Can margit be parried

The net is strong now and increases martial versatility. More equipment should be tied to the attack action and given DCs based on strength or dexterity.

2023.05.30 19:35 kenlee25 The net is strong now and increases martial versatility. More equipment should be tied to the attack action and given DCs based on strength or dexterity.

I see this as nothing but a win for martial characters. With the net now now ditching the disadvantages it had in base 5th edition, and tying it to the attack action with a DC based on the character's dexterity means that martial characters and half casters Will gain the biggest benefits from it. They can throw multiple nets in a turn or throw one net and immediately reap the benefits of restraining the target by making an additional attack. Since it is still considered the attack action, that also means that throwing a net triggers any features or abilities that require the attack action. My only gripe with the net is that It should allow the player to choose either strength or dexterity.
Now on top of all of the pushing, toppling and sapping that the warriors are doing, they can also force a target to be restrained essentially at will (depending on how many nets your DM allows you to buy). Other equipment should work this same way to really diversify martial abilities. As an example, maybe rope can be used as an attack roll to initiate a special long ranged grapple, that prevents the enemy from moving too far away from the player without a saving throw (huge or larger auto succeeds). The player could then use their own movement to pull the enemy toward them at half speed or climb the rope (like if roped to a flying dragon).
To interact with this system, the thief rogues use object interaction would allow them to use these items as a bonus action on top of their regular sneak attack.
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2023.05.30 19:35 Euphoric-Chance8183 23F, 24M, recent breakup, same friend's group, no contact? Hahahahahelp

On the 18th of may, my boyfriend of 11 and a half months broke up with me over text. It was a difficult day with all my anxiety and quirks and I was acting very irrational and that all just built up that day and pushed him to finally make that decision that he's apparently been putting off. At first, I was begging him to give us another change.
The main reasons behind the breakup that he gave me were that he needed time and space to focus on himself, that he needed to make some money and that our long distance situation wasn't working for either of us.
He then drove 200 km to meet me on Saturday to talk things over and give me a proper goodbye. I tried to tell him how I realized a lot of ways I was attached to him in an unhealthy way in the relationship and how I was ready and willing to work on all that and how I was ready to give him the space he asked for without having to break it all up. He wouldn't change his mind tho.
I've watched coach Lee's videos and they made me understand why he still left even though he appreciated that I've realised things and was ready to put in the work. Even though he said he still deeply cared about me and that his intention wasn't to see me hurt.
He was already in the stage of relief after finally making that difficult decision. And so he left me. Actually I didn't even cry that much pleading him to stay or anything. I tried to ask him to stay the night and we both joked about a goodbye sex, but I tried my best not to put extra pressure on him. He even admitted to our common friend, that he was pleasantly surprised that I wouldn't make a scene and make it all harder than it already was.
Then we texted a bit for a few days. He sent me a good luck text for my exam for example. And since then it's been quiet. Trying to follow the no contact rule.
Yesterday I added a photo of me looking cute and smiling in a short dress and he liked the ig story. I still don't know what that was supposed to mean. Maybe nothing.
The problem I have is. Tomorrow, he's taking this very important maths exam at uni we talked about a lot back when we were together and I know it means a lot to him. I still can't decide whether I should wish him good luck or not.
Then another thing is that we're in the same friend's group and this whole group will be working at this festival later this summer. So we'll have to see eachother about 6 weeks after the breakup.
How do I act? How do I interact with him? I don't want to act mean or anything. I probably understood from those videos I've watched and articles I've read, that if he comes directly to me and asks me to go for a walk or get some food or even tells me he missed me and wants me back, I cannot be rejective, but also not too excited.
I get that and I'm going to do that. I believe I can pull that off and it will be casual and fine. But there's this another problem. During the breakup, we even talked about getting into a purely sexual relationship after we both take some time alone. However stupid it sounds. We had great sex and neither of us wants to give up on that. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
And I know that he's still interested in that because our common friend talked to him. And honestly, I'm too. So what if he initiates sex? I couldn't even say it was rude because we literally agreed that we'd do that at some point.
But then if I just reject him, I'm bruising his ego and he might give up and not reach out ever again. On the other hand, if I go for it, I'm giving him the sense of power back. Or am I?
Is there a way to handle this casually and subtly enough to not ruin my chances in one direction or the other?
Also this summer I'm moving to share an apartment with some of our common friends because after the breakup I knew I couldn't stay where I was. So again. If he comes to visit his friends, I'll be there. There's just no way for us to be completely without contact for more that those six weeks...
Those videos already helped me so much with my grief and anxiety but I'm still confused and feel like I have no one to turn to. My mom for example said that she found these tactics and stuff manipulative and that I should just follow my gut and heart. But I'm too much of a logical person for that so.. yeah. I need things to make sense and I need some data to grasp onto. Otherwise I wouldn't even be able to give him the space he asked for..
Anyway. Thank you for your insights on this and sending all the love and positive thoughts if you're going through a breakup right now.
TL;DR How do I go about no contact if we're in the same friend's group and will meet six weeks after the breakup? Also last time we spoke we considered getting into some fwb situationship thing after taking some time alone. So what if he initiates sex when we see eachother? How do I go about that if I'm doing the no contact? :D
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2023.05.30 19:35 SyntinenSuomi FREE STUFF!! New and returning players

we can help eachother out with referral if you started playing (again) less than 3 days ago
if you go to the friends tab ingame and click INVITE at the top, you may be able to put in a code
my code is GXQ4XGH77
you will get 100 free pokeballs and even more when you complete tasks which you can see below my profile (5yntinen) once I added you
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2023.05.30 19:35 Sweaty_Following_881 Africa

I have grown to love Africa so much, the continent and its people, the culture and traditions. I wouldn't want to be any other race. I hope Africans can embrace everything African like culture, traditions, fashion, and show off that melanin. Be confident, I feel like we are blessed more than we think, look how rich this continent is. How beautiful our women are, how strong the men are the deserts and the oceans, valleys and waterfalls. We should be a little bit patriotic to this land, show it some love maybe it will show us back some love and we won't ever have to see Africans being called names in foreign lands.
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2023.05.30 19:35 vcdrny Just watched Superman and Lois episode 3/9b(spoiler free)

One thing I like about this show is how they are showing us a side of Superman we don't see often. That conversation he and Lois had towards the end, brought tears to my eyes. I've personally known people in similar situations. Being married for years and something happens and they'll just leave and find someone else. It happened to one of my ex on her previous marriage, and recently it happened to my neighbor. That's true love something that's hardly found in real life. I can say I have not been in that situation but my parents have. My father has always been by my mother's side. I have personally seen women throwing themselves at my dad. Yet he only has eyes for my mother. They are in their 70s now and still going strong. They got married in their early 20's. I have never seen a couple in real life actually honor the lines said at the moment of marriage " to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, I promise to love and cherish you."
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2023.05.30 19:35 wsdot Busy summer construction season coming up

Busy summer construction season coming up
Memorial Day weekend is behind us and we're now pushing into the busy summer construction season, and the next few summers are going to be. ...really busy. Even more than usual. There are 116 projects scheduled on or near state highways across the state this summer. This doesn't include day-to-day maintenance, emergencies and city and county work. While we do what we can to keep traffic moving, it's impossible to get all this work done and not be disruptive. So please be sure to know how to stay looped in and begin planning now. More info about what's happening, why now, and how to prepare is in our blog: The WSDOT Blog - Washington State Department of Transportation: Here comes the sun – and a LOT of summer construction
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2023.05.30 19:35 waynemr Can FMLA be used in response to new state laws over Trans care [multiple states]

I am curious if FMLA can be used by Trans individuals or those with dependents who are Trans - to take time off to seek treatment in different states, or to move to different states, assuming the person filing for FMLA is 100% remote or able to accommodate their on-site schedule.
It would seem to me that the federal regulations would protect a worker's job, if they needed time off to get proper treatment for the Trans individual.
Ultimately, who would make the decision on applicability for this case? The local HR person, or have the feds provided specific guidance on this?
I know most questions to this sub are specific to an individual case and this is more general, so I hope that is OK.
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2023.05.30 19:35 Squeebean New season hint on their Instagram page.... any guesses?

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2023.05.30 19:35 radertron clearing land space—flower delivery available

hi, it’s me, the too many bells person, you may have been over. this community is great. i still have too many bells, but am desperately trying to clear out some space. can deliver 30 flower plants per trip. will dig them up fly over & put them close to your airport & be gone in a flash. great for new players or my brave restarters. it’ll be easier to tell me what you’re looking for than to list everything, chances are i have it. if you want all of one color or all of one type of flower can do that to. hybrids & seed colors & LOTVs. will be on for the next few hours. if you’re needing a rack of veggie starts or fruit(s) i got you. will mark when closed. no tips! i don’t need a thing! if you want me to sign your board lmk (i love when folks sign my board, you may not… that’s okay!) xo, rader from diazepam
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2023.05.30 19:35 ChuckWeezy Questions/Concerns while iron shopping. Ping G710 or Titleist T300

About me: 30 handicap, no issues with distance - just need more control and to tighten up my dispersion. Current gamers: Wilson D9’s off the shelf bc I didn’t know better when I bought them late last year.
I'm in the market for some new irons and think I've settled on some Titleist T300's or Ping G710's, both of which are available at a resale shop nearby and both are in pretty good shape. The shop also offers free "fitting" on used clubs before you leave, so there’s that. I've swung both and hit them incredibly straight in the simulator every time. Both felt great as well, so it's kind of a toss up for me at this point but I did seem to hit the Ping's straight just a little more consistently than the T300's(but not by much).
My concerns with these two particular sets are: 1: The Pings have a tremendous amount of bounce as you get deeper in the bag. My current gamers max out at 6* and the G710's are nearly double that of all my current irons. I’ve read that some people don’t used the shorter clubs and tend to make a combo set out of the G710’s. 2: The Titleist are 1/4" short from standard which is 3/4" shorter than my current gamers. Based on the 5i, my gamer is 38.5" and the T300's are 37.75". The Pings are 38" FWIW....
Questions: Can someone experienced with the G710's chime in and tell me if the bounce has ever been an issue for you or not, specifically on the shorter irons/wedges? On the T300's - would the 1/4" short length be anything to really worry about? (I don't know if the set I tested was the same set I've picked out online or not. Could have very well been a 38" iron or a 37.75" iron, no idea).
The other option I have is to wait two weeks and go to a fitting with a Titleist rep at a demo day. This seems like the most logical option but would also mean I’d have to pay full retail for a set which would work out to about a ~$500 difference.
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2023.05.30 19:34 Glebzard Im developing a backrooms game for roblox and i need to learn the lore to make the game more accurate. Any sources i could start with?

So im making a roblox backrooms game and i want it to be as accurate as it can be and i am new to these stuff. I need to know the lore for putting the levels in order or like designing the monsters and stuff. Any help would be appreciated. Also i am not aiming to make a crappy cash grab game and i want it to be as scary as possible.
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2023.05.30 19:34 denizen_1 Success in overcoming aphantasia?

I've had a complete lack of ability to mentally visualize anything and had assumed I would never be able to do that. But I came across some exercises yesterday where you induce visuals. I've been able to do that with pressure on the eyes to see phospenes. I also come up with the idea of closing my eyes, covering them with a sleep mask, and then rapidly alternating between open and closed to get an "afterimage" of what I saw even when my eyes are closed. I then try to describe what I'm seeing in words or try to keep the visuals for as long as possible.
I can't really believe it but it seems like it's given me some limited mental visualization already. For instance, I made a picture of a white circle on a black background and try the "rapid alternation" exercise. I initially get what I assume is a mechanical afterimage of the white circle. But then, when the white circle fades, something new "pops" into existence. It feels like the concept of a circle etched into the visual background of my mind somehow. I also have a balcony with a railing on it. If I try the same exercise, I can keep the geometry of the railing in my head for maybe 5 seconds. I have no proof but it feels like I'm somehow engaging the visual part of my brain.
None of this involved the use of hallucinogens.
Has anybody tried anything similar? What exercises worked for you? How far did you get?
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2023.05.30 19:34 Throwaway850944 28 [M4F] Sweden/Online - Guy with OCD looking for a nice conversation!

Hi! To start off - whether you know anything about OCD or not is unimportant, but I'll just say that it affects my life in a severe way. One of the "side effects" of this condition is that I'm very much a loner, and while I'm good at being alone and keeping myself company, a nice person to chat with can be great too. What I'm looking for is someone who is funny and empathetic, that's more important to me than specific intrests. With that said, music is a huge intrest of mine! I even play the guitar and sing to some degree.
I guess I should be honest and say that yeah, it would be supercool to find someone to flirt with, however if we get along well it doesn't matter at all if that's not something you're intrested in.
I'm not sure what else to write, but if you read this far I wish you a wonderful morning, evening or day!
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2023.05.30 19:34 LadyCheesecake12 So often people are like “Are you a guy?” so now I have this whole girly look I can bust out when I want to be obvious

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2023.05.30 19:34 defineReset Opinion time: worth chipping a switch with missing peripherals?

As the title alludes, I came into possession a very broken switch, after a lot of time bringing it back to life (the whole thing was bent in half about 5 - 10 degrees, all in pieces, no screws) I came to realise the digitiser never worked. I replaced the digitiser twice. Could never get it to work. After aggressively adding mod wires between the game card reader board and the motherboard, I came to make the ultimate idiot mistake by making the problem worse, and ripped some pads that made the game card reader stop working. I went to town adding more mod wires to various test points on the board, but I came to throw that away as I was getting neck deep in a cluster fuck of wires and it was taking far too much time. Suffice to say, this was very much a pet project to see if I could bring a console that was almost as bad as it can be back to nearly 'as new'. Of course, I failed there but it seems like a waste to have a console that's nearly perfect, and I have a spare HWFly, so I wanted to know what you guys think, shall I mod it? The device will likely be docked most of the time, I practically live off digital games, never used the headphone jack, and very rarely have ever used the touchscreen.
What would you do?
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2023.05.30 19:34 InfernalBiryani [USA-TX] [H] Apple Watch Series 7 45mm Midnight Black Cellular + GPS [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Good day everyone! First post here, so please bear with me.
I bought this in October 2021 online from Apple but have only used it a handful of times since then, aside from it being a glorified fitness tracker. I don't use this nearly enough to justify what I paid for it, and as it so happens I'm strapped for cash. I hope one of you can get better use out of it than I did.
About the product:
For local meetups, we can meet in front of a bank or police station, wherever is convenient for you.
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2023.05.30 19:34 MadScientiest i wonder if they will show Shauna explaining to Callie what was happening in those woods in S3

i just realized … look at this whole finale from Callie’s POV. she doesn’t know about the hunts in the past. she stumbled upon her mom being chased through the woods by her friends with knives in masks. can you imagine the conversation on the way home?? is Shauna going to just fully tell Callie everything about the past? how else would she explain what was going on out there? i don’t see anything else she could say but the truth, which means she will have to tell her daughter that they drew cards and put masks on and ceremonially hunted her friends. do you think Callie will be as understanding as she has been? what do y’all think? or do you think it’ll just be glossed over and they won’t talk about it at all?
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2023.05.30 19:34 AJ_Deadshow Are all the DLCs plus the Berserker Pack worth the $27 extra that Ultimate costs?

Base game is just $15. I can probably wait until the next sale but I'm wondering if it will be any cheaper than this.
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2023.05.30 19:34 Late_Background_910 How to heal and not seem crazy by everyone else

I am, even years later, having trouble dealing with a situation. A situation that almost took my life. I get angry because no one even my mom would believe it, it is always my drug and alcohol use was the issue not someone making a plot to kill me because they thought I was a predator. It was all a psychotic episode because of my drug use and alcohol consumption by everyone: this is the backstory, all caused by people’s assumptions. I did drink heavily and do drugs (with the friends that tried to carry this out) but it was because of the daily assult by these friends who were also coworkers. In 2018 I was a SPED teacher, another student reported that students drank and smoked weed with me. That was false, I knew of the students going to a party and doing that as 1 mom had me pick up her son from the party. I didn’t report it. The newspaper article stated a teacher was arrested for inappropriate text messages. So everyone assumed it was sped students and sexual. It was 15-16 year regular ed boys and the messages were regarding their behavior. I was arrested for a misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency for not reporting this incident months prior. So for months starting in 2020 I was called a child molester and again because I was a SPED teacher that it was disabled students. For months, I took everything said to me until it was absorbed in drugs and alcohol. Long story short, I took a lot of physical and emotional abuse from these people that I was with 60 hours a week at work and outside because it was all I felt I deserved. When I finally quit that job it was to save my life. One weekend, I overheard the friend’s best friend telling the friend’s sister “we mover him out here because we thought we could prove it, his uncle wanted proof before we could kill him.” I am still angry because nobody still believes me and says it was the drugs. i imagined them calling me a child molestor grilling me for hours when we were drunk to make myself look like a victim? I have even been told it was my fault for moving to Kiln MS to live in my friend’s grandp’s rental because I had just met him at work. I don’t even tell people I have ASD because they refuse to believe it because I have a degree and a normal IQ. Or, if I try to explain trusting is a common characteristic then everyone is a clinician. I do get angry because I am talked to like someone disabled and that isn’t ASD that is me having a college degree and most of my coworkers have a high school education yet know more about mental health than I do when my bachelors and grad school was for psychology long before I taught school. I can’t handle being around anyone to this day because I am still asked about a 2018 misdemeanor.
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2023.05.30 19:34 s_last_name Transfer LUNC to any exchange and address using Keplr, Staking LUNC with Keplr

I can see my LUNC in Keplr wallet. Can I transfer to any exchange or address using keplr?
When will staking be available with Keplr?
Thank you
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2023.05.30 19:34 TRIPpY-BBQ-LSD-MOMMY Question about RF interface with internet and security systems (smoke detectors, sprinklers)

Question about RF interface with internet and security systems (smoke detectors, sprinklers)
Hey so I had just a 2 ft 14watt led grow light from Walmart. I put my plants in there at night because there’s a good spot to hang the light and it’s not lightning up the living room. I was doing it for about a week with no problems. Then one night the internet went out.
I read on the box that the grow lights can emit and give off frequencies. I thought that would be more of an issue if I had 1000w crazy light set up. But it’s just super odd to me that it happened. The internet people said I wasn’t the only one and there were two communicating lines that were out. I never had much issues with Wi-Fi going out for that long and I was worried that it was because of that. It just seems extreme for one low end low power light. But it does have red light in it. They just fixed the Wi-Fi.
The two boxes in that picture are possibly a modem and some sort of security hook up for alarms and detectors. Idk if it was just a coincidence or I might have done something. I just don’t want to do it again on accident. It’s just odd and the timing of it all was making me scratch my head a bit on if it could have been me. Would hooking the light up to an extension cord make it any worse? Any advice would be great. I wanted to get a tent to put the plants in for that space so I don’t bring bugs inside by bringing them inside and out. But idk now
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2023.05.30 19:34 Jessiwes Power bank For iPhone

Getting a power bank for iPhone can be one of the smartest decisions of your life. If your phone is prone to discharge fast because of use, then it is a very good option to boost the battery for your phone. A power bank is like a block that is plugged to your phone using an iPhone charger cable. Usually, it depends on the wattage of the power bank for iPhone that determines the charging speed of the power bank. There is a myth that it is the apple charging wire that determines the speed of the charging, however, it does not.

#fonegadgetsuk #iphonepowerbank #powerbank #bestpowerbankforiphone #iphonepowerbank2023 #mobileaccessories #iphoneaccessories #shoponline #shopinuk
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