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What Parameters Help To Understand: Scammers Or Not

2023.05.30 19:34 EarlyTourney What Parameters Help To Understand: Scammers Or Not

What Parameters Help To Understand: Scammers Or Not


In this digital age, scams have become increasingly prevalent, making it essential for individuals to be able to identify scammers and protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent activities. But how can one differentiate between genuine offers and deceptive schemes? This article aims to shed light on the parameters that can help you determine whether someone is a scammer or not. By understanding these key factors, you can safeguard your personal and financial well-being in the online world.
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What parameters help to understand: scammers or not?

Scammers are constantly evolving, finding new ways to deceive unsuspecting individuals. However, there are certain parameters that can act as red flags and help you identify potential scammers. Let’s explore some of these parameters in detail:
1. Unsecured Website or Communication Channels
One of the primary indicators of a potential scam is the lack of security measures in place. Scammers often operate through unsecured websites or communication channels, making it easier for them to carry out their fraudulent activities. When interacting with individuals or organizations online, ensure that the website has a valid SSL certificate, indicated by the presence of “https://” at the beginning of the URL.
2. Poor Grammar and Spelling Errors
Scammers often use language that is riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. This is often an intentional tactic employed to target individuals who may not be fluent in the language used. Pay close attention to the quality of communication you receive. Genuine businesses and individuals will typically present themselves with professionalism and clear communication.
3. Requests for Personal Information or Financial Details
Legitimate organizations rarely request sensitive personal information or financial details via unsolicited communication channels. Be wary of individuals or websites that ask for your Social Security number, bank account details, or credit card information without a valid reason. Never share such information unless you have verified the authenticity of the request.
4. Pressure to Act Immediately
Scammers frequently employ high-pressure tactics to rush their targets into making impulsive decisions. They may claim limited availability or offer exclusive deals that require immediate action. Remember, reputable businesses allow individuals the time to research and evaluate their offerings before making a decision. If you feel rushed or coerced, it is likely a scam.
5. Suspicious or Untraceable Contact Information
When dealing with unknown individuals or organizations, it is crucial to verify their contact information. Scammers often provide false or untraceable contact details, making it difficult to hold them accountable. Before engaging with anyone online, conduct a quick search to ensure their contact information aligns with legitimate sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I avoid falling victim to an online scam?
To avoid online scams, be vigilant and follow these guidelines:
  • Research and verify the legitimacy of individuals or organizations.
  • Do not share personal or financial information unless necessary and verified.
  • Be cautious of unsolicited communication or offers.
  • Trust your instincts; if something feels off, it probably is.
  • Stay informed about the latest scamming techniques and educate yourself.
2. What should I do if I suspect someone is trying to scam me?
If you suspect someone is trying to scam you, take the following steps:
  • Cease all communication with the suspicious party.
  • Report the incident to the appropriate authorities or consumer protection agencies.
  • Inform your friends and family about the scam to prevent them from falling victim as well.
  • If you shared any personal information, monitor your accounts closely and consider freezing your credit.
3. Are all online offers or opportunities scams?
Not all online offers or opportunities are scams. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly investigate before engaging. Research the individuals or organizations, read reviews, and seek advice from trusted sources. If something feels suspicious or too good to be true, it’s best to err on the side of caution.
4. Can scammers be traced and held accountable?
While tracing scammers can be challenging, it is not impossible. By reporting the incident to the appropriate authorities, providing any available evidence, and cooperating fully, you increase the chances of holding scammers accountable. However, it is important to understand that the process may take time and resources.
5. What are some additional signs of a potential scam?
In addition to the parameters mentioned earlier, here are some other signs to watch out for:
  • Requests for payment through unconventional methods, such as wire transfers or gift cards.
  • Unsolicited emails claiming you have won a lottery or sweepstakes.
  • Unexpected emails or calls asking for urgent financial assistance.
  • Overly aggressive or persistent sales tactics.
  • Poor online reviews or negative feedback from previous customers.
6. Is it possible to recover funds lost to scammers?
In some cases, it may be possible to recover funds lost to scammers, especially if the scam is reported promptly. However, the likelihood of recovery depends on various factors, such as the jurisdiction, the nature of the scam, and the actions taken by the victim. It is essential to report the incident and seek legal advice to explore possible recovery options.


In the digital landscape, scammers are always on the lookout for unsuspecting individuals to exploit. By familiarizing yourself with the parameters that can help identify scammers, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to their deceitful tactics. Remember to remain cautious, skeptical, and informed while engaging with individuals or organizations online. Protecting yourself and your finances is a priority in the ever-evolving world of scams.
By the way, on our website you can learn more about fraud checking, investment audit, crypto consulting and more :)
Our website – antiscam
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2023.05.30 19:28 Ok-Tune8712 Scalping strategy thoughts?

  1. 20% per month, 3:1 ratio, —50% win rate per 20 trades — 42% win rate per 30 trades — 37.5% win rate per 40 trades
Question, is this achievable/realistic? Question, if one gets funded 100k account, this can turn into 1-2 million dollars within 12 months if consistent… is this realistic?
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2023.05.30 19:26 Bozzaholic People's Postcode Lottery sees Chelmsford residents win £3.2m

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2023.05.30 19:26 GrandmasOnlyFans69 Precautions for toddlers

Toddlers and masking? Hi all. My baby was born 2021. We've been so Covid carful and have yet to get. But I hate the idea of raising a hermit child... I'm heartbroken at the thought that it's not safe for him to go anywhere. Not just Covid but also school shootings (Americans sure are great /s).
Any advice on toddler masks?!? I don't think I can get him to ware one. He hates hats... But there's this indoor soccer thing for toddlers and I want him to go and play. But if he gets long Covid and brain fog before he can even speak... I'd die. How do we live in this world? I want him to go to school but it's dangerous...
So she’s scared of school shootings, and Covid. She should buy a lottery ticket because she’s a better chance of winning then either one of those things affecting her child.
Also, quite bold to assume the child’s gender when they haven’t told you yet themselves
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2023.05.30 19:24 David_Headley_2008 Contributions to science and awards won

This post is usually filled with many posts of how chinese iq is 104 and indian iq is 76 (though the studies are kind off wrong) and also how chinese win so many medals in olympiads compared to india and how India's performance in these olympiads with respect to population is abismal and how china does not see india as competition and so on, but when it comes to winning prestigious awards in various fields across various aspects, both countries seem to have the same numbers, both chinese and indian science award winners predominantly belong to diasphora and when you add up the numbers they are essentially the same, China's competition in this field is not any western country or not japan but rather india, here is what I mean
Nobel Prize - China 13 India 10 ( china doesn't have nobel in economics yet)
Fields medal- China 2 India 2 ( all 4 are american citizens)
Abel prize - China 0 India 1
IEEE medal of honor- China 2 India 4
Turing award- China 1 India 1
Millinium Prize- China 0 India 1
IMU abacus prize - China 0 India 2
Wolf prize - China 7 India 2
Boltzmann award- China 0 India 1
Godel Prize- India 9 china 5
Breakthrough prize China 6 India 3
IEEE control systems award- China 1 India 5
Clay research award- China 2 India 4
And this trend can be seen across so many awards which have not been named, so inspite of chinese supposingly having superior education, and superior medal tally iq so on why is this list so similiar and this extends as well, what does this say about both countries and education model, chinese will never be good role model for India and no need to worship them as much as many do
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2023.05.30 19:14 Xethernety Kraken Robotics Reports Q1 2023 Financial Results with 38% Year-over-Year Revenue Growth

PNG.VN (ASK @ 0.55)
Management Reiterates F2023 Guidance of $66-78 Million in Revenue
Kraken Robotics Inc., announced it has filed financial results for the quarter
"With more than $120 million of large contract wins since the beginning of 2022, we are seeing an acceleration in end market demand driven mainly by a heightened geopolitical focus on maritime security and growth in offshore renewable energy,"
“We have started 2023 on solid footing.
Q1 is seasonally our slowest quarter, and we expect to see accelerating results throughout the year driven by defense contracts in hand and normal ramping of activity in our services business focused on offshore wind.”
Q1 2023 Financial Highlights
Q1 2023 Operational Highlights
Product Business
Service Business
Operational Highlights Subsequent to End of Q1 2023
Outlook for 2023
Kraken Robotics reiterates its financial guidance provided on May 1, 2023.
For fiscal 2023, we expect revenue to be in the $66 - $78 million range and adjusted EBITDA in the $12 - $17 million range.
The mid-point of our guidance range ($72 million in revenue and $14.5 million in EBITDA) implies revenue growth of 76% over 2022 and adjusted EBITDA growth of 275%.
Capex in 2023 is expected to be $5-$6 million.
Adjusted EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDA Margin
The Company believes that, in addition to conventional measures prepared in accordance with IFRS, Adjusted EBITDA is useful to securities analysts, investors and other interested parties in evaluating operating performance by presenting the results of the Company on a basis which excludes the impact of certain non-operational items which enables the primary readers of the MD&A to evaluate the results of the Company such that it was operating without certain non-cash and non-recurring items.
Adjusted EBITDA is calculated as earnings before interest expense, interest income, income taxes, depreciation and amortization, stock-based compensation expense and non-recurring impact transactions, if any. Adjusted EBITDA Margin is defined at Adjusted EBITDA divided by Total Revenue.
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2023.05.30 19:01 ali-V Your experience with the GAP

I was sooo happy that after living in QC for two years and being 9 years in a Canada without a doctor I was finally assigned to a clinic in Gatineau. At first I thought - wow! Not only do I have a family doctor now, I have a whole “group of doctors”! 😂😂little did I know, it wasn’t the case, but I still considered it a small win.
I thought the process was going to be easier so I proceeded to call the number on my letter..wait time was “more than 45 mins” I thought, ok, I can do this. It’s been 2 hours, and the machine just told me “wait time is more than 30 mins” Today I called at 11am, so I will try early in the AM tomorrow, but how is this normal? There are smaller wait times when I call international airlines 🙈
Can I write to my MP for something provincial- related ? I am thinking of doing that, I feel like people just accept that health care sucks here but no one should be on hold for this long and have this as the only way to book an appointment at a clinic.
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2023.05.30 18:59 Vitam1nC Any women in their 40’s changed their mind about having children and suddenly wanted them?

I’ve always been certain I don’t want children, for many reasons I won’t get into. I’m 37 and got approved for a bislap and I’m excited to have it done. I have sometime until I get my surgery date (Canadian healthcare) not sure if I’m having second thoughts or what, I even thought to myself “let’s say I win the lottery at 43, I can’t see myself changing my mind and wanting a baby”
I guess I’m just wondering if any women here suddenly had a change of mind in their 40’s and wanted a child after always not wanting one?
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2023.05.30 18:57 yarpen_z Peter principle: being promoted to the level of incompetence

Kendall was close to grasping the full power, yet he always seemed to lose at the very last moment. I have often seen the description of Kendall's fate as always losing, never winning, being betrayed, fooled by his own father, and overall having bad luck. However, I don't think Kendall is losing because he's unlucky and affected by other factors. Kendall is losing because he neither learned nor accepted his limitations.
From the first season, we see that his career is impacted by three fundamental character flaws: overconfidence, arrogance, and not listening to others. Once Kendall gets a few wins, he goes into a mania state that leads to making grandiose plans, talking gibberish, treating his coworkers as shit, and ignoring any opposition. What was Kendall's first big move as an acting CEO in the first season? Securing the loan extension, where he was advised by Gerri. He only had to be on the call, follow the prepared plan of action, say what Gerri told him to say, and act nice. Yet, he managed to screw even such a simple task and alienate a powerful backer because he was overconfident in his abilities and ignored Gerri's excellent advice. Third season? Once he gains his confidence back, he starts pushing people around, becomes impatient, treats Greg and Jess horribly, and fires his lawyer, killing his strategy of removing Logan entirely. Fourth season? Kendall pushes the accountant to make up numbers, and Living+ would have likely turned into a bombastic shitshow if it wasn't for Roman's breakdown and Karl's threat.
However, the worst part of his character is that he's unaware of these limitations and makes no attempts to work through them. Every season, we see him returning after a very hard defeat, stronger and more focused, but he never grew internally. It's yet another iteration of the same entitled Kendall. Kendall's fate is rising up high and fast until he reaches his level of competence. Once he is too high on the ladder, he is no longer capable of spotting threats, stops preparing alternative strategies and listening to external advice, treats all valid criticism as defeatism that needs to be fought with his everlasting optimism and remains confident he can win, even when it's clear he has neither strategy nor any plans. He compensates for his lack of business intuition and inability to read people with even more confidence, alienating him further from others. Each such climb must end with a fall into an abyss.
This is such an interesting contradiction to Tom, who is a grinder moving up slowly in the hierarchy, reads people very well, adjusts his strategy several times throughout the show, but remains laser-focused on his end goal. Not only is he aware of his subordinate position and knows how others see him, but he can turn these limitations into an advantage by selling himself as a CEO to Lukas.
I was on team Ken from the beginning, and I still think that he would have been the best choice from all of the siblings. Yet, I could not imagine a better and more satisfying ending. Kendall would have been a terrible CEO.
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2023.05.30 18:48 PuzzleheadedGene3811 how hard is it to win lottery for angel's landing?

My wife and I want to visit angel's landing on June 17th.
How hard is it to win lottery for angel's landing?
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2023.05.30 18:43 Magikarpetride1 Like a proper degenerate gambler

Like a proper degenerate gambler
So of course after getting back $155 on the $166 I put in to the last session and having 2 or 6 beers I walked to the corner store and put the 155 on these, which is when my luck just about runs out. Only 2 of the cloud9 hit, one for a ticket and one for $20.... so $155 in $30 out, yeah I'm gonna take a cool off period of a few days at least haha. Still need to go submit my 1k claimer before I can justify buying any more. Best of luck players, let's get these millions. As always, thankful for anything but a blank session.
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2023.05.30 18:38 2_Blue Sitting in his tower, surrounded by silver and brass doo-dads, watching naked librarians scampering about the rocks below, while sipping $100 wine from Dixie cups, yes, Larry has given a great deal of thought to what he'll do when he wins the lottery . . .

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2023.05.30 18:32 brideck79 May 31 - RKC Third Coast Preview

Wed, May 31 - vs RKC Third Coast
Stream Link: (Whaddaya need this for? You're going to the game, right?)
RKC Third Coast (0-3-0) is (along with Rochester FC) one of the two true expansion sides in the Heartland division this year, and as you might expect, had some difficulty attracting Division I college talent. Only a handful of players from their nearly 40 announced signings play for schools like Cincinnati, Milwaukee, & Marquette. Instead, more than half of the roster comes from regional D2 & D3 schools, with a heavy focus on players who hail from the Racine/Kenosha area.
RKC's roster is very offensive minded -- about a third of the players who have seen the pitch so far this season play forward for their respective college teams. Five players with minutes for RKC scored 8 or more goals in school last season. (By comparison, Aurora only has Maya Hansen who fits that description.) Their style is correspondingly pretty aggressive. They press to a degree and will try to jump passes in the midfield to try to flip the run of play. The problems, as evidenced by their recent 7-0 defeat at the hands of Chicago City, lie in the back line.
Looking at 2022 collegiate numbers, RKC has less than 5000 total minutes of defensive experience on the roster, and their most experienced defender, Parkside's Ally Francisco (1327 min), hasn't made an appearance yet. (By comparison, Aurora has 4 defenders who logged more minutes than Francisco.) To make matters worse, RKC has been playing a whole host of forwards and midfielders out of position on the back line. Chicago City pressed and then carved them up with simple moves to easily create space and a pile of scoring opportunities. Barring a dramatic shift in lineup or tactics, I would expect Aurora's potent offense to be able to do the same.
Players to Watch:
RostePlayer Notes:
Match Details:
Prediction: There is already an alignment and roster listed for RKC in the match details. If there's truth in that, they're moving to 4 players on the back line with two of them (both on the Nguyen side of the field) being actual defenders. I don't think it'll matter. Aurora wins somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-0.
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2023.05.30 18:30 BabyBoosts [SELLING] Baby Boosts Friendly, Personal, Effective. Premier elo boosting Experienced Professional Competitive Pricing Iron - Masters 20% Off Mid Season Sale!

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Pricing/Ordering: For Pricing and order inquires visit Thank you!
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2023.05.30 18:30 Rubanul Spring Major - qualification/seeding probabilities

Here are the probabilities for each team to qualify for Major before the 3rd Regional, if each outcome in the event is considered as equally probable.
Note that this means everyone have the same 6.25% chance of winning the Regional, no matter if it's Vitality, Solary or anyone else. These probabilities are essentially just the number of brackets when team qualify for the Major divided by total number of possible brackets.
(if the bracket for the Invitational isn't announced yet, expected seeding is used)


Team Major Seed#1 Seed#2 Seed#3 Seed#4 Seed#5 Tiebreaker Eliminated
Team Vitality 100% 89.99% 9.79% 0.22%
Karmine Corp 98.73% 5.42% 32.67% 32.76% 21.85% 6.03% 0.63% 0.64%
Team BDS 97.77% 3.17% 26.13% 29.26% 26.85% 12.36% 0.64% 1.58%
Team Liquid 80.67% 1.42% 18.18% 16.72% 24.57% 19.79% 6.98% 12.35%
Moist Esports 39.79% 8.07% 7.43% 7.38% 16.90% 9.26% 50.95%
PSG Tundra 16.36% 1.85% 4.35% 4.57% 5.59% 0.52% 83.12%
Guild Esports 13.69% 1.26% 3.24% 4.14% 5.06% 2.64% 83.66%
Oxygen Esports 13.25% 1.61% 3.53% 3.78% 4.34% 2.45% 84.30%
suhhh 10.47% 0.44% 2.07% 3.26% 4.71% 1.98% 87.54%
G1 6.10% 0.42% 2.06% 3.61% 0.80% 93.10%
Hogan Mode 5.70% 0.78% 4.93% 1.48% 92.81%
Luna Galaxy 1.84% 1.84% 0.53% 97.63%
FUFAXDOP 0.48% 0.48% 0.85% 98.67%
Williams Resolve 0.46% 0.46% 0.69% 98.86%
Monaco Esports 0.40% 99.60%


Team Major Seed#1 Seed#2 Seed#3 Seed#4 Seed#5 Tiebreaker Eliminated
Version1 85.69% 15.98% 18.04% 18.68% 19.66% 13.32% 6.32% 8.00%
Complexity Gaming 85.53% 17.68% 18.16% 19.45% 18.66% 11.57% 5.34% 9.14%
Spacestation Gaming 72.83% 15.76% 14.80% 15.29% 14.75% 12.23% 7.75% 19.42%
OpTic Gaming 53.92% 13.06% 9.57% 10.40% 10.31% 10.58% 6.92% 39.16%
Gen.G Mobil1 Racing 47.96% 12.77% 8.63% 9.80% 9.85% 6.92% 2.34% 49.69%
FaZe Clan 46.73% 12.16% 9.34% 9.53% 9.53% 6.16% 3.42% 49.85%
FURIA Esports 24.42% 4.50% 6.83% 4.67% 3.87% 4.54% 4.18% 71.40%
G2 Esports 18.05% 3.56% 6.07% 4.42% 2.86% 1.14% 2.65% 79.30%
NRG 16.93% 2.48% 4.48% 3.92% 3.26% 2.79% 1.67% 81.40%
Shopify Rebellion 14.78% 2.05% 4.09% 3.56% 2.73% 2.35% 2.08% 83.14%
Dignitas 2.90% 0.09% 0.82% 1.99% 1.24% 95.86%
M80 2.49% 0.05% 0.57% 1.87% 1.38% 96.13%
KOI 2.45% 0.04% 0.56% 1.85% 1.84% 95.70%
sup 1.03% 0.12% 0.91% 1.56% 97.41%


Team Major Seed#1 Seed#2 Tiebreaker Eliminated
Ground Zero Gaming 55.74% 30.20% 25.54% 16.94% 27.33%
PWR 55.62% 32.25% 23.36% 16.79% 27.59%
Pioneers 55.19% 34.11% 21.08% 18.83% 25.98%
the him police 3.15% 0.69% 2.46% 0.96% 95.89%
Merge Esports 3.15% 0.69% 2.46% 0.96% 95.89%


Team Major Seed#1 Seed#2 Tiebreaker Eliminated
KRU Esports 78.24% 44.34% 33.90% 6.88% 14.88%
Ninjas in Pyjamas 53.70% 26.25% 27.45% 4.01% 42.29%
Team Secret 24.53% 14.31% 10.22% 4.33% 71.13%
w7m esports 19.19% 9.43% 9.76% 1.90% 78.91%
eRa 10.80% 4.43% 6.37% 1.22% 87.97%
True Neutral 3.37% 0.56% 2.81% 1.82% 94.80%


Team Major Tiebreaker Eliminated
Rule One 39.01% 5.85% 55.14%
Team Falcons 22.15% 2.79% 75.06%
Twisted Minds 20.37% 1.54% 78.09%
Infinity 11.61% 3.31% 85.07%
CAM 0.32% 99.68%
Geekay Esports 0.31% 99.69%


Team Major Tiebreaker Eliminated
Elevate 86.28% 1.34% 12.38%
Paradigm 8.00% 1.34% 90.67%
Gaimin Gladiators 2.97% 97.03%
The Patriots 1.42% 98.58%


SSA don't have spots for the Major, but Spring Invitational will be the last event for Worlds qualification - these are Worlds qualification probabilities
Team Worlds Seed#1 Seed#2 Tiebreaker Eliminated
Limitless 100% 100%
Nixuh 39.89% 39.89% 1.50% 58.61%
Orlando Pirates Exdee 31.36% 31.36% 2.12% 66.53%
French class 19.70% 19.70% 2.92% 77.39%
White Rabbit Gaming 5.18% 5.18% 1.27% 93.56%
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2023.05.30 18:29 ServoToken Weekly Testing Report #1

Hey y'all, wanted to start up a new series where I recap the things that I am testing and go over what I discover about each list. Whether this inspires you to do your own iterative brewing on the lists that i'm working on or just record some of your own data, either way I hope that this series gives some use to someone. Each deck will have a quick overview, a breakdown of its tested matchups, an overall rating, and any changes I am thinking about making at the moment. Not every deck is a banger, but I want to try everything out at some point. Anyway, enough rambling.
Resurgent Belief
Resurgent Belief is an enchantment based UW control deck that uses its namesake to double up on the value offered by its relatively fairly costed control spells. It then looks to close out the game with token generation via Castle Ardenvale, Court of Grace, or The Restoration of Eiganjo.
Each of the decks I test are put through what I call the Affinity Test, which is more or less what it sounds like. Basically what i'm looking for is how each deck responds to the strongest strategies in each macro archetype, being Aggro, Control, Midrange, and Combo. Right now, the decks that I use to check those are Affinity, Doug's Thopter Sword, Chris's Mono Black deck, and High Tide. The midrange and control matchups change out pretty frequently as people post new lists, but i've found these to be relatively reliable checks for some of those key factors that a "good" build should pass. For each deck in this write up, these are the archetypes that I used, and I will make sure to list the Affinity Test decks in later articles as well. While these aren't the only decks I playtest against (I also usually do some combination of Burn, Miracles, Hollow One, 8-Rack/mono black Lurrus, and DnT / white weenie or whichever other decks people are jamming at the moment, usually one that I predict will be a good matchup and one that I think will be bad), these are the ones that I make sure that every deck has the chance to play against.
ResBief performed reasonably well in the Affinity Test, only really failing against High Tide which makes sense given its lack of good stack interaction. Anything that was permanent - or really just creature - based was more or less an easy time keeping up, though I expect that the deck will also struggle with any deck that looks to be more stack based in other archetypes like Burn or 8-Rack.
The win condition felt kind of slow, really needing time to snowball and get out of hand which some opponent's won't offer. Whenever Resurgent was cast however, the game was just completely over as it ended up as at least a 541 every time, usually more.
Standstill is completely terrible in this deck and not worth the $8. Monarchy is more than enough card draw, and Standstill without free spells just ends up being a turn 5 play that doesn't impact the board at all. Considering that that was the reason to build the deck in the first place, that was a surprising discovery to be sure. I'm not sure yet how i'd replace that slot, but $8 can completely change the outlook of the deck. Maybe it becomes Esper for Doom Foretold? Who knows, but there's a ton of ways to take the list.
Overall rating: a surprising 7/10

Dimir Mindsplice
Mindsplice, in this iteration, is the inbred sin baby of Rusty's Dimir Mindsplice Control deck he's been playing lately and a Gifts Ungiven Reanimator / Solar Flare deck from like 2012. The goal is to play a toolbox control game, having access to some incredibly powerful and impactful plays at each stage of the game, all fueled by Mindsplice Apparatus making everything cheaper.
In the Affinity Test, this deck failed on every mark except against the Hymn to Tourach deck. It's a slow and unreliable engine that hurts itself by playing so many 1-ofs. It got run over by affinity with its interaction being too slow to matter, it couldn't go over the top of thopter sword, and it was hit or miss when it came to racing high tide. Against Hymn specifically, the deck thrived based strictly on the number of flashback spells included. This may be a point to remember in future iterations.
My main issue with the deck is that there are two plans going on, both of which want to see turn 5, and there isn't enough support for either to actually make it there. It really suffers from the "Jack of all Trades, Master of None" philosophy where it's just trying to do too many things. I think that the solar flare reanimator deck is good, and I think that the mindsplice control deck is good, but those two decks do not belong together.
In the future, I will be focusing more solely on the Solar Flare aspect of the deck, because there are already others working on Mindsplice control. But there are going to be a lot of changes coming to this eventually.
Overall Rating: 3/10

Sky Hussar
Sky Hussar is a Mono Blue Faerie / Tempo deck that looks to play an Aggro / Control game with little flying creatures that like to be very disruptive. It is based on an old Gregory Hatch deck that I really enjoyed playing in Legacy back in the day. Basically the idea is to play Faeries Tribal, with a bigger focus on the late game.
This is another deck that failed the Affinity Test on nearly every mark. The idea behind the original build was that this is the tempo deck that beat other tempo decks, which doesn't particularly translate well to such a wide open field as we have in this format. Affinity was a steam roll as predictable, Thopter Sword was frequently able to keep up in Flyer count, making it difficult to navigate any turn after 4, and Mono Black could out race because they didn't really care about any of the disruption going on. High tide, however, absolutely could not beat this deck. I played that matchup maybe 8 times and won all of them. That's the sort of result that you could expect out of this style strategy; this is the deck that beats stack-based strategies because it's a deck that's heavy on stack interaction while also playing a good number of permanents.
I think the problem with this deck is less in its construction and more in my expectations for it. It's a stack based tempo deck, and those typically fold to decks that put permanents into play. I think that this is a solid strategy for a meta game that is filled with other players who think that they are very smart and are also playing tempo, control, or combo decks, but it just does not hang with aggressive strategies in the least.
Changes would certainly be in the sideboard, where I was prepared to further hose the noncreature spells. I think that this needs to be something close to 15 removal spells, or some other way to just shift gears in those matchups. I'm not sure that i'll be sticking with this build at all though, as it's difficult to say that there will ever be a time where a deck with this deck's strengths will thrive.
Overall Rating: 5/10

Convogaak is a go-wide aggro deck that looks to take advantage of some of the new Convoke cards that came out of March of the Machine, producing tokens with cards like Gleeful Demolition and using them to cast the convoke creatures. It is so named because of the Twitter meme where people were comparing the pioneer version of the deck to Modern Hogaak.
Convoke was a weird deck. In the affinity test, it actually performed very well (at least 60% win rate) against all matchups. It gets on the board very quickly, and can present a huge clock even in the face of removal or disruption. However, the deck just feels... off? As in that i'm not sure that this specific configuration is either A) the best use of the budget or B) the right cards in the right numbers. There were a few times where the deck would fizzle out without really doing anything, which you might expect in an all-in aggro deck, and there were other times where it showcased an overwhelming force that didn't have a clean answer available. In either case though, I never felt like what I was doing was either correct or broken. Like it felt more tedious than anything to pilot the deck, and there weren't any "aha" moments or plays to keep the game interesting.
The best card in the deck is far and away Wildfire Awakener, who is both a payoff and engine in the deck. I think that I'm going to rework the list to make better use of this card specifically, because the only time that the deck felt exciting was when this card was on the stack. Gleeful Demolition, while explosive, is very unreliable in this configuration, so I may move to something that better caters to that card as well. The sideboard also needs a complete rewrite. I didn't know where to go with it going into deck building, so I just went as generic as possible and that was a determining factor in a lot of the losses. This is a good Game one deck for sure, but not having a solid sideboard or sideboarding plan was a major downfall.
Overall rating: 7/10
I hope to do one of these every week since I do so much testing, so if anyone has a deck they'd like to see run through the gambit i'm willing to take suggestions. I'm also looking for more decks to do my Affinity Test with, so recommendations there would be super helpful. Thanks guys!
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2023.05.30 18:24 MetalheadSoft Update 1 Patch Notes

A day one patch has been issued. Here are the patch notes:

New Player Retention Feature in Franchise Mode:


Bug Fixes

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2023.05.30 18:21 Craig-Viau Calgary hating on Edmonton

A lot of people don't understand the hate Calgary has for Edmonton but if I said name the 10 greatest teams to ever be assembled not necessarily in this order. You might go Edmonton 84-90, Islanders 80-83, Montreal 76-79, Montreal 56-60, Pittsburgh 91-92, Pittsburgh 17-18, Toronto 62-64, Phili 74-75, Detroit 97-98, Tampa Bay 20-21. But the 2nd greatest team to ever hit the ice was the Calgary Flames 84-90 the only problem was the Oilers were better for 4 of those years so we will never be recognized for all of history and that's why I have a hard time with Edmonton. But the other issue newer fans have is Edmonton winning 3 draft lotteries 2010, 2012 and 2015 plus getting perhaps the only player to compare to Gretzky so Edmonton has had the 2 best players in the history of the game. It's luck but perceived unfairness stirs up resentment that will not go away. They cannot root for McDavid until he goes to a new team.
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2023.05.30 18:16 bzworld966 Ultimate Metal Playlist. A- Z. Doesn’t have to be Metallica. Day 21. Most up votes wins.

Tallica wins U. Now on to W
A- Angel of Death , Slayer
B- Breaking the law , Judas Priest
C- Creeping Death
D-Dyers Eve
E-Eyeless , Slipknot
F-Fade to Black
G-Got the time , Anthrax
H-Holy Wars , Megadeth
I- Iron Man, Black Sabbath
J-Jump in the Fire
K- King Nothing
L-Laid to Rest , Lamb of God
M-Master of Puppets
N-Number of the Beast , Iron Maiden
O- One
P-Paranoid , Black Sabbath
Q-Question! System of a Down
R- Ride the Lightning
S-Spit out the bone
T-Tornado of Souls, Megadeth.
U- Unforgiven.
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2023.05.30 18:13 SharksFanAbroad The Nuggets set a record by facing the second-highest possible sum of seeds in the playoffs: 8+4+7+8 = 27

Had the Clips beat the Suns, it would have been the highest possible sum of seeds (8+5+7+8 = 28). On paper and without any context, that would be the easiest possible route.
This of course requires being a 1-seed; the 5-seed of your conference beating the 4-seed; the 7-seed of your conference reaching the conference finals; and the opposing 8-seed winning their conference.
That’s a total of nine series that have to play out (1-seed wins 3 series, 5-seed wins 1 series, 7-seed wins 2 series, opposing 8-seed wins 3 series) to reach the finals.
Without checking each playoff bracket to see whose record they broke, I checked the other 1-seed to face an 8-seed in the final, and the Rockets path in 1999 fell short of the Nuggets in 2023. Statistically, nobody could have matched the Nuggets, because no 7-seed has ever reached the NBA Finals in the 16-team playoff format.
E: u/walkswithkemba pointed out a couple options where you’re not the 1-seed and reach a higher sum. Though I guess mine still stands as “the easiest on paper”, but I’m not saying they had it easy, literally just speaking to the coincidence of numbers.
E2 u/wyonugget with an even better point tho, the Heat have the record for the lowest for sure; 1-5-2-1. Only way you could improve on that is if the Cavs had beaten the Knicks.
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2023.05.30 18:08 Faithhal Can I win more money on sports bets?

Even though sports betting and casino games are very similar, the way you place bets and figure out how much you'll win is very different.
If you play casino games online, you've probably heard the term "house edge." Casinos have a mathematical advantage over players who wager. To remain in business and make a profit, every casino must win more than their players. They need to do this with the goal that they can continue conveying first class betting choices to their clients. These casino odds have worked well over the years because they still let lucky gamblers win big jackpots and smaller prizes.
The odds are calculated based on the likelihood of something happening in sports betting. For instance, a team winning a game, a fighter finishing X number of rounds, or the darts player with the most 180s Sportsbook casinos keep a portion of betting profits, known as the "juice" or "vig," to stay in business. The losing side of a wager pays this commission.
The main difference between the two is that winning at a casino game requires luck. You can improve your sports knowledge, make educated decisions, and place enough bets to beat the house and have a chance of winning money.
For more>> Mostplay apk
Do gambling club games give me more play time?
It goes without saying that you can't bet on a sport when it's not being played. You'll be helpless before destiny or genuine conditions, contingent upon your perspective. The exciting form of sports betting known as "in-play," or "live betting," lets bettors wager on a desired outcome during the actual match or event. One of the most thrilling forms of sports betting is this one because of the instantaneity of the results.
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2023.05.30 18:06 SlyGrog22 Love Monkey

Love monkey- I have to let you go. I have been holding on to the hope that you would come to your senses and see your mistakes. Hoping for that at this point is like hoping to win the lottery. You have no insight. No remorse. You are selfish, self centered, and are not emotionally mature enough to admit to your mistakes. You had the total happiness package with me, until I had a personal tragedy and stopped giving you 100% of my attention. Then you began the discard phase of me and began looking for a new supply of attention. You will always be a parasite, a leech, because you have no identity of your own. I am taking back my power and banishing your memory from my mind and heart. You are evil. An evil woman who will never be truly happy. Tis what ye deserve.
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