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2023.05.30 01:31 Individual_Letter995 Won't change to rcm ok tegrarcmgui

Alright I'm trying to mod my switch I followed kristofers guide to the very last detail but when I plug in my switch with the rcm clip and sd card inserted and try to boot up rcm it won't turn green please help I bought this switch just to mod it and don't wanna give up on it now
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2023.05.27 18:19 InterestingAd3114 Injecting payload does nothing

I'm new to all this stuff, but all I know is that I have tinfoil on my switch and everything was working fine. I needed to update my CFW and I figured all that stuff out, but the problem was when I injected hekate_ctcaer_5.8.0_nyx_1.3.0.zip after TegraRCMGUI 2.6 said RCM Ok, nothing happened. My switch didn't boot into the hekate menu or anything and I've done this multiple times before, just like this so I know it's not a problem with my switch or cables or ports or anything. I think I might know the problem though. I accidentally injected hekate_ctcaer_6.0.4_nyx_1.5.3.zip before trying to inject the other one cause I'm an idiot and thought I should use the newer one because I didn't know the updating process and thought I just inject that one. When nothing happened I tried my usual one, hekate_ctcaer_5.8.0_nyx_1.3.0.zip, and even though it worked just last night, it didn't work anymore. Is there a way to fix this and how?
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2023.05.26 05:39 Conrack36 I have been trying to install the drivers for TegraRcmGUI and I am dying to know why it won't install

I have been trying to install the drivers for TegraRcmGUI and I am dying to know why it won't install submitted by Conrack36 to SwitchPirates [link] [comments]

2023.05.25 09:43 Odd_Mulberry_6147 Is it a hardware failure or bricked switch?

My V1 switch randomly turned off and does not respond to anything at all.
What I've tried:
- remove everything from it (controllers, sd card, game cards) and hold the power button either 15s or 30s or anything in-between and try to power on normally
- charge over night with original adapter (gets warm = "charges")
- entering RCM mod with a jig, TegraRcmGUI doesn't see the device

I do have the backups but I'm afraid it's just not responsive at all.
Last idea - open up switch and reconnect the battery.

UPD: disconnected the battery for a while, it's alive and charged. didn't help
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2023.05.20 07:21 Aggravating_Role2581 Help Please, i am so lost setting this up

I am gonna get straight to the point I need help getting my sd card set up and I need help being able to upload my physical game copy to my PC so I can play it on an emulator. I am begging can someone please help me I have looked at everything, and when I launch atmosphere my tegrarcmGUI disconnects. I feel so defeated... please help.
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2023.05.19 13:21 No_Assistance7680 Switch save file extraction sanity check

Hi, I am looking to extract my save file from my switch from BOTW for use on PC emulators. I don’t want to run CFW or do anything that could get my switch banned. I am planning on using the folowing method: https://suchmememanyskill.github.io/guides/switchextractsaves/ and wanted a quick sanity check to ensure I understand the steps correctly.
Basically, I get a blank SD card, Then put my switch into RCM mode, use TegraRCMGUI to launch tegraexplorer. Select browse EMMC and copy the save file to clipboard and save it to the SD card. Then once I have that, (and prod.keys files) I can run the hactoolnet program on my PC to convert the save file I copied on the SD card into a usable form. My main questions were:

  1. Is there any risk of ban with this method (since I’m not using CFW at all)
  2. Are prod.keys file unique to your switch, or can I just use prod.keys files that I download online to decrypt my save file?
Thanks for your help!
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2023.05.19 01:05 gavvinn Okay so I updated the hekate, atmosphere and fusee.bin; I launch though tegrarcmgui on my PC. After doing a firmware update on OFW through settings (since my switch was already banned), upon launching fusee.bin from boot loader this appears. I am still able to run OFW fine. What do I need to fix?

Okay so I updated the hekate, atmosphere and fusee.bin; I launch though tegrarcmgui on my PC. After doing a firmware update on OFW through settings (since my switch was already banned), upon launching fusee.bin from boot loader this appears. I am still able to run OFW fine. What do I need to fix? submitted by gavvinn to SwitchPirates [link] [comments]

2023.05.17 03:05 saumon_rose TegraRCMGUI freezing when injecting payload

I set my SD card well with all of the files needed but when I try to inject the payload, TegraRCM freezes and doesn't answer anymore.
What could be the solution to solve this problem?
I couldn't find any ways that worked for me
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2023.05.15 04:10 Double_Development_8 RCM ok but inject payload doesn’t boot into hekate

Couple hours earlier my inject payload works just fine on tegraRcmgui Now I put my switch into RCM and then I can’t seem to inject payload into hekate anymore?? I can force it back into sysNAND but not hekate for EmuNAND. What can I do? Literally the RCM ok green logo shows and everything. Tried different cord and laptop. No luck
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2023.05.14 02:17 Gionas361 (Question) Turning on

(Question) Turning on
Do i have to use Tegra RCM GUI, inject payload, everytime i want to enter into the hekate menu? I kinda just want to put the pin in and turn it on while pressing the (+) button and not need to inject it everytime.
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2023.05.13 13:22 Thomas_Highway Switch won't start - Tried updating

Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for your help

I had my Switch on the dock and I picked it up to update it. Before I couldn't even start, it prompted me an error
"A fatal error occurred when running Fusée Failed to read boot0: 0x(Insert here some numbers)" 
I booted it to Stock Mode, and it went well. I tried to restore BOOT0 and BOOT1 from a previous backup and it didn't solve anything. I updated the files in the SD card to check if updating Atmosphere it could start up, but nothing.
I don't know what else to do. I've tried all sorts of combinations with the power and volume buttons.
Now, it just doesn't do anything. Hekate was reading battery at 95/97% last time it booted. TegraRCMGui doesnt detect my console either. Does anyone have any idea of how can I repair this?
Thank you so much again!

EDIT: Also, when I plug it in the dock, it's light flashes for a second and then goes off.
EDIT2: Thank you so much to u/Top_Mechanic1668 for remembering me how to connect it to RCM mode. I feel as an idiot. Now it turns on, but it stays on the error screen (mentioned above).
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2023.05.13 04:02 GlorysEnd TegraRCMGUi Not picking up RCM jig…

TegraRCMGUi Not picking up RCM jig…
Doing the process like this -
  1. Opening Tegra and entering in the hecate bin.
  2. Plugging in switch and turning it off
  3. Taking off right joystick and putting in my amazon bought RCM jig.
  4. Holding + (volume) and pressing power button.
Tegra can’t find it, I’m assuming it’s something with the pins.
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2023.05.13 00:04 Green-Sprinkles-8954 My switch isn’t recognized by my pc

I recently jailbroke my v1 switch. Now i want to download over usb. I can use tegrarcmgui but NUT or dbibackend cant see my switch. I made sure to use the last version of every software but it doesnt. Even zadig couldnt find my switch. Does anyone have a solution
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2023.05.11 14:44 blckbx fusee.bin and TegraRcmGUI - loading into emuMMC?

Hello everyone,
I'm just recently got around to hacking my Switch using the helpful guides provided by the community. I felt like I understood the basics, from using Hekate to load into emuMMC, the difference between CFW and OFW and whatnot.
However, when trying to install games using Tinfoil, I have a question: As far as I understand, you have to load the fusee.bin using TegraRcm to install and play games with Tinfoil. I tried it and it worked. But I am unsure if I'm loading into emuMMC using this method? In Hekate it's really clear what I'm loading into but not with TegraRcm. Also, why can't I play my games when loading fusee.bin with Hekate? I have all sigpatches installed and as I said, when loading fusee.bin with TegraRcm, everything works perfectly fine.
I feel like I am loading into my emuMMC, since when loading OFW I don't see the game installed. But I just want to make sure I do everything right so I can still play online and update my other games in SysNAND.
Hope you can help me clear things up
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2023.05.09 13:56 ILikeBLACKEDidgaf Mariko modchip payloads TegraRCMGUI does nothing

Installed hekate, i put TegraRcmGUI_v2.6_Installer in the payload folder on the SD card in payloads folder, it shows up in payloads button, but clicking/pressing it with finger does nothing, HELP PLEASE
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2023.05.08 02:20 maglen69 Stuck in the process - TegraRCMGui

Getting around to getting set up. Using the NH Switch Guide
Got into RCM mode.
Got a payload injector
After going into RCM the APX Icon doesn't appear in my file manager.
Booted up TegraRCM and it recognizes in RCM mode
-----Go to inject hekate_ctcaer_6.0.3 initially fails due to win 32 issue, press again and it gets held up on the thinking portion (orange hourglass) and Tegra goes into not responding mode.
Also have ran the "nyxusb_max_rate_run_only_once_per_windows_pc" registry file
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2023.05.07 22:10 shitakesilva Error during NAND backup creation

I'm trying to create a NAND backup using the PC method, following the Rentry guide. I'm using TegraRcmGUI to send payloads (not sure if I'm booting properly, though).
I did this steps:
When I try the steps to create a NAND backup (with NxNandManager), it's showing the following error message every time it is copying USER (at aroung 1,38 Gb/26GB (5%)): "An error ocurred during copy".
How can I proceed?
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2023.05.07 19:13 draxnez Gen 1 swtich stuck in RCM! Diagnosis help please!

Gen 1 swtich stuck in RCM! Diagnosis help please!
Hey, I was going to update to Horizon 16/AMS 1.5.2 in preparation for Tears to come out and now my Switch is stuck in RCM and I cant get any payloads to fully push. I have not installed the firmware update yet, so I *was* on Horizon 14 / AMS 1.3. All I have done is all I ever did. I booted back to Hekate, popped out my SD card (SanDisk 256gb) and started to work on things on my PC. I was working my job at the same time and I knew it would take a while so I powered off the switch to conserve battery life. Well I finish things up and now I cant inject any payloads. I've tried a basic clean install of Atmosphere, I've tried the SDSetup method with Hekate, I've tried JITS. I've used TegraRCMgui as well as just flat out TegraRCMsmash. (pic) I've had this switch hacked for about 3 years now, and the only time I had an issue SIMILAR to this was *after* a firmware update when Hekate hadnt caught up yet so I just used clean AMS until it did. But this is a new situation for my switch otherwise.
I've tried cables, as some forums have suggested maybe a bad data transfer rate. I've tried short USB-A->C, I've tried my 10ft Anker cable that *frequently* gets used with my Occulus2 for steamVR play, I've even tried the high quality USB-C->C cable that I charge my Occulus with to go from phone to switch with Rekado. Nothing will inject. Its reading as good RCM (see pics) but the end result is always just blank screen. It's currently directly plugged into the wall charger (Nintendo) to ensure its not a power issue.
Please, any help would be appreciated greatly. I've done a full FAT32 slow format to make sure its not a bad sector somewhere, and I've just got nothing else I can think of.
Pic to show the process, it goes to "Not Responding" until I disconnect the switch, then it shows Error RC=-8. I've also included what happens if I use TegraRCMsmash directly.

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2023.05.07 02:21 claigl “APX driver not installed” message when trying to install driver from TegraRcmGUI

Also went to device settings and I don’t think my PC is recognizing my switch at all. Using USB A-C. The cord charges my other switch when plugged into my PC so idk if it’s the cord itself. Switch is in RCM mode Any thoughts?? Ideas??
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2023.05.06 03:40 Prism-Eevee I am stuck at this step. I am supposed to partition my SD card but it is not giving me the option too. Help is very much appreciated.

I am stuck at this step. I am supposed to partition my SD card but it is not giving me the option too. Help is very much appreciated. submitted by Prism-Eevee to SwitchPirates [link] [comments]

2023.05.05 09:15 sg1990nsfwp Switch OLED Black Screen - Help appreciated

Hey fellows :)
I wanted to upgrade my Hekate, Atmosphere and System Firmware but I managed to fck it up..
I deinstalled with NXThemeInstaller my current theme (button said "delete everything", I thought like delete the theme for every category).
After trying to reboot my screen stays black, with or without SD card.
TegraRCMGui recognizes the switch but fails to inject a payload (RC=-7/-8).
After holding the power button for 15s and pressing it again the modchip starts blinking in purple, goes to yellow blinking, stays for a short time constant at yellow and then shuts off.
I tried deleting the 0...01000 content folder. Tried newest Atmosphere version.
Do I have to open the switch and retrain the modchip ? Or is it possible that I have to resolder dat0 ? Any other possible explanations for this error type ?
Thanks in Advance, have a nice start into the weekend
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2023.05.05 08:45 -Uncle_Pecos- Other methods to get switch to turn on?

Other methods to get switch to turn on?
Hello, Ive been using my V1 switch, which I hacked using the reentry guide. Everything was going smooth for a few weeks until a couple days ago when my switch died. Tegra recognizes the switch and successfully injects the payload, however the screen just stays black with the low battery indicator. Ive tried leaving it charging for a couple days with dock and without dock, using the official charger. Ive tried holding the power button for 15+ secs and then pressing again but nothing. Ive tried many other power + volume combos, but screens just stays the same. Ive also tried different payload injectors but no success. Tried with SD card inserted and without but nothing again. Auto RCM should be on, which i found out later isnt advised to have on. That said, any other ideas I can try to get it to boot into something? Am i gonna just have to replace the battery? I appreciate any tips. Thank You
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