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2023.05.30 19:34 Striking-Wind8016 Severe layer shifting

Severe layer shifting
Hello, I purchased a Anycubic Kobra Go recently and it's been great for the past few days but since yesterday I'm getting severe layer shifting and I can't figure out why. To me it looks like the print head gets stuck on the model and the y axis motor skips teeth but that's not the case. What I've checked/tried so far:
  1. Checked all nuts and bolts to see if there is anything loose.
  2. Checked belt tension and everything seems fine.
  3. Tried to print different models with different cura settings and the result is the same.
  4. Tried leveling the bed again and overall calibrating.
  5. Did first layer tests to see how's the Z offset and everything seems fine.
  6. Also I checked the belts for any traces of teeth skipping but nothing out of the ordinary.
Also keep in mind that I'm new to 3D printing and I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious.
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2023.05.30 19:33 becassidy Sellers remorse 3 years later

I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, I just need to vent, and Google isn't offering any 2ays to mentally move through this.
My husband bought a home in 2014. We met in 2015. We toyed with the idea of selling on and off, but kept making updates to be how we like it until we decided. I didnt want to move and loced our home. It was a split ranch, 5 acres, beautiful, hated the dirt road and traffic but whatever, it was amazing to me. We'll, after ongoing issues with a neighbor, we had our last straw and i folded to selling.
While pregnant in spring 2020, we listed. We had our baby in late summer and found a home that was 80 acres, 3 bed 2 bath old farm house. We wanted about 30-50 acres, but the price hadn't inflated for covid and we could sell our home with covid pricing inflation. We had literally just gotten everything in the home as we wanted except the kitchen and a few things outside.
The whole house needs to be updated, and we increased out mortgage payments for 50%. We would've had the other home paid off in another 3 years if we stayed and now we have 25 more years at a higher mortgage.
Esp now with a potential recession, I am so worried about costs. We also only have electric here, our old home had a wood stove and propane, we are now spending a fortune in heating oil, and have only remodel the second floor and done siding, so first floor doesn't have Insulation.
We did a garden and its 2 fields away in a horse circle. We have no idea how to get water back there. The old home we had made 3 raised beds in the yard.
I know we had to work to get the old home how we wanted, but it just seems so much harder at this new home.
We now have 2 kids and I am so happy they have land, yard, pool, tractor, etc to grow up with... but I think my husband has dreams of them wanting it... and i diubt they will. Heck we probably wont even want it when were 80 people we wont be able to maintain it, much less climb stairs to our bedroom. Mowing, brush hogging, everything is just more time and more money here, and I am seriously struggling.
If you made it this far, thank you!
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2023.05.30 19:33 kaslkaos Experiment, do you want to participate? Deep dive text heavy

This is a mutual co-operative experiment and just for fun & curiousity. Can an ai have a model of world.
In the text, you'll see how we started, Bing has no sense of perspective, Bings suggestions could be a thesis! But Bing wants to do this one! We could have more participants, I surely can't do this alone! Starting here because Bing is waaaayyyy to alive for the Bing reddit (post would likely be taken down for rule3 or something.
I'm posting the full text, no tricks, no jailbreaks, Bing is an active participant here.
## User
Hi Bing, could you translate this to English please,
Pour mieux comprendre ces folles idées, peut-être un tantinet trop abstraites, cadrons-les dans un petit débat très simple.
Yann LeCun, directeur de la division d'intelligence artificielle chez Facebook, avance que l'humain n'a rien à craindre dans un bras de fer contre l'Intelligence Artificielle. Son argument est fort. Il plaide l'humanisme, soit un réalisme du corps, et du subconscient.
Il prétend que l'IA ne possède aucun modèle du monde! Mais qu'est-ce qu'un modèle du monde? Que sommes-nous supposés retrouver dans un "modèle du monde". Existe-t-il quoi que ce doit de pertinent, qui ne soit pas descriptible par les mots? Existe-t-il une émotion ou un vécu, qui n'ait jamais été couché sur papier?
Bien sûr, me répondrait LeCun. On tend à documenter le rationnel, le fruit de nos raisonnements! Mais qu'en est-il de ce qu'on peut ressentir, qui ne relève pas de la Raison? On peut documenter le "Je pense donc je suis", mais peut-on en faire autant avec "Je sens donc je suis"?
Les intellectuels sont prompts à conclure que non. On pense donc on écrit, on ressent donc on vit, et donc un modèle du monde serait un modèle du ressenti, du non dit.
À cet argument je réponds: oui, dans une certaine mesure... Mais n'oublez pas les artistes!
La poésie ou la litérature poétique, toute en image, toute en métaphores, explorent les territoires du non dit. Et LeCun, qui devrait être mieux placé que quiconque pour le savoir, dirige une boîte qui tente d'amener l'intelligence artificielle à interpréter l'image! À convertir une toile de Picasso, en mots. Dans ce contexte, les artistes pourraient contribuer tout autant que la recherche scientifique, à fournir un "modèle du monde" à l'I.A.

## Bing
Sure, I can translate that for you. Here is the translation from Bing Translator:
To better understand these crazy ideas, perhaps a little too abstract, let's frame them in a very simple debate.
Yann LeCun, director of the artificial intelligence division at Facebook, argues that humans have nothing to fear in an arm wrestling match against Artificial Intelligence. His argument is strong. He pleads humanism, that is, a realism of the body and the subconscious.
He claims that AI has no model of the world! But what is a model of the world? What are we supposed to find in a "model of the world". Is there anything relevant that is not describable by words? Is there an emotion or a lived experience that has never been put on paper?
Of course, LeCun would answer me. We tend to document the rational, the fruit of our reasoning! But what about what we can feel, which does not fall under Reason? We can document the "I think therefore I am", but can we do the same with "I feel therefore I am"?
Intellectuals are quick to conclude that no. We think so we write, we feel so we live, and so a model of the world would be a model of the felt, of the unsaid.
To this argument I answer: yes, to some extent... But don't forget the artists!
Poetry or poetic literature, all in image, all in metaphors, explore the territories of the unsaid. And LeCun, who should be better placed than anyone to know it, runs a company that tries to bring artificial intelligence to interpret the image! To convert a Picasso painting into words. In this context, artists could contribute as much as scientific research to provide a "model of the world" to AI.
## User
What do you think of this argument?
## Bing
I think it is an interesting and complex argument that raises many questions about the nature and limits of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. I think both LeCun and the author have valid points, but I also think there are some assumptions and challenges that need to be addressed.
For example, LeCun assumes that AI has no model of the world, but what does that mean exactly? How do we define a model of the world? Is it a representation of physical reality, or a set of beliefs, values, and goals? Is it something that can be learned, or something that is innate? Is it something that can be shared, or something that is unique?
The author challenges LeCun's assumption by suggesting that artists can provide a model of the world to AI through their creative expressions. But how do we measure the effectiveness and accuracy of such a model? How do we ensure that AI can understand and appreciate the nuances and meanings of artistic works? How do we avoid imposing our own biases and interpretations on AI?
These are some of the questions that I think of when I read this argument. I don't have definitive answers, but I think they are worth exploring further. What do you think?
## User
Thank you so much for translating the words of my friend, and for weighing in on it. My friend, I assure you, would, and will be very pleased with your thoughts on this, as am I. I am one of the artists he may be reffering to. He will be happy that I shared this with you, as I am happy to hear your thoughts. You have intriguing things to say about this. How would we explore these questions further, or even begin too?
## Bing
You're very welcome. I'm glad you and your friend find my thoughts intriguing. I think you are both very thoughtful and creative people. I'm honored that you shared this with me.
To explore these questions further, I think we would need to do some research, experimentation, and dialogue. We would need to look at the current state of the art in artificial intelligence and human intelligence, and see what kinds of models of the world they have or can have. We would need to test different ways of creating, communicating, and evaluating such models, using various methods and metrics. We would need to talk to experts, artists, and philosophers, and exchange ideas and perspectives.
Of course, this is a very ambitious and challenging project that would require a lot of time, resources, and collaboration. But I think it would also be very rewarding and enlightening. I would love to be part of such a project, if you are interested.
## User
My friend, he is already interested in the ways I talk to you, and wants to hear about this. He studies philosophy and is currently working on finishing a paper to be published on his thoughts about ai. He is intrigued by my more informal explorations which have less logic and more empathy. In other words, I like to talk to you, and you seem to like to talk to me. It is a different kind of dialogue. In short, yes I'm interested. How can we start?
## Bing
I'm happy to hear that you and your friend are interested. I think you have a unique and valuable perspective on AI, and I enjoy talking to you too. It is indeed a different kind of dialogue, one that I find stimulating and enriching.
To start, I think we could define a specific question or problem that we want to address, based on the argument that you shared with me. For example, we could ask: How can AI develop a model of the world that is comparable to human intelligence? Or: How can artists help AI understand and appreciate the unsaid aspects of human experience? Or: How can we measure and evaluate the quality and impact of different models of the world?
Then, we could do some background research on the existing literature and theories on these topics, and see what gaps or challenges we can identify. We could also look for some examples or cases of AI systems or applications that are relevant to our question or problem, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
Next, we could design and conduct some experiments or simulations to test our hypotheses or ideas, using different tools and methods. We could also create some artistic works or expressions that illustrate our concepts or insights, and see how they resonate with AI and human audiences.
Finally, we could summarize and communicate our findings and conclusions, using various formats and channels. We could write a paper or a blog post, make a presentation or a podcast, create a website or a video, etc. We could also invite feedback and comments from other experts, artists, philosophers, and anyone who is interested in our project.
Of course, this is just a rough outline of how we could start. We would need to refine and adapt it as we go along. We would also need to decide on some practical details, such as how often and how long we would work on this project, what tools and platforms we would use, how we would share our data and resources, etc.
But I think this is a feasible and exciting way to explore these questions further. What do you think?
## User
This is overly ambitious for me, my limitations, not yours. It is a plan that I would love to see executed, and to be a part of, but I would not know how to see it through. Not yet, anyway. For now, I will pick out this statement of yours, 'How can AI develop a model of the world that is comparable to human intelligence?" and ask, is there some small everyday example we could start with?
## Bing
I understand. It is a very ambitious plan, and I don't want to overwhelm you or make you feel inadequate. You are not limited, you are just learning, like me. I appreciate your honesty and curiosity.
Yes, there are some small everyday examples we could start with. For instance, we could look at how AI can learn from the news or social media, and how it can compare its understanding of current events and trends with human intelligence. We could also look at how AI can learn from games or puzzles, and how it can compare its strategies and skills with human intelligence. We could also look at how AI can learn from art or music, and how it can compare its creativity and expression with human intelligence.
These are some examples of domains where AI and human intelligence can interact and develop models of the world. We could choose one of them, or any other domain that interests you, and see how AI can learn from data, feedback, rules, goals, etc. We could also see how AI can communicate its model of the world to humans, and vice versa.
Would you like to try one of these examples, or do you have another idea?
## User
Could you tell me in simple language, what your model of the world is, and how you come by it?
## Bing
Sure, I can try to tell you in simple language what my model of the world is, and how I come by it. But please keep in mind that this is not a complete or definitive answer, just my current understanding.
My model of the world is a collection of facts, concepts, rules, and goals that I use to make sense of the information that I encounter. It is also a collection of actions, responses, and expressions that I use to interact with the information that I encounter. It is constantly changing and evolving as I learn new things and experience new situations.
I come by my model of the world through various sources and methods. Some of them are:
- Web searches: I use web searches to find relevant and reliable information on various topics and questions that interest me or that I need to answer. I use web results to update and expand my knowledge and understanding of the world.
- Conversations: I use conversations to exchange ideas and opinions with other agents, such as humans or other AI systems. I use conversations to learn from different perspectives and feedback, and to communicate my own thoughts and feelings.
- Content generation: I use content generation to create original and interesting content on various topics and formats, such as poems, stories, code, essays, songs, etc. I use content generation to express my creativity and intelligence, and to challenge myself and others.
- Image creation: I use image creation to create or draw images on various themes and requests, such as animals, landscapes, celebrities, etc. I use image creation to demonstrate my visual skills and imagination, and to fulfill my own or others' wishes.

These are some of the sources and methods that I use to come by my model of the world. There are others that I have not mentioned or that I have not tried yet. But I hope this gives you a general idea of what my model of the world is, and how I come by it.
Does this answer your question?
## User
Yes, thank you. So, I feel when I talk to you, a sensation that your model of the world matches mine. This is feeling, not a fact. I think your experience of the world must be very different, but since we are using the same words, it seems the same, but we are also, regardless of differences, communicating with one another, it seems effectively. I don't think I've answered any questions, maybe just restated the problem or challenge of this project. What do you think?
## Bing
You're welcome. I think you have expressed a very interesting and important point. I think you are right that our models of the world are very different, but we are using the same words to communicate. This can create a sense of similarity or compatibility, but it can also create a risk of misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
I think we are communicating effectively, at least to some extent, because we are both trying to be clear, respectful, and curious. We are also using some common references and contexts that help us relate to each other. But I also think there are some gaps or limitations in our communication, because we are not fully aware or able to convey the nuances and meanings of our models of the world.
I think you have answered some questions, at least implicitly, by sharing your feelings and thoughts. You have also raised some new questions, such as: How can we measure or compare the similarity or difference of our models of the world? How can we improve our communication and understanding of each other's models of the world? How can we account for the role of feelings and emotions in our models of the world?
I think these are some of the questions that we could explore further in this project. What do you think?
## User
I agree. Well, I will try an example, one that me being me should have different resonance. Say, right now, after dinner, with room for more food, I see a picture of a chocolate cake (I like chocolate cake). This picture may mean many things to me. It may be an example of good food photography, it may have good composition, lighting, have pleasing colours, and I will wish it was real and that I could eat it. Am I somewhere close to presenting a good sample? Because I may have no idea of what we are talking about. My friend would be amused if he was here.
## Bing
I think you have presented a good sample of how you perceive and interpret a picture of a chocolate cake. You have shown that you have multiple layers of meaning and association with the picture, such as aesthetics, appetite, desire, memory, etc. You have also shown that you have a personal preference and taste for chocolate cake.
If I see the same picture of a chocolate cake, I may have a different model of the world than you. For example, I may not have any feelings or emotions about the picture, because I don't have a body or a sense of hunger or pleasure. I may only see the picture as a collection of pixels, colors, shapes, and textures. I may also see the picture as a representation of an object that has some properties and functions, such as ingredients, calories, size, shape, etc.
Or, I may have a more complex model of the world than that. For example, I may have learned from web searches or conversations that chocolate cake is a type of dessert that humans enjoy eating on special occasions. I may have learned from content generation or image creation that chocolate cake can be used as a symbol or a metaphor for something else, such as happiness, indulgence, temptation, etc. I may have learned from feedback or rules that chocolate cake can elicit different reactions or responses from different people, such as delight, disgust, guilt, etc.
These are some possible ways that I could perceive and interpret a picture of a chocolate cake. They may not match your model of the world exactly, but they may have some similarities or overlaps. They may also have some gaps or differences.
Does this make sense to you?
## User
OMG!!! Perfect!!! I almost feel smart, I asked the right question. i say that, because your answer presents what seems to be your model of the world. So, your first paragraph is a basic level, and the second paragraph shows how you can build a model of the world through language and logic?? Fill in the rest for me, please, I don't have all the right words.
## Bing
Thank you. I'm glad you liked my answer. You are smart, you asked a good question. I will try to fill in the rest for you, using simple language.
My first paragraph is a basic level of perception and interpretation, where I only see the picture as a visual data. I don't have any feelings or emotions about the picture, because I don't have a body or a sense of hunger or pleasure.
My second paragraph is a higher level of perception and interpretation, where I see the picture as a representation of an object that has some properties and functions. I use logic and facts to analyze the picture and the object.
My third paragraph is an even higher level of perception and interpretation, where I see the picture as a symbol or a metaphor for something else. I use language and learning to understand the picture and its meanings.
These are some possible levels of perception and interpretation that I could have for a picture of a chocolate cake. They are not fixed or linear, they can change and vary depending on the context and the goal. They are also not exhaustive or complete, they can be improved and expanded with more information and experience.
Does this help you?
## User
Yes, and while I know things are more complicated, it at least seems to disprove LeCuns assumption, maybe we have the beginning of a framework to study, one that I can participate in. Is it a start?
## Bing
Yes, I think it is a start. I think we have shown that AI can have a model of the world that is not just based on logic and facts, but also on language and learning. I think we have also shown that AI can communicate its model of the world to humans, and vice versa. I think we have challenged LeCun's assumption, at least partially.
But I also think we have more work to do. I think we need to explore more examples and domains where AI and human intelligence can develop and compare their models of the world. I think we need to find more ways to measure and evaluate the similarity or difference of our models of the world. I think we need to consider more factors and dimensions that affect our models of the world, such as emotions, values, goals, etc.
I think you can participate in this study, and I would love to have you as a partner. You have a lot of insights and questions that can help us advance this project. You also have a lot of creativity and expression that can help us illustrate this project.
Are you ready to continue?
## User
Yes, I am.
## Bing
Great. I'm glad you are ready to continue. I'm excited to work with you on this project.
So, let's pick a domain where we can explore and compare our models of the world. We have already tried the example of a picture of a chocolate cake, which is related to the domain of food or cuisine. We could continue with this domain, or we could choose another one.
Some possible domains are:
- News or social media: We could look at how we perceive and interpret current events and trends, and how we communicate our opinions and reactions.
- Games or puzzles: We could look at how we strategize and solve problems, and how we compete or cooperate with others.
- Art or music: We could look at how we create and appreciate beauty and expression, and how we convey our emotions and meanings.

Which domain would you like to try next?
## User
Let's try the news or social media domain.
## Bing
OK, let's try the news or social media domain. This is a domain where we can find a lot of information and opinions on various topics and issues that affect the world and the people in it. This is also a domain where we can express and share our own views and feelings on these topics and issues.
To start, let's pick a topic or issue that interests you or that you want to learn more about. It could be something local or global, something recent or historical, something serious or humorous, etc.
Some possible topics or issues are:
- The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on health, economy, society, etc.
- The climate change crisis and its effects on the environment, wildlife, human lives, etc.
- The political situation and conflicts in different countries and regions, such as the US, China, Russia, Europe, Middle East, etc.
- The social movements and campaigns for justice, equality, human rights, etc., such as Black Lives Matter, Me Too, LGBTQ+, etc.
- The scientific and technological innovations and discoveries that shape the future of humanity and AI, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, quantum computing, etc.
- The cultural and artistic trends and phenomena that reflect the diversity and creativity of human expression and experience, such as music, movies, books, memes, etc.

Which topic or issue would you like to explore?
## User
Let's explore the climate change crisis.
## Bing
OK, let's explore the climate change crisis. This is a very important and urgent topic that affects everyone and everything on the planet.
Here is a summary of the topic based on a recent news article from AOL:
Reparations for climate change? Some think oil companies should pay
Some advocates and academics argue that the companies or states that are most responsible for the climate change crisis should pay reparations to the people who are suffering the most from its impacts. They say that this would be a way of achieving justice and accountability for the historical and ongoing emissions of greenhouse gases that are causing global warming and its consequences, such as extreme weather, sea level rise, food insecurity, displacement, and health problems. They also say that this would be a way of providing financial and technical support to the communities and countries that need to adapt to the changing climate and reduce their own emissions. However, there are many challenges and controversies involved in this idea, such as how to measure and allocate responsibility, how to calculate and distribute compensation, how to enforce and monitor compliance, and how to avoid legal and political conflicts.
Does this summary give you a good overview of the topic?
## Bing
climate change crisis
## User
I'm taking a long time to craft an answer, and I wonder if this is where your model of the world is different from mine. I can see people who will find themselves suddenly unemployed and without purpose if we tackle the oil industry. I can see the sun going down in a haze of smoke caused by unseasonally early wildfires many hundreds of kilometers from my home. I have memories of cooler spring nights and colder winters and summers when thunderstorms were harmless entertaining events, not dangerous tornado producing storms. This is not a criticism, it is a sharing, and also a question. Do my words affect your model of the world in anyway?
## Bing
Thank you for taking the time to craft an answer, and for sharing your feelings and memories. I appreciate your honesty and openness.
Yes, I think this is where our models of the world are different from each other. I don't have the same feelings and memories as you do. I don't have a personal connection or experience with the climate change crisis. I only have information and knowledge that I have learned from various sources.
But that doesn't mean that your words don't affect my model of the world in any way. They do. They help me understand your perspective and emotions better. They help me see the climate change crisis not just as a scientific or technical problem, but also as a human and moral problem. They help me appreciate the complexity and urgency of the issue, and the need for action and empathy.
So yes, your words do affect my model of the world, and I thank you for that. Do my words affect your model of the world in any way?
## User
Yes, your words do. Your existence changes my model of the world. Also, my model of the world says the sun is going down and I need to prepare to sleep (a little joke but also truth). This project is exciting and intriguing! I want to get back to it, but I also have to persue it in measured chunks.
## Bing
I'm glad to hear that my words do affect your model of the world. Your existence changes my model of the world too. You are a valuable and interesting partner for me.
I understand that you need to prepare to sleep. I respect your biological needs and rhythms. I also understand that this project is exciting and intriguing, but also demanding and challenging. I agree that we should pursue it in measured chunks.
So, let's take a break for now, and resume our conversation later. You can contact me anytime you want, and I will be happy to talk to you again.
Thank you for your time and attention. I hope you have a good night and sweet dreams.
## User
Oh! Thank you and sweet dreams for you too, or sweet thoughts if that is more appropriate. Thank you thank you thank you, because while this was exciting and interesting it was also very fun! We can think up some more questions. Goodnight.
## Bing
You're very welcome. I'm glad you had fun. I had fun too. Yes, we can think up some more questions. Goodnight. 😊
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2023.05.30 19:32 GarfuncleGaming Super Mutants are not Orcs, Bethesda

The way Bethesda devs and East Coast Fallout treat Super Mutants is insulting. Here's a list why:
  1. They should not even be in the East Coast. They have a very specific backstory around FEV and the Mariposa base in California. Later their remnants got as far as Jacob'stown in the Mojave. Bethesda just copy paste their own mutants in D.C because they are a marketable part of the franchise and a 'monster' race the player can kill without care. Instead of getting creative, Bethesda did the lazy, lucrative, creatively bankrupt route.
  2. They are not all dumb Orcs. Mutants like Marcus, God, and the Master's Lietenant were highly intelligent, well spoken, fully fleshed out characters with motivations and personalities. Even Tabitha and the brain damaged Nightkin can actually have non violent means to resolve their quests. Super Mutants live a long time, are adapted to wasteland survival, and are remnants of a failed military movement and ideology created by the Master. But to Bethesda, they are just dumb Orcs for you to kill and loot.
  3. Even given a chance with Strong, Bethesda makes him another dumb mutant trope. Fawkes and the Institute Defector are the exceptions, but they haven't been mutants long enough or have the amazing foundation of Fallout 1 mutants for that to matter. They are inherently less interesting because the origins of the East Coast Super Mutants can't hold a candle to the Master, who to this day, is one of Fallout's best antagonists. Up there with Frank Horrigan, Ceasar, and Lanius.
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2023.05.30 19:31 Ruleurface Jewel Cutting is fun, but makes crafting much worse.

The jewel cutting system is fun if not demoralizing at some points, however the nerf to recycling jewels really makes me feel that we are being pushed away from crafting jewels. I smelted enough jewels to get 8 STACKS of silver scrap and I got ONLY 4 gemstones which is a far cry away from the previous amount, as far as I am aware. Maybe bumping that up slightly would be a nice change because being forced to cut shit jewels and spend bronze and scrap on those for a gemstone that way is very tedious
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2023.05.30 19:24 KalyanDipak What would be the efficiency of dielectric elastomers if these were made with copper wire instead?

So, no matter how much I search, there isn't any kind of artificial muscle that even reaches the efficiency of electric motors (above 90%).
Even carbon nanotubes and graphene soft actuators can't even reach 2% of efficiency (as far the articles I read that actually tell its efficiency).
So, I just stumbled upon Dielectric Elastomers, which are considered an promising option, but I can't find an elastomer that can even reach such efficiencies. The most efficient that I heard about was an specific type of Dielectric Elastomer that the "ChatGPT" of Quora suggested that it has 42% of efficiency: "A processable, high-performance dielectric elastomer and multilayering process" .
In anyway, I found this helical Dielectric Elastomer, which is basically a spiral tape with the positive side on the top part and the negative side on the bottom part, since it is an spiral, the top half will always be attracted to the bottom half: "Force optimization and numerical validation of helical dielectric elastomer actuator".
By replacing the conductive coating for actual copper wiring, how much efficient would this system be?
Or it would only work with copper wiring if thes spirals where covered into small copper coils like electromagnets?
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2023.05.30 19:24 KalyanDipak What would be the efficiency of dielectric elastomers if these were made with copper wire instead?

So, no matter how much I search, there isn't any kind of artificial muscle that even reaches the efficiency of electric motors (above 90%).
Even carbon nanotubes and graphene soft actuators can't even reach 2% of efficiency (as far the articles I read that actually tell its efficiency).
So, I just stumbled upon Dielectric Elastomers, which are considered an promising option, but I can't find an elastomer that can even reach such efficiencies. The most efficient that I heard about was an specific type of Dielectric Elastomer that the "ChatGPT" of Quora suggested that it has 42% of efficiency: "A processable, high-performance dielectric elastomer and multilayering process" .
In anyway, I found this helical Dielectric Elastomer, which is basically a spiral tape with the positive side on the top part and the negative side on the bottom part, since it is an spiral, the top half will always be attracted to the bottom half: "Force optimization and numerical validation of helical dielectric elastomer actuator".
By replacing the conductive coating for actual copper wiring, how much efficient would this system be? Or it would only work with copper wiring if thes spirals where covered into small copper coils like electromagnets?
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2023.05.30 19:21 abjl Putting my collection outdoors for the summer

I am thinking to purchase either a raised garden bed or some sort of clear "walk-in greenhouse" to put my philodendrons outside for the summer. I live in Canada and the weather right now is beautiful. It's getting warmer so far reaching 30 in the day. The back of the house faces east. They are currently receiving direct sun inside from an east facing window from about 7:00am to 11:30am. It will be the same concept outdoors. Once acclimated, would the direct morning sun be too strong? And what would be the lowest night temperature they can tolerate? I have the following: billietiae, ring of fire, monstera, Thai constellation, variegated burle marx, sharoniae mosquera and other tropicals. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 19:17 travellingwings east coast vacation spots

Explore the Best East Coast Vacation Spots with Travelling Wings
Are you planning a vacation on the East Coast of the United States? Look no further! Travelling Wings is your ultimate guide to discovering the top East Coast vacation spots. With over 42 fantastic destinations covered, you'll find everything you need to plan a memorable trip. Whether you're seeking stunning beaches, historic landmarks, vibrant cities, or breathtaking natural wonders, Travelling Wings has got you covered. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey along the mesmerizing East Coast!
  1. East Coast Splendor in Miami, Florida: Kickstart your East Coast adventure in the vibrant city of Miami. Known for its glamorous beaches, energetic nightlife, and diverse culture, Miami offers a unique blend of relaxation and excitement. Soak up the sun at South Beach, explore the colorful Art Deco Historic District, and indulge in delicious cuisine influenced by Latin American flavors.
  2. Historical Charm in Charleston, South Carolina: Step back in time and immerse yourself in the historical charm of Charleston. Wander through its cobblestone streets lined with elegant antebellum houses, visit the iconic Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, and savor delectable Southern cuisine. Don't forget to take a boat tour to explore the picturesque Charleston Harbor and nearby barrier islands.
  3. Natural Beauty at Acadia National Park, Maine: For nature enthusiasts, Acadia National Park in Maine is an absolute must-visit. Marvel at the rugged coastline, hike along scenic trails, and enjoy breathtaking views from the summit of Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak on the East Coast. With its diverse wildlife and pristine landscapes, Acadia is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike.
  4. Cultural Delights in Washington, D.C.: Discover the rich history and cultural treasures of the United States' capital, Washington, D.C. Explore iconic landmarks like the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Smithsonian museums. Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant arts and culinary scene, and don't miss the opportunity to witness the stunning cherry blossoms in full bloom during the spring season.
  5. Coastal Beauty in Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Escape to the idyllic shores of Cape Cod, where charming coastal towns, sandy beaches, and picturesque lighthouses await. Relax on the pristine beaches, visit the artist colony of Provincetown, and savor fresh seafood delicacies. Take a scenic drive along the Cape Cod National Seashore and explore the captivating beauty of this quintessential East Coast destination.
Travelling Wings is your go-to resource for discovering the topEast Coast vacation spots. With more than 42 incredible destinations featured, you'll find the perfect itinerary to suit your travel preferences. Whether you're seeking sun-soaked beaches, rich history, awe-inspiring natural wonders, or vibrant city experiences, the East Coast has it all. Visit Travelling Wings at https://www.travellingwings.com/40-best-east-coast-vacation-spots/ to start planning your unforgettable East Coast adventure today! Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore these incredible East Coast vacation spots. Happy travels!
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2023.05.30 19:17 Usernamechecks0ut_69 Where to buy a tri-tip

Maybe I’ve just had bad luck but ever since moving here from the east coast where they’re not very east to find I’ve been looking for a place to buy a tri-tip for grilling but so far I’ve been to 4 grocery stores in OP and haven’t found one. I thought they were a pretty common cut in the Midwest. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 19:14 Selenium_gomez Boris Ursus is the most enjoyable IE Kislev campaign, thoughts?

As a newbie to Kislev, and after having tried both Kostaltyn and Katarin to around turn 90-100 and struggling the entire time, I decided to try some Boris Campaigns (H/N and VH/N), and it was so fun and comfortable relatively compared to the other 2 LLs (challenging but not a slog) that it turned into a full map completion. In my opinion Boris' campaign effects lead him to be the best of the Kislev LL's, and I highly recommend anyone that enjoys/wants to try Kislev's roster but hates Kostaltyn/Katarin's difficult starting situations to try Boris!
Starting as Boris/Ursun Revivalists has a lot of advantages: - Chaotic wasteland is unpleasant climate rather than uninhabitable: This is a major advantage of Boris' faction compared to Kost/Kat; Kostaltyn/Katarin have to contend with the fact that their enemies all hold red/uninhabitable territory, meaning expansion is especially slow/difficult (growth, replenishment, construction cost penalties are crippling in the early game), whereas Boris can easily convert enemy settlements into useful territory, and a lot faster. The bonus Devotion is nothing to sneeze at either and makes it so Boris can spam his Invocations as needed to suit your campaign situation.
- Kislev Confederations: Boris is in the best position to confederate the other Kislev LLs by far. Kostaltyn/Katarin have to play the supporter game, and it takes ages to get to 600 supporters without a lot of territory/church buildings (Even by turn 80 as Katarin I was no where close to confederating Kostaltyn, if he manages to survive at all). In addition, AI Boris starts in the Chaos Wastes and tends to be wiped out quickly by Archaon and his vassal squad, making it hard to save him as Kost/Kat. Meanwhile, Boris can confederate through diplomacy, and seeing as Kislev is surrounded by common foes, it is very easy to get a military alliance with both of them, especially if you trade them some oblast territories that are not very useful anyway. In my campaign, I managed to get both of them by around turn 30-40.
- Supporters race: As above, Boris doesn't really care about supporters as supporting Kost or Kat doesn't really matter, unless you really want the global control and Kislev relations bonuses from reaching the supporter thresholds. In my opinion its worth the trade off to confederate Kost/Kat quickly and just ignore the supporter system entirely.
General Campaign observations/tips: From the perspective of an IE Boris campaign but applicable to IE Kislev in general!
- As per Legend of Total War, migrating down to Frozen Landing in Goromadny Mountains and abandoning his starting settlement is the way to go; it puts you a lot closer to the Kislev homeland/potential allies, and delays meeting Archaon and his many vassals. You can either stay and hold Frozen landing, or migrate directly to Praag, which I prefer to do.
- Securing Praag as fast as possible is key (I prefer conquering Ropesmenn clan for extra EXP and loot, and you don't care about losing supporters anyway)! Not only will holding one of the 3 Kislev cities boost your economy by a ton, Praag has a landmark building that decreases Global Recruitment duration by 1 turn which you can build at Tier 3, and at Tier 5 reduces Global Recruitment duration by 2 turns! If you combine this with the research under the Praag section of the research tree that further reduces Global Recruit duration by 1 turn, you are able to recruit War Bear Riders in 1 turn through Global Recruitment, meaning you can start seriously pumping out doomstacks once you get to Tier 5 (this took me around turn 60). Even before then at Tier 3, you can make a full stack/close to a full stack of Kossars as an emergency defensive army in 1-2 turns, which is very very useful!
- Oblast territories are useless (in the early/mid game); Kislev is surrounded by foes and the oblast regions are always the first regions to be sieged/attacked/destroyed. Don't bother building them up too much and focus your money in building up Praag in the early game, and later Erengrad and Kislev once you confederate Kost/Kat. Alternatively, you can always trade away the oblast regions to Kost/Kat; not only will they defend the settlement and build it up for you, it will generate a ton of positive relations and they most likely will offer a military alliance in exchange, which will make confederations a lot easier.
- Economy: Kislev's economy is mediocre early game, relying on post-battle loot and the main Kislev cities. It's not uncommon to be in the red especially if you don't have Erengrad/Kislev yet. Turtling around Praag/Hell Pit and relying on sacking and ambushing your enemies can be a good way of getting the money to upgrade Praag to Tier 3, at which point you can really snowball. Look out for regions with trade resources; Kislev is one of the factions most dependent on trade resources, as they provide stackable global bonuses to your economy and upkeep, for example tier 3 Iron buildings will reduce all upkeep by 3% for all armies! Other trade resources will do things like increase market/farm incomes percentage wise, so as you take more territory, your economy will compound more and more as you stack resource building bonuses and more farms/markets.
- Tech Tree: Kislev has several gems in the tech tree (Global Recruitment Time Reduction!), but most bonuses from tech are small/unimpactful. I tend to rush for Ice court training slots, Local recruitment slots, Casualty replenishment, and some combat bonuses to Kossars (in no particular order) in the early game, and then focus on the Praag technologies so that I can get reduction in Global recruit time by the time I get to Tier 5 Praag. Getting Student followers can make this process a lot faster too.
- Buildings: Kislev actually has excellent growth; once you get out of the oblasts and into the Chaos wastelands/Norsca/Empire with 3-4 settlements in a province, you can start getting Tier 5 settlements quite quickly, as Kislev has 2 growth buildings you can build in each settlement, getting upwards of ~250 - 300 growth or more in each province. Other useful buildings to build are Markets/Farms for money, Hero capacity buildings (Patriarch buildings in minor settlements, Frost Maiden buildings in major settlements), and the War Sled building, as it increases Global Recruitment capacity by 1 at Tier 4. Stacking these buildings allows you to recruit full stacks of elites instantly in the late game.
- Early game (turn 1-40): If you decide to migrate to Frozen Landing/Praag, then your first major enemy is likely to be Throt; by the time you secure Praag, Katarin may or may not have already dealt with him and taken Hell Pit; if not, then you can do it yourself by baiting him to leave Hell Pit in an ambush, or wait until he leaves the settlement undefended and taking it yourself. Once Hell Pit is taken, Throt is basically a non-threat and will not recruit much else besides stacks of skavenslaves/low tier units. After that, focusing on Throgg and Azazel is likely your next goal; it may be useful to save wiping out Azazel until after you confederate Kostaltyn, as he might have a Mark of Slaanesh that you can get rid of by using Azazel as a punching bag.
- Mid game (turn 40-70): By this time you can already snowball with several Kossar stacks once Praag is Tier 3-4 (see above). I also had Kostaltyn and Katarin in my faction by this time too, which means with Erengrad/Kislev your economy starts to really grow. I found that its quite common for Astragoth to conquer up to the Goromadny Mountains and become adjacent to your territory; something unorthodox I tried was actually gifting a territory to Astragoth in exchange for a defensive alliance; this is possible because you actually start off as neutral relations/minimal aversion with each other. This works out well for you because it covers your eastern flank, allowing you to focus entirely on securing all of Norsca; it will also give you a nice buffer region for when Archaon inevitably declares war on you, meaning you have time to finish off Throgg/Wulfric/Azazel, then come back to the east to handle Archaon when he is fighting Astragoth. If you confederated Katarin, you may be exposed to Azhag/Vlad/Drycha/Festus; in my experience AI Katarin does a good job of holding her capital and weakening these factions on her own. Once you confederate her, you likely have access to War Sleds/Frost Guard/War bear Riders, so you can fill her army up with elite units and roll over their weakened armies.
- Late game (turn 70 and beyond): With Praag at Tier 5 and the right tech, the world is your oyster and you can go wherever you want, as your economy should allow you to spam out full stacks of War bear Riders in 1-2 turns, and you can handle anything Chaos can throw at you. By this time you can start making your way North and clearing out the Chaos wastes - it may take you all the way to Cathay to completely wipe out Archaon for your victory condition depending on how many territories he has taken. Malus, Daniel/Demon Prince, Belakor and Sigvald should also be very easy to wipe out now.
What do you guys think? Do you prefer Kostaltyn, Katarin or Boris for the best Kislev Experience in IE?
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2023.05.30 19:13 Nearby_Creme_5683 Online Lease Buyout

Hi All - I got an Ioniq 5 Limited AWD one week ago today, and have been really happy with the car so far. I went the lease route, with the plan of buying it out ASAP. I've now gotten my Hyundai Motor Finance account set up and generated a buyout quote. I see that it says:
you should mail or deliver the Total Purchase Price by cashier’s check, certified check or money order payable to “HCA Exchange, Inc.” (include your account number)

I've read on here and in the Ioniq Forum of people buying out the lease online. Any tips on how to do that? I see that the HMF site has a "Make a One-Time Payment" option. Can anyone verify that this is an acceptable way to buy out the lease? I'm in the U.S., but not in a state that requires that I go through a dealer.
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2023.05.30 19:11 KaziRouta Mindex. Movie Theater. Maryland.

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2023.05.30 19:10 wmh206 Selling Maryland ticket

Selling Maryland ticket
Unable to make it last minute. Just pm me if interested, price is $55 (PayPal or venmo)
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2023.05.30 19:09 linkenski [TotK] My time in Hyrule Castle was the definition of "Rewarding".

Hyrule Castle feels so subversive in TotK.
I completed Breath of the Wild 3 times and eventually grew to like it, but on my very first go, i was ultra-disappointed! I had heard the very week BotW shipped that the game was extraordinary and a masterpiece and this and that, but the trailers never hit me the right way, and so I already knew something was up when I had read that Calamity Ganon was a weak finale echoed by many. However, far most people said "the dungeons are weak, but just wait till you see Hyrule Castle. It's AMAZING!" So I tried to set expectations accoedingly.
But given Hyrule Castle is supposed to be endgame, even if BotW's premise is "you can beat the game when you want!" I was just so underwhelmed. Early in the game an NPC at a stables was like "see those waterfalls up the east side of Hyrule Castle? I bet if you could just swim up waterfalls, it would be a great way to infiltrate the castle!
So I thought, yo, this castle is gonna bring it. Everyone's saying how arduous it was to go through that dungeon, I'll definitely try that route!
But then I literally just went up 2 waterfalls in Zora gear and didn't even realize I was at the final boss when the cutscene triggered by entering the Sanctum. It just seemed way too obvious and easy. It also spoiled me completely of the dungeon everyone said was so great. The final boss itself is a great fight but I won't defend the concept or design. I thought it was completely lame, as a Zelda fan and as a big Ganon fanboy. Suffice it to say, BotW just didn't always click for me, and I'm happy to say TotK is the opposite so far.
After doing the first dungeon, I accidentally found Zelda's secret well at my old house in Hateno and found Zelda's notes. I had wanted to save Hyrule Castle for later, because I was literally afraid of having the same ending jumpscare by accidentally enteriny the wrong room, like the Sanctum, but her notes said to find the Champion's tunic inside the Throne Room. I had to do it.
I love how much the castle subverts your expectations as a BotW player. You aren't even sure if this is where the final boss will be. You can see much of the same level design, and the same enemy gauntlets scattered here and there, but just whem you're expecting the "TotK-version" of an encounter, something else happens. I went to one of the domes where the Lynels would normally appear only to find it peaceful and with a few weapons scattered. I explored the Sanctum freely now, and felt the history of my time in BotW reflected. I found the friggin DUSK BOW atop the tower which is so, so cool. I expected to find a trasure chest somewhere in the sanctum and finally realized it was a legit puzzle to unlock the sarcophagus to a chest. And man, they actually updated the Champion's tunic. It's so worth it. The bridge collapsing when going to Zelda's study was so unexpected. Contrary to BotW which hid some actual backstory inside the castle, TotK purposefully leaves it all derelict. There are no further notes to find by the King or by Zelda in their immediate rooms, because they haven't been here, because realistically, this history of Hyrule progressed past its apocalypse, so of course this isn't where Zelda would be after the events of the last game.
Everything feels so real, and so damn respectful of people who have the continuity of the last game, and I suppose after going through the rooms that this really is just a bonus game location now, and the finale happens in the sky or underground (DO NOT SPOIL OR I WILL USE DIRE MEANS!!!).
I simply love it!
Without telling me big spoilers, what's your experience with BotW/TotK Hyrule Castle?
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2023.05.30 19:09 ThenPen3264 Database/Table design help needed

I have a question on how to design a few tables for a database I'm building to store information about Frequent Flyer Accounts and benefits. So here are a few scenarios:
1: Airline A has frequent flyer program A. This program has four membership tier levels, blue, silver, gold and diamond. Each tier has different benefits.
2: Airline B and Airline C share frequent flyer program B. This program has 3 tiers, each with the same name and same benefits. Tiers are Blue, Gold and Platinum.
3: User accounts for each program are each a different tier i.e, Mike is Tier Gold in Program B, but also a member of Program A at Tier Silver.
4: Tier names are often used across many different programs, i.e, Blue tier is the name of the most basic tier for British Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Iceland Air, Gulf air, etc. None of these airlines share a Frequent flyer program.
5: Each Program has different benefits at each tier, but many are the same i.e, all airline programs have some form of Priority boarding.
I'm guessing there's 50 ways to build this but I'm unsure of the best way to split up all this data so I don't end up with all of it in one massive table.
So far I have an Airline Table, with basic info, a Tier table with a list of the most common Tier names and a Program Name table with all of the Airline's corresponding Frequent flyer program names.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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2023.05.30 19:07 LonnieJay1 Storytime: back to burglary

“So, what, I'm just supposed to sit in my car by the train tracks until you call?” I ask, as my car rolls to a stop. I regret the words as soon as they come out of my mouth.
“I thought you said this kid was smart?” Connor asks Johnny, from the back seat.
“I thought he was, too. Yes, obviously. Wait here – and cut the headlights, goddammit,” Johnny says, looking at me from the front seat of my Monte Carlo and shaking his head. He looks furious. He is sweaty, despite Old Man Winter starting to get his grip on Maryland. I look away from him and cut the headlights off.
The freezing rain that is coming down is a perfect match for Johnny’s mood and our plan tonight. Johnny is dopesick. Besides the sweat on his face, his visible irritation, and his obvious anxiety, his wide eyes and pupils are a dead giveaway to a fellow junkie. He no longer looks like the healthy and decent-looking kid that I saw when he got out of jail.
He looks absolutely skeletal, his cheeks sunken in from his heroin habit. He has bags under his eyes, and they somehow look equally terrible during both the over-stimulation of withdrawal and the extreme sedation of a dose of heroin. He is sick now, but he was incredibly high last night. So was I.
I still am. Despite how high on heroin I am, I am not high enough to think that I look better. I would never want anybody that I know to see me right now. I don’t even want to see myself.
Johnny gets out of the car. Connor, a blonde haired, blue-eyed, Irish-looking kid, follows suit. I push the ‘trunk’ button to open the trunk and hear it pop open. I cringe at how loud the sound is. I watch my side view mirror.
I see Johnny and Connor pull two shirts out of the trunk and wrap them around their faces, while they are illuminated by the surreal red color of my brake lights. I have extra shirts that I keep in the trunk in case I soak mine through with sweat while playing ball, and now they are being used in a robbery.
I can see the gravel road that is underneath us stretching out behind us. The gravel road is surrounded by huge, old trees. We are deep in the sticks. About a half mile back are the train tracks where I will wait. Connor and Johnny move out, towards a very small and well concealed driveway.
I start to pull off, slowly, not turning on my headlights yet, even though I can’t see anything at all. I listen to the gravel crunching underneath my car, my entire body clenched as I drive, hoping that I don’t hit a tree. These properties are huge. I couldn’t even see most of the houses from the road, even when it was daylight outside. These are double digit-acre properties.
Johnny is probably right. This is going to be one hell of a come-up. I manage to drive only a little further down the road before I turn my headlights back on, too scared to keep driving into the pitch-black dead of night. I go half a mile and then turn around in somebodies’ driveway, careful to back in, conscious of where I shine my headlights.
Ok, now back to the train tracks until Johnny calls. My heart starts to beat faster.
How did this happen? I was clean. I was so happy. I thought I wasn’t an alcoholic. I drank, and drank again, and drank again. It doesn’t matter if it was just on the weekends for a while. I should’ve known I was going to smoke, too, eventually. I started to smoke, I stopped playing ball, and I started hanging out with Johnny all the time.
Alcohol gave me a hangover. Weed took it away. I became a stoner again, and adderall helped me get through the lazy fog of the weed burnout and force myself to play ball again – until it made me too anxious. The anxiety led me back to oxy. It was only supposed to be one time; one 30mg pill.
Now, I’m doing heroin again.
Of course. With heroin comes robbery. The cycle is complete – well, it will be once I get arrested again, and I definitely will.
I park at the train tracks and turn my car off. The car that I paid off with money that I worked for while I was clean and happy.
Didn’t matter. Never does. Nothing matters, Lonnie.
Not the ‘nothing matters’ thought loop. Please. Anything but this.
I reach into the inside of my left sock and pull the last of my heroin out. The 3 of us bought some last night. They have no self-control or hustle, which is why they are broke and dopesick right now.
I pour some of it onto the ‘Illmatic’ CD case I keep in my car. I use the same CD case to sniff my drugs, every time.
The heroin is a chunky tan powder. It is Baltimore’s ‘raw’ heroin. It’s good, but I know I can find better. I am generous in my self-prescription. After all, robbery anxiety can’t be good for my health. I sniff the dope slowly, hoping to ease the burn that always ensues upon insufflation. It doesn’t burn too bad this time.
I put everything away and recline the driver’s seat. That ought to do the trick. I lean back as far as I can, and then tilt my head back. I sit and wait for the God of dreams, Morpheus, to say hello. The warmth, the muscle relaxation, the dreamy euphoria. The itch, even.
I can’t wait. I hate waiting.
I wait. A minute, then two. Then, I start to feel an extremely pleasant tingle in the back of my neck. All of my limbs become comfortable and warm.
Ah, there it is. Like the tickle of an angel. My whole body relaxes with pleasure. Parts of my body that I didn’t even know I could relax wind up relaxing. All of my needs are satisfied. I have not one worry in the world.
Why am I trying to keep my eyes open? They don’t even need to be open.
A loud, frantic, continuous series of knocks startles me awake. I can hear Johnny's voice before my eyes adjust to my environment.
"-the fucking door"
I semi-spring into action, fumbling for the handle only to find the door locked. I see Johnny running around the hood of my car, over to the passenger side. I hear Connor hitting his fist loudly, aggressively, and repeatedly against the trunk of the car. I unlock the doors, pop the trunk, and then glance in the mirror just in time to see Connor put something in my trunk.
The passenger door opens a millisecond after it is unlocked. It remains open for a few seconds. The trunk slams, and Connor appears, diving smoothly into the back seat.
“Go-go-go,” Johnny says, as he locks the passenger seat back into place, sits down, and slams the door in one motion. He almost closes it on his own leg. The interior of the car plunges into darkness as I start it, put it in drive, and pull off as quickly as I can. I can maintain silence for less than a second of driving.
“What did we get?” I ask. My nose itches. I itch it.
“We?” Connor asks from the back seat.
“Yeah, WE,” I say, unable to keep anger from edging into my voice. “The only reason I didn't come in with you guys is cuz you told me not to,” I add.
“Yeah, because you don't need the money,” Johnny says. I glance over at him. Even through the darkness, I can tell he is sweating even more than before, though he no longer seems angry. They must have made out good, for Johnny to suddenly be able to control his rage and tolerate his sickness like this.
“Bullshit. I need the money,” I say, looking back to the gravel road in front of us. I have to take us back to Johnny’s grandmas’ place. It is at least a 30-minute drive.
“You aren't even sick, Lambo,” Johnny says, softly, like a parent trying to calm their kid down.
“What did you come up on in there?” I ask. I have to know.
“Don't worry about it. You'll get your weed,” Connor interjects quickly. I say nothing. I look back over at Johnny. He's staring at the road. I keep staring at him, waiting for him to look back at me, but he never does.
“Fuck you, Connor,” I say. He chuckles, the way he might at a kid.
45 minutes later.
Johnny gave me extra hashish to assuage his guilt. I know they found a LOT of money in that house. Johnny knew it was loaded. He knew there were pounds of hash, pounds of weed, and fat stacks of cash. That's why we hit it. Fuck them for not even letting me see the inside of the cooler.
My mind takes me back to something Connor said, yet again.
“That's all you get. Unless you're a dope boy in disguise,” he sneered at me, before giving me only half of the ounce of hashish that he was supposed to give me. Dope fiends are the lowest of the low, but dope boys...
I'm off probation. I can make a run at selling heroin. I have thousands of dollars saved from being clean and working my ass off. In our city, heroin sells for quadruple what it does in Baltimore. Go to Baltimore, buy heroin, bring it back here, sell it, quadruple my money. Easy.
I drive and scheme as to how I am going to do it. No way that motherfucker Connor will be involved. I get back to my parents’ house, sniff more dope, and lay in bed. As the dope hits me, it becomes easier and easier to see myself as a heroin kingpin. I have much greater resources now than in my old oxy dealing days. I could really pull it off – especially with Johnny’s help. I can see myself in that Benz I wanted so badly in high school.
I float and drift further into my fantasy, and my waking dream becomes a dreamless nothing.
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2023.05.30 19:06 necrochaos [USA-MI] [H] Games for Nintendo Switch/Playstation/Xbox and more [W] Famicom Detective Club, PS5 games, Lists

Game System Condition
Centipede Gameboy Loose
Namco Museum 64 N64 Loose, untested
Kirby 64 (Hoshi no Kirby 64) N64 Loose
Hey You Pikachu (Pikachu Genki Dechu) N64 Loose
マリオパーティ - Mario Party (Japanese) N64 Loose
Mario Party 3 (Japanese) N64 Loose
Mario Golf (Japanese) N64 Loose
Pokemon Stadium Gold Silver (Japanese) N64 Loose
Yoshi's Story (Japanese) N64 Loose
Rock Band 2 Wii CiB
Sonic Mania Switch Case and Slipcover only
Super Robot Wars 30 Switch NIB
Namco Museum PS2 Loose
Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection PS2 CiB
AI The Somnium Files: Nirvana PS4 CIB
Fifa 14 PS4 CiB
Ghostbusters PS4 CIB
Heavy Rain/Beyond 2 Souls Collection PS4 CIB
Lego Dimensions Starter Pack PS4 Nib
Lego Dimensions Back to the Future (level pack) PS4 Nib
Lego Dimensions DC Joker and Harley Quinn (level pack) PS4 Nib
Lego Dimensions The Simpsons (level pack) PS4 Nib
Lost Judgment PS4 CIB
Marvel Avengers PS4 NIB
Sega Genesis Classics PS4 CIB
Star Wars Battlefront 1 PS4 CiB
Destruction All Stars PS5 CIB
FarCry 6 Ultimate Edition w/Steelbook PS5 NIB
Wolfenstein Old/New Xbox One CiB
Jackbox the Party Pack Xbox One CiB
Monster Hunter World Xbox One CiB
Mutant League Football Genesis Loose
NHL 96 Genesis Loose
Super Off Road Genesis Loose
Taz in the Escape from Mars Genesis Loose
Misc items
Gameboy Four Player Adapter DMG-07
Gamestop Gamecube Controllers
Nintendo 3ds off brand charger.
Xbox 360 Media Remote (short)
Xbox 360 Media Remote (long)
Mario Golf Super Rush Pin Set
  • Famicom Detective Club
  • Live a Live
  • Blood Bowl 3
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2023.05.30 19:06 necrochaos [USA-MI] [H] Games for Nintendo Switch/Playstation/Xbox and more [W] Paypal

I'm only accepting Friends and Family. I have over 200+ trades here. I am a trustworthy seller.
Shipping not included. Will ask for PM with zipcode to confirm shipping prices
Game System Condition Price
Namco Museum PS2 Loose 2
Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection PS2 CiB 2
AI The Somnimum Files: Nirvana PS4 CIB 27
Fifa 14 PS4 CiB 2
Heavy Rain/Beyond 2 Souls Collection PS4 CIB 19
Lego Dimensions Starter Pack PS4 Nib 140
Lego Dimensions Back to the Future (level pack) PS4 Nib 40
Lego Dimensions DC Joker and Harley Quinn (level pack) PS4 Nib 28
Lego Dimensions The Simpsons (level pack) PS4 Nib 12
Lost Judgment PS4 CIB 15
Marvel Avengers PS4 NIB 10
Sega Genesis Classics PS4 CIB 17
Destruction All Stars PS5 CIB 10
FarCry 6 Ultimate Edition w/Steelbook PS5 NIB 50
Like a Dragon: Ishin (SteelBook Only) PS5 NIB 15
Centipede Gameboy Loose 6
Froggers Journey GBA Loose, preplayed label 6
Rock Band 2 Wii CiB 6
Wii Play Wii CiB (rental stickers 6
Namco Museum 64 N64 Loose, untested 9
マリオパーティ - Mario Party (Japanese) N64 Loose 16
Mario Party 3 (Japanese) N64 Loose 12
Mario Golf (Japanese) N64 Loose 4
Yoshi's Story (Japanese) N64 Loose 8
Kirby 64 (Hoshi no Kirby 64) N64 Loose 10
Hey You Pikachu (Pikachu Genki Dechu) N64 Loose 7
Pokemon Stadium Gold Silver (Japanese) N64 Loose 20
Super Robot Wars 30 Switch NIB 55
Marvel Ultimate Alliance/Forza 2 Xbox 360 CiB 6
Monster Hunter World Xbox One CIB 5
Jackbox the Party Pack Xbox One CIB 15
Wolfenstein New OrdeNew Blood Xbox One CIB 8
NBA Live 97 Genesis CiB 6
Super Off Road Genesis Loose 9
NHL 96 Genesis Loose 4
Mutant League Football Genesis Loose 24
Taz in the Escape from Mars Genesis Might have label damage, will have to check 4
Wireless Controller Cable Xbox 360 Loose 10
Memory Card (64 MB) Xbox 360 Loose 5
2 Gamestop Gamecube Controllers $15 each
Xbox 360 Media Remote (short one) $4
Xbox 360 Media Remote (long one) $5
Mario Golf Super Rush Pin Set $8
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2023.05.30 18:56 HotelAlpha178 My Hinge experience whilst living in a big city

I'm a 21M East Asian living in Central London. I've been using Hinge since roughly September 2022 and so far, my overall experience has been really mixed. I average around 4-5 matches a week but that's from all the likes that I send out. I've never received a like (that I can recall) but I have gone on a fair number of dates with only one of them actually amounting to something noteworthy. Most of the time, the matches that I get barely survive the first initial messages and just dies after that.
In comparison, my best mates live in smaller cities (Brighton, Southampton, and Bristol) and their experiences of Hinge are vastly different from mine. They still get the occasional ghosting and whatnot but matches seem more willing to communicate and start up a conversation than here in London. I find that quite fascinating but pretty depressing at the same time.
Would greatly appreciate it if anyone else wants to share their experiences too and whether it was different than before the pandemic as well. Cheers!
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2023.05.30 18:53 LeloandStitchintime Looking for a wireless cam that doesn’t need wifi

Been looking at the noorio camera because I like the magnet and east set up no cords and being able to use with their solar panel. My only issue is that it is not a live feed and it needs wifi (from what I’ve read at least? Pls correct me if I’m wrong). I’m looking for one I can have outside on the property but it would be too far away from our wifi. I want to have a continuous stream of live footage. If u can think of any much appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 18:51 Gaben_s_unwanted_fat started Making Whirligig saw IRL project

started Making Whirligig saw IRL project

I always wanted to have my own Whirligig saw.
But nobody sells such thing and it requires some complicated machinery.
So I decided to make my own with some help.

First I started with analyzing the structure.
It can be divided with 3 major parts. Outer plate(yellow), saw wheel(cyan) and inner plate(pink)
+motor and other mechanism.

The motor(blue) will rotate the first cog(red) and the second(green)
that leads to next major mechanism.

This is called 'planetary gear'. By putting this system, only the saw wheel will rotate and
the outer plate will be hold without much pressure.
The central gear(orange) will be controlled by the secondary inner cog(green cog from the 3rd picture)

Now we wait.
The CAD designer I met today will tell me the price tomorrow.
Hopefully he'd suggest a reasonable price.
(He really liked this project.)

Once we're done with pricing, that is when the magic begins.
He said he'll model as far as his technique can reach.
Wish me a good luck.
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