard.
In the mirror, the most important things to watch out for IMO is knowing when to time your spells and what your role is in the match. I believe this version is also more favored as it’s a lot more streamlined compared to the ones I’ve seen from my opponents. I’ve seen lists that play Invasion of Amonkhet, which I don’t believe is good enough, and 4 mana Sheoldred, but I find these cards to be too clunky. Having mainboard Cling to Dust also makes this version of the deck better in the mirror as you can turn the threshold off for the opponent.
Card Choices
I ported a version of a pioneer decklist I saw on Twitter to explorer since 100% of the cards are available, although I did swap some cards that I felt fit my play style better. I won’t talk about all the cards, but here are some notable inclusions.
[[Faerie Mastermind]]: The newest addition to the deck and what I believe makes this deck more viable than before, it presents an early clock and card advantage all in one package. Getting to deal twice as much damage as the Enforcer and Thought-Thief early on without the eight card threshold makes the Rogues deck a stronger tempo deck. The activated and triggered ability makes this card a live draw even in the late game, and is especially strong against cards that loot (Fable, Informant).
[[Spell Pierce]]: This card has overperformed for me, as many decks look to be mana efficient and play on curve. Initially a one-of, I added a second and have been satisfied with its performance.
[[Cling to Dust]]: The flex slot in my maindeck, it has performed reasonably well for me, although it could be correct to replace this with a higher impact card like Into the Story, 4 mana Sheoldred, or Kaito.
[[Jace, the Perfected Mind]]: To be honest, I kind of doubted this card’s utility and considered replacing it with more copies of Kaito or Into the Story, but so far Jace has been pretty decent. The most common ability I use is the the -2, although the +1 isn’t flashy or seemingly powerful, it has been useful with slowing down opposing threats. If the game goes long enough, getting to -2 and draw 3 feels unbeatable.
[[Sheoldred]]: The reason why I had to specify 4mana Sheoldred in the sections before this is because this version plays the newest 5 mana one. I usually bring it in against the grindier match ups and flipping it basically guarantees a win.
[[Darkslick Shores]]: Another new addition from the latest set alongside Faerie Mastermind, you can never underestimate the power of good painless mana fixing. This land is secretly one of the better additions even if it’s not a flashy addition.
[[Change the Equation]]: Against decks that play red or green, this is basically a better counterspell. I initially had 2 in the sideboard, but cut 1 for Into the Story.
[[Into the Story]]: This card is glaringly missing from the maindeck and was even originally not even in the sideboard (I only added it in a futile attempt to fight against Rakdos Midrange). I have to admit that its omission may actually be a mistake and might not be the most optimal choice, and should probably replace the Jaces. However, Jace getting to come down on turn 3 and stay on the board as a threat is an advantage over Into the Story. It might even be correct to swap the sideboard Stories and the mainboard Jaces. Will definitely continue testing more to see which is better.
TLDR: Rogues is good against decks that try to go over Rakdos Midrange (Keruga Fires, Mono Green) and control decks but terrible against Rakdos Midrange itself.
Edit: apparently I have been pretty lucky in my matches against Mono Green, and I received comments that it’s actually a poor match up. Definitely can see why with the addition of 3 mana Polukranos, Cavalier, and Karn wishboard
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2023.05.30 13:21 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit

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2023.05.30 13:00 bysumex CREATORS: MARYAM NOVRUZI (Artist & Actress) - London 2023

CREATORS: MARYAM NOVRUZI (Artist & Actress) - London 2023
Maryam Novruzi is young , motivated , hard working and passionate about acting. Acting experience in Hometown Baku , Azerbaijan. Worked with brands as Carolina Herrera, Lacoste and Adidas.
Miss Maryam Novruzi is a talent from Azerbaijan. Right from birth, Maryam was gifted with individuality, being born with cleft lip syndrome. For medical support, Maryam moved to US to get for surgeries when she was 3-month-old. Maryam received 8 difficult surgeries until the age of 13 until fit to go to school, it was hard for her to walk and eat because of those surgeries. When Maryam was 14 her parents divorced and Maryam moved back to Baku, Azerbaijan.
Maryam’s difficult youth did not hinder her from finding immense love and discovering her talent in various arts, culture, and entertainment. From the tender age of 5, Maryam has been an avid painter. She is self-taught and learned how to paint with acrylics and at age of 16 and has hosted 5 art exhibitions of her own. Maryam is passionate about theatre, having taken part in local theatres as a child actress from a young age. When Maryam turned 17, she applied to university in the U.K. and moved at the age of 18 to realise her dreams. Maryam arrived to the U.K. with a small pink suitcase and dressed up for Heathrow as if she dressed up for the red carpet. In parallel to her studies, she actively started applying for castings and in 2 weeks after arrival she gets her first role at the Production! Maryam recently started to write to communicate more of her own story to her growing audience and social media following. Maryam has an aura of positivity and fun, and radiates passion & enthusiasm. Retaining these characteristics despite the setbacks she’s had to overcome is inspiring to many.
In November 2022, Maryam got her first lead role in the play KITTY THE WAITRESS, as KITTY.

more info:

A FILM BY Jesus Gomez
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2023.05.30 12:36 Ready-Host-5172 Did I get scammed?

Did I get scammed?
I bought something off of Facebook Marketplace - probably the first major red flag 🤦‍♂️ - and welp, I never got the product. It cost me around $110, and I sent him the money through bank transfer. His account seemed pretty legit, most of the items he was selling seemed to have their photo taken in the same location. After sorting something out, we agreed on $90 for the product, and $20 for "overnight shipping". Three days later, nothing. I ask him for an update, or even just a tracking number and he fails to give me anything. I do not want to share what I bought as it is embarrassing how dumb I am.
Anyways, I just wanted to clarify something to really put the nail in the coffin. If you are sending something with NZPost, do you always get a tracking number?
little text exchange with him
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