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2023.05.30 18:44 Tenshixz Beginner- Difficulty to bring both hands together in rhythm

I started learning the piano 3 months ago, and I see that my biggest difficulty is definitely knowing how to put together both hands while in rhythm... so I wanted to ask if you have any tips or even materials/books that have sheet music to work on rhythm and improve it
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2023.05.30 18:31 PianoDaddy Hamein Aur Jeene Ki Chahat Piano Notes

Hamein Aur Jeene Ki Chahat Piano Notes Available On Piano Daddy.

AgarTumNaHote #KishoreKumar #LataMangeshkar #Learn #Music #Notes #Notations #Sheet #Education #Piano #keyboard #MusicEducation #Play #Songs #Lyrics
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2023.05.30 18:30 dragonkhoi any sheet music books that folks recommend for a beginner?

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2023.05.30 18:14 HawkinsEastTexas What you need to know about raising quail to sell (live, meat, eggs, etc) in Texas
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2023.05.30 18:12 AndreaB64 Printing Submittal Cover Sheets to PDF

UPDATE: looks like I was using Microsoft Edge versus Google browser and that seemed to make the difference.
I work at an architectural firm as a doc controller. For many of our projects, the GC/contractor is using Procore.
I have no problems navigating the platform as I have a fair amount of experience with it. Part of my job entails regularly downloading RFIs and Submittals from the platform to our project folders for project architects to review.
Recently, the process of downloading a submittal’s cover sheet from Procore has become an arduous task. Downloading the submittals occurs rather quickly, but their coversheet downloads could take 15 mins. or more.
Anyone experiencing the same?
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2023.05.30 18:12 No_Amphibian_7556 Sheet music for sign or piano tutorial

Does anyone here have this?
Cuz I didn't find anything in the internet :)
talking about sign I
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2023.05.30 17:46 desiderata01234 London Grammar's Cover of Bittersweet Symphony

Hi folks! I've been obsessed with London Grammar's cover of Bittersweet Symphony for years but can't find the sheet music for the piano accompaniment anywhere. I've scoured the internet and have found the piano chords but the accompaniment isn't just the chords so it doesn't sound right. If anyone has a copy or has transposed it, I would be so grateful! Thanks :)
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2023.05.30 17:38 May4321 [For Hire] Tech-savvy, detail-oriented, and hardworking Virtual Assistant/ Market researcher

I'm an experienced virtual assistant looking for more avenues to expand my expertise. I will do data entry, web research, copy and paste and Excel Data Entry, Data collection, Data mining, PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, Small Word Doc Creation, JPG to Excel/Word.
Here is the stuff that I can perform -
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I am very trainable and very open to learning new tools and skills. Email [email protected]
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2023.05.30 17:35 May4321 [For Hire] Tech-savvy, detail-oriented, and hardworking Virtual Assistant/ Market researcher

I'm an experienced virtual assistant looking for more avenues to expand my expertise. I will do data entry, web research, copy and paste and Excel Data Entry, Data collection, Data mining, PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, Small Word Doc Creation, JPG to Excel/Word.
Here is the stuff that I can perform -
Social media management +18 Social media management Run Facebook and Instagram ads Data Entry Canva/Photoshop Email organizing Cold email outreach Basic knowledge of Photo Editing/Graphic art Chat Support/moderator LinkedIn outreach/management Cold Calling
Here are the VA tools I use daily -
Slack Google Sheets Zoho Google docs. & many more
Deliverable Files -
Excel Google Sheets Other Spreadsheets Word Google Docs PDF Editor PowerPoint Google Slides
Why trust me? Honesty Quick Turnaround Quality Customer Support Efficient time of working On-time delivery
My LinkedIn profile -
Pricing: $150 to $300 per month depending on the hours alloted and the workload.
I am very trainable and very open to learning new tools and skills. Email [email protected]
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2023.05.30 17:34 May4321 [For Hire] Tech-savvy, detail-oriented, and hardworking Virtual Assistant/ Market researcher

I'm an experienced virtual assistant looking for more avenues to expand my expertise. I will do data entry, web research, copy and paste and Excel Data Entry, Data collection, Data mining, PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, Small Word Doc Creation, JPG to Excel/Word.
Here is the stuff that I can perform -
Social media management +18 Social media management Run Facebook and Instagram ads Data Entry Canva/Photoshop Email organizing Cold email outreach Basic knowledge of Photo Editing/Graphic art Chat Support/moderator LinkedIn outreach/management Cold Calling
Here are the VA tools I use daily -
Slack Google Sheets Zoho Google docs. & many more
Deliverable Files -
Excel Google Sheets Other Spreadsheets Word Google Docs PDF Editor PowerPoint Google Slides
Why trust me? Honesty Quick Turnaround Quality Customer Support Efficient time of working On-time delivery
My LinkedIn profile -
I am very trainable and very open to learning new tools and skills. Email [email protected]
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2023.05.30 17:16 NickelTheWise WILDLIFE CH. 1-2 pt. 3

"I said to call them now, yeah! Fennel's really hur- I said stop her! WAIT!" "Hey, we've got our own here to look after, screw this shit, this job is fuckin' hexed, man!" "Back to the van, anyone who can make it!" "Get downstairs, fast!" One of the few leaders among the mob soldiers and scum present had tried to maintain order, but their boss had not stopped trying to get free and reach Kari's body. She'd almost made it, but they caught up and managed to hold her back. "BOSS! Boss, Fez is almost here, we can still tie her up and get outta here, just wait a little while!" Her snarling growl rose to higher pitch as she tried to tug free, spittle flicking from her muzzle in a mad rage, clutching at the socket she used to see out of. The stinging, horrible stinging had lit her entire skull up with a fury-painted hunger to reach Kari's prone body. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! If she's still alive... haaa, god... if she's alive somehow, we pig stick her until she's coughin' up chunks of her FUCKIN' heart, then we saw off the head... aaah, and get the fuck out of here! FUCK the reward, she... aaagh god.. let me go, I can DO THIS! S-sstop..." The remaining men tried to calm her down and help somehow, blood running freely from the heavy scratches and gouges inflicted. Kari's still body seemed to still be breathing a little and Fennel pulled her buck knife out, still breathless with anger as she stepped close on shaky legs. "Pity... guess I gotta unzip you a bit, wake you up so you can watch this... just take ONE of your eyes real slow and make sure you stay awake, THEN we... then we put out the other one, slice off your limbs and just... haaa.. just let the steets chew on your for a while." A clatter drew their attentions away from the prone woman, a corner of the unfinished lobby looking darker than it should. "Whoever's there, fuck off or die- in fact, no, just shoot this fucker." Said the leader goon, and the others pulled their pistols and fired into the corner until they needed reloading. In this moment, they caught sight of a pair of white eyes look out at them from the inky shadows, and then, a deep rattling voice with a single word as a being of pure midnight stepped closer, holding its arms up. "Burn." All at one, flames of alabaster like blank shapes in reality leapt up all over the place, shocking the assembled criminals and raising the heat to oven intensity. "Oh no! NO!" and more shots were taken, to no avail as they trailed off widely, the entity speaking in a terrible volume. "BEHOLD, ITHOTU, RUIN OF ALEXANDRIA, SON OF THE SCOURGE OF EDEN. ALL WILL BE CONSUMED AND GODS WORK SHALL BE ASHES!" it roared and released a blood-shattering howl, floating forward as the colorless flames leapt up higher. "RUN! grab the boss and run, hurry!" "NO! I have to kill her not... she.." Fennel's remaining vision swam suddenly and she tipped forward, almost falling facedown into the white blaze wreathing the unconscious assassin. From nowhere, Fez had appeared and had caught her body to hold her back, pointing to their rear to indicate an escape route. He managed to pick her up and fireman-carry her bloody body out, all while she tried to wake up, climb off the man she loved, and leap knife-first onto the snow leopard so that shadowed demon could drag them both down to Hell. They were out into the two escape trucks and the wolf's car, all which promptly took off towards the north to find the safehouse. The black being wreathed in flames stepped closer, peeking out of the window hole for a moment before turning and absorbing all the fire into its body with a long exhale of effort and collapse of its own onto hand and knees. Shape and coloration returned to its form; hooded jacket and denim pants with weathered shoes. "Good grief, that was close...", it said as it pulled the hood it wore back to reveal the mask-like pattern and bright yellow eyes of Tom Blackberry. Before anything else, he hurried over to Kari's body and looked over it with his mage sight, his grimace looking worse as he marked trouble spots. "What the hell are you made of, Tracy?" he thought aloud, checking problem areas thoroughly before even thinking of moving her. It was when he saw below her rib cage that he saw it, the seperation and wicked angle it held. "Oh no... oh shit.. Uhh... I gotta get you out of here and fast." he muttered and crouched low to get his arms under her. She wasn't heavy, but it was still a body and Tom grunted with effort before getting her up into his arms without too much jostling, marching out to a featureless parking area with nothing but trees and the fencing surrounding that. The raccoon knew that the police or worse would be here any minute, any second. Tom carefully laid her back down and climbed inside his mind to enact a strong and complex magic. "Dammit, only one thing for it... sorry, Tracy, you can kill me later for this." he said as he suffused magic to his fingertip, a sparkling blue energy gathering there, cupping her head with the other. He exhaled and closed his eyes, concentrating on the visual in his head, the memory of spotting her earlier, where she'd possibly looked and, most importantly, came from. Dream-fasting was not a dangerous magic, but required focus, and Tom often lacked this when times were dire. He inhaled sharply and touched her temple, closing his eyes to see more than anyone could.
A tidal wave of memories seized his body all at once and tumbled him violently thru a riptide of dizzying emotions. There were houses, stairwells, people, adults, groups of other children, physical trauma, firework emotions exploding wild across Tom's mind as it struggled to reach the surface. He felt elation, thrills, bitter regrets, passionate excitement from many kinds of first times, sadness at many things, outward and inwards. The positivity brought his own mind clarity enough to further his dive to memories more recent, but he found himself off the weightless crash of water and was now standing in a warehouse, looking around and smelling. A distant lit panel seemed to hold something he was thinking about needing, and he moved to hurry, only to encounter a slick surface and fall onto his back. He got up fast, blinking on his mage sight, only to gasp and take in the whole room. Blood, dead people, knives, guns, bullets and casings, all of them heaped into a humanoid shape sitting with in an easy repose, the head veiled in shadows or stains, impossible to tell. Tom ran for it as fast as he could, looking ahead now to see an old house his mind refused to recognize no matter how he tried. They were in there, he had to save them, he knew it. The massive corpse golem began reaching for him, emitting a low hollow scream that was growing louder. Tom was much shorter now, but he reached the Door, stumbling into the hallway that led to his main garden. A giant hand tore thru the unseen ceiling and groped madly for him. He cried out and crawled out of the way, running towards his own room as the howling sound grew so loud, it began to hurt.. the door wouldn't open! He slammed into it again and again, still in the form of a little raccoon boy, tears filling his eyes as the hand barreled towards him, and then CLICK! it opened, and he dove inside to land face first onto cold earth and grass, amidst tall trees now. He turned and saw the hand of the slain and the half-built apartment complex, and two people in the distance, one looking right at him--
Tom's eyes slowly stopped shining sky-blue and slowly eased back to yellow. He had fallen asleep sitting up, and felt the dried tears at his cheeks. He turned to look at the unconscious snow leopard. "Sky and stars... just who are you, Kari?" he said, the memories fresh as yesterday in his mind. It would wear off within a day, but he had bigger things to worry about. A quick frisking of her person found the car keys and, even better, her phone. The raccoon hesitated for a moment before turning it on and sighed in relief. No lock, plenty of power, and a 5G connection of all things. He pocketed these things, and lifted Kari up now, his mind and senses still shaking off the somatic connection of the magic. He closed one eye and concentrated on two things: his own appearance, and the direction he'd seen, only backwards. The car was quickly located and the feline woman was carefully laid across the seats. After some tight securing over her body with the seatbelts, he climbed in, adjusted the seat, and started the Harper up, trying to calmly set things up with the phone. He cleared his throat and licked at dry lips before hitting the Tekster icon. "Ok, Tekster, go home." No response, so Tom waited and tried again. "Tekster, home." he said emphatically. Still no reaction, and the panic was prickling at the back of his throat now. "Tekster, navigate home! Tekster, respond." Silence, the kind that crushes the will to live, but he calmed down and looked closer. It was the right icon, the mic was showing a wavelength. "Tekster." The wavelength wiggled mutely and Tom furrowed his brow. "Hold on, I didn't... oh WAIT a second!" he barked, going to the small top menu. It was set on silent, and he changed it to full volume while setting his own impatient growl even higher. "You are certifiable, you know that?" the raccoon shouted at the knocked-out assassin in the back seat, "You're CERTIFIABLE! TEKSTER, TAKE ME HOME, FOR FUCKS SAKE." [Okay, finding directions for.. Nome.. Alaska, Twin Lakes. Would you like me to--] The angered yelling and hollering was muted by the windows, but still fairly audible to the indifferent would outside of car as it pulled off down the access road and towards the marked destination. It was almost an hour later that he'd managed the six mile trip into the forest and up the special path, somehow managing to find her house, park the car, and begin to carefully extract her. Her breath wasn't coming as fast now, and Tom laid a palm gently to her chest. The pulse was faint, far apart, and lessening. Fear chased adrenaline thru his body, and the limp woman now seemed nearly weightless in his grasp "We gotta get you upstairs, get these wounds looked at!" he said aloud, not caring if she woke now, "Stay with me, Kari, you're almost home safe!" And, with one firm push against the opened door, they were inside and he was heading upstairs one foot at a time, nearly cratering the floor with each heavy efforted step.
Time seemed to creep by in her mind, an anaesthetic tiptoe of seconds into minutes into hours, and incremental moments beyond. She had been dreaming off and on about things; flying, swimming, feeling like she was stoned, or when the time she got lost when the house was being negotiated on... fleeting visuals of her parents. It was a strange world she was occupying, pieces of everything she'd known, all while her body felt stiff and itchy as she moved. It was sometime around remembering her school that she became aware of the effervescent sound of an electric guitar playing somewhere. She went peeked into Gulliman's classroom, only to find it wasn't there anymore, replaced instead by long, comforting fields of tall grass, its color that relaxing darker shade of green. She walked out into it, feeling as though strands of her were being snagged on the vegetation and drifting out of her, pleasantly pulling away who she was to replace it with the snow leopard as she currently felt. Her clothes and pelt peeled away, leaving a skinless nightmare of a living visual of the bodily systems to come up next to the source of the shapeless music. Tom turned at looked her up and down, grinning a little as he kept playing "Hm, nice gastrocnemiusi, good tone." he said. "Well, of course they are, I don't do lunges for nothing." she replied, looking at her own hands for a bit, and the curious motion of the muscles and bones and ligaments. Each pulse of her heart was tangible all over her body. "Am I dead?" Kari asked after a moment. Tom shook his head, switching to block chords. "No, you are asleep, but when you wake up, it'll all come back to you." Kari sat down, looking over the grass peacefully for a minute or so, but she suddenly got back and started looking around. "Wait a minute, I got knocked out! I fell-- the fight! I have to wake up." "And you will, right after you promise me something." She silently looked him over for a moment. "Promise what? I have to go, they're... I THINK THEY'RE IN MY HOUSE!" she shouted, checking her body for a weapon. "Oh shit, I-- KARI JUST PROMISE YOU WO-Ohhhh!" She had already vanished, and the dream began to fade all at once. Tom rubbed his face with a tired sigh, feeling himself melting back into reality beyond. "She's gonna be mad." he said plainly, leaving the place behind for now.
Her eyes snapped open and she felt like three people were sitting on her. Sight rapidly adjusted to the semi-darkness of the room, only lit from the banker's lamp on her desk, and she looked around to only see the raccoon, waving placidly at her and sitting in her chair. "What's happening? How did I get here, why can I barely move, was it a stun gun or something? I hit the ground and blacked out, what happened to- mnnhh?!" Tom had pressed a finger to her lips with a soft shushing sound in an attempt to ease her nerves, but she locked eyes on his and let out a guttural growl. "I will bite it OFF." "Okay! Right, sorry, that was to calm you down, just a bit to recollect, is it working?" "Nooo!" she fired back incredulously, still trying to move. Kari paused suddenly and checked under her sheet to notice only the barest details her body could offer, and her temper redlined again. "OHHH, you are DEAD MEAT, asshole! C'mere, get... I swear, you'll- nggh!" the assassin tried again and again to move more than her hands and head, but it was like her limbs and torso weighed a ton each; she could barely flex her fingers to make a fist, though she dearly wished to use one and then some. "Look, you, I'm gonna work up the strength to get back up and vivisectify you, so before that happens, you'd better start explaining, it will make an exquisite epitaph, I'm sure." The bloodlust coming off her was nearly suffocating and Tom cleared his throat a bit to bide time on where to start. Finally, he exhaled and tried to sum up. "Without getting too into it, I can use magic." he said in plain tones. Kari sneered, laying her head back down. "Great, I've been immobilized by a hippie." "No no, I mean it, here-", and Tom snapped his fingers to produce a single ball of flame as big as a cherry and in the flickering shape of a teardrop. Kari's eyes widened, then began to scan his arm. "Alright, I seen this bit before, where's the fuel line and the mechanism." "Kari, it's the real deal, I could make one much bigger, but this room of yours is... well, it's a mess!" He wasn't wrong. She strained again and again, trying to sit up, but Tom talked her down. "Easy there, you're gonna have to stay in bed for another nite or so." "Anoth-- what? When was that battle, how long has it been." "About a day and a half. I've been healing your body after it was rather grievously brutalized in that fight." Her head started to swim at all the details and updates, but one fact poked out in her mind. " did you learn my real name." she demanded, rather than asked. Tom held up his left hand, the aura of dark blue magic covering it in backlit neon indigo. "Do you remember when you passed out from the impact?" "I'm starting to, yeah. I went down rough and must've rang my bell pretty hard to get taken out of the fight." Tom got up to move around the room. "Well, in addition to probing gently into your memories to find your keys and home, I was awash in many other memories, and that was the name people called you." The more she heard, the less it made sense. She tried to give the right questions a press, experiencing her own brain whirlwind. "We'll leave the trust issue for later, when I can make sure of it physically, but why not just shake me awake, it's not hard." Tom closed his eyes, opening them again to reveal the yellow shafts of light from his mage-sight, getting an honest gasp of surprise from her. "Sorry, I'll just-" Blink. "-turn those off. I have special sight that allows me to see many things, including thru flesh." "But not clothes?" she asked, her ear flicking angrily. "... well, I can, okay? I'd never think of abusing that side of the power." "Heaven forbid." she grunted, losing a bit of the anger, but still irritated and deeply confused, "So, why the eyes?" "You looked like someone ran you over with a bus and there was this big tear in your clothes anyways, I saw the body armor." Her mind went back to the question. "And this has to do with you not wanting to jostle me to wake me up HOW?" she asked in mild sarcasm. "I was getting to that," he replied, lacing his fingers and leaning elbows on his knees with another exhale, "See... in order to apply my healing magic, I've had to learn baseline understanding of some bodily systems- cardiovascular, muscle, skeletal, basic shit." Kari was watching him with more attention now, still unbelieving about magic really existing. "Go on." she said, since he was seeming hesitant. "Well, 4th lumbar had pretty much nearly separated in the impact, along with hairline fracturing along the 6th and 7th. Kari, you couldn't move or feel anything I'd have done to wake you up because *you couldn't move or feel anything,* at least below your neck." The air went very still for the moment, the snow leopard staring at the fan above slowly rotating. Part of her training had involved electroshock doses to make the most of a partially paralyzed situation, but that sensation was different from when she'd fallen. She'd felt encased, latent motion in her muscles instantly become zero, a wide-awake bodily slumber. It sank in slowly at first, then pushed in hard all the way. She had been paralyzed, from the neck down, almost a brain in a jar. She would've been taken by those gangers by now, buried under horrible experiences before facing execution by the Bear himself. She felt a touch of hyperventilation coming on, but managed to calm her pulse and breathing. "So, that is what you are trying to fix in me, with your healing magic?" she asked finally. Tom nodded, looking up from staring at the floor for a while. "I mean, it's practically all done, and it was careful, gradual, continous work, almost six hours of it total, with two and half being near-continuous." He didn't mean to yawn here, but he did. "Luckily, your skull was fine, just had a contusion from where you thwacked it. See, neuro damage is wh-" "I'm sorry to cut you off, but you said your name was Hugo when we first met, that can't have been your real name." Tom's ears wiggled a little in confusion, then shrugged with a smile. "Well, I could say the same for you, Tracy. No, my name's Tom, Tom Blackberry, but my middle name IS Hugo." "Tom, there's a wastepaper basket by my desk," she began, scooching up into a sitting position slowly, miraculously to the biomancers eyes, "Take the bag out of it, put in the one below it, and bring it here quickly.. I'm going to be sick." He darted over to follow these instructions fast, and was back in record time with the lined bucket. "Here, think you can hold this yourself?" he inquired encouragingly. Kari knit her brow for a moment and began to lift her arms, both feeling like they were weighed down with 50 lbs. of unmixed concrete. They slowly raised, zombie-like, and accepted the container just in time as her breathing hitched and she vomited raggedly into it, pausing a moment before heaving again and laying back limply, handing it back to him slowly. "Okay... okay, I think that's got it, I don't feel sick anymore." She went on to ask for a water bottle on her desk to gargle and rinse her mouth out before deflating completely. "That's all I've got, sorry." "Hey, no no, you've made remarkable time in recuperating. I can keep healing you a little more tonite, once I get this removed." and he carefully held up the basket. "Downstairs, kitchen, under the counter by the fridge," the snow leopard instructed, "And bring up a can of Purple Burpler with you, my stomach is doing flip-flops." "Sure thing, be right back." These instructions were followed too, and he brought two sodas instead, backing into the room. "Here, hope you don't mind-- ooh." Kari was completely passed out, snoring lightly with her head turned at an odd angle. The raccoon grinned a little and went to get her situated, then took a seat in the office chair to keep a vigil on her, just in case. It was almost 4 by the time he finally fell asleep, and when this happened, Kari's eye flashed open and she nimbly, silently got out of the bed and tiptoed carefully to a second backpack she had hidden. "I hope he isn't mad about this." she wished quietly, pulling a roll of Kong Tape and glancing at him over her shoulder, "But if he's seen my memories, then he knows I can't take chances."

end of chapter 2.
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2023.05.30 17:04 DW6565 What do you guys make of Biden’s strategy for curbing domestic terrorism?

Link to the plan. National Strategy For Countering Domestic Terrorism
Link to White House Statement and Fact Sheet. FACT SHEET: National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism
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2023.05.30 16:52 KestrelGirl Troubleshooting Assistance Needed (posting for a friend)

Hi! I'm posting for a friend who needs time-sensitive assistance with his setup (hence needing to skip the mod mail process), and has only just made a Reddit account. He will respond to comments if possible. His request is below.
Hello, I am looking for some help troubleshooting some modules I have put together.
For some background, I am very early on in my synth DIY journey, at least in terms of actually making anything, and this is my first serious attempt. I am currently wrapping up my senior year as a music production student and my capstone project was to build a very basic Eurorack system with three modules that I would lay out and assemble myself. I have some limited experience with soldering and basic electronics from clubs I am part of, but as I said, this is all still new to me.
Most of what I have done is take the Erica Synths EDU modules and copy down their schematics 1 for 1, design a board for them, and then order them and all the necessary parts. I ended up doing their VCO, I combined their VCA and EG modules, and their Polivoks filter. This folder contains images of my board and schematics.
The VCO functions without any issues, so I know I was able to at least do one of these right. That said, my VCA+EG module and my filter module are both giving me issues, and my friend who helped me with this project and I cannot seem to figure out the issues.
The VCA+EG is not functioning in any capacity. The ICs aren’t heating up and nothing has exploded, but no signal seems to come through in any way. Sending in gates to the EG section doesn’t cause the indicator LED to light up or pass the signal to the VCA section if it has even worked at all. The VCA section doesn’t allow any sound through with the offset turned all the way up. Of note, the way I combined these modules was simply to normal the EG out to the CV input of the first VCA, though even when I patch the connection, it doesn’t seem to work.
The filter is a stranger case. It clearly filters the sound, and the toggle between LP and BP works. The drive control works, and the resonance control works, but the cutoff control does not work at all and neither do the CV inputs/controls. I should note that I did not use the original ICs in their design, and instead I used NTE888s as per the advice of other online resources regarding Polivoks clones.
I have done my best to check for shorts or other soldering errors, but I cannot find any to my eyes. While I know it’s probably a massive pain to try and decipher these issues from pictures alone, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could offer any suggestions on how to proceed. Ideally, I would like this functioning in the next 2 weeks, though I understand that may not be practical.
Thank you all for your time. The links below are to the schematics that I used for these modules. They are also in the ZIP file but it helps to link them for convenience.
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2023.05.30 16:19 BusinessWes [Online][5E][ET][UTC-4] "The Stranger'' Cosmic Horror Campaign Seeking Players. High production value. Professionally Streamed & Recorded. (Post 3/4)

Original post: (graciously reviewed and approved by the subreddit mods)This is Post (3/4), we're posting this four weeks in a row before making final picks.
This is a long post - crazy long even. That's because we care so much to find those just as impassioned as we are about this amazing hobby. We love high quality D&D campaigns, and we believe it takes effort and time to make it happen. If you take the effort to get through learning about us in this post, reading every word with care and interest, we will do the same with your application.
Our commitments:
How to Apply
World Preface
In the enchanted realm of Avarra, where high magic weaves its intricate web through the fabric of existence, a burgeoning form of sorcery takes root. Secluded on the island city of Crowperch, the pursuit and mastery of void magic are richly rewarded, enticing arcanists from the farthest reaches of the world to unravel its mysteries. Yet, the enigmatic allure of Crowperch extends beyond the arcane; a diverse tapestry of industry, history, and craftsmanship entwines the island's very essence.
Beneath the surface, the island's riches reveal themselves: the mines and quarries, abundant with untapped potential, and the surrounding seas, offering bounties from the ocean's depths. Ancient archaeological sites whisper secrets of bygone eras, while artisans ply their remarkable skills on the bustling city streets. Tales of a long-forgotten, rumored treasure continue to captivate the imaginations of adventurers and sightseers alike.
But one must pay a steep price for this wealth of opportunity and intrigue. It is wise to avert one's gaze from the iron grip of autocratic rule and the unyielding scrutiny that looms over the island's denizens. For those who venture to Crowperch, a single obligation remains: seek your heart's desire, and then depart – for the island's enigmatic embrace is not meant to last forever.
Application Overview
In this sacred fellowship, we stand steadfast in the face of the dreaded D&D group killers. Our commitment to this game is unwavering, for it is not just a hobby, but a way of life - an appointment that must be kept at all costs. For us, the work does not end with character creation or worldbuilding. Nay, we strive for a deep understanding of each character, for their hopes and dreams, their fears and flaws, so that we may weave a complex and enthralling campaign that will leave you breathless. We implore you, dear adventurer, to show up regularly and with a burning passion in your heart. Let your excitement be infectious, let your dedication be unwavering.
Selection Criteria (In order of importance)
This campaign is getting some big investment. All players will get custom commissions of their characters, animated. Additionally, we are commissioning all maps, tokens, flairs, and elements to make this truly something special.
Campaign Preface
As twilight descended upon the restless sea, the ancient ship, Her Royal Rose, creaked under the weight of its cargo. Its passengers, a motley assortment of scholars, fisherman, guard and others with business on the island of Crowperch, sit tightly in cramped quarters. Even as the tempestuous winds moaned through crevasse and open windows, the opportunities and tasks that beckon them to the island keep them going, a siren's call that drowned out the ocean's roar.
The skies above were an oppressive tapestry of writhing clouds, their tendrils suffocating the last vestiges of daylight as if to obscure the path to the island. A shroud of mist swallowed the horizon, leaving the ship to navigate through a nebulous labyrinth, its destination only guaranteed by Captain Alaric Thorne.
As Her Royal Rose inched closer to Sove, the air grew heavy with mist and sea salt which deposited itself gradually on the railings, sails and masts. Little Henry Williams, the ship's messenger runs throughout the halls pattering on each door, "The captain has an announcement, all to the deck. The captain has an announcement, all to the deck." The clacking of his wooden foot pattering one after another with each step, a disfigurement he earned while working aboard Her Royal Rose.
Captain Alaric Thorne stood on the deck, the salty wind tugging at his weathered features. His voice rang out, its timbre heavy with authority and unease, as he addressed the gathered passengers.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I must bring to your attention an unfortunate turn of events. It seems the Saturation has arrived earlier than anticipated this year. As many of you know, this phenomenon causes an unnaturally heavy accumulation of salt in the air, resulting in deposits that weigh down our vessel."
He paused, letting the gravity of the situation settle upon his passengers before continuing, "This unexpected occurrence has forced us to halt our usual schedule, for the safety of both the ship and her passengers. Once Her Royal Rose arrives, she will remain anchored at Sove until the Saturation clears, as navigating these treacherous waters under such conditions would be inviting disaster."
A murmur of concern rippled through the crowd, many who were on this voyage planned their departure prior to The Saturation. The captain raised his hand to quell their rising unease. "I understand this may cause you some inconvenience, but I assure you, we will resume our journey as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, you may continue your research, tasks and exploration on the island. Sove is well stocked and very hospitable to travelers especially those displaced during our seasonal shifts."
With that, Captain Thorne turned away, leaving the passengers to ponder the implications of his words as the first tendrils of salt-laden mist began to coil around the ship, heralding the arrival of the Saturation.
In the dimly lit corners of their minds, the passengers could sense a truth they dared not confront: Their voyage to Crowperch was going to be a lot longer than they had hoped. As the ship drew nearer to the island, the shadows beneath the spires of the fortress atop the mountain loomed over the ship, casting a shadow over what little moonlight illuminated the darkness.
So we are still small, so monetization isn’t at the top of our list. That said, our goal is to
  1. Play Excellent D&D
  2. Donate to charity
  3. Re-invest to make better content and
  4. Compensate players to allow them to play more D&D.
How specifically that all happens is still obscured by the mists of time. By participating in this campaign players release all intellectual property created for the campaign to Roll for Impact and related brands. Please note that this is meaningless while we're still small, but consider this hopeful thinking for our success. The next campaign is getting SO much effort, so we want to stay safe.
Campaign Rules
Table Homebrew
Session Structure
What We Expect & Ask of You
I realize this might seem like a very intensive process, however we're being very thorough. Because we have gotten so many excellent applicants, we are going to have no choice but to make some hard decisions.
Are you a dungeon master?
Making campaigns like these is our passion. We love going HIGH production value, HIGH quality. If this is something that you love too and you want to dungeon master in our world, we would LOVE to talk to you. As you can tell from this post, there's not enough dungeon masters out there doing this (clearly way overboard) level of effort.
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2023.05.30 16:02 ManakinSkytoes [q] Stan Speaks Maynard Ferguson

I'm looking for sheet music from Maynard's Stan Speaks, if you have a copy I'd love to get it.
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2023.05.30 15:54 LowraAwry Stand Alone Complex OST 2 sheet music

Hey everyone, I see that there are some fans going way back in this sub and I'd like to ask whether there was ever an official publication of SAC ost 2 score/sheet music (presumably to sell). I've only found very few transcribed tracks in the web, no trace of an official score, so before asking the artists/labels, I thought I'd give it a try here. Thanks.
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2023.05.30 15:30 I_Am_Lord_Grimm Break the concept: Bidding on prefab characters

My fellow High Programmers: I NEED YOU TO BREAK MY CONCEPT.
I’m working up a PPE one-shot for a group of players who are familiar with Paranoia as a concept, but have, as best as I can tell, never played.
In order to keep the introductory stage brief and (at first glance) balanced, we’ll be doing prefab clones; that’s decided, I’m not changing it. However, prefab characters bring the risk that players may not be as invested as otherwise, and so I’d like to encourage investment on the players’ part.
The solution that I came up with is to auction the characters off.
The setup is simple: we’ll be playing online, so I’ll post a pdf containing the Public sides of each character sheet, and give the party until the end of a 5-minute timer (that I started as I began the explanation) to decide what the characters are worth.
Players will be able to bid factors like maximum Moxie levels, Clones, XP Points, points from a skill or skills of their choice, points from a skill or skills of my choice, or whatever other ideas they may have (while I am tempted to allow someone to bid someone else’s character attributes, player agency is the core of the game, so sadly, that is probably the only thing I won’t take).
The list of available Troubleshooters may appear balanced at first, with a choice between a handful of specialized clones and a set of skill-spread clones, certain small factors will demonstrate that not all clones are equal. For example: - A troubleshooter with lacking stats, but is Orange in an otherwise Red party - A troubleshooter who is on their second-to-last clone. - A troubleshooter who is clearly Nic Cage’s character from National Treasure - A troubleshooter with above average stats, but comes preloaded with three treason stats and has a maximum of five moxie
So, give the players a minute or two to digest, abruptly jump into bidding, and let the game begin.
The concern, then, is in making sure that the characters have enough overt desirability for the players to want to fight over them, and enough padding in certain areas in order to not sacrifice too much overall balance when the players sacrifice their bids.
Also, let’s face it, TTRPG players come up with the wildest solutions to any given problem, so I need some idea of what kind of left-field stuff might emerge.
Please break this for me. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 15:19 xen0n-_- [QUESTION] How do you learn a new piece?

I came from a classical piano background, and the world of guitar-related music just seem overwhelming to me. In classical piano, learning a piece is simple: some dude centuries ago wrote in standard sheet notation, and you just follow it. I heard that is the norm in classical guitar too.
My question is how do you all learn how to play something? Is it all tabs? By ear?
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2023.05.30 14:54 Alkalick Does anyone have a good resource for finding BOTW piano sheet music online?

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2023.05.30 14:26 gods_tea Yesterday I got insane CEVs through 5-HTP and meditation

I know 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan it's not an RC but more of a sleep and mood improvement supplement, still I know this will be much more appreciated here than in Supplements
Tonight I took some 5-HTP to sleep (like I usually do). And instead getting me sleepy it gave me some of the crazyest closed eye visuals I had in my life. Similar in all aspects to some CEVs I saw high on 4 subbed tryptamines or LSD. I never had this effect and I think its very related to what happened during the day, cause I got into bed feeling really euphoric and overly stimulated.
First of all, I use to get mild CEVs just by meditating. I don'k know what causes this, but I always had them, since a child. They are usually basic shapes (usually non-fractalic), like ovals, straight or curved lines, stars, hexagons, etc. They are constantly morphing and I got little to no control about their shape, rythm, color or intensity. They are usually of subdued colors, not very vivid. Sometimes I see them even without meditating, like taking a nap. Sometimes I dont see anything but pich black. I'm really femiliarised with these and they are not anything like LSD or shrooms visuals, not even remotely near in terms of complexity, intensity and colorfulness. They also easily dissolve and dissapear whenever any rational thought comes to mind, unlike psychedelic's CEVs. I only get to see them when I get my mind to be fully blank and calm, without a single thought.
I now will explain all the previous events, some of them may have participated in this beautiful experience, some of them not. But I want to have a memopry of all the event because this was a magical experience and I want to see if I'm able to replicate it in the future. I'm not saying that you will get the same if you follow this steps. But I think its worthy to have the written report in this community.
The day before of the experience, I got on a date with a girl I recently started dating. Everything went really good and we slept together (for the first time). Great sex. In the morning as well, and then I left to get home because I got work to do. We got so much connection and it really was a beautiful night. I was exhausted during job but I felt really fucking happy. I think this was a key factor.
Slept a nap. Worth to say during this nap I had a very realistic dream, haven't had a single dream in the past years.
Woke up. Really happy and feeling the most lucky and capable man on earth. So I put on my sport shoes, prepared to go gym.
Before gym I smoked a joint, took a large coffee and took 500mg DMAE, as a preworkout. Dont think this preworkout is any related, but again better to write it just in case.
Had the most intense workout I had in a couple years. I was feeling so motivated powerful and happy, that I worked out like a true animal. Longer and more intense than I did ever since I was 20yo. Did pull ups, lots of muscle-ups, squats, rows, parallel dips, more squats... I was feeling awesome, completely manic because of testosterone and dopamine. Every centimeter of my body felt amazing. This is a common effect of strength workout for me, but this time was really intense. I felt feral, like a wild beast, more animal than human. Exercised for 2-3 hours until I started failing exercises and I could no more keep up and started getting headaches and dizzines, probably because of low sugar. Time to stop. Felt really proud of this brutal training, and in connection with some kind of war god.
Drank a protein drink and smoked a joint on my way home. I was overly stimulated by the workout, felt very lucid and quick of thoughts. I noticed I was talking so much faster than usually, and much more involved into any conversation. My body temperature was also crazy hot.
Got home a had dinner (mainly potato, broccoli and pork burgers). Still overly stimulated.
It was going to be impossible for me to sleep like that, cause I was still full of dopamine from the workout. So I took double my regular dose of 5-HTP. I usually take 100mg of a standarised 50% 5-HTP plant extract, to get comfy in bed and help with the transition to sleep. This time I took 200mg (100mg of 5-HTP) plus 500mg Taurine.
Smoked a fatass joint and go to bed. Still overly stimulated and feeling euphoric.
At first, when I closed my eyes, I saw an abstract blue-purple weird figure. Catch my attention since the very first moment, since its borders were very hard to define and understand, as they appeared to be fractalic. They were definetly fractalic. It resemblead a bit the main body of a mandelbrot fractal. It even had that characteristic cardioid shape. The moment I did this association with the mandelbrot fractal, it started zomming in and morphing into different shapes, all of them fractalic. I got a bit of control in the zoom and rithm of the pulsations of the fractal map, but very little, and if I tried to fully control them, they dissolve and I stopped seeing it. I also noticed if I started rumiating any rational train of thought, they also gradually disapear. That happened to me a couple of times during the experience. But I was able to get them back simply by meditating and leaving the mind empty and calm.
I was able to further increase complexity and colorfulness though meditation. They were fractal geometry type visuals, multicolored and contantly zooming and morphing into different fractal shapes.
I had my fair amount of LSD and tryptamines, and these were very similar in all aspects, complexity and intensity, except not OEVs. Well, I was even able to open a tiny slit of eye and watch the visuals patterns embed into the sheets of my bed and the walls of the room. Fully open eye, the visuals dissolved.
At first they were just 2d shapes of infinite complexity, but I started getting more and more deep into my meditation trance, while they started morphing into 3d shapes and I started being overcomed by insanely hugenormous 3d landscapes of a tremendous size an complexity that honestly I felt like they scaped by far my hability to comprehend them. At that point I totally lost control over zoom rythm or intensity, and I was getting inside the 3d shapes trough luminous holes and tunnels just to get to a diffent 3d landscapes over and over. It started going REALLY fast, transitioning, pulsating, morphing and zooming at insane speed, and I wast able to process most of the shit I was seeing. I got a bit scared in that moment, so I had to come back to the surface and leave the profound depths of the mind. I was truly fascinated, felt like I discovered something great. I was able to get back to 2d shapes, didn't wanna go deeper cause I started feeling mentally exhausted.
Was difficult for me to get to sleep though, because whenever I got near of gettign asleep, fractals started to appear and increase in complexity and I couldn't not pay attention. Eventually their intensity started diminishing and I started transitioning to sleep. Experience I think lasted around 1 hour or 2. Couldn't swear it tho, could really be less or be more. It was a full blown meditation trip. In the future I'd like to try this with soft music on, maybe some chill spanish guitar.
Don't know it this will be useful for anyone, but I really hope so. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
EDIT: Was able to find some replications that kinda resemble different shapes I saw during different phases of the trance:
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2023.05.30 13:50 dynamic_gecko Any way to play OSTs on my keyboard like synthesia?

Hi. I'm a beginner to music in general. I recently bought a Yamaha PSR E373 and have been learning stuff with Yousician.
My question is as the title says: Is there a big community platform that will enable me to get sheet music/midi and play OSTs by connecting an app to my keyboard? This question might be invalid, partly incorrect. I dont really know the process. But I want to play. And I would like to be able to practice it in-app. At leats for now.
I checked out some apps with different songs but they dont really have the OSTs I'm looking for.
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2023.05.30 13:27 WaterSpace_ Asked Midjourney to create “Caravan Palace”…

I asked the Midjourney AI to generate an image of Caravan Palace. These are the four it came out with. Complete with French-ness, some of their music video styles and Zoe in all of them! Which is your favourite?
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