Inflatable lily pad for lake

Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas

2011.12.31 00:28 greatyellowshark Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas

Joshua Tree National Park - in the Mojave and Colorado desert, southern California. Rock climbing, bouldering, camping, hiking - it's all here.

2023.05.30 18:39 Healthy-Possible-213 [CA] Is it worth pursuing support if custody is 55/45?

I have the 55%. I've been told that if both parents are somewhat low income (though my ex makes more) they will just automatically set it at 0. My ex also purposely reduced their hours recently after the custody change (they used to be primary) so went from making more than me to below minimum wage - I'm worried if I wait to file until later that they will have set a precedent of working part time. I used the state calculator and it's saying they would owe me 400/month if imputed at their previous income.
I make about 18/hour. I can manage, but right now I pay for all of kids extracurriculars myself and with inflation I'm really starting to feel it. Is there any point in filing?
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2023.05.30 18:38 BearsCpa Brake pads repair - where to go (NW side)?

Hey all,
I need to change my break pads and have been looking into Jiffy Lube/Midas but most of the reviews say not to trust them. Where do you go for routine car repairs? I know I can go to the dealer but that will be crazy expensive just to repair break pads
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2023.05.30 18:38 Travelsthroughnature Fishing for HUNGRY Trout ! Big Bear Lake Rainbow Trout Fishing

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2023.05.30 18:38 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 24 Jobs in SD Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Dakota Wesleyan Accounting and Business * Business Faculty Position Alexandria
CBH Cooperative Kitchen Deli Associate Night Differential full time plus benefits Belle Fourche
Tzadik Properties LLC Maintenance Technician Box Elder
Horton, Inc Production Positions (South Dakota): Assembler, Machine Operator, Parts Washer,Teardown 2023 Britton
Horton, Inc Machinist, Production - 2nd shift Britton
Horton, Inc Production Worker Britton
Prairie Band, LLC Hospitalist - Physician Inpatient Eagle Butte
Horton, Inc Machinist, Production - 2nd shift Lake City
Dakota Wesleyan Accounting and Business * Business Faculty Position Mitchell
Dakota Wesleyan Business Studies - Faculty Position Mitchell
Tzadik Properties LLC Maintenance Technician Rapid City
Tzadik Properties LLC Apartment Maintenance Technician Rapid City
Tzadik Properties LLC Make Ready Assistant Rapid City
1-800-Hansons In Home Sales Executive Sioux Falls
Eat Out Now II LLC Management Sioux Falls
BayMark Health Services Part-Time Program Physician Sioux Falls
Dakota Wesleyan Immediate Openings Accounting And Business Business Faculty Position Mitchell Alexandria
Dakota Wesleyan Immediate Openings Director McGovern Library Mitchell Alexandria
Dakota Wesleyan Immediate Openings Director McGovern Library Mitchell Mitchell
CareStaf LPN Long Term Care, Skilled, Rehab $1,600 a Week Chamberlain
Rove Staffing LPN - $2,200 Weekly Pay for Long Term Care, Skilled, Rehab, Hospital Chamberlain
Rove Staffing CNA - $1,100 Weekly PRN/Contract; Long Term Care, Skilled, Rehab, Hospital Chamberlain
The Skin Clique Nurse Practitioner: South Dakota North Sioux City
CDR Companies Pool Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Falls
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 18:37 b6t000l04 residence

Hello! Joining in fall 2023 poli sci. got in uoft but found waterloo financially feasible.
How does the tuition work? Do we pay in hlaf over two terms? Choosing columbia lake village is it going to be fine… Tbh i dont so weed or anyth but dont mind anyone around me. + i want to cook myself
Lastly, I want to work while studying anything works. How much can i earn minimum / month? SORRY for a spam of qs international student tho have canadian nationality
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2023.05.30 18:36 Aoj925 AITA for not wanting to go on my family vacation

For starters I live in a family of 4 which includes me 15(f) my brother16(m)my little sister13(f) and my mom 40(f) also I had an older brother 17(m) who passed away in a tragic car accident that not only killed him but 3 others which has really affected my family and the community we live in so let’s start my older brother was my best friend considering my mom had four kids it was me and him and my other two sibling but know that he’s gone I’m left in the gutter with all of it but my mom tries to power through and tries to still maintain a normal life by going out and taking family vacations like this year she wants to head down to Michigan where she bought a lake house and she would also liek to bring our two dogs 1/3 F which cool but sometimes they don’t listen but anyways my mo Pitched the idea to me yesterday and said it would be on the two year anniversary of my brothers death I said I don’t want to go because I heal different than my mom and I want to stay and think but also my family can be verbally abusive to me like my siblings will call me fat ugly and annoying and my mom tells me she hates me so yeah I would rather not go but when I said that she looked shocked i guess that hurt her feeling and she asked why in a sad tone I said because I would like it stay for the anniversary but she said she wants to get away a little background me and my mom HEAL DIFFERENTLY that’s the thing my mom also thinks she’s the only person who lost someone but she isn’t i get she lost her child but I lost my best friend so I don’t want to run away from it because at the end of the day I wanna stay a heal I like to talk about the situation it gives me closure and now my mom is hurt that I do t want to go but these past two years it’s been if she’s ok if we talk about him is she ok with anything that has to do with him and I’m getting tired of it she also said that I could stay but I would have to stay with the dogs which I don’t want to do because they don’t behave or listen the one year old will sometimes but the three year old doesn’t so why would I want to I don’t really care what my mo says I’ll find some way not to got so AITA because I don’t want to go on family vacation I kind of feel like I am because I understand that my mom needs support but I think I deserve the same support and not being verbally abused, so am I the asshole
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2023.05.30 18:36 Tmettler5 Is this legit? Does anyone have experience with this company? My wife wants a sleeping pad for her 4runner, but they are pretty spendy.

Is this legit? Does anyone have experience with this company? My wife wants a sleeping pad for her 4runner, but they are pretty spendy. submitted by Tmettler5 to 4Runner [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 18:36 NoobToSwift Works in simulator, but fails on iOS “… preparing your device for development.…”

My app works fine in the simulator, but when I try installing it on an iOS or iPadOS device it fails with “Errors were encountered while preparing your device for development. Please check the Devices and Simulators Window.
”. Why? Do I have to do something on the device?
I am using Xcode 12.4, trying to run the app on iOS and iPadOS 16.5.
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2023.05.30 18:36 Snoo-31913 Bigger Than a Bread Box, Smaller Than a Refrigerator - Facing My Mortality in a new tab)
I have been smacked in the face by the reality of my life. I have always been healthy. At 69, my blood work is perfect. I don't take any prescriptions. I eat well. I'm not overweight, and I am physically fit. I thought I was exempt from the diagnostic testing that, at my age, we are encouraged to get. There is something about a colonoscopy that just felt overly invasive. Moving past my discomfort and resigning myself to get tested would have prevented the surgery I am scheduled for to remove the colon cancer I have been diagnosed with.
Hard to feel fortunate with that diagnosis. But I did "luck out." The surgeon informed me that the tumor would be surgically removed. She mentioned that the operation would be done robotically, leaving only several small scars. I was also told there would be no need for chemo or radiation. She used the word "cured." Considering all possible outcomes, I feel greatly relieved.
I was invested in the saying we all have heard, "Ignorance is bliss." I found peace of mind in not knowing. A five-minute CT scan compelled me to come face to face with my mortality. For me, life does not get any more real. A diagnosis of cancer felt like a mortal blow to my entire being.
I am also left with a self-inflicted emotional scar of blaming myself for ignoring the obvious. I made a decision that ended up causing injury to myself by neglecting my health. The nagging question is, am I to blame for the cancer growing in my gut? It is impossible to know. I can only resolve this dilemma by exploring the depth of self-love and forgiveness and not allowing this self-judgment to define the totality of who I am.
Being human is sometimes an extremely messy experience, full of paradoxes and wonder. Things are sometimes very different from what they seem. We invest a lot of attention and effort in ideas that are not necessarily true or not in the best interest. We form opinions. Make plans. We project into the future. Our minds, like an attorney, help prove we are right.
That was undoubtedly true for me. Yet I convinced myself of something that was not only the opposite of the truth but put me at risk of something even more serious. What an amazing paradox!
Like most people, I have had some very challenging and painful experiences in my life. Those experiences, without exception, have all led to a deeper, more profound truth about myself, the gift of my life, and the gold of who I am. Those challenges helped to reveal the unhealed and unseen behaviors that eluded me. Behaviors that got in the way of living a more authentic, vulnerable life. Learning from this current challenge endures. As these behaviors continue to be revealed, I find my life more available to live in alignment with the most profound expression of the Divine—the mystery of life itself. The process of growing and deepening never ends. It is never complete. I continue to surrender to the unfolding of my life and allow that movement to inform me about how to bring forth my unique expression.
Shortly after receiving my diagnosis, a good friend invited me for dinner. I needed his company, compassion, and love. Feeling vulnerable, I needed the reassurance of human connection. He and his wife live on a lake. Seeing a bald eagle is rare but not unusual. As we were sitting on his deck that overlooks the lake, a mature eagle landed on a tree not more than 40 feet away. The eagle remained on the branch where it perched for over 45 minutes. That has never happened. I could feel the immensity of that gift. I could feel the mystery of life bestowing a moment of Grace that left me with a profound knowing that whatever the outcome, I am OK.
Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of life, I remain open to Grace and the gift of my life.
If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or call 732-208-2836. Also, please visit my website at
#cancer treatment #cancer #cancersurvivor #cancerpsilocybin #holistichealth #successfulmindset #mindset #inspiration #motivation #lifegoals # non-duality #psilocybin #psychedelicmedicine #spiritualdevelopment #love #yoga #gratitude #spiritual #happiness #consciousness #life #peace #nature #energy #mediation #spiritualteacher #consciousness #spiritualteacher #psilocybinmushroom #psychedelic #psychedelicexperience
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2023.05.30 18:35 SirChurros Is Alexa the best ecosystem for a mixed device family?

I’m an iOS user and my wife has a Pixel. We currently run a bunch of Google Home Minis around the house, but they’ve become useless, so we are looking for something new.
Nothing we do is that groundbreaking, but I would like to get more into automations.
We’re all over the map as far as devices go. I have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch AirPods and a gaming PC. My wife has a Pixel and HP laptop. I’ve been trying to get her over to an iPhone again but my efforts have been futile.
For shared devices we have two Apple TVs and two Chromecasts, as well as a Nest thermostat and Nest doorbell. Washer and dryer are WiFi enabled Samsung and I guess our GE range technically is WiFi too.
All of our smart bulbs are Hue via the bridge and I’m considering getting some Lutron Caseta switches.
I’m guessing that for home automation stuff, Siri wouldn’t even really be a viable option for her, correct?
I feel like I know the answer is Alexa, but I haven’t use her since probably 2017 or so and I know that the iOS app is garbage.
I have also considered Home Assistant but we use voice prompts the majority of the time
Any thoughts?
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2023.05.30 18:33 Moonracer77 Panjura lacking in quest

Is it just me or is Panjura lacking in quest I know most people in panjura simply trophy hunt to get growth or some of the very few places the give quest but it seems like i walk into a new area their will be like one or two quest but theirs other things around like nuts, Lychee , termite mounds, that could be quest but none pop up, or none will pop up at all. Only really good quest spots are Spined Lizard Lagoon, The big lake which has multiple places, and a few others but the rest is nothing almost as if they are still fixing some spots on the map. One of the locations for a home cave doesn't even have a location.
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2023.05.30 18:32 PoroSn4x 'The Immortality Support' - new Tech for Party Immortality explained

'The Immortality Support' - new Tech for Party Immortality explained
Hello everyone! This is a follow-up post to the video I posted earlier today, where I showcased a new way to become immortal in a party (and we did some lvl 28 ubers for the memes). In this post I will explain how it works exactly, and go over some of our troubles during the past leagues with this support.

What is Vampiric Link?

Introduced in 3.16, Vampiric Link is a vastly underused link skill that causes the leech of the user to apply to the linked targets. It gives the user overleech and applies the recovery from the leech to the linked targets instead. It also sets the linked target's 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech' to the user's instead. But the most important part here, is the FLAT bonus Vampiric Link provides to the user to their 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech'. To clarify, the base recovery per second from life leech is 20% of your maximum life. Using a lvl 20 Vampiric Link without any buff effect will boost this to 25.8%, before any other multipliers apply (the multipliers being 'increased maximum total life recovery per second from leech' and Vaal Pact).

Vampiric Link with Strength of Blood

Previous immortal builds were using the keystone 'Strength of Blood', provided by Lethal Pride Timeless Jewels, in order to get 100% less damage taken. If you can somehow leech 200% of your maximum life per second, you would be literally immortal: 100% less damage taken FROM ALL SOURCES.
Previously it was possible to reach this 200% of life leeched per second by scaling both 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech' and 'increased life recovery rate', but that got patched and with that, solo immortal builds got killed. It is no longer possible to reach 200% of life leeched per second using just the sources of 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech', the maximum possible is ~114% (details on this number below).
However, with the fact that Vampiric Link adds a flat amount of leech cap to the base 20%, it is now possible to reach the 200% of life leeched per second again. Our fully juiced level 32 Anomalous Vampiric Link with with 92% quality and a ton of buff effect adds a flat amount of 14.48% flat to our leech cap, which is basically 75% more leech. With this, it is possible to reach the infamous 200% of life leeched per second again!
The only difference with using Vampiric Link, however, is that the leech applies to the linked targets instead of to the users. The person that is leeching can not use SoB to become immortal, however all of the linked targets can. This means that we can have one person that stacks all of the sources of 'maximum total life recovery per second from leech', somehow leeches 200% of their life per second, links 1-5 other players in the party and those players will leech 200% of their maximum life per second. If those players then have SoB allocated, they will have 100% less damage taken, allowing them to go full glass cannon Zhp builds.

Reaching 200% leech cap

In order to reach 200% of our life leeched per second, we can invest in a couple of stats:
  • 'increased maximum total life recovery per second from leech', a multiplier to our leech cap
  • Link buff effect (which got buffed this league on the passive tree, huge!)
  • Vampiric Link level, each level increases the flat amount that the buff adds to our base leech cap
  • Vampiric Link Quality, using Anomalous Vampiric Link this provides 'increased link buff effect'. Fun fact: this alternate quality was bugged before and did not give any effect. We reported it and GGG patched it the next league. Thanks GGG!
Let's go over these sources and see how we reached the 200% leech cap with our Champion Support (POB above). To start off, we will grab the following sources of 'increased maximum total life recovery per second from leech':
  • 90% on the tree (Hematophagy + 2 small nodes in front, Vitality Void, Taste for Blood and 25% leech Mastery
  • 20% on Elevated Crusader Influenced Gloves
  • 35% on a Crusader Influenced Simplex Amulet with Life and Mana Catalysts
  • 48% on Replica Soul Strike (using a bow with '20% increased bonuses gained from equipped quiver')
This brings us to a total of 193% 'increased maximum total life recovery per second from leech', that's a lot!
*A quick side note on the usage of Replica Soul Strike: for those who do not understand leech it basically reduces your leech packet duration to 1 second from 5 seconds, since it gives '80% reduced maximum recovery per life leech'. We counter this by allocating the Slayer node 'Brutal Fervour' using Forbidden Flame + Flesh, giving us a total of '4% increased maximum recovery per life leech' (not 20% because we have '20% increased bonuses gained from equipped quiver'). Another way to counter this leech duration would be by using 'Divergent Life Leech Support', however we tested that and it seems that this alternate quality is bugged and does not apply at all. We submitted a bug report in order to get it fixed.
We also grab two link clusters on the passive tree, namely 'Empowered Bond' and 'Inspiring Bond'. 'Empowered Bond' gives Vampiric Link +2 levels and the small passives give us 15% link buff effect. 'Inspiring Bond' gives us 20% link buff effect if we have linked recently (in the past 4 seconds).
Using this bow

Immortal Support Bow
we get a lvl 32 Anomalous Vampiric Link with 92% quality (using a 20/20 gem, lvl 3 Empower, lvl 4 Enhance and +2 levels from the passive tree).

So in total we have 81% increased link buff effect, which gives us 8*1.81=+14.48% flat to our leech base cap of 20%. This 34.48 base is then multiplied by our 'increased maximum recovery bla bla' (this is getting annoying to write lol) for a total of 34.48*2.93=101.03% leech cap, which is then doubled by Vaal Pact to 202.06%!
Because these calculations were becoming very annoying to do each time we made a small change to our builds, we created a simple calculator to do it for us :)

Having consistent leech

Now that it is possible to reach the 200% leech cap, we need to find a way to make the support leech as well. If the support leeches 200% of their life per second, Vampiric Link will then cause the linked targets to leech 200% of their life instead.
It is very hard to leech 200% of your life per second, especially when we want to be able to leech when there are no monsters around (this is needed when your carry and aurabot are glass cannons). We came up with a couple of options:
- Self-hitting with the flask mod 'Damage taken leeched as life during flask effect'.
- Devouring Totem with consistent corpse generation (e.g. Corpsewalkers).
- Herald of Thunder Autobomber using 'Vessel of Vinktar' and 'The Writhing Jar' (and 'The Traitor' Keystone if not pathfinder).
In the end we ended up using the last two methods, as we encountered issues with recovering the self-inflicted damage (more on recovery in the next section). By combining the last two methods, we have incredible uptime on our leech. This is important because if we are not leeching for a single second, our carry and aurabot would die to any damage taken.
We scale the leeched life using multiple sources of 'increased total recovery per second from life leech', with the bulk of this stat coming from a catalysed, max rolled 'Wurm's Molt'.

Becoming Tanky

One of the main hurdles we had to overcome was making this 'Immortal Support' as tanky as we could, because it would be the 'weakest link' in our defences. Because we are using both 'Vaal Pact' and Vampiric Link, we do not have access to life regeneration or life leech. This makes it really hard to get decent recovery without having to invest too much. Luckily, this league introduced a way to become 'immune' to small hits using just two jewels, 'Bloodnotch' and 'Immutable Force'. If you don't understand how these work by now, I heavily recommend checking them out because together they form a very strong defence layer. This combo becomes even stronger if you also include the Champion node 'First to Strike, Last to Fall' with the Stun Mastery 'Gain Adrenaline when stunned'.
We started using this combo on the third day of Crucible start, and have been very tanky ever since. Because we have an aurabot as well, our main defences would be (with non-optimal gear):
  • 4.6k Life
  • 89% Elemental Resistances
  • 75% Chaos Resistance
  • 200k Armour
  • Fortify
  • Taunt
  • 85% suppression
Together with 'Vaal Arctic Armour', this was enough to tank Uber Maven Memory Games.

Abusing Immortality on Carry and Aurabot

We could now build a DPS carry and an Aurabot as absolute glass cannons. This means that after equipping a Lethal Pride and allocating the 'Strength of Blood' nodes, these builds would not have to invest into ANY defence. This resulted in some crazy builds, pushing our total burst damage to somewhere between 3 and 5 billion dps using Stormbind.
For the carry we decided on using a power charge stacking Occultist, mostly because A) our carry really likes playing Occultist and B) it allows for some crazy AoE scaling which is really good for Stormbind. The carry uses righteous fire (which deals no damage because 100% less damage taken), reverses 50% of their life for 'Pain Attunement' and uses 'The Annihilating Light' without capping their resists.
Being Zhp allows the aurabot to not invest into any defences. This means that our aurabot was using 'Eldritch Battery' to easily support one of their auras with 'Divine Blessing' without investing in 'Reduced mana cost'. The aurabot also picks up as much 'increased aura effect' as possible, and uses three 'Voices' setups with small reservation clusters. Also most of the auras are supported with 'Generosity', because the aurabot has no use for defences. This causes most of our defensive auras to reach 190%+ aura effect.
2-man party play:
Technically it is possible to play this support without an aurabot, however you would need to change a lot of stuff and have better gear for the Immortality support. The passive tree for the support is quite tight, and so is the gearing. However, I do think it is possible to do with more investment.


- Immortal Support (Champion):
- Zhp Stormbind Carry (Occultist, still on a 4link):
- Zhp Aurabot (Ascendant):
- Zhp Markbot (Deadeye):

(Accidental?) stealth nerfs at Crucible League Launch

Originally we had slightly different plans for our league start. Instead of using a Champion, we wanted to use a Pathfinder since the new life flask node would solve our recovery issues. However, we were under the assumption that the buff that Vampiric Link provides would stack PER PLAYER LINKED. This would mean that 1 link would give a flat bonus of ~+14% to our base leech cap, but 2 links would give us 28%. In the previous leagues, this was how Vampiric Link worked. However, as soon as we hit act 5 on league start we wanted to confirm if it was still the case since GGG did some changes to the link skills on the passive tree. And to our disappointment we discovered that it no longer stacked.
You see, because the buff was stacking per link we did not have to use Replica Soul Rtrike, which in turn meant that we did not have to allocate the Slayer node in order to increase our leech duration. But because GGG changed the way link skills work (without putting it in the patch notes, if they even knew Vampiric Link buff stacked in the first place), we had to change our plans to a Champion instead using the Forbidden Jewels.

3.19: Lake of Kalandra Changes

We originally created this comp in Lake of Kalandra League, where we decided to do this in a private league with ~10 people playing. We wanted to do a 6-man party, so that meant we first had to farm 5 Lethal Prides PainChamp. In Kalandra league, the buff of Vampiric Link still stacked so we had a very easy time hitting the 200% leech cap. We were also playing as a Trickster instead of a Champion, using 'Coruscating Elixir' in order to utilize ES instead of Life solving our recovery issues. We also used mirrored jewellery with 'increased curse effect on you' and used self-curse Temp Chains in order to increase both our link duration and (potentially) leech duration.
However, back then we did not have the link QOL that we have now (link two targets as once) and keeping up 5 links in a 6 man party was very hectic and stressful, especially in a bossing scenario. It was, however, a ton of fun to pull that off in a private league!

Solo Immortality

We did some more theorycrafting in order to find out if this tech can be used for a solo build. WARNING: The following tech is extremely scuffed, we do not recommend doing this.
The main issue with doing this for a solo build is that fact that you still need to use Vampiric Link in order to reach 200% leech cap. This means that you are going to have to link to your minions. However, if your minions die you will also die.
We discovered that it is possible to link to your minions with Vampiric Link, fill a leech packet with enough leech to last for 5+ seconds (longer with temporal chains, slayer, divergent life leech support which is still bugged and doesnt work) and then weapon swap back. Weapon swapping desummons the minions, but does not cause you to die. You then have immortality for the full duration of the leech, and once it expires you have to weapon swap (preferably to a 'summons spectral spirits' essence weapon), link, leech and weapon swap back. Very scuffed, and it requires further testing for sure!


This was quite the journey, over the past 6 months me and 2 of my close friends spent countless hours coming up and testing these builds! I'm glad to finally make this post and reveal our tech to the rest of the player-base, hopefully you all get to play this before GGG patches it :)
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.30 18:32 JustDanielJuice Loras Flowers, the Black Crane, Bastard of Red Lake (+AC)

Character Name and House: Loras Flowers (Crane)
Age: 19
Appearance: Despite being born of a union between Andal and Valyrian, Loras’ appearance hardly reflects the mixed parentage. His hair is made up of the jet black semi-curls of his father, and his face largely resembles him as well. His eyes are the deep cerulean common among Cranes. Physically, Loras is tall, with broad shoulders and an athletic frame, which can be accredited to his days horse riding and training. His skin is tanned due to hours spent in Red Lake, though his face is prone to burning.
Gift: Duelist
Skills: Swords (M), Knightly, Riding
Talent(s): Fishing, Being Handsome, Attention Seeking
Starting Title(s): Ser, Bastard of Red Lake, the Black Crane, Wielder of Epitaph
Starting Location: Red Lake
Family Tree:
Alternate Characters: Lyonel Reyne
Character Name and House: Brandon Flowers of House Crane
Age: 19
Appearance: His eyes are purple and his hair is white. Pretty handsome too if you ask me
Gift: Agility
Skills: Swords, Shields
Talent(s): harp playin and poem writin
Starting Title(s): The White Crane
Starting Location: Red Lake
Family Tree: same as above
Say My Name, With Your Sunlight Veins - Birth
They came into the world together, not even a minute apart from each other. One bore the cerulean eyes of his father, dark pools of moonlit sapphire. The other’s burned the lavish purple of their mother. The color of royalty, of privilege. The color that heralded dragons.
They knew the warmth of their mother for so brief a moment. She was there, breathing in that instant, crying tears of relief and of anguish all the while. In the next, she was gone.
Then there were no hands to cradle them. No whispers to coddle them. No lips to kiss them asleep. Only the ambivalent touch of a maester, and the hollow replacement of a wet nurse.
They cried, although they did not know their own sadness. They laughed, although they did not yet know humor. And for those silent months where a city held its breath, they learned to breathe. One puff in, one puff out, in perfect unison.
One Step Away From Crying - Months After Birth
When the war was finally over, the King’s City knew laughter again. It also recalled despair. Sons returned to their mothers, husbands to their wives, brothers embraced their sisters. But for every heartfelt reunion there were twice as many funerals.
Not every life was lost on the battlefield.
When Arthur Crane arrived at the capitol, he stormed the halls of the Red Keep searching for his lady love. He was all too late. She was gone, meeting the seven Gods in their Kingdom. All she had left were the twins, and a message upon her lips that left the Reachman cold and stiff.
He did not stay long enough for the parades. He didn’t care for a soldier’s honors. He didn’t want for medals, or titles, or ceremonies. The only thing he yearned for was lost to him. Forever. He remained to meet with the new King. He said the words, he was dismissed. He gathered his two sons, the boys Viserra had left to him. And he was gone, down the roseroad. Back to face his fate, his family, and his failures.
Running Through the Cold Air, Searching for Our Meaning - Young Childhood
They made it to Red Lake, the boys born of a love forbidden. The castle was not so large as the one they’d come from, though to a toddler it made no difference. It was there they met their brothers and sister. Garlan, the eldest, who always regarded them with kindness, even if there was a certain distance to it. John, the second oldest, who didn’t seem to take much note of them at all. Braxton, the middle child, who found his greatest entertainment in the teasing of them. Steffon, who took a quiet interest in them. And Margaery, who was the closest to them in age, and never found a liking for them.
More important than any of their siblings, however, was the Lady of Red Lake, (NAME) of House (NAME). Of all the people impacted by the arrival of Loras and Brandon Flowers, the one most affected proved to be the one least deterred. (NAME), the proud mother of the Crane brood, felt the shame rise in her as she learned of her husband’s infidelity. Yet still, she was wiser than many and kinder than most. She knew better than to make children suffer for the mistakes of their father. She raised them among her own, treated them as Cranes of true birth, rather than Flowers of ill-blooming. And she managed to make a family out of them. They grew as close as any band of brothers ought to. And Arthur did what he could. Arranging for wardships with the nearby Lords that had sons of similar age. Slowly the pieces began to fit into place. Pieces that formed into lifelong friendships.
“You guys aren’t very good at this game.” Braxton complained aloud. Brandon muttered apologies, waving his hands about. Loras frowned deeply.
“You’re not very good at this game.” He countered in response. Braxton slow-clapped his reply.
“Very clever, little brother.”
Loras rolled his eyes.
He was right, the Crane. The twins weren’t very good at rats and cats. Loras didn’t understand why the rats couldn’t just fight back. Brandon didn’t much like the running away after he had been found. Their vices made for a very dysfunctional trio of game partners.
“Could I play with you guys?” A voice rang out from behind them. The three brothers wheeled their heads around, settling their eyes upon a young boy. He had sandy blond hair and eyes of pale gray. He was short.
“Who are you?” Brandon asked with a tilted head.
“Yeah, who are you?” Loras asked with pronounced suspicion.
“I’m Ethan. Ethan Shermer.” The boy spoke calmly.
“Shermer of Smithyton?” Braxton chimed in, “You’re Lord Cody’s son?”
“He’s my uncle, actually. But yeah.” Ethan replied. Braxton merely shrugged.
“Alright. You can play with us.” Loras decided. “But there’s a condition.” The boy from Smithyton nodded.
“What is it?” Ethan asked.
“You have to play the rat.” Loras said. Ethan smiled.
“I always do.”
You’ve Got Mirth and I’ve Got Snow Hands - Childhood, Early Adolescence
Loras and Brandon continued to grow over the years. Their friendship with Ethan turned into a true bond between them, and before long the three were made pages, cupbearers and squires. They served Lord Arthur himself, whenever he could be roused long enough to attend a tournament for their sake. Most of their training took place in Red Lake itself, against the quintains and training dummies strewn across the yard.
At a squire’s tourney the three boys are made four when they come across Addam Shermer, the fourth son of Cody of Smithyton. Addam is an idiot, but a loveable one. After some reluctance from the Lord of Crane, Addam is admitted into the growing number of wards in the custody of Red Lake.
It is not but a year later that the same quadrio is unhorsed in consecutive tilts by one Leo Hutcheson, the self professed Heir to the Suncage. He is a few years their senior, but their altercation sparks a conversation, which leads to a friendship. Leo is allowed by his father to visit Red Lake over extended periods of time.
In the next year, one Triston Bridges arrives at Red Lake after being removed as a ward from Holy Hall. He is slow to open up, but finds a connection in his innate ability to help others.
Jace Graceford enters a self imposed exile after being condemned by his father, the Lord of Holy Hall. With nowhere left to turn he arrives at the gates of Red Lake with nothing but the clothes on his back and the sword on his hip. He is wroth with any strangers, unapproachable at the best of times and outright petrifying at the worst of them. Triston Bridges vouches for him however, the two sharing a kind of connection that allowed them both to be vulnerable. Given time, Jace comes around to the Boys of Red Lake, and becomes a fierce protector of his friends, though he is still adversarial to most others.
The behemoth of a “boy” grunted as his axe slammed into the shield of his opponent.
Loras Flowers’ teeth rattled at the impact. Jace Graceford was a beast by any metric. Taller, stronger, and more vicious at arms than any of the other Boys. The bastard marveled at his power, and cursed the fact that he’d drawn him as his sparring partner.
The axe slammed down again and again. Loras checked with his shield. His forearm flared hot with pain from the effort. He brought his sword low to earn him some ground. Jace swatted that attempt with his own shield, then laid down the assault.
He made Loras yield, though it had not come without work. The bastard had been disarmed twice, first his sword, then his shield that he’d tried to use in its place. His knuckles were bloody from that poor decision, but he took Jace’s outstretched hand all the same. After the fighting they were brothers. No matter what.
They watched the rest of the Boys spar after their match was over. Addam bested Brandon. Steffon defeated Ethan. Then it was time for Triston and Leo. Bridges was no match for Hutcheson, not really, but no one ever got better fighting someone they knew they could beat. It went as it always did, Leo’s extra size, experience, and finesse worked circles around the slighter built Triston. Instead of yielding, the redhead kept on coming, even after he’d been smacked in the chest and head. Loras remembered a time where that would have set Jace off, sent him into a frenzy that only Triston could pull him out of. Now they all had that kind of bond.
When it was over, Leo’s hand stretched downward, and up came Triston.
After the fighting they were brothers. No matter what.
Chin Held Shut, So My Heart Can Talk Louder - Teenage Years, Present
It was all so sudden when it came crashing down. (NAME) had been expecting, her and Arthur had finally seemed to learn love for the sake of themselves, and not expectations. This child was meant to be the last. The one that carried them all into the future. None of them could have known how it would end.
She died in the delivery room. Just like their other mother had. And she left them a brother, who Arthur named Aemond despite his grief.
It was all so quiet afterwards. Red Lake forgot how to smile in the months following her death. Garlan couldn’t take it, his mother’s death only seemed to drive him further away from their Lord father. John finally stood still long enough to be spoken to. He seemed to regret all the years he’d spent shirking his mother’s affections. Braxton cried, and vowed to never go a day without praying for their lost matriarch. He kept his promise.
It took years, but they healed. It wasn’t obvious when, but at some point they felt joy again. They laughed, cried, won, lost. Life continued, no matter how hard it was, and new resolves were born in the aftermath.
Loras and Brandon swore an oath to each other, with all their companions at their side as witnesses. They would earn a name for themselves, as the Oldflowers’ had done, as the Vikarys had. Just as their mother had wished for them.
Jace Graceford, Heir to Holy Hall - Axes (o)
Triston Bridges, Scion of Red Crossing - Medic)
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2023.05.30 18:32 the-ultimate-gooch DDR pad with Steam Link?

I got a cheap DDR pad off Amazon and it's detected, but doesn't work correctly. The buttons all correspond to different things than their labels show, and it's detected as a different controller altogether, so it's difficult for me to really re-map in Steam.
It does this whether plugged in to the Steam Link or PC directly.
I'm ready to return it, unless anyone knows of a solid fix.
If I do return it, though: what's a good product to look into, instead?
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2023.05.30 18:30 Altruistic-Bus8425 Free-range parents: Advice?

Hi! I’m trying to figure out a way to parent that’s a little different from what I’m seeing in my suburb. I would like to get advice from other free range/independence-minded parents here, but without negative judgment toward any style of parenting. I’m worried this may be misread as disrespect to others, so please bear with me as I fumble with words.
We are European/rural America parents now living in a suburb close to a big American city. We have an only child who is 2yo. Growing up, we had freedom to independently explore our European city and rural Vermont-type hills, respectively, from the age of 10.
I want to give my stubborn toddler as much room to grow in this way as possible. But we’ve gotten a lot of judgment for letting him walk barefoot (in grass or sidewalks, with us scanning the ground for danger) and letting him run maybe 30 ft away (in a fenced-in botanical garden with no dogs allowed). We were playing in a clean splash pad-type fountain yesterday, and a dad dragged his kid away from us. There seem to be a lot of “no”s from other parents toward their toddlers without a rationale behind the denial.
I’m not advocating for parents to be just like us. Most parents parent in the way that works for their kids and family. The cautious attitude absolutely makes sense to me if the parent has mobility issues or is also taking care of a newborn, for example. What I’m shocked by is how much of a disconnect there seems to be between how we parent and how the rest of our community parents. I want to keep parenting in line with my values, but am not seeing examples around me as my toddler grows older.
I guess my ask is: Free-range parents, how do you do it? How do you parent a toddler, giving them as much freedom as possible while remaining somewhat within the bounds of a suburban society? Or do I just need to move to Finland?
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2023.05.30 18:30 BlocksUnited Building Wealth Using Alternative Investments

Building Wealth Using Alternative Investments
This is article 3/10 in Part I of our series, How To Build Wealth and Grow Your Wealth Through Staking. We’ll discuss alternative investments and how they can make valuable additions to your portfolio. We hope you learn something and enjoy!

Key Takeaways

  1. Commodities, like precious metals, oil, timber and wheat
  2. Futures contracts
  3. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  4. Stocks in exploration and production companies
  5. Infrastructure assets
  6. Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)
  7. Cryptocurrencies
  8. Collectibles
  9. Private equity
  10. Private credit
  11. Hedge funds
  12. Venture capital
For links to resources in the article and to see the FAQs, please read this article on our blog.

Types of Alternative Investments

If you are looking to build wealth, alternative investments might be something to consider. They can provide diversification and potentially higher returns than traditional investments, like stocks, bonds, or real estate.
It’s important to note that alternative investments come with a higher level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.
Some examples of alternative investments include:
1. Commodities like gold, oil, timber, and wheat can act as a hedge against inflation and add diversification to a portfolio.
These types of investments are often volatile, but can also provide a good return over the long term.
There are several ways to invest in commodities, including:
  • Futures Contracts can be bought or sold for commodities such as crude oil, gold, and agricultural products. These contracts allow investors to speculate on the future price of the commodity at a future date.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) provide investors with exposure to a basket of commodities and can be bought and sold like stocks.
  • Mutual funds that invest in commodities or companies involved in the commodity industry.
  • Some investors choose to hold physical commodities such as gold bullion or silver coins.
  • Investing in stocks of companies involved in commodity production and exploration, like mining or oil companies.
2. Infrastructure assets like roads, bridges, and airports can provide a stable source of income and can be a good hedge against inflation.
These investments can be made through infrastructure funds, municipal bonds, or by directly investing in infrastructure projects.
3. A Master Limited Partnership (MLP) is a type of business structure. They are usually formed by companies in the energy sector to raise capital for expansion and growth.
MLPs are structured as partnerships, rather than taxed at the corporate level. They avoid double taxation and pay out a significant portion of their income to shareholders as dividends.
As a result, MLPs are attractive to income-focused investors.
4. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum use cryptography for security. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and operate on a blockchain.
Public blockchains are transaction databases that function as distributed ledgers. Transaction records are kept by decentralized miners and validators, instead of on a centralized corporate server.
These blockchains operate independently of governments and central banks.
We run validator nodes that create and verify blocks for Polygon, Cosmos Hub, and Kava.
There are risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency. The lack of oversight and regulation can make crypto investors more susceptible to fraud and hacking.
Plus, cryptocurrency values can fluctuate rapidly, so it can be difficult to value and predict the performance of these investments.
5. Collectibles, like art, rare coins, stamps, and vintage wines are alternative investments. They can be illiquid, however. That means that in the event of a financial emergency, it may be difficult to sell the collectible quickly or at a fair price.
Alternative investments, like collectibles, may require a high level of expertise to make money.
For example, investing in fine art requires knowledge of the art market, the value of different artists, and knowing how to value its condition.
Similarly, investing in rare coins, stamps, or vintage wines requires knowledge of those markets. You must know the rarity, condition, and historical significance.
6. Private equity investments are ownership stakes in a private company or a portfolio of private companies.
These investments are usually only made available to institutional investors or high-net-worth individuals. These investments are not publicly traded on stock exchanges.
Private equity firms typically aim to generate returns through a combination of operational improvements and financial engineering.
Examples are leveraged buyouts, growth capital investments, and turnaround investments. They are considered to be high-risk, high-return opportunities that are not suitable for all investors.
7. Private credit investments allow high-net-worth individuals to lend money to private institutions. These loans offer higher yields than many publicly traded bonds, but can be difficult to sell if you need money fast.
8. Hedge funds use a variety of investment strategies, like long/short, leverage, and derivatives to generate returns.
Hedge funds can be a good option for investors who are willing to accept higher levels of risk in exchange for potentially higher returns.
They are generally only available for accredited investors, having $1 million or more liquid net worth.
9. Venture Capital invests in early-stage startups and can be a high-risk, high-reward option for investors. VC investments typically require a significant amount of capital and a long-term time horizon.
Well-known VC companies are Andreessen Horowitz, Pantera Capital, and Sequoia Capital.
Alternative investment management fees, performance fees, and transaction fees may be high. These fees reduce your returns and should be considered.
Another important factor to consider is the level of expertise required. Venture capital, private equity, private credit, and hedge funds require a high level of knowledge. They are less suitable for the average investor, but alternative investments like real estate and commodities can be more accessible to the average investor. These investments are often easier to understand.
Diversification is key. Investing in a variety of alternative investments can help spread out the risk and increase the chances of achieving your investment goals.
In addition, be aware of the tax implications of alternative investments.
Consult with a tax professional or financial advisor to understand how they may affect you.
Alternative investments include commodities, infrastructure assets, MLPs, cryptocurrencies, collectibles, private equity, hedge funds, and venture capital. They can generate higher returns than traditional investments, but it’s important to understand the level of expertise required, potential risks, tax implications, liquidity, and fee structure.
Be on the lookout for the next article in the How To Build Wealth Series: Alternative Investment: Affiliate Marketing.

The information contained in this article and the resources available for download through our website is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, financial advice. We are not attorneys, accountants or financial advisors, nor are we holding ourselves out to be. The information contained in this article is not a substitute for financial advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation. We have done our best to ensure that the information provided in this article and the resources available on our website are accurate and provide valuable information. Regardless of anything to the contrary, nothing available on or through this email should be understood as a recommendation that you should not consult with a financial professional to address your particular information. Blocks United expressly recommends that you seek advice from a professional. Neither Blocks United nor any of its employees or owners shall be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions in this article, our website, or for any damage you may suffer as a result of failing to seek competent financial advice from a professional who is familiar with your situation.
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2023.05.30 18:29 hippomanicpanic Which of my plants should I use a grow light with?

I have 6 plants; Chinese evergreen, polka dot begonia, ZZ plant, snake plant, peace lily, and a global green (possibly golden, I’m really unsure) pothos. I’ve got one window in my room facing east so I don’t get much light. My mom just gave me a 3 headed grow lamp and I’m not really sure which plants I should use it with. I will say, the polka dot begonia I got on clearance from Walmart and she isn’t in the best condition, soil was very dry and the leaves don’t look great. I gave her lots of water when I brought her home & so I was thinking she probably needs more light too? The others seem to be in perfect condition but tbh I’ve only had all of them about a week. I kind of jumped headfirst into plant mom life lol Any advice is truly appreciated!
ETA: all the plants are on the opposite end of the room from the window (approx 12 feet from small window) bc of the set up of my room this is the only place for them right now. I’m pretty sure these are all low light plants but I really don’t think I get enough light in here
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2023.05.30 18:29 lemniscate_this Want to Automate Peripheral Profiles, but Can't Find Consistent Executable to Map

Title says most of it. I have a few peripherals (read: game pad, mouse, keyboard, button deck) that I want to have change to the correct profile when SC loads.
I can't find an executable that works. Mapping to RSI or EasyCheat maps the profiles only for the duration of those apps running, not when SC-proper runs.
Anyone run into similar issues and have a solution or work-around?
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2023.05.30 18:28 Travelsthroughnature Afternoon Fishing for Stocked Rainbow Trout Lake Gregory California

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2023.05.30 18:28 BlackBalrog24601 I’m hanging on by a thread, pushing through and I couldn’t be more scared of how long I can keep doing this.

Well, 27M here everyone. Quoting Bo Burnham: “My current mental health is rapidly approaching an ATL. That’s an all time low. Not. Not Atlanta.” This will be a long one, so brace yourself.
The last couple of years have been so challenging that I’m sure I may have broken a mirror pre pandemic and am suffering the 7 years of misfortunes kind of thing.
I picked a career that I enjoy, working as a software developer. I’m in a bad position right now, I’m constantly being torn apart between just mindless doing the job, which is what’s expected apparently, and actually caring about what I put my hard work and sweat in it.
I need to make a move, but things won’t be as fast as I need them to be. And that’s driving me nuts and I’m not being able to handle, along with the pressure that comes with the job. I wished I could be that kind of person that just handles work as work, but I’m too dumb or too mad to actually be able to do that. I need to actually be happy at work to be happy at all, and that’s a big toll.
My personal life is laughable right now. Covered in debt despite having a more then average salary, with close friends that I don’t see that often, and that I’m not able to be 100% vulnerable, given the dark dark place I am.
My family is…complicated to say the least. A probably borderline, narcissistic, fake news induced mom that drives me insane (also, we’re in a bit of a rough patch, which doesn’t help), a distant work induced dad and a recently friends with brother, that I don’t feel comfortable or close enough to actually count upon.
Oh, and I’m also the problem solver of the family, so yeah, that’s hard by itself. They’re not bad or evil, but I’m such a different person that each day it passes I’m relating less and less with them.
I’ve been battling depression and anxiety for my whole life and in the last year have been diagnosed with ADHD. Which is funny, right? I’m on treatment for a couple of years now (medication and cognitive therapy), but yeah….that’s not holding up as we should.
I’ve hit a blockage right now where I’m trying to find purpose or a driver for my life, but this is a void that I’m trying to fill for some years right now. It’s hard and scary living without one, but…yeah, idk.
Not only that but, considering I work remotely and just having realized that I haven’t left my building for anything other then obligations for maybe a month right now, I’m really being a punchbag for the loneliness. And dude…despite living alone with my dog, this is being a challenge to handle.
After work and weekends, I feel so drained out, that the only thing I’m doing is trying to rest, getting high on weed and maybe playing videogames or watching something. Most of the time I’m just endlessly scrolling on my phone.
I really do mask the shit out of all of this to everyone. At least to some degree. Currently, I’m being so torn apart that I’m not even being able to do it properly so. The anger is getting out. The self deprecation is getting out of control. In retrospect, I’m becoming a shitty version of Bully McGuire or something like that.
You know, I hate all of those things about me. But I do love some as well. I’m smarter than average. I do crave knowledge like a crackhead and I love learning. Most of my YouTube is science, video essays and analysis about the most varied topics.
I feel so terrible inside, that I am mostly a really kind and non judgemental person. I do have issues with people pleasing, but I don’t want anyone to feel as I feel because of me. At this point, I’ve just accepted that I’m this person.
I’m doing everything in my reach to keep myself afloat. I’m paying attention and trying to do the best with my eating habits, medication, I haven’t dropped going to the gym, which does help a lot and I’m keeping my self care routines as best as I can. I don’t know how much this is helping, but I know it’d be much worse without them.
My therapist says I’m too catastrophic, which I am, but that’s so embroidered in my head that I do loose the perception of what’s real real, and what’s just in my head. But then again, how would I not be with everything I’m going through right now?
I don’t know guys. I’m in a dark place, still swimming but I’m completely terrified of the question “how long can I keep doing this”. I have, at this point, chronic suicidal thoughts, but I won’t do it. They’re being hard to fight as well.
Fear is the mind killer. Indeed it is. But everything is so covered in unsureness right now, that I’m not being able to embrace it. And considering I’ve probably burnt out some times in the last couple of years, and still kept going despite all of this, I feel kinda a bit trapped.
I don’t know. I’m scared, it’s hard, and maybe that’s what life’s about. I’m privileged to have the life that I have, but that isn’t enough to say I’m happy.
And despite of fighting like crazy, even when I can’t do it, I do feel like I’m in a gigantic bottomless dark lake inside a cave, where I can’t see the light, but just have to keep swimming.
So yeah, bit of a rough patch.
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2023.05.30 18:27 sequoiaaiouqes Implantation or period ?

Hi everyone I need advice…
I have been struggling so much since I took out my Nexplanon in November of last year I didn’t have a period until January 2023 and the last two months have been unpredictable We are trying for a baby my last period started April 29 and lasted five days … Saturday, May 27th I had the most awful cramps with spotting TMI, but a blood rusty color I was shocked. My period wasn’t due for two more days making me spot at 8DPO according to the Flo app, which I know people get on me about the accuracy , but this is what I have to give anyways Monday the actual day of my period date the flow got a more of a light period the blood color changed I assume my period started, it just seemed like the start of my period possibly getting heavier it was more of a bright red and even a dark red… here I am Tuesday sitting on the couch and nothing no panties, no pad nothing like nothing is happening. It’s like Saturday. The spotting is so light pink and that’s it. I can’t see it unless I wipe obviously mentioning me, and my partner have been together for four years, and we do not use protection whatsoever. We only had sex one time this month may 5 supposedly a day before the start of my fertile days according to the app with ovulation day being on the 14th. Someone explain to me what the hell is happening I haven’t taken a pregnancy test because my body has just been so wonky but I’ve never had a three day period before. Any advice ??? Thank you baby dust to all ❤️
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2023.05.30 18:26 Illusion-Echo Looking to extend the wireless signal to a dock

Hello everyone we've got a place at the Lake of the Ozarks and are looking to get the signal from the house down to the dock which is roughly 30 yds away. I've been looking into the Ubiquiti Nanobeams and the Mesh Access Point I am just not really sure what would be best for my situation.
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