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2023.05.30 18:47 SlimSlugma Mother Has Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Hi. This is my (23NB) first time posting here, though I’ve lurked on and off for a while. I wasn’t sure if I was actually able to post here for the longest time because I didn’t know if she was “actually” a narcissist, despite being emotionally abusive and neglectful, but… My aunt (50F) told me that my mother (51F) has never really had the capacity for empathy, even as a (spoiled brat of a) kid, so I feel like I can stop questioning it. Plus, I want more people to give me their two cents on the situation.
So, my mother has never talked to me about her medical issues. I don’t know a large portion of my own medical history because she never talks about this sort of thing; what I do know is information I already passively knew (reproductive cancers are common in my family etc.) but specific details like what mental health issues run in the family and what physical ailments I’m at risk for are largely things that my aunt have told me about. Come to a few days ago; my aunt casually mentions something about my mother having kidney disease, and then asks if AlI knew about it. I didn’t, and… Well, like the title says, I found out my mother has stage 3 kidney failure. She doesn’t need dialysis yet but she will, probably sooner rather than later.
I’m mostly just angry. I’m as NC as I can be with her, I try to avoid her whenever she visits (which is never just to see anyone who lives here, she always has an agenda) and I never text or message her. I didn’t tell her happy birthday or happy Mother’s Day this year and it felt great, because she doesn’t deserve any congratulations from me. But I’m angry because this was another medical issue that was a surprise to me, just like the possibility of me having fibroids or some other issue like that… And I’m also really worried.
She has been nicer with me recently than she ever was with me as a kid. Taking me out to get dinner after voting, then again on my birthday, and offering to take me places like an art museum or to see my favorite band in concert. She ended up flaking on me the day we were supposed to go to the museum, and I don’t trust her to actually keep her word if I tell her about a show I want to go see. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment and possible abuse by being near her if she ends up NOT flaking. This is all relevant because with the revelation that my mom is on her way to maybe dying, I’m scared she might only be being so “decent” with me because she wants one of my kidneys. I don’t know how rational that fear is, but I’m determined to not let myself be manipulated into hurting myself to help her. I’ve been working on healing from my trauma, grieving the person I wasn’t allowed to grow into, and I’m trying to be kinder, and dare I say, more loving to myself. And part of all of that is, for me, not letting myself be pressured into anything that could end up seriously hurting me down the line; what if I end up with kidney failure one day? I want to have both of them to try to prevent that from happening to me as long as I can.
I don’t know. I’m angry and scared and hurt and I needed to get it out there, even if it’s just to internet strangers. Any comments are appreciated, wether that be solidarity, condolences, advice… As long as you’re kind, I want to hear whatever you might have to say. And yes, I’m planning on talking to my therapist about this stuff. Sorry if I broke any rules on accident or anything.
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2023.05.30 18:47 adrenix_official What is happening to my body?

What is happening to me?
I'll do my best to describe what's going on but it's so hard. Some nights when I'm going to sleep, I'll be settling into falling asleep. I'm not dozing yet and I'm fully away and fully conscious. I'm super relaxed. I'll start getting this sudden rushing feeling in my body where it kind of feels like my body is about to turn off. It feels a bit like when your in the car and you go over a sudden dip in the road and you get that weird feeling in your stomach. It feels like that but sort of originates in my chest. I have to suddenly sit up or grab a huge breath to try and stop it. When it happens it feels like it's bad, like if I'm not careful I'm going to stop breathing or have a heart attack or something. It's so hard to describe. It's been happening for a few weeks now. Usually it will happen , I'll jolt to attention and grab a breath and roll to the other side . But tonight it just keeps happening again and again and I can't sleep because everytime I get relaxed , it starts to happen. Has anyone experienced anything like this ? I've tried to look online but it's so hard to describe. I get heart palpitations during the day sometimes though the doctors have never been able to find it. When it happens my chest feels tight and I'm out of breath. I don't know if it's seizure activity or what but I just don't know what's going on. I just want to state that I am fully awake when this happens, I'm not dreaming or sleeping and as far as I can check while it happens my breathing is normal and I'm getting the usual oxygen / same as always when I go to bed. Any experience or anything would be so helpful.
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2023.05.30 18:46 Glebzard Should I continue this project? (no audio)

i started this as a project yesterday to see how far i could get with the amount of scripting knowledge i have right now to test myself and i think that i can turn this into a full game and release it. I know that its not even near finished but would other people enjoy playing this game if there were about 10-15 levels? I finished most of the stuff i wanted to add like a sprint system, crouch system, flashlight system and some more stuff. (I was actually going to add sounds to the game but roblox just wouldn't accept any of my sounds so i left that to the future.) Please tell me your opinions about this.
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2023.05.30 18:46 the_hashbrownie hypersexuality and friends:

i wish i could have a friend that truly wants me to be around. i know i sound selfish when i say that my friends dont look like they really care about me, but thats what i think. besides, i believe they have other people to talk to anyways and our relationships haven't been the most steady for a while now. I wish i could hug them when i want and have them truly care and be considerate of me. I wish that i had a person who I could talk to without fear of backlash or someone that would take me seriously in my times of need. speaking of times of need, i rarely open up about my personal problems in life anymore because I know that no one will be considerate enough to listen to me. i have a lot of love to give but i just need the right person, and i know that will come with time, but in the present being, im stuck talking to myself and bottling up my emotions. and to add more to my confession, i also wish sometimes i hadn't made my personality this way. im known for the person that's kind of rough and rigid (says my friends) but I DONT WANT TO BE LIKE THAT. I wish i had someone to talk to. I wish I had someone that could comfort me and someone I could comfort. I wish that i could change and go back in time but to if i did that i wouldnt be where i am now. I dont want these days to change, i just NEED someone i know in real life that i could talk to. and it doesn't help that i'm not that approachable, either. i look at the guys and girls that are the same as my age and yet they look so friendly. so nice. so handsome and beautiful yet I CANT BE THAT WAY. my face looks like its always emotionless. it looks lopsided. MANY OF MY FRIENDS HAVE JOKED ABOUT HOW IM UGLY. I take it and i joke about it because theyre the ones who say it first. I roll with the punches, i laugh away at the jokes but they never take a second time to consider to realize if maybe they were idk, TOO HURTFUL? maybe not the time to say that? They say i always looks like im sad. I AM, CANT YOU REALIZE? you talk and talk and talk yet you always never seme to understand or take into consideration how awful it is for me for you to say that. I vent online time and time again yet i know complaining wont do me anything. i hope i can find that person soon but in retrospect i dont think ive got a chance. no one takes me seriously. Im hypersexual because of the fact that I want to feel happy. I want to enjoy life and pleasuring myself can take stress away but coming back to reality after doing so hurts me. Im only 15 and I wish i didnt have these thoughts, yet it hurts me so much in the inside and no one talks to me because im ugly, apparently “unapproachable” and no one to turn to. I can’t approach anyone. it’s too hard for me. I try to say hi and who are you and how are you but my thoughts get ahead of me and I either fumble and mess something up or accidentally make them think im weird or something. I want someone else to approach me, but i know no one will because of what I said earlier. i dont like living like this. i cry every night and fuel my fantasies in my dreams talking to other, considerate people. I hate the fact that this is my life and that this is how itll be for a while. i dont even want this life. Although im not willing to go to lengths of saying I dont want to live, id rather be much comfortable not being in the life I have now. I think i have psi (passive suicidal ideation) but i dont know.
In the end im left unapproachable, cant turn to anyone, having psi, and overall living a shitty life for my part. Thats all.
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2023.05.30 18:46 Apprehensive-Pie8342 Sharing Coupons

I went into the store yesterday because I had a birthday coupon. I usually use an account linked to my moms phone number because I’ve used it for over 10 years and get better coupons on it, turns out I actually have an account under my name and number so I got a birthday reward on that one. The issue was that I wanted to use my b day coupon but put in my moms number and the system blocked it bc they will no longer allow sharing of any coupons. The cashier did seem like he might have been new so I’m not sure if this will be an issue for everyone but if you’re sharing a free item you can just have it ran as a separate transaction, this will be inconvenient for the 20/25% off coupons.
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2023.05.30 18:46 IndividualThese7825 Should I cut off my Sister?

TL;DR: Cutting my sister off after she decided I wasnt allowed to plan my own graduation party.
This story happened over the span of a week and requires a lot of context but I'll try to condense it to the best of my ability.
I 18(f) Just graduated Highschool, I do online school and wasn't able to do a walk or ceremony at my school so planning this get together was very important to me. I've been planning it for months, of course it wasnt of top priority as I was focusing on acing my senior courses but I graduated at the beginning of April so it became top priority. I'm also the only one to graduate highschool out of my entire family, they all dropped out and I worked hard to make sure to graduate with honors. This was really important to me.
My sister 25(f) had asked about planning a surprise party for me, I told her " thats nice but im already planning a get together, do you want to plan it with me? " Something that was reiterated in our conversations multiple times.
Me and my father were covering the cost of the get together, (decor, food, games, etc.) this was already established in our conversations leading up to this.
In the groupchat it was clear no one was respecting what the original plan was and going off track to what they wanted to do. Trying to cancel the get together without my approval to go out to eat at a cheap buffet instead when we had already invited distant family. This has happened with things in the past, such as my birthday, dinner events i've planned, etc. So I told her and my father, " This is my celebration, Im going where I want and doing what I want. Don't say you were going to plan a party with me if you weren't going to ". To which she responded and told me I was being rude. Yes without context that sounds entitled but we had discussed how hurt I felt canceling plans I made to do what others found fun but being told that Im going to do what they want on their celebration?
Then it took a complete 180 of her telling me that the graduate isn't the one who plans it anyway and she's been discussing with our grandmother to do it at her house, and I need to stay out of the way and focus on school; " Im the one paying for it so I dont need to check every detail with you " ( I had been done with school for 3 weeks at this point, she knew I had been planning this ) Im the one paying for it, and what is overbudget my dad offered to cover. Then we kept going back and forth about things we had already discussed. I finally ended it and said " no we're not doing this ... bc you've made a spectacle out of this for attention... You knew we were planning this together..."
She then blew up in my dm's telling me how much of a b*tch I was being, saying I'm not planning it etc. To which I sent her all of the screenshots of us agreeing to planning it together and her then pretending we weren't in the groupchat. She kept giving me reasons to either excuse what she did or justify why she should have total control; " so you can focus on school" I'm already done. " so you can save more money " I've been saving for this for months. etc. I Canceled the Party entirely and she was tried to offer me a necklace or a card with cash to appease me.
I extended an olive branch to her and other family to attend a dinner, ironically to my obliviousness It was a restaurant she had sent my dad of the one she wanted to go to, that my dad decided to make reservations at. She completely ignored me the entire time and asked my dad questions about my life, what I was doing after graduation, asking about the car I was financing, etc. I finally interrupted and tried to have a conversation with her " Im the one financing the car-" " I know dont be rude- I was just asking so I know how much money to give" I was done. I stayed quiet for the rest of the dinner and told her before leaving that if she has questions about my life she needs to be asking them to me and not my father. To which she responded " dont be rude your being rude"
I ended this a day later asking if her pride and ego was that important to throw away our relationship ( I had found out she was texting my dad saying If i didn't get off my high horse it would cost us our relationship and I wouldn't be allowed to see my nieces anymore. ) with the screenshot of her message with my father. To which she responded still saying she was the one who was planning it and I wasn't allowed to see my nieces anymore.If cash gifts dont work to appease me She threatens me every time we've had an argument in the past of with either physically threats or not being able to see my nieces anymore. Mind you I would understand if they were involved but their not and have never been involved in any of our arguments. Typically I'll just agree with her so I dont have to deal with the conflict but this was and is really important to me and she knew that. I dont think I want her in my life anymore. She's shown how little she values me time and time again and the only purpose I seem to serve to her is so she knock me down and look better in front of others.
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2023.05.30 18:46 MDDPL [EUW] Team Looking For Mid Laner

I'm an esports player and coach with many years of experience who is in the process of forming an amateur LoL team at the moment. I have previously played for and run top teams in other games and have decided to form a team in League. For my last project I put together a team of total noobs and in 6 months turned them into a top 10 team(and we were well on track for top 3) in Star Wars Squadrons before the game died. I have now set my sights on training up a LoL team. Right now I'm looking for a replacement for my current mid laner who needs to drop to reserve due to getting a new job. What I'm looking for is someone with a calm disposition who is willing to learn and play specific champions for the greater good of the team composition, is not afraid of experimenting with off meta champions, can follow team calls, is driven to improve, can take feedback and constructive criticism to help them improve their game play, and is good at keeping their calm during high pressure situations. Obviously Discord, 18+ and fluent English are requirements too. At the moment we are officially training Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, 8pm to 11pm UK time, we sometimes play for fun on other nights too, although the extra nights are not essential. I am ideally looking for someone who is at minimum plat level or higher but if I see potential in you the rank is not that important. I have never had any problem with training people from the bottom to the top, all I need is people with the correct disposition, attitude and drive. Send me a message if you have any questions and want more information and I'll be happy to arrange a discord chat. Doyle#7762
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2023.05.30 18:46 nucbeard Running Naked for the Win!

Hi Y'all,
If you have throttling issues that you would like to troubleshoot or if you want to see how well your mini computer can perform at higher wattages you might try this below. I run all of my computers naked in benchmarking competition after laying down baseline scores with a stock machine. I usually design a heat spreader and print it on my FDM printer to test fitment. I then have it made in laser-cut copper. It works very well. BUT, you can get almost the same results if you have flat heat pipes on your stock cooling solution like this Beelink SER6 7735 machine shown. The difference is only 2-3 degrees Celsius from my brief testing today on Geekbench 5 and 6. The heat pipes provide a relatively flat surface for the CPU cooler to sit on. Just use a decent amount of heat sink compound on the heat pipes before you put the cooler on top of it. Squish the compound out by rotating the cooler back and forth a few degrees.
The 12V fans of many cheap coolers will run fine off of the 5V fan header. I like the ID Cooling SE-24-XT at $20 USD. It's plenty good. I also like Noctua NT-H2 paste but it probably doesn't matter. You can make a fan adapter or you can get a USB adapter for the 4-pin fan and just plug it into a USB port or a battery bank. It will run for days on a battery bank.
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2023.05.30 18:46 Significant-Task1453 Planning combination disneyland and carnival cruise

We are in the beginning stages of trying to plan a family vacation (with 2 kids) where we want to go on a cruise AND go to Disneyland. This would be summer 2024 I know it'll be expensive but I'm just wondering if there are any packages I should look in to try to save a tiny bit. Also looking for any tips of how we might structure it and maybe which areas to get hotels in. I think the ship we have chosen is Carnival Panorama. We are Costco members, so maybe book through Costco? I don't think we will be doing a drink package on this cruise, as we will have the kids and probably shouldnt be hammered the whole time. Our initial thoughts for a schedule are something like this:
Fly in to LAX and get hotel Go to universal studios then get hotel Get on 7ish day cruise Get off cruise and head to Disneyland same day. Hotel outside Disneyland but near 3 to 5 days at Disneyland Fly home out of LAX
I definitely think the hotel at the end of the trip would be next to Disneyland, but not sure what the best place to get a hotel for the beginning. Is there anywhere that has shuttles to both Universal and to port?
Any advice?
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2023.05.30 18:45 b055w0m4n69 Should I call off?

I work in the ER. I already called off last week. I wasn't sick though, it was just personal. I want to call off today too, but I'm not sick, again it's more so mental/personal (someone i love is moving out and it's one of the last days I get to see them, lately work has given me one night on one off one on one off for an entire week so my schedule has kinda been 💩) I haven't called off the entire year except for last week and possibly today. I really want to call off but I also really don't because it's obviously not right and how i don't know what to do 😭 but I love them so much and I want to see them before they go ugh
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2023.05.30 18:45 CC--33 Ange Postecoglou, and why I think he should be appointed as the next manager of Leeds United.

Yes, it's another boring, purely hypothetical, long-winded post Leed's next manager. And I know that we've had about 1,000 of these posts over the last few days alone, but I really think that Ange is one of those managers that a lot of you seem to be overlooking, for a variety of different reasons.
So as someone that has followed his career, and supports a club that he's actually managed at, let me just tell you all why I think he would be the absolute perfect manager to take us forward, especially long-term.
And first of all, yeah, I'm aware that the odds of us being able to draw him to the Championship are low, he will probably end up taking a Premier League job, in fact, he's heavily rumored with Tottenham as we speak, but I would take Celtic's Ange Postecoglou in an absolute heartbeat. In fact, he was the bloke that I heavily advocated to take over from Marsch, and I still think it was a mistake not appointing him back then.
A bit of a history rundown for those wondering who "Big Ange" as we call him over here in Australia is.
People might poo hoo Ange because he's Australian, because he's never managed at what some people perceive to be the "elite level", what they really mean is, he's never managed in England.
There are a lot of reasons I've seen people give as to why they think appointing someone like Ange would be a mistake.
But let me say this.
Every single club he has ever managed at, he has always won silverware with.
He has never once, ever in his career departed a club on bad terms, in fact to my knowledge, he's actually never been fired, he's always left on mutual terms to pursue other opportunities.
And lastly, as somebody that supports a club that he's managed at, Melbourne Victory, he is probably just about as close to the Australian version of Marcelo Bielsa as you will ever get. He is almost universally loved by everyone in this country for the success he brought during his time as national team manager, and he's generally thought of almost universally in this country as one of the greatest managers we have ever produced.
Ange, in my opinion, would probably be one of the best appointments the club could make, especially for a long-term project.
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2023.05.30 18:45 fern_fiddle First two years

I really think humane societies should be doing more awareness and stressing how intense and exhausting the first two years will be. I’m in the stage that most dogs get turned in. And as much as I love her to the moon. Even I’ve considered it somedays.
I’m coming up to year 1 raising a pup on my own. It’s a gamble on the personality of your dog. You really just learn as you go. Puppy stage was cute but was probably one of the hardest things to go through. And just as she was making progress with routine and training. She goes into her first heat. I have a totally unpredictable dog right now. She is stubborn, unruly and is lunging at nearly anything that moves. It takes a huge amount of patience to raise a pup. Perhaps that’s my lesson with her. Best of luck to all those with pups atm! I just keep telling myself it gets better. xx
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2023.05.30 18:45 ElectronBlast Which is my true core type? I've filled out a questionnaire!

Hi everyone! I've been doing a lot of self-reflection trying to figure out my true core type and wing, and I would greatly appreciate perspectives from others. I have filled out an Enneagram questionnaire and included my own thought process at the end. Thank you so much in advance!
1. What drives you in life?
You know, that is a challenging question because it varies depending on the situation that I'm in! When I'm in the public eye / around other people, and especially around those that I want to impress / like me, I am driven by this urge to live up to a positive image - that of a person who is 'at the top', successful, hard-working, and financially independent. I'm actually a bit ashamed to admit this about myself, because I don't want to be seen as selfish / a show off, but deep down, I love outside praise and admiration.
However, when alone, or around people who I don't care about impressing, it's very different! That urge to live up to an image seems to disappear, and instead, I just sit around, mostly self-reflecting and introspecting. Confusing, I know....
2. What do you look for?
Another challenging question. Once again, I do look for positive outside recognition. I do try to gain success in a positive, modest, ethical way (no cheating, bragging, cutting corners, or being dishonest for me). But, I do still want recognition.
This by itself, however, is not satisfying for me. I also am looking to do something that is personally meaningful - something in which I can help society. It's part of why I'm looking at careers in education and politics. For example, I might be attracted to the prestige of getting a cushy six-figure job at a big law firm or IT company or whatever. But if I don't have any meaning, it'll feel shallow for me.
Ideally, I look for both prestige AND meaning, if that's possible.
3. What do you hope to accomplish in your life?
See my above answer - ideally, something in which I can gain positive recognition while also contributing positively to humanity. Something that satisfies my competitive urges while still allowing me to be ethical and living with purpose.
4. What do you hope to avoid doing or being?
Lazy (or at least, being seen as lazy! That would be horrifying for me, especially around someone I like)
Unethical / dishonest / "slimy"
Unfair / biased
"Fake" or shallow
5. What values are important to you?
Integrity, courage, authenticity, fairness, independence, hard work.
6. What are your biggest fears (not including phobias)? Why?
Being "exposed". If other people saw me as someone who was lazy, had a low-wage job, didn't "have it all together", had no car, couldn't take care of himself or his family, etc., that would be absolutely terrifying to me. Also, being seen as selfish, unfair, corrupt.
7. How do you want others to see you?
A winner, hardworking, virtuous, bold, authentic, and a positive contributor to humanity.
8. How do you see yourself?
Authentic, emotional, self-aware, principled.
9. What makes you feel your best?
Being strong and independent - in all forms (physically, financially, etc.) and others seeing it, and knowing that I'm being true to myself and with a sense of purpose.
10. What makes you feel your worst?
Being (or feeling like I'm being) unethical, being shunned / negative reputation, feeling weak, empty/shallow/ passionless.
11. Describe how you feel each of:
a) Anger: All throughout my body. Kind of just washes over me like a wave, then I feel like a volcano that is liable to explode at any moment.
b) Shame: Oh goodness, I feel shame very deeply. I'm ashamed to feel shame! So I try to just make sure I don't ever need to feel it in the first place, and I do that by trying to be a good and morally upstanding person.
c) Anxiety: In my head and body. Generally just becoming nervous, shaking, talking faster, etc.
12. Describe how you respond to each of:
a) Stress: I've never been good under stress. I tend to feel extremely pressured, and if pushed too far, I've been known to lash out at other people / get very emotional.
b) Unexpected change: It depends on what the change is. If positive, I usually will have no issue with it, and if negative, I don't take it well and will get angry.
c) Conflict: I don't enjoy conflict, but I will also never allow myself to be on the defensive if I'm being 'attacked' - I will always respond offensively and forcefully.
13. What is your overall outlook on life and humanity?
Life isn't fair - some get dealt a worse hand than others. Do the best you can with the hand you've got, and never be anything other than yourself. You can do whatever you want. Live with passion. Humanity has issues, but a better world is possible. Be a moral, courageous person. Stand for justice. Be good.
My personal thoughts:
I think I've narrowed by core type to either 3w4, or 4w3 (although I am open to other types!). The morality / desire to be fair seems to be aspects of the 4 integration to 1, and the feeling of emotions / anger / intensity that I have is indicative of 4. However, when I get down in the dumps, I start getting hopeless, letting myself go and just "giving up" on things, which seems to be aspects of the 3 disintegrating to 9. The drive to be successful, competitive nature, and need to gain positive recognition is more indicative of 3, as well. Finally, my public persona and private persona are so different - in public I'm driven to succeed, like a 3, but when alone, I'm more introspective and deep and moody, like a 4. So, this is where my confusion lies.
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2023.05.30 18:45 DankuBot meirl

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2023.05.30 18:45 auralight93 Need more mods for a Witcher playthrough

I already have the Witcher trilogy on my PC, but somehow it's much more immersive to play as a witcher in Skyrim. I already have a few mods installed, but I would be thankful for any suggestion, especially in the armors department.
Here's what I have:
- Grandmaster Ursine Armor
- Armor of Intrigue
- Knightranger Armor
- Wolf School Armor
- Night's Watch Armors
- Raven Armor
- Ulag's Legacy
- Rough Leather Armor (THE BEST, imo)
- Wanderer Cuirass (works well in the early game)

- TW3 Weaponry
- Bluthund
- Billyro's Compendium (slimmer swords that suit a Witcher) + Anythin sword related from him
- Ritevice and Radzig's Sword
- Longclaw
- Reforging to the Masses (has some slim swords and greatswords)
- Hunting Crossbow + CC Crossbows + Faction Crossbows

- Vitrium + Animated Potions + Poisons
- The Witcher Signs + Signs (Though I prefer to just use Shouts as Signs)
- C.O.I.N.S.
- Apothecary (for better potions and poisons)
- WSkeever quest mods + misc (because they work well with such a character)
- Honed Metal (though I plan to go for a smithing Witcher in the new PT)
- Take a Seat + other Jayserpa mods, especially SOTW and Wounds Overlay\*
- The Witcher 3 Eyes (glowing cat eyes, works especially well if you roleplay as a Werewolf - "Growl" - Witcher)
- Growl (perhaps not as witcheresque, but how do you pull off a "mutant"? Growl gives you combat bonuses in human form + Werewolves are shunned in Skyrim's society, just like Witchers)
- Arena (for stronger enemies)
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2023.05.30 18:44 raynster88 The like multi camera angles at end of quest

Is there a way to stop that or turn it off? Cause it’s a pain I just want to go to the Munster and carve I don’t need like 3 different camera angles after killing it
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2023.05.30 18:44 13SpiritWolf42 Trying to new wire hotel hot tub pump

Trying to new wire hotel hot tub pump
Top goes to a emergency shut off. Bottom goes to breaker box. Not sure how it was wired with old pump (wasn't one that removed it) The shut off has 4 wire and the bottom and pump have 3 wire.
We hooked it up - G - G B - B/R also with no R W - W
When turned on it cycled on for about 1 second then stops. Have we or previous person done something wrong?
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2023.05.30 18:44 MrPd Floaty Mouse Feeling

For the past year or so my mouse that is set to 800 dpi feels floaty and inconsistent. It feels like 800 is 1200 dpi. I have turned off Ehanced Pointer Precision, the odd thing about it is, if I turn Ehanced Pointer Precision on, my dpi feels 1:1 and 800 feels like 800 but with mouse acceleration which makes games unplayable. I have already tried reformatting, different mice, and even recently built a new computer to try and fix this issue with zero change. Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there any solution to this?
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2023.05.30 18:44 Competitive-Ad1972 Why do people hate blight techs so much?

Above average blight main here, 2.3k hours, most on survivor. I main blight (and to a smaller extent wesker) because of their interesting and in depth movement mechanics, same way I mained market gardener and Reddit lucio in tf2/ow, respectively. I spend all my games going for clip-worthy rushes, learning and mastering hug-tech, slingshotting etc. Should also mention I run no addons because it’s harder to slingshot when you’re moving at 10k% speed. When I pull of an insane rocket jump that took hours of real life practice and get a kill off of it in even comp tf2 people always comment and say ‘holy fuck nice’ or ‘HOW???’ Or smth along those lines. The worst I get is ‘get a life’ (understandable). But when I practice a slingshot on a pallet loop on one certain map which doesn’t even spawn half the time and FINALLY get the opportunity to pull it off after HOURS of matches, I get give ups, -rep exploit abusing trash, death threats, slurs, ‘wow can’t wait till they remove that’ etc etc etc. Also in the comments of this sub, people seem to hate his techs more than anything, which is crazy to me because playing against a good blight for me is my favourite matchup, predicting what kind of crazy rush they’ll go for, flaring and premoving when I see a hug setup etc etc. My question is why? They are all extremely telegraphed, and the more advanced ones are so niche and unusable that they’re not a problem in 99% of your loops. It’s good for the longevity of a game to have characters with an insanely high skill ceiling and I’m learning every day on blight, not on any other killer that’s for sure. I understand he’s a strong killer but that power lies in his addons, not his techs… I’m honestly trolling half the time going for stuff that will maybe hit and look cool… remove those and all you have left is c33/ring/speed abusers who can shred with no practice at all because bump logic with speed is uncounterable, 0 tech knowledge/practice/map knowledge required… So inform me: Why?
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2023.05.30 18:44 wolframbeta6 RockHard X-Bike

RockHard X-Bike
Finally figured it was time to try out the Jones Bars I had kicking around. And I'm surprised at how comfortable this build turned out, while still being not too much like a laid back cruiser. Pretty sweet salvage from the last picture.
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2023.05.30 18:44 Square_Type2087 笑笑

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2023.05.30 18:43 ThrowawayPostNight My best friend lost my respect

My best friend moved across the country a couple of years ago. She got a dog both for company and to take on all of her adventures with her. She hikes, she camps, she goes on solo road trips every now and again.
Why is that an issue? Let me count the ways.
  1. Day to day, she would not walk the dog.
  2. She would cram this 80lb dog into a 500-600 square foot apartment.
  3. She would SCREAM at this dog, all the time. Like rage filled, I've lost control of myself screaming. For things like it pooping it's crate when she wouldn't get out of bed to take it out in the morning. It was actually scary, I had never seen her behave that way before.
  4. The crate she would keep it in 50% of the time was too small. The dog couldn't stand up and turn around easily. It also had to lay on the bars of the crate because it had chewed the bottom plastic layer and she couldn't/wouldn't figure out an alternative.
  5. This dog had issues and was aggressive (it ended up being inbreeding and neurological) and she had ZERO CLUE about dogs and constantly triggered its anxieties and then would scream at it when it snapped. I'm talking it would be cowering and growling at something she would be doing, and she'd just keep doing it until the dog freaked out.
  6. She'd not take the dog out in time, it would have an accident and she'd scream at it. Including in the apartment elevator, she didn't take the dog all the way down, just came back up to the apartment and left the pee.
  7. She would play fight really aggressively (shoving, loud voice, grabbing) with this REACTIVE dog and then scream at it and put it in its crate when it inevitably got too hyped up and became aggressive.
  8. When it became very clear she was not equipped to own or take care of this dog, she waited MONTHS to look into surrendering it because "she wasn't ready". By then, nobody would take him because he was almost a year old and had too many incidents.
  9. She posted all over social media about how he started having seizures and they had to put him down, and it honestly turned my stomach that this poor dog had been living in an abusive, shitty situation with her for almost all of its life and right up until the end.
Now, after all of that, after having conversations where she agreed with me that she had no fucking clue what she was doing with a dog, she wasn't financially equipped to be in a living situation appropriate for a large dog, and saying she wouldn't be getting one until she had a yard and also hopefully a partner to take on the task of pet care, she's posting all over social media about GETTING A NEW BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG PUPPY.
Currently, she's moving out of her tiny apartment and DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ANOTHER PLACE LINED UP. And yet she's buying a bunch of puppy equipment and posting a photo of a puppy with the caption "Soon❤️".
Like I just can't stand it. She is BEYOND clueless about dog care and training, and she's abusive with the way she yells and screams and loses her shit all the time. I've lost all of my respect for this person and all I can feel is disgust.
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