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Welcome to the Frontier Pilot! Please check stickies for current server status

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The official unofficial subreddit for Elite Dangerous, we even have devs lurking the sub! Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game by Frontier Developments based in the year 3309. Your CMDR flies spaceships and participates in exploring a 1:1 scale Milky Way, trade between star systems, bounty-hunting wanted ships, discover alien lifeforms, and even pirate other ships for their cargo.

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Reddit's new home for defense themed shitposts

2023.05.30 18:59 tomatillo_armadillo Online check-in unavailable. Charged $25 by agent onsite. Obvious scam, but how do I get my money back?

My flight was pushed back by 2 hours. I arrived over 2 hours early for the flight, and when attempting check-in, there was no check-in option. The last name/confirmation check-in page took me to a trip management hub, where there is supposed to be a check-in button, but it was not there. I tried several times, with mobile mode turned off, etc. The agents told me it was my fault and that I now had to pay $25 to get my boarding pass.
How do I go about getting refunded for this obvious bullshit? Please only respond if you have real advice, no frontier simps please.
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2023.05.30 18:58 Immediate_West8019 Frontier round trip experience May 2023

Hello everyone,
Recently flew frontier on a roundtrip from Charlotte NC to Salt Lake City UT with a layover at Las Vegas NV. Since there has been a lot of questions, complaining and posts in general on this sub regarding flying with frontier, I thought I would share my experience here. My and my fiancé flew for the first time with frontier.
We both decided to pay for a carry-on as it was a week long trip. Cost us $69 per direction through the app. We checked in early through the app. At the gate, they announced multiple times regarding the bag policy that the personal item needs to fit in their metal compartment for us to board the plane. When the zone 1 boarding was announced, we got up asap and boarded smoothly without anyone questioning us about the bags.
The only problem here was a 2 hour delay, with the previous flight being late as the reason. Same as Charlotte for the bag policy, lots of announcements beforehand but barely checked anyone during the boarding. A lot of people in the zone 1 line had obnoxiously large bags and strollers but were allowed without any questioning.

This is where I felt them being a little strict for the first time. We had to wait for a flight that was boarding before us with two of the frontline workers standing next to the metal boxes and selectively asking people to get their bags measured. They were randomly picking people out from the line. Some had to check-in their carry-ons that they had paid for because of size being too large. Lots of back and forth going on and I feel like the only people who were asked to pay were the ones who had ridiculously stuffed personal items or some really big ones. Luckily my gate changed (not to mention the flight being late for 1.5 hours) and we were transferred to a make-shift basement where there were not metal boxes and everyone was able to board without any measurement hiccups.

There were 3 frontier gate in line with lots of people waiting for the flight. Luckily again (ikr) the other two flights were before mine so most of the frontier workers were busy handling those lines. The weirdest part was that the line on my left was pretty chill with the workers allowing people to literally shove their personal bags as hard as they can and letting them board without any issues. But the line on the right was super strict for literally the same thing. Lots of people being told to pay for the personal items if they didn't fit. By the time I could see more of that shit show my boarding was announced with literally 1 worker handling the boarding, meaning there was no one to question the bags, and were were able to board smoothly.
Conclusive remarks:
  1. The airline bag policy is a mixed bag. There is no definite protocol to enforce the bag policy. It's basically pure luck at this point. Zone 1 definitely gives you some advantage as I saw them being a little lenient towards the people who board first. It also comes down to pure luck, and the gate workers. But I would heavily advise to go light on the personal item. That's what we did. Got some bags that would help us fly without any measurement issues.
  2. Check in early if you can. On return flight I received an email like 4 hours before the flight regarding them downsizing the plane and giving away vouchers. Luckily I had already checked in the night before so I had been assigned a seat already so it wasn't an issue for me.
  3. The main issue I would say is the flight delays. This issue was common, throughout the airport, specially with frontier, as I could see on their app. So make sure you keep checking the flights and their timing either through the frontier app or flightaware.
  4. The planes are not in the best condition and the service is mid at best. But you get what you pay for. Will I fly with them again? With bags and the ticket I paid $300 roughly for a round trip to fly coast to coast to see my family, so yes I will probably do it again considering the next best option for this trip is $800 unless I find anything else that's cheap, because I would definitely pay just a little more to not fly with them.
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2023.05.30 18:55 Randomuser1520 Brothers No More - 1867 (mod concept)

Brothers No More - 1867 (mod concept)
Link to code 1
Yesterday I had a post that got quite a bit of traction on here. The post revolved around the fact that despite countless alternate history mods being made, nobody has seriously pursued a mod that is about a potential Southern victory in the Civil War. So, I took some time and drafted up a code 1 as well as a written-out scenario for a potential mod series revolving around this timeline. As I am currently working on MacArthur 1952, I cannot make this right now but if nobody takes this offer, then I will try and make it happen. If anyone out there would like to use this code as well as the "lore" I will provide later in this post then you can do so without asking, this is open-source material!
The backstory behind this scenario is that in late 1862 Great Britain and France intervene in the Civil War and broker a peace deal between the Union and the Confederacy. Before you suggest that this is far-fetched, it nearly happened in our timeline. Lee was confident that if he could just threaten DC enough he could get Europe to intervene. I picked 1862 since that seems to be when the Union was at its worse and the Confederacy at its best. Thus, in this timeline, France and Britain stop the fighting around November or early December of 1862 with the Treaty of Paris (lol). The war is officially over and the Union is forced to recognize the Confederacy as an independent nation.
As soon as the war concluded, the Confederacy quickly sends troops to Mexico to aid in Napoleon III's conquest of Mexico. In return for helping the French, the Confederacy gets the Northernmost Mexican states as well as a strong ally in France. With the fighting now completely over, the Confederacy can focus on rebuilding its economy and establishing its presence on the global stage.
Contrary to popular belief I don't think the Confederacy would be in awful shape right away. It would have favorable relations with Europe since they were the ones who promoted its independence as a way to split up what they considered to be a rising threat. Thus, they would have access to the European markets to sell their cotton and other cash crops. They also would have been spared the heavy damage inflicted upon them by figures like Sherman in this timeline. So while it wouldn't have all the advantages the Union would, I believe at the outset of the nation's creation it would have a promising future.
The election of 1867 -
Realistically, if Lee wanted the Presidency, he could have it and face no real opposition. However, for the sake of this scenario, he does face opposition in the form of John C. Breckinridge. This would help highlight the immediate political divide in the Confederacy. As many of you said, one issue around writing an alternate Confederacy victory mod would be to not fall into the trap of just making everything about racism and slavery. The fact is right after the war, these issues would have been truly settled and thus nobody would need to talk about them. The main issues the parties would fight over are economic ones. In this scenario, I have Lee being a part of the "Reformed Whigs". The name doesn't matter, but in essence, this party would be the remains of the old Whig party forming a new party, similar to what Republicans did in the North. It would be the party of planters, businessmen, industrialists, and other more well-off folks. If you are interested in what this party's ideology might be like more in-depth simply look up the Cotton Whigs and that is pretty much how this party would like.
John C. Breckinridge meanwhile would lead the newly formed States' Rights Party. Obviously, this would be a continuation of the Southern Democrats. I could see this party headlining in a more populist direction similar to our own timeline in which they focus on economic reform, promoting more liberal economic policies instead of just protecting the status quo. It would obviously also focus heavily on state's rights. However, at the onset of the Confederacy's formation, I'd imagine these two parties would be fairly similar in ideology as the main concern would be the preservation of the country.
Lee wins the election. I'd imagine he picks another prominent former Whig such as Judah Benjamin as his VP. Breckinridge likely selects a war general to counteract Lee, but to no avail. Lee would not be President for long as he would pass away in 1870 due to a stroke. This would probably be a boon for him as it would remove him from politics and cement his legacy as a Southern legend. His successor would finish out the remainder of his six-year term. As I stated earlier, I'd imagine this time in Confederate history to be relatively stable and peaceful.
The election of 1873 -
This time, I'd picture we'd see yet another Civil War veteran emerge as the frontrunner candidate for President. This time in Stonewall Jackson. Jackson would probably be pretty similar to Lee in many regards but this time he'd be running on the States' Rights ticket instead of Lee's party. His opponent would probably be someone like Alexander H. Stephens. While Jackson probably does not win by the same margin that Lee did, he most certainly wins by a very wide margin. The state of the country probably does not change much under Jackson. They continue to recover from the Civil War and build trading partners across the globe. Still a time of great optimism in the country. During this time, I'd imagine the CS might acquire Cuba.
The election of 1879 -
Now we getting to the point where things start to get interesting. On the Reform Whig ticket, we get James Longstreet, another general. For those who do not know, Longstreet was probably the most "sane" CS general when it came to civil rights. In real life, after the war had concluded he encouraged Southerners to accept the end of slavery and to support the Republican party. I think he gets elected and considering the time period we are in, ends slavery. You might be wondering how on Earth he manages to do that and to that, I'd simply say outside pressure. By this point, Europe was 100% behind the abolishment of slavery. If the Confederacy wanted to keep doing business with Europe, they would have to end slavery. Plus, they could get cheap labor elsewhere. Considering the fact that Brazil ends slavery in 1888, I'd picture the South ending slavery around the end of Longstreet's term, so 1885.
The election of 1885 -
At this point, I feel the era of Civil War generals becoming President is over. Perhaps we get one more like Wade Hampton or something but that is about it. From here on out, actual politicians would be elected. While slavery has been abolished, the situation for black residents would not improve. The time period we are about to enter would be Jim Crow on steroids. Black folks being arrested for pretty much nothing and being used as cheap labor would be commonplace. Discrimination against blacks would be so awful it would make the Reconstruction era look like a true success. Terror groups like the KKK would basically be totally legal. So this raises the question, what do black residents do? The fact is there would not have been a flight to the North since that was now a separate country. During the Civil War, I believe the black population accounted for around 39% of the Confederacy. Assuming that percent holds that would mean that there was a very large black population in the Confederacy. So what do they do? I'd imagine they start their own communities. Build towns away from white settlements. Move out to the rural territories. And set up separate neighborhoods inside urban areas. I could even see this going as far as setting up their own micro economy and even having their own elections.
The election of 1891 -
Whoever is elected now would have a massive problem on their hands. Racial tensions would be at an all-time high with black folks setting up their own towns and economy. Meanwhile, groups such as the KKK would go out and terrorize these communities, killing many of their members. In response black settlements arm themselves to defend against these attacks. These attacks would escalate to the point in which it becomes an all-out race war. White para militias such as the KKK would fight against newly formed black para militias for unofficial control of areas of land. These conflicts would be based primarily in the Deep South as well as the territories out west. If you want a real-life example of what I'm referring to look up The Troubles in Ireland. This continues for quite some time until the CSA army steps in. However, I actually believe the black military would be able to muscle their way into getting some actual rights such as citizenship and the right to vote (maybe).
The election of 1897 -
Because of the events of the past six years, I'd imagine the white population in the South would be quite terrified after witnessing a literal black military uprising. Because of this, they elect a firebrand. A populist who uses fiery rhetoric to crush dissent. They elect Benjamin Tillman of South Carolina. Tillman would unleash a wave of terror upon the black citizens. Lynching would increase, KKK terror attacks would increase, and racist laws would increase. Tillman would utilize the military to occupy black-owned settlements and disarm black citizens. While seems might seem bleak, black citizens would find a critical ally in the United States. Sensing growing cracks in their old states, the US funds these black militants, providing them with weapons, supplies, and training. Despite Tillman's best efforts, he would be unable to quell the rebellions. His administration would be viewed as an utter failure.
The election of 1903 -
Due to the failure of Tillman, the voters would be willing to elect a more moderate candidate. Someone who would be willing to quickly solve the uprisings. Whoever they elect would meet with black leaders and make some concessions. Perhaps some sort of voting bill is passed that does a little. Another aspect of Southern society at this time would be the extreme wealth inequality that would exist. The South would likely retain a very wealthy planter class that controls nearly all the land and has nearly all the wealth. It would be a handful of well-connected families such as the Lees and the Randolphs. Imagine the antebellum lifestyle on steroids with massive antebellum homes far larger and more grand than the ones in our timeline. This system would be quite similar to feudalism in Europe with the wealthy families being similar to that of royalty. The average citizen would probably own little and would either work in sharecropping or in some menial factory job.
The election of 1909 -
Tensions with the United States would be at an all-time high. By now, the US meddling in Confederate affairs would be common knowledge. War would certainly be on the horizon. So whoever is elected now would be someone who would be willing to rebuild and modernize the CS army and navy in preparation for the coming conflict. That conflict would come in 1914 with the outbreak of WWI. I'd imagine the CS would be loosely aligned with the Allied powers while the US would be loosely aligned with the Central Powers. However, neither side would really be committed to the two sides in Europe and rather simply the ongoing war as an excuse. The Confederate strategy would revolve around attempting to tire out the Union and waiting for Great Britain and France to finish the war in Europe and then come and aid them, hoping to acquire the region formerly known as the Upper South. The US meanwhile, would simply use overwhelming force to crush the South and reclaim its former lands.
The election of 1915 -
Realistically, this is where the South's journey ends. The war at the onset might go ok since the South would be on the defensive and make the invasion by the North incredibly difficult. They elect James K. Vardaman, a firey figure promising to crush the Yankees. Speaking of Presidents, the President of the US at this time is Teddy Roosevelt. It is hard to say how exactly Roosevelt would take down the South. I'd imagine he'd use the navy to put key ports such as Savannah and New Orleans in a chokehold, similar to the original war. Meanwhile, federal troops would travel down the Mississippi, splitting the nation in half. The main front in the war, however, would be NOVA. I could even see some sort of trench warfare beginning here. Another front would open up in Tennessee. I could see Tennessee falling quite early on, providing a base to launch a campaign in the Deep South.
The front in NOVA would be extremely bloody. Fighting would be similar to that of Western Europe, huge battles are mere feet of territory. This would go on for some time until the armies in the South, after conquering the Deep South marched northward towards Richmond. In a desperate attempt to salvage their country, the remaining Confederate forces set up fortifications at Richmond. The Siege of Richmond would mark the end of the war and the collapse of the Confederacy. Vardaman and the remaining Confederate leaders would be arrested thus concluding the 56-year-old experiment known as the Confederacy.
The Reconstruction of the South -
It is hard to say how someone like Roosevelt handles reconstruction. Unlike in our timeline, the Confederacy would have existed as its own entity for a good while. It would have developed its own culture and identity. I feel the way the government approaches reconstruction would be to present the Union as a force of good. They provide new social services, bring in new technology, and industrialize the South more. At the same time, they would be attempting to erase the Southern identity as quickly as possible. I feel in this timeline Confederate monuments would be removed rather quickly by the federal government and replaced with United States propaganda. I feel the main theme would be trying to act like this never happened. Just a blip in history. The other main issue would be the racial divide in the South. Since the South's secession, I'd imagine the North would have become far more invested in Civil Rights as a sort of "us vs. them" kinda thing.

So yeah, that took way longer than expected but here is what I feel this mod scenario would look like.
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2023.05.30 18:30 sonikin1 Trying to code for the first time today

I had always been fascinated by technology and computers, but coding had always seemed like an intimidating realm. Yet, here I was, determined to conquer this new frontier. With a quick Google search, I found a beginner's tutorial on Python programming. Python, they said, was a good language for beginners like me. Armed with the tutorial, I dove in headfirst.
The tutorial introduced me to the basics: variables, loops, and conditional statements. As I typed out each line of code, I couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and trepidation. Would I be able to understand these concepts and make them work together?

def square_cross(number):
if number < 4:
return "The minimum size is 4"
elif number % 2 != 0:
return "Please provide an even number"
square = ""
line = "*" * number + "\n"
middle_line = "*" + " " * ((number - 3) // 2) + "" + " " * ((number - 3) // 2) + "*\n"
square += line
for _ in range((number - 3) // 2):
square += middle_line
square += "*" + "-" * ((number - 3) // 2) + "-" * ((number - 3) % 2) + "-" * ((number - 3) // 2) + "*\n"
for _ in range((number - 3) // 2):
square += middle_line
square += line
return square

def custom_operator(numbers):
output = []
length = len(numbers)
# Double the first and last numbers
output.append(numbers[0] * 2)
for i in range(1, length - 1):
result = sum(numbers[j] * numbers[i] for j in range(length) if j != i)
# Double the last number
output.append(numbers[-1] * 2)
return output

import csv
def create_dictionary_from_csv(filename, separator):
result = {}
with open(filename, 'r') as file:
csv_reader = csv.reader(file, delimiter=separator)
# Read the first row as keys
keys = next(csv_reader)
# Initialize the dictionary with empty lists for each key
for key in keys:
result[key] = []
# Read the remaining rows and append values to the corresponding key
for row in csv_reader:
for i, value in enumerate(row):
return result
class Food:
def __init__(self, name, energy): = name = energy
def eat(self, proportion):
if proportion >= 10 and proportion <= 100:
eaten_energy = int((proportion / 100) *
if eaten_energy <= -= eaten_energy
else: = 0
print("Invalid proportion. Please provide a value between 10 and 100.")
def __str__(self):
return f"{} - Energy: {} kilocalories"

class Fridge:
def __init__(self, size=2):
self.size = size = []
def add_food(self, food):
if len( < self.size:
print("No space available")
def increase_space(self):
self.size += 2
def __str__(self):
if len( == 0:
return "No foods in the fridge"
output = "Foods in the fridge:\n"
for food in
output += f"Name: {}, Energy: {}\n"
slots_available = self.size - len(
output += f"Slots available: {slots_available}"
return output
import requests
def classify_by_movie(category):
base_url = ""
# Create a dictionary to store the categorization by movies
movie_categories = {}
# Fetch the data for the given category from the API
response = requests.get(base_url + category)
if response.status_code == 200:
data = response.json()
results = data["results"]
# Iterate over the retrieved data and categorize by movies
for item in results:
movies = item["films"]
for movie_url in movies:
# Fetch the movie details from the movie URL
movie_response = requests.get(movie_url)
if movie_response.status_code == 200:
movie_data = movie_response.json()
movie_title = movie_data["title"]
# Add the item to the corresponding movie category
if movie_title in movie_categories:
movie_categories[movie_title] = [item]
return movie_categories
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2023.05.30 18:23 Avanch Chase Sapphire Preferred vs Southwest Priority

Looking for a travel card that would maximize the use of my points, I use my freedom unlimited on everyday purchases, freedom flex for the rotating categories, and Affinity for Amazon and gas. I usually always choose Southwest to fly, 1-2 times a year on average. I keep going back in forth on which card would be better for flight purchases.
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2023.05.30 18:16 redhawkey07 Frontier for half the price?

Everyone loves to hate on frontier but we have a family of 4 that found a roundtrip flight for $800 all in (paid baggage for 2, etc). Everyone says they would never fly Frontier. We flew it to Disney last year with 0 issues. All other flights round trip start around $1600. What would you do?
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2023.05.30 17:20 helpmeloseweightgirl Fly delta and drive 2+ hrs or fly united to closer airport?

I recently started traveling a lot for work and got silver medallion status with delta. I usually fly into LGA/JFK, but I'm going to some new locations soon. One of these locations is near the Wilkes Barre Scranton Airport (~20 min). However Delta doesn't fly into this airport.
Would you book a different airline (United) and fly into the close airport? Or would you fly somewhere else (Newark, Philadelphia) and drive 2-3 hours?
Random side note: anyone else notice Delta flights are getting more expensive? With past travel usually Delta, United, and American were close in price (+/-$100) but now Delta is $300 more expensive. It's making it hard to book work travel with them... might have to switch to United.
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2023.05.30 16:51 Hiei80 The Daily Dogelon - Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

The Daily Dogelon - Tuesday, May 30th, 2023
Here it comes, Martians. 🚀🚀🚀
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After all, any crypto project with an interstellar aesthetic has fine taste. 😉
Drop by their tweet and let them know, the Martians appreciate them! 👨‍🚀

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We're all about big brain energy 🧠
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2023.05.30 16:14 qwerty_1965 The Great Shortage of Everything.

When did this happen, everywhere you look there are shortages
Houses, hotel rooms. Medicines Nurses, bus drivers, Gardai, council staff, , carers, even priests. Tradesmen of every description. Professionals of many descriptions esp in areas that expedite new frontiers like renewables.
It feels like this wasn't a pressing problem until the lockdowns ended. Did enough people retire early to create much of this? Is there a great flight to greener pastures? Nurses and teachers have often left asap in the past. Are the numbers higher now?.
With a growing population we need more of all the above so what's gone wrong?.
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2023.05.30 16:11 philipculver Cancellation policy - class action lawsuit waiting to happen...?

I just got done chatting with Frontier support. I need to cancel a flight because my wife got laid off. The flight is almost two months from now. The cancellation policy is that they charge $99 PER customer, PER direction! I spent $412.92 for the flights for two people. I'll be refunded $16.92.
How is this legal...?
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2023.05.30 16:06 mouse_party Got an interview for nova coming up, here’s a list of what they offer. Fifth tick down it sounds like they want the employee to pay for lesson resources. Is that true?!

Got an interview for nova coming up, here’s a list of what they offer. Fifth tick down it sounds like they want the employee to pay for lesson resources. Is that true?! submitted by mouse_party to teachinginjapan [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:00 becoming_becoming Two delta cards - downgrade strategy?

I think I see the path forward here but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.
I opened an Amex Delta Gold card in April 2021 ($99 AF), currently with a $15k credit limit. This card is a long-term keeper for me.
I more recently opened an Amex Delta Platinum card in Feb 2023 for the points and potentially reaching status ($250 AF, $20k limit). Enjoying it so far, but I think it's more likely I'll stick with the gold level long-term.
My $99 annual fee just posted to my Delta Gold. It obviously doesn't make sense for me to pay two annual fees on two different Delta cards with redundant benefits. I can get a $100 flight credit from the gold if I spend $8.5k more by the end of the year, but that would be a bit of a stretch. I am considering: 1) Downgrading my Delta Gold to a Delta Blue card within the next few days. This would refund the annual fee, correct? 2) Keeping my Delta Plat until the next annual fee posts in Feb 2024 and then downgrading it to a Delta Gold for the long-term.
Is this the best way forward? Would it put up any flags for Amex?
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2023.05.30 15:24 sn0r Moscow-Tbilisi flights weigh on Georgia EU candidate status prospects

Moscow-Tbilisi flights weigh on Georgia EU candidate status prospects submitted by sn0r to europeanunion [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 15:19 WhyPickName Yes another early booking promo. Fly Sept 5-Nov 15. Book by June 13

Yes another early booking promo. Fly Sept 5-Nov 15. Book by June 13 submitted by WhyPickName to gowildfrontier [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 15:10 VillainTheory Psylocke - Hero Kit Deep Dive

Better late than never, right? Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming hero Psylocke where I will analyze her and all her revealed cards in detail, talk about what aspects and cards she’ll like, before trying to predict how powerful she will be in comparison to all the other heroes.
Disclaimer: The character isn’t out yet! This is all in theory and done for fun.
So, Psylocke was revealed a few weeks ago now and to absolutely no one’s surprise she’s psionic. Phoenix has company! But is she any good? (Spoiler alert: yes!)
Let’s take a deeper look and see just what she can do~
Identity Card: The Simple Things
First things first: Psylocke is her identity card. That is to say, everything that is good about her starts here in a big way and there is a LOT to unpack. So we’ll start with just the simplest parts of it.
She has the Mutant and Psionic traits in alter-ego as Betsy Braddock, and the Psionic and X-Force traits in hero form. This is a mirror of Phoenix’s traits, with X-Men swapped for X-Force. And like Phoenix, she is the only other character now to begin the scenario with the Psionic trait (as close as Cable may be).
She has the standard 6 hand size in alter-ego, 10 hp and 3 REC. This is all very vanilla. But that’s where the vanilla ends. In hero form, she has 1 THW, 1 ATK and 2 DEF like Nova and Adam Warlock along with a hand size of 4. Now, I wouldn’t blame you if you had alarm bells going off at this point - but fortunately, she has many redeeming factors just like the aforementioned characters.
Still, despite all the positive qualities I’ll soon cover here, it’s worth remembering throughout that her hand size of 4 is a notable downside - perhaps her biggest one. She effectively has 20% less cards per turn starting in hero form than most other heroes. This means 20% less resources from your hand, but also 20% less options. And that matters a lot.
But on that note, we should really talk about the abilities on her identity card.
Identity Card: Setup
We should begin with her first alter-ego ability. She has a Setup ability called Psionic Manifestation where you have to put your two Psi-Energy upgrades into play, “Psi-Knife side faceup”. What does this mean?
It means you put two identical copies of your Psi-Knife card into play. This is a two-sided card and is immensely powerful. They have the Psi-Energy and Weapon traits on both sides, and are Permanent on both sides.
On one side, the card is of course a Psi-Knife. On this side, the cards give you +1 THW and you can exhaust them as a Hero Resource to generate a mental resource. And when you generate a resource with it? You may flip Psi-Knife to its other side.
And on its other side, it’s Psi-Katana. Same traits, same permanent, but now it’s restricted? Kinda weird. But each gives Psylocke +1 ATK and can be exhausted to generate a physical resource instead (and may be flipped back to its Psi-Knife side). Note that it doesn’t ready when flipped, so each one is generally only generating one resource per turn.
That was a lot of numbers and traits and keywords. In short, what this really means is that Psylocke can bounce between having 1, 2 or 3 THW, and 1, 2 or 3 ATK. And that she starts with two resource generators in play from the very beginning of the game.
This is very, very good. Here’s some comparisons.
Look at Phoenix or Spectrum and imagine if they could change between 3 THW and 3 ATK at will. Because Psylocke can.
Do you like SP//dr? Imagine if she started with +1 handsize and +1 Interface upgrade in play. Because that’s how Psylocke starts.
Alternatively, think of any hero. Would you trade 1 hero hand size to start the game with 3 THW, 3 ATK, and 2x Quincarrier in play? Because that’s basically what Psylocke has done.
This is all a long way of saying that Psylocke, despite her hero hand size, will still have 6 resources (1 per card, 1 per Psi-Knife/Katana) every turn she starts a turn in hero form. This is equivalent to Spider-Man Peter Parker or Venom without having to take damage to generate a resource.
And, if she starts the turn in alter-ego, 8 resources - this is Black Panther with Golden City or Captain Marvel with Alpha Flight Station.
She got money.
The downside compared to these heroes all comes back to her hand size. She is generating resources instead of drawing cards, and so while “rich”, she won’t have the plethora of options in hand and ability to quickly find key upgrades in the same way they do.
Fortunately, Psylocke generally has better hero cards than all of those named - or less set up time. She doesn’t need to play a bunch of upgrades, and she has ample access to flexible damage, threat removal, and status cards (namely confuse). Those confuses will be instrumental in constantly going alter-ego to be mega-rich. But we’ll get to that.
Identity Card: Hero Form Interrupt
Let’s move on to Psylocke’s hero ability, “Psi-Energy Control”. It’s an Interrupt that allows Psylocke to flip one of her Psi-Knives or Katanas when she uses a basic power.
This isn’t adding pure power. What it adds is flexibility and versatility to what she already has. Remember the comparison to Spectrum and Phoenix? Or have you ever played Shadowcat and struggled to end the turn in Phased? Psylocke doesn’t have any issues in changing her setup cards to whatever side she wants them to be.
It’s very, very generous.
When you spend the resource generators on Psi-Knife or Katana, you can flip them. And now, with this hero ability, you can flip them when you use any of your hero’s stats, THW, ATK or DEF. What this really means is that you will generally have a minimum of 3 ways to flip your upgrades per turn. More if you can ready Psylocke.
You could start with two Psi-Knives at the beginning of the turn, at 3 THW, then pivot to 3 ATK, and then still end at 2 THW/2 ATK. Or any other combination. No matter where you start, you can get where you want and then some.
Now, many of her events do incentivize having one of each - one Psi-Knife and one Psi-Katana - but even if you really want to stick with 3 THW, it’s a simple matter of spending at least one of your Psi-Knives’ resources on said event, choosing to flip one, and then using your hero ability to flip one back when you do go to make a basic thwart.
Now, with multiple events it could become trickier, and surely either her obligation and/or nemesis set will interrupt things, but honestly? Overall, on the vast majority of turns, it’s going to be extremely easy.
Identity Card: Alter-Ego Action
Much like how Psylocke will want to constantly go alter-ego for an extra two cards, let’s return to her alter-ego side and look at her second ability there. It’s an action where you exhaust one of your Psi-Knives or Psi-Katanas, and in turn can shuffle a psionic card from your discard pile into your deck.
In essence, you are spending 1 resource to shuffle a card back into your deck. This might seem like a bad deal, however, given her small hand size in hero form? There are going to be times where you might just have too many resources and not enough cards to spend them on.
There are also some cards that punch above their weight. Remember her Psionic trait? She can use Cerebro. To cut a long story short, you can use this alter-ego ability to shuffle Professor X back into your deck and then use Cerebro to immediately find and play him. And he is very good.
This is reminiscent of Domino. Now, if you’re in a 2-player game, all you need to do is do this and play Professor X every single turn to guarantee you can block the villain’s activation for both you and the other player on Every. Single. Turn. And thwart for 3.
Karma, in Protection, will also be another great use of this trick. If a minion pops up without the elite trait, you can effectively guarantee getting Karma at the right time to control it. This is potentially very high value.
So, Psylocke here might be X-Force, but she will still love X-Men allies. Especially the Psionic ones.
Generally, I believe these allies out-value her own hero cards, but in their absence her cards - or even the aspect psionic cards - are still great targets. I imagine Yondu voltron decks will love shuffling Psychic Kicker back into their own deck for silly value. And we are likely getting more psionic cards here - even Cable’s precon comes with two new psionic allies.
All in all, this ability is a great resource sink and actually has credible combo potential. To conclude, her setup ability makes her powerful and her hero ability and other alter-ego ability make her consistent. It’s going to be difficult to have a bad turn - and that’s one heck of a positive.
First things first, her events all have the Psionic trait. This makes most of them ideal candidates for Team-Building Exercise and new resource card The Power of the Mind - a double resource for psionic cards. And as alluded to earlier, each does different things depending on which side your Psi-Weapons are on.
Flurry of Blades
A 3-cost attack event that is a hero action. Deal 2 damage to an enemy. For each Psi-Knife, choose an enemy and confuse it. For each Psi-Katana, choose an enemy and deal 2 damage.
While a little costly, it’s the perfect target for Team-Building Exercise and her resource generators or Power of the Mind. And it’s very flexible. You can put 2 damage on three different enemies, 6 damage on one, or 4 damage on perhaps a minion and then confuse the villain. This is Black Widow’s Dance of Death but with the ability to confuse and easier to pay for.
Mental Detection
A 2-cost thwart event that is a hero action. Remove 1 threat from a scheme. For each Psi-Knife, remove 2 more. For each Psi-Katana you control, draw 1 card.
This is really either 1 threat removal and 2 cards drawn, 5 threat removal, or 3 threat threat removal and 1 card drawn. The first one is good if you have too many resources or are fishing for an important upgrade, but otherwise is the worst option in my opinion given the value of thwarting. The other two options are both amazing. A block of 5 threat removal can be too much in solo play - but is great in multiplayer and still useful in case a big side scheme or Masterplan shows up. It’s For Justice with +1. And then 3 threat removal and 1 card draw is super flexible and can be compared somewhat to Cyclops’s Tactical Brilliance.
Psionic Redirect
One of the rare 2-cost defense cards in the game. It’s a Hero Interrupt that says, when you would take any amount of damage from an enemy attack, prevent 2. For each Psi-Katana, prevent an additional 2. For each Psi-Knife you control, confuse that enemy.
This is the card that is going to encourage you to end your turn with one Knife and one Katana, at a 2/2/2 statline. Because the confuse is easily the most valuable part of it and, if you can confuse the enemy, it’s generally very worthwhile. The timing here is particularly interesting and, in multiplayer, is really going to help you chain confuses together when multiple people are alter-ego.
Unfortunately, this is the card which doesn’t work with Team-Building Exercise since it’s an Interrupt.
Overall, this is a good card if you can get the Confuse and benefit from it. But otherwise too expensive - you might as well have just played a 2-cost ally, used it, and blocked. Shield Block, Back Flip, Quick Shift, and honestly most hero defense cards outclass this when used purely to avoid damage.
Next up we have the two regular upgrades previewed. Both work similarly in that they offer a passive benefit while in play, but can be cashed in for a one-time effect which then discards them. They are, in some ways, reminiscent to Miles Morales’ Power Within/Defense Mechanism cards with passives.
Psionic Training
Psionic Training is the first card and, in most decks, better of the two upgrades. It’s 1-cost and its passive ability is that it allows Psylocke to ignore the guard and patrol keywords. These are situational, usually you will want to simply defeat the minions, but it has some value in certain scenarios and perhaps if you enjoy rush decks.
However, it’s Psionic Training’s activated ability which makes it so good. It has a hero response where, if Psylocke thwarts, you can discard Psionic Training to confuse an enemy. A 1-cost confuse is good. A 1-cost confuse that sits on the board for when you need it while giving you a passive benefit? Amazing.
Weapons Training
Next we have Weapons Training. It’s a 2-cost upgrade that gives you 1 retaliate while it’s in play. Unfortunately, that’s very expensive for little impact, especially when you consider that she’s encouraged to often go alter-ego and thus not be attacked.
Its activated ability, however, is decent. It’s a hero response again that says after Psylocke attacks, discard Weapons Training and ready each Weapon upgrade you control. What this really means is that you can ready up your Psi-Knives and/or Psi-Katanas. The problem is, you spend 3 effective resources (2-cost + the card itself) on playing Weapons Training in the first place, so to justify it you really need to have gotten good damage from the Retaliate - right?
There are other benefits here. You could have other weapons, but given how Psi-Katana has the restricted keyword, you better bring Side Holster. This gives Hand Cannon or Godslayer a lot of potential burst damage. Or you could use it in Justice and convert Sonic Rifle into burst damage as well. But, generally, I think you’ll save Weapons Training until you have an incredibly valuable hand, then cash it in for one big turn of awesome.
But I also think you’ll generally just prioritize other cards over it for the most part, unless you draw a poor hand.
Signature Ally: Angel
Your signature ally is Angel - he’s 3-cost and has the Aerial and X-Force traits. His statline? 1 THW, 2 ATK, 3 hp. If this was where he stopped, he’d be one of the worst signature allies. Fortunately, he has a great ability: “After you play Angel from your hand, ready your identity”.
Psylocke naturally has big stats, able to attack for 3 or thwart for 3 no matter her aspect. And so she loves readies. Combine this with any stat boosts and it’s even better for value. Med Lab, Chance Encounter and Regroup are his friends.
While not game-changing or mind-blowing, he’s very good and very flexible.
Team-Up Card
The one benefit of waiting to write about Psylocke is that now we have Angel’s preview, and Angel’s preview reveals that they have a team-up card. Is it good? In multiplayer, it’s decent. In solo, for Psylocke, it’s alright. If Psylocke and Angel are in play, it readies both of them and lets you search your discard pile for an identity-specific event.
Readying Psylocke alone is pretty good and tutoring (searching for) an event is great. But with the additional hoop to jump through of having to have Angel in play to use it, I don’t know if good really cuts it. I think, if you focus on boosting your stats, it’s most valuable. And as a psionic card, you can use your alter-ego ability to shuffle it back into your deck.
Psylocke - Basic Cards + Resources
Now that we’ve finished looking at her cards, let’s talk about how a real deck will look with Psylocke.
First and foremost, I think she’s likely going to want 1-2 Team-Building Exercises in most of her decks. With Psionic or X-Force on all but two of the cards revealed, it’s going to be a good cheap resource generator.
However, it does conflict somewhat with her Psi-Knives or Katanas and new resource card The Power of the Mind. In hero form, with only four cards, there is only so much to pay for. Now, with the weapons, you start with two resources. If one of the cards you draw is a double resource, now you have 4 resources and 3 cards left. If two of them are resource cards, now you have 6 resources to pay for 2 cards and are likely going to waste 1-3 resources here. With Team-Building Exercise, you’re wasting even more.
Do you run either Team-Building Exercise or two of the Power Of cards, neither, or can you run them together, then? For that, I think the answer varies based on how you build the rest of your deck. She won’t particularly like or want 0-cost cards for the most part, in my opinion. And she will especially value card draw to find targets for all her resources. If you bring mostly 2+ cost cards and include card draw, especially Cerebro, I believe you could bring a combination - but it’s going to be something you have to review for every deck.
Even on its own, the Power of the Mind is good for her. There’s a reason she comes with it and all her events are at least 2-cost! The fact that this can pay for Psionic allies is huge. We already talked about Professor X and Karma earlier, but we also have allies like Marvel Girl, Caliban, and Fantomex. Cerebro helps guarantee it has a target too.
It’s surely due to the likelihood of resource overload that her precon contains new card Telepathy. Telepathy is a 1-cost upgrade with the Psionic and Superpower traits, that you can only play if you have the Psionic trait. What does it do? It’s a hero action (thwart) that makes you exhaust it and pay two mental resources to remove 2 threat.
2 mental resources for 2 threat removal? On top of the 2 effective resources to play it? Yikes. I think you’ll generally be better off with something like Starhawk, Machine Man, Med Lab, or Jarnbjorn. But Telepathy is an option that exists.
Lastly, while Deft Focus is off the table, X-Gene is solidly on the table. She can use it as a Mutant and it works for her events which her hero ability allows her to cycle back in.
Psylocke - Aspects and Archetypes
So what aspect will Psylocke like and how shall we build her in them? In all honesty, I think she’s going to be great in every aspect in different ways. But one stands out over the others.
The Psionic aspect cards also go without saying as interesting choices for her. But I don’t see any of them particularly synergizing with her hero kit. Aggression’s Psychic Assault confuses the villain, but she is already dripping with confuses. Justice’s Psychic Manipulation can halt a villain from scheming, but she is - you guessed it - already dripping with confuses. Protection’s Psychic Misdirection is a fun card and great for multiplayer, but with all those confuses? She wants to go alter-ego a lot, and so will miss a lot of opportunities for it - though it will combo well with a new Protection card from Angel called Taunt.
This leaves Psychic Kicker which I mentioned before. The problem is, as a 0-cost card, it’s not inherently desirable for all her resource generators. But, with the right targets, is likely still going to make it excellent.
To go through each aspect in detail, Leadership is Leadership. It’s always good. It also has a lot of combos, and her being so rich is going to mean she can pull them off better than most heroes. Make the Call is already an S-tier card, but considering it solves all her excess resource problems, is just so incredibly good for her. Cerebro and the ability to shuffle Psionic allies back into your deck is also going to let you push the few Psionic allies and X-Men you have even further. The classic Command Team + Professor X only gets better here.
In Protection, she has all those readies and Karma as talked about. And she has Starhawk who she can always afford to replay. Is Jocasta worth it for her defense event? Honestly, probably. And she might also like Black Widow since she’ll basically always have a mental resource ready.
Outside of the allies and readies, I don’t see anything mindblowing for her - Repurpose will work well, maybe even Leading Blow, but not a lot else screams with synergy for her. With 2 DEF and wanting to go alter-ego, “Perfect Defense” builds won’t be her thing.
In Aggression, we can boost her ATK higher. We can also use those sweet physical resources generated from her Psi-Katanas for cards like Drop Kick and Jarnbjorn. Any readies we can find here, she will love them. She also has the potential in multiplayer (where it’s most valuable) to use X-Men Instruction to shuffle Sunfire back into her deck and then tutor him with Cerebro for a good time. Cerebro in general means Boot Camp is in for a good time.
Sadly, since she really wants to spend her weapons, I don’t think toys like Fusillade or Mean Swing will be much good. Running other weapons with Side Holster, as mentioned, might be okay but I don’t think it will be the smoothest way to run her.
And then we have Justice. Justice, if you hadn’t already guessed, is likely going to be her best aspect - at least in solo play. Because she comes with a little card called Float Like a Butterfly. This is a new card for 2-cost, is an upgrade, and max 1 per player. It has an Interrupt which says when a character you control attacks a confused enemy, increase the amount of damage that attack deals to that enemy by 1.
Did I mention already that she brings a lot of confuses? Justice happens to bring plenty too. And this Float Like a Butterfly card? It’s boosting your allies’ damage, your events’ damage, and Psylocke’s ATK damage too. It’s like Boot Camp, Combat Training and Honed Technique had a child that grew up to be a Justice card.
Now, while you will primarily get damage on the villain with this on not minions, damaging the villain is how you win games. And this is going to add a lot of damage. Remember Flurry of Blades? That just became 9 damage on the villain. And, while this might seem solo-oriented, you can play a copy on other players. Throw one onto your Aggression and Leadership player for a very good time.
This is all before considering that, as a 3 THW hero, she’s just a really good threat remover. Nice.
Overall, Psylocke has almost everything going for her. Money, good events, good traits, and good aspect synergy. He only big flaws that I can see come from a small hero hand size and a slight weakness to Stalwart villains.
Damage? She has it. Not tons of it, but a solid amount and it’s flexible. Threat removal? She has a good bit more than average. 3 THW will see to that alone, but she also has a good thwart card and can cycle it back into her deck on demand.
As for survival, her defense card is pretty good and - with all that confuse - she’ll be able to dodge a lot of villain activations and use her REC if necessary with great freedom. And her economy is absolutely solid - she has more resources than most heroes, is a great user of some of the best resource generators in the game, and has a Power Of card tailor-made for her.
So. Where do I think she falls against the other 46 heroes we’ll have by the time she releases?
Let’s first break down all her strengths and weaknesses we’ve covered~
With all that in consideration, I think Psylocke is almost certainly a top 20 character - this is true of all the X-Force so far, I think they look amazing, and Psylocke is no different. And you can definitely expect the same from the last two unrevealed ones at this rate.
However, I will say that I think Psylocke might be the weakest of the four X-Force heroes. Which is crazy given the upsides of her resources and stats. But, to grossly simplify it, she has less powerful events than Cable, less combos than Domino, and less damage and survivability than Angel.
Including the other X-Force characters? Out of 47 heroes, I’m more specifically predicting she could fall anywhere between 11th and 17th. That’s as precise as I can be without seeing all the X-Force support and all of her hero kit - and, you know, actually playing her!
We might well get more psionic cards too which could make a big difference.
I do think she’s strong, stronger than say Ant-Man, Nova, and Spectrum - but it’s stiff competition to outperform, say, Storm, Gamora, or Captain Marvel as just a few examples. Gamora? Maybe. The others? I'm not convinced yet. And I bet most people reading this would all put those characters into very different orders and power ratings to each other! The top 10 heroes in particular are already hotly contested and extremely competitive - with the other new heroes included, I don’t quite think Psylocke makes it while Cable, Domino and Angel all have a great shot.
But 11-17 out of 47 heroes is still amazing and very, very strong.
In terms of fun, I think she looks great and is probably going to be the most enjoyable of all the psionic characters to play. She’ll have fun sequencing puzzles, interesting events you’ll want to think about and are satisfying, as well as good combos you can pull off.
To compare her to other heroes, she has shades of Shadowcat without a defensive focus (her setup card also has a resource generator and she requires sequencing), SP//dr with a stronger start but less room to grow, and Phoenix with her huge stats and psionic/mutant shenanigans. I think, like She-Hulk and Colossus too, she’ll be very heavily rewarded - largely in hand size - to keep on flipping alter-ego and in doing so resemble them slightly with big power spikes depending on what form you begin your turn in.
If you like all those heroes, you will probably like her. If you dislike one or two of them, I think you’ll still enjoy her as I think she takes the best parts of many. But if you somehow dislike all of them? You’re probably not going to enjoy Psylocke.
Personally? I'm super excited to play her!
And that about does it! Do you like Psylocke? Did I miss anything? Do your predictions fall close to mine or am I way off the mark? And whatever the case may be, thanks for reading!
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Sent an expedited passport application on March 28 2023, and travel this upcoming Monday June 5 2023. A few weeks ago, I had to send additional forms of ID which I believe delayed my application although I sent it overnight same-day. After weeks of calling the national agency, I finally spoke to somebody a few days ago who told me there are NO appointments nationwide or at my local agency, and that all he can do is send an urgent travel notice on my application. I’m extremely nervous as my flight is in less than a week in the early morning, and my status still reads as in process; is there really nothing I can do?
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H.R.2916 - To amend title 49, United S...

To amend title 49, United States Code, to establish a program to provide assistance to underserved airports to improve passenger and flight capacity, and for other purposes.
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Things to Take Care of While Applying for a Canada Student Visa
Studying in Canada offers immense opportunities for international students. However, before embarking on this journey, it is crucial to understand the process of applying for a Canada student visa. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to help prospective students navigate through the Step by Step Process of application for Study in Canada.
Understanding the Canada Student Visa
  1. Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for a Canada student visa, applicants must meet certain requirements. These include being accepted into a designated learning institution, demonstrating sufficient financial resources to cover tuition fees and living expenses, providing proof of identity, and having a clean criminal record. Additionally, applicants may need to prove their proficiency in English or French through language proficiency tests.
  1. Choosing the Right Program and Institution
Before applying for a Canada student visa, it is essential to carefully choose the program and institution that align with your educational goals. Research various universities and colleges in Canada, considering factors such as program reputation, curriculum, faculty, location, and opportunities for internships or co-op programs. Selecting the right program and institution will not only enhance your educational experience but also improve your chances of a successful visa application.
  1. Gathering Required Documents
To apply for a Canada student visa, you will need to gather several important documents. These include:
Proof of Acceptance
Obtain a letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution where you have been admitted. This letter should contain details about the program, duration of study, and any conditions you need to meet before starting your studies.
Proof of Identity
Prepare your valid passport or travel document that allows you to return to your home country. Make sure your passport remains valid throughout your stay in Canada.
Financial Documents
Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees, living expenses, and return transportation. This may involve providing bank statements, scholarship letters, or sponsorship letters from parents or guardians.
Language Proficiency Test Results
Depending on the program and institution, you may need to provide language proficiency test results. The most common tests accepted in Canada are the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Many of Canadian institution accept PTE (Pearson Test of English) and Duolingo.
Preparing for the Visa Application
Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, it’s time to prepare for the visa application process.
Paying the Visa Application Fee & Other Fees if any applicable
Before submitting your application, ensure you have the required funds to pay the visa application fee. The fee amount may vary depending on the type of visa and your country of residence.
Completing the Application Forms
Carefully fill out the application forms, providing accurate and detailed information. Double-check for any errors or missing information before submission.
Statement of Purpose (SOP)
SOP plays vital role while applying for Canada Student Visa. You need to mention well described information for your education goal and Career path in your SOP.
Scheduling Biometrics and Medical Examinations
In some cases, you may need to schedule biometrics (fingerprinting and photo) and medical examinations. Follow the instructions provided by the Canadian authorities and complete these appointments in a timely manner.
Submitting the Visa Application
Once you have completed all the necessary steps, submit your visa application online or through a visa application center. Make sure to keep copies of all the documents you submit for your own records.
Waiting for a Decision
After submitting your visa application, there will be a waiting period until a decision is made. The processing time varies, so it’s important to be patient during this period. You can check the status of your application online or by contacting the appropriate authorities.
Preparing for Arrival in Canada
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Applying for a Canada student visa may seem overwhelming at first, but with proper preparation and understanding of the process, it can be a smooth journey. By following the guidelines outlined here, you will be well-equipped to apply for a Canada student visa confidently and embark on an exciting educational adventure in Canada.
  1. How long does it take to process a Canada student visa application?
The processing time for a Canada student visa application varies, but it typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months. It is advisable to apply well in advance to allow for any unforeseen delays.
  1. Can I work while studying in Canada with a student visa?
Yes, most international students with a valid Canada student visa are eligible to work part-time while studying. However, there are certain restrictions and conditions that you need to be aware of. It is recommended to check the specific regulations and policies related to work permits for students in Canada.
  1. Do I need health insurance while studying in Canada?
Yes, it is essential to have health insurance while studying in Canada. Some provinces provide health coverage for international students, while others require students to arrange their own health insurance. Make sure to research and understand the health insurance requirements of the province where you will be studying.
  1. Can I extend my Canada student visa?
Yes, in certain cases, it is possible to extend your Canada student visa. However, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria and apply for an extension before your current visa expires. It is important to familiarize yourself with the extension process and ensure you apply on time.
  1. Can I bring my family with me to Canada on a student visa?
In some cases, you may be able to bring your family members with you to Canada on a student visa. However, there are specific requirements and conditions that need to be met. It is advisable to consult the Canadian immigration authorities or seek professional advice to understand the eligibility criteria and application process for bringing your family members.
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