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2023.05.30 18:54 RarityWebkinz 21/F confused dog-like girl needing someone to help her figure things out

Hello!/Hola! Yo también hablo español, I speak English as well. My name is MeiMei, and I’m currently really looking for someone who can support me like my parents never have. I call myself a dog girl because I’m so excited all the time. To meet you, to do the things I love, to experience the world fully. I get so happy at small things like putting flowers in the hair of people I care about (you look so cute with it!) and reading classics. Something I never got to do in my earlier earlier years. I know three languages other than English so far and I wish to learn more soon! With that being said, excuse me for my bad English, it isn’t my first language, but I doubt anyone speaks my native language here, so I’m trying. I’m into so many things! And I can’t wait to share those with you and equally as happy good memories. Perhaps even together?
I want that strong connection of mutual respect and trust to tell one another really uncomfortable things. But of course that happens gradually, but maybe we might just get lucky and it can happen instantly? In all my 21 years of live I’ve only ever had that happen twice, but it’s such a wonderful feeling that I’d be happy to see if it can happen again! But if not, that’s absolutely fine, I don’t mind us gradually getting to that point if you don’t.
Let’s connect <3 !!
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2023.05.30 18:54 monkselkie Best fiber for knitted koozies?

Has anyone here ever knitted a koozy for beverages? I am going to make some for my family’s vacation, and I have found many excellent patterns, but I can’t decide what the best fiber would be between wool, cotton, or acrylic. The patterns themselves have no consistency - some recommend cotton, some the cheapest acrylic, some 100% merino. As usual, it seems like most of them are just recommending the yarn that they or their sponsors produce, so I’m unsure what the best option would be.
My gut tells me that a wool/acrylic blend might work best, since it has the potential to be stretchier and insulate well. The pattern is also for fingering weight yarn, so it would easy to find sock yarn in many colors that is a wool/nylon blend. Does anyone have experience making these, and if so, what did you use and how did it work out? Also, if it matters, these are MOSTLY for the purpose of covering the can, as it is the rule at the beach where we’re going, but insulation is obviously a nice bonus!
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2023.05.30 18:54 OkSecretary3795 What are my chances?

Hi guys,
I am currently a rising junior at the University of Michigan, majoring in philosophy and political science, holding a cumulative GPA of 3.5. While I am a US citizen, I have been living in Saudi Arabia.
Here’s the situation: the Saudi government offers a full tuition scholarship (including a monthly stipend) for Saudi citizens who gain admission into top universities. This is how I was able to attend UMich debt-free & this scholarship program is my primary means of funding my law school journey, hence my focus on top-tier schools. However, the program requires immediate progression to higher education upon graduation, meaning I can't take a gap year. Readmission into the program is extremely difficult.
My story: I’d like to apply my background in philosophy to foster critical thinking within Saudi Arabia's legal system. My goal is to earn a JD/PhD, to become a law professor and promote a more thoughtful, enlightened approach to legal education in my home country. I am 1 of 3 people Saudis with a formal education in philosophy (there are no philosophy departments in Saudi but there will be around the year I graduate from the program) I will be working with philosophy orgs in Saudi this summer.
So I’m wondering, what are my chances?
Major: Poli Sci/ Phil
GPA (as of now): 3.5
Softs: Effective altruism society E-board, VP of the club lacrosse team, & I am also involved in student government and a sorority (I intend to get involved in more major specific things) * University of Oxford (summer 2023 semester) * UCL or Oxford (winter 2024 semester)
LSAT: I started studying for this summer! I feel like it’s going really well so far.
Given this situation, I would really appreciate your thoughts and advice. How do my current stats position me in terms of getting into a top law school? Is a 3.5 super off-putting even with a great LSAT score?
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2023.05.30 18:54 Dogsb4humanz What are places someone might hide an AirTag on your car?

I had an alert yesterday that an AirTag was moving with me. The sound wouldn’t play until I was close to my car, but even then, it was extremely faint. Myself and a police officer spent over an hour trying to identify the exact location of the tag to no avail.
I’m freaked out and I’m sure there are a thousand places someone could stick this on/in/under my car that I would never think to look. If anyone has suggestions or advice, I’d really appreciate it!
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2023.05.30 18:53 LEV_95 Heartbroken and confused.

I (28F) had been with my now (now ex) boyfriend for 8 years. We met in college and went through everything together. We had such good times and hard ones. I thought he was the one for me.
We had to do two years of long distance due to him pursuing a masters program 6 hours away. We both agreed to stay in the relationship and be committed to one another. It was hard, but I knew I wanted to be with him and stuck through it. COVID and lock down definitely didnt help either.
Once his masters program ended, he accepted a job in a new city and I moved to be with him. That’s when I found out he had sex with 4 girls he met over tinder and had told everyone in his class he was single.
I broke up with him earlier this month. We said our tearful goodbyes. I feel so sad, and as pathetic as it is, I miss him. I feel so heartbroken and discarded. Why wasn’t I good enough to remain committed to? Why didn’t this relationship matter as much to him as it did to me, and why was he okay with lying to my face for so long while I uprooted my life to be with him?
I feel so sad and so lost. I just want to lay in bed for a month but I need to get up and work and pretend to be okay. I signed up for therapy and start next week.
I’m not sure what I’m looking for here. I just have no one to talk to without feeling embarrassed and stupid. I don’t understand how someone could do this to another person. My soul is absolutely crushed and my heart feels empty.
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2023.05.30 18:53 BurnerGem Two questions relating to my life situation and future financing

I have two different questions relating to my situation. I will try my best to be clear on the details with this burner account.
Question 1:
I am currently age 33. For much of my life I have received SSDI and SSA as a disabled child to a wage earner. Also got on Medicare at same time. (Disability marked as before age 22). My mother died in 2018. When she did my benefits of SSDI and SSA rolled into simply being Survivor Benefits. I've gotten Survivors since then with no issues.
Now I heard that Survivor Benefits are only for unmarried child. So I'm just wondering if I ever get married, would I lose my Survivor Benefits along with Medicare? Keep Medicare but lose benefits? Would the Survivors revert to a form of ssdi/ssi/ssa or I lose all forms of benefits? I'm mostly afraid of losing the Medicare as I could never afford the meds I'm on without it.
I like the idea of marriage for the more romantic notions, but if it would do that I want to be ready to give up on the idea.

Question 2:
I have not been able to work, ever really. I only have experience with helping a community service department when I was around 23 as a volunteer in their planning office. 33 years, no employment history that I can draw on. I had lived with my dad till 2020 so I was able to handle living off just my SSDI/SSA and then Survivors living with him.
When moved out of my dad's place to live with my roommate/boyfriend I handled the increase expense needed by tackling online survey work, like Amazon Mechanical Turk and such survey taking sites. Aside from no employment history and having to explain that. Most jobs I could get that wouldn't care about that, I would not be able to hold due to my disability. So that was my answer. With the low earnings possible there, I was able to earn enough to fill the hole but not enough to live on alone.
I was fine with this sent up and have been doing it for about 2.5 years.

This is all needed to go to the next question. Needlessly to say, I have no savings and have pretty much survived by budgeting my monthly around 2,500k of benefits/survey work also with credit card for periods between payments. (I've been good about never missing and fully paying off these credit cards and keeping them under 30%used) A balancing act I was good at and party because I'm lucky to be in a reduced rent situation as my and my boyfriend rent from his friend.
So need work history, no savings. My grandparent died last year and left me with 100k. I reported this and was told it would not effect my Survivors or Medicare. And it hasn't. I was mostly, again, afraid of losing Medicare cause though 100k is a stupid large amount of money in my mind I knew if I take on all my medical bills that would go away within a few years without any income to balance it.
Trying to get my head around 100k as someone that has spent my life in under 3k in accounts has been hard. I have mostly been putting it into different CDs as I thought about what else I can do. I trying to still live within the means of 2,500k I'm use to, because if I lose medicare I know most that money would be drained with no real balancing out.
In that line of thought, the question is about retirement funds. As stated, 33 no savings no work (so never did a 401k). Kind of self employed with side money from survey work only in recent years. Is it worth me doing an IRA at a brokerage this late in the game? (Can I even?) What does it involved that I may need to be aware of as a very new person to this?
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2023.05.30 18:53 GeneralGecko56 Why are some survivors so mean?

I don’t want to sound like a complacent, entitled killer, but i’m sick and tired of being t-bagged and see no reason for it. I can play a match entirely fair, no camping, no tunneling, no slugging, nothing, and the survivors are still so mean.
I played a match recently as Pinhead, and a Nea T-Bagged me consistently throughout the match for no apparent reason.
Whenever I play as survivor I never tbag, and in the past when i have i just felt like a massive loser doing it.
So, toxic survivors, why do you tbag?
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2023.05.30 18:53 GreenGator [Lowe] People around Bucks coaching search were incredibly impressed by how franchise handled the process. They traveled in-person to every interview, no Zoom. Insisted on breaking bread. There was a thoroughness to the questions, it wasn't just "Give me the Powerpoint." There was a great dialogue.

At the end of today's Lowe Post (time stamp starting around 56:00), Zach Lowe and Kevin Pelton talked a bit about the Bucks coaching search. Thought this quote by Zach was really notable as he's is pretty well-connected throughout the league and has never been overly favorable towards the Bucks front office. Means a lot coming from him that the franchise put their best foot forward with the search. He also confirmed reporting that Giannis was involved with in-person meetings throughout.
As they mention, they've still gotta prove that it was the right hire and Griffin can handle the pressure. But it's reassuring to know that the process went about as smoothly and professionally as it can.
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2023.05.30 18:53 CpaExamStresser Cancellation Help!

I'm very frustrated. I've spent more time on this than I can afford. I just moved out of state to a location that doesn't have Optimum (thankfully). We called and canceled well before our move, and turned in our equipment to the local store last weekend. We were told we had to pay through June 9th no matter what, so I'm well within my return window.
I got an email yesterday that I owe $72.44, which is more than our normal bill, so I logged into my account to see it. When logged in, I can't view anything. I don't have access. I assume this is because the account was closed.
I have now spent the better part of 2 full days chatting and calling these people. I cannot figure out how much I actually owe (you'd think it was $72.44 but apparently not) and how to pay it. Apparently, it is not possible to get a copy of my bill without going to the physical store (there isn't one in my new location). Every time I get a rep on the phone, they give me a different amount. One rep told me they overcharged and I'm getting a $28 refund! But the next rep said that was false and I owe $72.44, and offered to take a payment. I said I will not be paying until I can view an itemized bill, so she sent me to the retention department (why?) who IMMEDIATELY sent me back to billing without even listening. The next rep said my account is wiped at $0 and I owe nothing due to a "unreturned equipment credit" which I don't understand because I did return the equipment, and why would they give me a credit for keeping their stuff? When I asked for more info, he said "Can I help you with anything else?"
I just know I'm going to get a collections notice in a few weeks. No one can help me. Advice? Insight? Suggestions?
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2023.05.30 18:52 DarkOompaLoompa 30 [M4R] Midwest - Currently doing some grading, wouldn't mind some company

I am finding myself doing a lot of grading at home due to the days being quite busy lately, I would like to chat with someone while I do. I am Alex, I teach psychology in a community college. I am somewhat new to this, but I've been involved with academia and research since I started studying.
A little bit about me, I am a homebody who enjoys working out, playing music and reading. I've been trying to get back into videogames and I would love some help with this! I also have a dog, a german shepherd, his name is Bruno and he is a goof ball. I enjoy taking him out for walks and playing with him.
I really enjoy day transitions, as in, twilight, the dawn, dusk, it is just a beautiful moment which I aim to fully enjoy as much as I can, if you also feel like this, that's great and you have no idea how enjoyable that is.
Anyways, I hope you find this post interesting enough to want to pm or chat me. I will try to answer any questions you might have
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2023.05.30 18:52 sunflower_1970 [27M] Are these neck MRI results concerning at all?

I've had left sided nerve issues in my face, neck, and genitals (Just the left side) since 2020. I've had a lot of testing done, and I had an MRI done in late 2022. Is there anything here that suggests nerve damage? I notice it mentions mild stenosis, is this something to be concerned about? The practice I went to discharged me.
Neck MRI results;
Craniocervical Junction: Normal. Osseous Structures: There is normal alignment and vertebral body stature. Marrow signal is normal. Spinal Cord: Normal signal and morphology. Disc levels: C1/2: There is no significant arthritic change or stenosis. C2/3: Normal disc space and facet joints without stenosis C3/4: There is rightward eccentric disc osteophyte formation and uncovertebral spurring, mildly narrowing the right neural foramen. C4/5: There is a left paracentral disc osteophyte which impinges on the left lateral recess and contributes to borderline left neural foraminal stenosis. C5/6: There is broad-based disc bulging which slightly indents the ventral thecal sac, abutting the cervical cord and contributing to borderline spinal stenosis. C6/7: There is mild broad-based disc bulging without significant spinal or neural foraminal stenosis. C7/T1: Normal disc space and facet joints without stenosis Paravertebral soft tissues: Normal.
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2023.05.30 18:52 Nolllid How impactful is Skinny as a drummer, really?

Through my time as a drummer i always have had appreciation for Skinny's playing, specifically his tone on most albums and use of splash cymbals. But the more songs I play by him, the more I notice how simplistic and repetitive his beats are. In no means does this make them bad -- but it makes me wonder what Mushroomhead would sound like with a lot of other drummers. All this to say: Is Skinny a good drummer? What are some of his best tracks? (i personally have been fun playing along to 43, Solitare Unraveling, and Seen It All)
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2023.05.30 18:51 sunflower_1970 [27M] Are these neck MRI results concerning at all?

I've had left sided nerve issues in my face, neck, and genitals (Just the left side) since 2020. I've had a lot of testing done, and I had an MRI done in late 2022. Is there anything here that suggests nerve damage? I notice it mentions mild stenosis, is this something to be concerned about? The practice I went to discharged me.
Neck MRI results;
Craniocervical Junction: Normal.
Osseous Structures: There is normal alignment and vertebral body stature. Marrow signal is normal. Spinal Cord: Normal signal and morphology. Disc levels: C1/2: There is no significant arthritic change or stenosis. C2/3: Normal disc space and facet joints without stenosis C3/4: There is rightward eccentric disc osteophyte formation and uncovertebral spurring, mildly narrowing the right neural foramen. C4/5: There is a left paracentral disc osteophyte which impinges on the left lateral recess and contributes to borderline left neural foraminal stenosis. C5/6: There is broad-based disc bulging which slightly indents the ventral thecal sac, abutting the cervical cord and contributing to borderline spinal stenosis. C6/7: There is mild broad-based disc bulging without significant spinal or neural foraminal stenosis. C7/T1: Normal disc space and facet joints without stenosis Paravertebral soft tissues: Normal.
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2023.05.30 18:51 tar33m_ I must share my most recent expirence with an elevator.

I (17 F) was very close to my grandmother. She was a kind woman, who always valued morals. She would love a simple ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’. I had never met my parents, as they left me on my aunts doorstep when I was a newborn. I have always lived with my aunt and grandmother. My grandmother passed when I was 13 to an underlying condition called “Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy” which makes the heart muscle become abnormally thick. My heart was broken. She passed in her sleep. I didn’t get to say goodbye. But none the less, I had to get over it.
My aunt had a little diner that everyone knew. Our town was a remotely small town, where everyone knew each other. I loved working at the diner. Whether it was washing dishes at 8 or cleaning up peoples messes at 14, I would spend all of my time out of school. Speaking of school, I just graduated high school! Hooray! Anyways, back to the story. After I graduated high school, moved to New York City in hopes for new job opportunities. NYC is about 2 and 1/2 hours away from my aunts house, so it’s not bad.
My first job interview was for a nurses intern at the medical hospital. The interview was relatively easy, so on to the next job. The next job interview was in a huge skyscraper. I walked into the building and headed for th elevator. There was only me and another old lady. “Going up?” the old lady said, in her raspy voice. “Uh yes, floor three.” “What’s the magic word?” the old lady said. “My apologies ma’am, floor number 3 please.” “Very good!” she said pressing the button three. There was something about her. Something I couldn’t put my finger on.
The elevator felt so slow. “So, what’s your name?” I say. “Lynda.” “That was my grandmothers name, she passed 5 years ago.” “Aw dear,” she said, “I’m so sorry. From what may I ask?” “Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy” “Awww.” One thing I noticed was odd was she was facing the wall the whole conversation.
The screen above the elevator lights up. ‘Floor 2’ the automated voice says. A man comes in. ‘Ay, old lady, floor 5, and make it quick. Aight?’ ‘Magic word?’ she says. ‘Screw magic word aight? Floor 5.” ‘Aw, such a shame’ the old lady says. She turns around, facing the man. Her eyes get big and red. Her mouth filled with favor sharp teeth. Before you know, the poor guy is completely decapitated. She turns back into a sweet old lady, just as fast she turned to the the behemoth. She starts.. singing? ‘Don’t forget the please, dont for get the thank you’ ‘Floor 3’ the automated voice says. I go to my job interview. After I came back to the elevator, the lady is no where to be seen.
2 weeks later is Thanksgiving. I drove back to my aunts house and to my absolute surprise, my grandmothers sister is there. I have never met her, atleast that’s what I thought. She’s the lady from the elevator. I don’t bring anything up, but the I realize. I never thanked the old lady.
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2023.05.30 18:51 the_DukeLord It's been over a year and I still think about her

Not in the same light but I wish I did. I wish this lady didn't live rent free in my mind but she does. Or maybe I should just stfu already. Whether I get up or stay in bed she'll in my head. Not in a crazy way. It's like she's still telling me to do good things still. To always be the good man that I am. I know for a fact the feeling is not mutual between us. And let's face it even IFwe got back together right now. I still cannot stand her stupid retarded ass friends well the one's I know anyway. I completely trust none. And the underestimating me yea that feel good too. Especially when I'll throw that shit back at yal. But I digress, the point is this. I can go all around the world. Meet all different types of people. And no lie I would want to be alone. But if I had a choice of who I could bring with. It'll be you, it always going to be you. Until then or not at all I'll riding through by myself.
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2023.05.30 18:51 Jcs011 This guy just came at me for no reason in Saint Denis, he kicked my ass well and good XD

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2023.05.30 18:50 ammiemarie (MI) Grandma with memory loss "enrolled" in hospice last week, but isn't terminally ill. Does her living will trump hospice?

Berrien County, Michigan.
I am the POA for Finances for my grandmother. My aunt is her heath advocate in her living will, signed last year in July.
I do not live with my grandparents, but come to visit multiple times a year and stay for months at a time. My grandma has been exhibiting signs of memory loss and failure to understand her surroundings. She has been falling victim of fraud via phone and mail. It has been challenging, so I am making an effort to be with them more often. I work remotely.
My grandfather is terminally ill and in hospice care. A nurse comes to help him and check in on him. The nurse also sometimes helps my grandma. She really likes the nurse and thinks she is so nice, etc. My grandfather understands that hospice is palliative care. My grandmother does not.
On Thursday, I was called by her PCP letting me know all her appointments had been canceled and that she was enrolled in hospice care. Apparently, on Monday last week, she "signed" paperwork to be enrolled into hospice care. She is not terminally ill.
I immediately called my grandma and asked what happened. She said the nurse signed the paperwork for her. She said she didn't believe the hospice company would not allow for healthcare, ,just palliative care. She was angry I suggested that the hospice company is not acting in her best interest.
I contacted an attorney in the county. He told me they may be making a play for guardianship, as they have been known to do. My husband and I packed up and arrived here in town early Saturday morning. We are staying with my grandparents.
Today. My grandma is showing signs of heart distress, so my aunt came over. We called 911 and she is in the hospital.
Her living will states that she wants medical intervention and that in the event my grandfather could not speak on her behalf, her daughter would advocate for her. My grandfather relinquished his right to speak on her behalf this morning to my Aunt.
I called the attorney to ensure that the hospice enrollment is not valid, but haven't been contacted back yet. There's no way my grandmother was competent enough to understand what she was signing with the hospice company.
I am wondering if my aunt has legal recourse to speak on my grandma's behalf, disregarding the hospice care paperwork?
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2023.05.30 18:50 Emergency-Cookie7771 Food delivery in algeria

So i was thinking to get into delivering food (qooxy,yassir…) this summer in order to make some cash and i have no idea about it so please tell me what do u think about it and is it profitable and what are the ups and downs of it. And thank you so much.
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2023.05.30 18:50 Sickly_lips Family therapy is something they're 'looking into' and 'interested in' until I remind them that they need to make the same effort I am.

It's exhausting. When I reached out again after very low contact, I stated the requirements for me to engage in family therapy and maybe then have a relationship with them. They are exceedingly reasonable.
  1. They need to each go to individual therapy and get help for their unresolved issues.
  2. No making comments about my body, diet, clothes, or life unless openly asked.
  3. Respect my gender and use the correct pronouns.
  4. Respect me as the adult I am, do not treat me like a child.
  5. Understand I am allowed to pull back on contact at any time if they do not respect me.
This was last summer. This winter they said they are open to starting family therapy, and they've given me some excuses. No one practices across state lines (My therapist knows AND CONFIRMED WITH OTHERS as long as the primary patient lives in state, any guests do not have to be in state), it's taking a while, they've been busy. I get it.
But I have heard nothing from them about their own therapy and improvement. I sent them a message early this month in response to their latest 'we're working on finding someone!' saying approximately the following, after they kept just changing the subject.
"I have spent the last year and a half working on myself, my emotional issues, and my incorrect mindset. Family therapy will not work unless you all are putting in the same amount of work as I am. Our family is and was dysfunctional, and I am happy to keep you both at a distance until you two can confront your own issues and improve. If you genuinely don't know what needs to improve, I am happy to have a one time session where you join me and my therapist and I discuss it with you.
I know there are explanations for why you two behave how you do. Explanations are not excuses, and do not make an apology. Explanations, acknowledgement and improvement make an apology. And until that happens, I will not waste my anxiety and energy on this relationship. I need to be clear that family therapy isn't a fix it all button. It is going to be hard work, and you both have to put in as much effort as I am or it will not work. Please contact me when you are prepared to put in the work for our relationship."
And almost a month out... Nothing. Again. I'm not surprised. The moment you hold them accountable they run off.
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2023.05.30 18:50 LadyRhovaniel Success stories needed with poor latching ability - any advice for a desperate first timer?

Hi all. FTM, gave birth 5 days ago to my beautiful baby boy. I was preparing for breastfeeding by expressing colostrum from week 36 (not every day though) and freezing it in case of emergency. Labor was long but uneventful until it came time for the placenta to come out - no amount of drugs could release it, the umbilical cord broke off when they pulled on it, and I had to be rushed to the OR where I haemorrhaged almost 2 litres of blood. As a result, I missed the ‘golden hour’ that everybody tells me is so vital for breastfeeding success. Instead I got maybe 10 min. of skin to skin before being taken away from my newborn child.
Ever since it’s been a struggle. He latched and nursed a few times with a nipple shield (given to me by a nurse on day 1), but I find it annoying to use and he keeps knocking the damn things off. Since yesterday however he started refusing even the shields (and my right breast). He is often frustrated at being put in a feeding position (both laying down, sitting and cradling him, and the rugby hold) and screams like a banshee even before I can offer him the nipple, no matter if he’s very hungry or very calm and just displaying hunger signals beforehand. I’ve tried latching at every feed, but he literally fights me and just cries, seemingly forgetting about eating altogether. Because I’m worried about my milk supply and his health I’ve been using the saved colostrum as well as hand expressed milk to feed baby, using a syringe, a spoon, and the cup method (though it looks like I’ve been doing that wrong too). He is gaining weight because I’m expressing almost round the clock when I’m not actively feeding him / changing him / soothing him but I really want to breastfeed like a normal person, and not feel like I am a total failure as a mom for not even being able to latch my own child when everybody I know has had zero issues.
Anyone else’s baby have issues latching? How did you overcome this? Can I even fix the mistakes I’ve no doubt made?
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2023.05.30 18:49 Proof_Needleworker88 Can I use your garage?

I really want to begin an automotive project, but i dont have access to a garage. Does anybody in the burlington area have a car sized indoor space available that I could use for maybe a year? Does anybody know of a facility that might rent a spot to me? I toured the generator maker space last week and it seems like a great spot but pretty expensive and no large indoor storage. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 18:49 Sobrietyking Whose pov changed after going no contact

I'm 26 and as of few months ive gone no co tact and believe me after trying for years ill stick it out no matter what. But something ive seen in the past was when i would leave my perspective would change id feel liberated free and able to just connect with people.
when im around them boy all i do is hate myself ruminate and cant accept myself and my past. has anyone noticed or seen a perceptible shift in how they think after going no contact.
Its like because i didnt get accepted and did so many things wich were just reactions to what was going on i got labeled bad a freak defective etc etc that i spent years upon years hating myself my existence and dwelling in regret every single day. But oddly enough i feel like that when im around them i turn into a very weak unlucky beaten down loser has anybody had this?
Its funny in their eyes im some weirdo deranged loser who nobody likes and who cant do shit and will never have shit while in actuality they were the reason i couldnt get my thinking toghter was miserable stressed out and felt low, funny enough i'm very capable smart well read ambitious handsome attract the opposite sex with ease know how to have conversation and how to romance got talents so its just weird how a perfectly capable young man man now just was beaten into nothingness
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