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the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that once contained people but is now abandoned and quiet

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A place to discuss the goings-on of the city of Swansea, Wales.

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Hello all! This subreddit is solely for the purpose of getting your new podcast out into the Reddit community easier than with a weekly thread. All I ask is you mark NSFW podcasts as such and follow guidelines in the pinned post. Have a great day/evening wherever you are! Have fun!

2023.05.30 20:41 Deviledapple Employers reimbursing for Uber rides?

This is really just a curiosity post because as a driver it really has been getting me wondering. Now I know some employers reimburse or partially repay or something for Uber rides. But I've noticed very specifically I keep getting Uber green rides, this is a noticeable phenomenon in my market because this is Southwest Florida it's super right wing and most of the people I pick up are absolutely positively not purposely ordering an Uber green to be environmentally conscious. Plus it's generally impractical because these rides pay a little bit more it's worth my time to take them even though they end up being a long drive to pick the passenger up before I even take them where they're going like it's frequently offers where it's 12 minutes to pick them up and 15 minutes to take them where they're going, so both longer for them and no longer environmentally conscious. But what I have noticed is they are almost always Publix and target employees. So I guess this is just a long winded post wondering if Publix and Target specifically incentivize employees to take uber green.
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2023.05.30 20:41 Beneficial_Purple630 Regret I guess

So for some context I have almost finished my 1st year of high school and I'm not really doing well mentally, but moreso for different reasons than what I am about to talk about. I need to type this out maybe because I just want closure or smthing I don't really know. Regardless I feel like I need to talk about this.
Last year (and around 3 or 4 years before) I was having trouble with some dumb kids in school. I didn't really think much of it when they started attacking me (verbally), but it escalated the closer to the final year we got. They were saying stuff about my anxiety and the fact I was always silent, because they knew about that, they purposefully tried to embarass me in front of everyone and they knew I wouldn't tell the teachers whatever they did. One of the worst times they did this stuff was during art class, because they could throw stuff at me and just make me mad.
One time when the teacher left the class room and they were at it again I just fucking snapped. I turned around and pushed one of the guys chairs so he fell back. I also screamed the worst goddamn insults I could think of. I did receive a couple punches from the bullies ofc but i didnt gaf. In the middle of the whole class room. I made a scene basically although the teacher wasn't there ofc.
And all I can say is I felt good after that. The regret doesn't lie where you might think it does. All i regret is not delivering more punches. I wish I could get another chance. To just fucking smash their faces to a fucking pulp until they have their faces in a pool of blood. And yk it's not even just that I mean these kids are super racist, homophobic and they literally say anti Semitic things between each other so EVERYONE can hear. They are LITERAL nazis. So yeah that's it. Idk what I'm expecting from this post really. Comfort? Just reassurance that I'm not bad bcs of this? I just don't know, but thanks if you made it to here.
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2023.05.30 20:41 LadyWarrior73 Diagnosis To Denial To Answers To Acceptance: My Journey

TLDR: It's been a VERY long journey for me to FINALLY accept that this is just where I'm at: living with fibromyalgia. In one day this forum has given me answers that I've searched YEARS for! THANK YOU ALL!
Ok, so where do I even begin? For anyone who is interested in the journey itself, you may want to settle in, because it's been a VERY LONG journey!
I have had medical problems for much of my life. I was born with medical issues, and by the time I was 18 months old I had gone through multiple surgeries.
When I was 7, I had to have my tonsils removed. I had always been skinny up until this point. After this surgery I would never be considered skinny again.
I started my period when I was 9, and had painful complications from the very beginning that lasted until I was 39- that story will come in just a moment.
In middle school, I jumped over the benches in the locker room and dislocated BOTH of my kneecaps.
In high school, I had a viral infection in my chest cavity and I almost died.
In my 20's I really started struggling with my weight gain, for no apparent reason. Nothing had changed, with the exception of changing my birth control pills. I had kidney stones twice- one time I passed it, the second time I had to have surgery. I also started developing skin rashes that were almost unbearable. I went to numerous dermatologists, who prescribed numerous medications. Nothing subsided it. Then it went away. For a while.
In my early 30's I had to have surgery for endometriosis. Then we went through several years of fertility treatments of various kinds, because we were not able to conceive. (One skinny little man doctor told me I just needed to lose weight and then I would conceive. My husband was FURIOUS! He ate twice the amount I ate- overeating was NOT the problem! Needless to say, I never went back to that doctor again!) Then when I did conceive, I was not able to carry the baby past a few weeks because my progesterone level was so low. I would also have multiple bouts of the rash that was nearly unbearable to tolerate. There were times I could not even wear a bra, it was so uncomfortable.
Eventually, we ended up adopting our 5 kids from the foster care system.
In my mid 30's I had to have surgery for a deviated septum. And surgery for an esophageal ring. I was still having massive issues with my periods and the rash had come back with full force, breaking out from the top of my breast all the way down to my knees. I scratched so much I left scars, and even ruined our mattress and sheets from scratching in the middle of the night. I had a biopsy on my breast to see if the rash was cancer. It was not.
A VERY long story short- a new dermatologist was perplexed after multiple visits, and at one point went searching into big black tome of a medical history book. She FINALLY diagnosed me with Auto-Immune Progesterone Dermatitis. I had never heard of it. At the time, there were only 50 cases in the world documented in the big black home of a medical history book. (I have since found out that while it is not common, it's not as rare as only 50 documented cases.
Within two days of my diagnosis, one of my best friends watched one of the mystery medical shows and heard about Auto-Immune Progesterone Dermatitis. The lady on the show almost died from it.
Eventually, I would finally be approved for a complete hysterectomy, AND at the exact same time, the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. I had the surgery the day before my 39th birthday. It was the BEST birthday present I could have ever received! It did not solve all of my problems, but at least I would not have painful periods anymore!
In either 2011 or 2012, I wad diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was put out with the diagnosis. I knew several people who had been given this diagnosis, and they never received any real answers. Some of their doctors treated them like they were crazy, while other doctors just threw medication at them. So I was determined I would not accept the diagnosis. I knew I had real pain, but no one could give me a source or cause of the pain. I needed to know what caused the pain, and I most certainly didn't want to just pop pills to cover the pain.
Over the years I've tried to treat my pain as naturally as possible, including with CBD oil, which did help, and vitamins and minerals. The only thing I can honestly say TRULY helps in this regard is Magnesium. I take much larger quantities than are a normal dose.
Fast forward to December of last year (2022). I got sick. And I just could not get over it. Then in January of this year I found a lump in my breast. There is family history of breast cancer, so I got to the doctor as quick as possible. Thankfully, it did not show anything, but that just led to more questions. So my GP referred me to a rheumatologist, who then referred me to a: physical therapist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, and neurologist. Since January I have practically lived in doctor's offices!
At my last rheumatology appointment, she told me we had to address the topic I keep avoiding and dismissing. Fibromyalgia. I have been living with so much pain, not sleeping well, and just generally not well. I am a fighter (hence, my name- LadyWarrior), and I don't just lay over and let things happen to me. I told her I just wasn't ready to go down that road, because I know all that can be done is poking medicine at the problem, and I want actual answers. She told me that eventually we would have to have the tough conversation.
When I went back for all of my test results from the neurologist, I found out that I have neuropathy, carpal tunnel, and issues with my C6 and C8 vertebrae. It doesn't warrant surgery, thankfully, and can be treated with medication. This is great- with the exception that they are mood stabilizers that are also used for nerve pain. I'm sure most everyone here is familiar with Cymbalta and Gabapentin.
I do still have pain, but at least I am sleeping well and actually resting. The BIG problem is I also have WILD and VERY VIVID dreams! So many of the dreams are concerning my past, past relationships, and are just very troubling. I have toyed with wanting to tell my doctor I want to get off of the medications. I have a rheumatology appointment next week, and I really think I want to explore pain management, which she said would be possible whenever I am ready.
Then I found this forum yesterday.
I read several posts regarding trauma being a possible cause/root of fibromyalgia. And everything started making more sense! I have never heard of this connection and correlation, but I have experienced quite a bit of trauma in my life. I was sexually assaulted at 14. I married the first time very young (19), and neither one of us were mature or ready to be married. We were married 8 and a half years and then he killed himself in front of me. Trauma does not even begin to describe what I experienced. Infertility was traumatic. I married a man that is beyond my wildest dreams- a true lover of my heart, soul, mind, and body. Every curve life has thrown at us, he is with me a million percent! Adoption was traumatic. Parenting kids from the foster care system was traumatic. Our middle son caused us tremendous problems, even to the point of filing false child abuse charges against us multiple times. We went through 7 CPS investigations with him! Thankfully, not only has our marriage survived parenting adopted kids, we have thrived and grown stronger together, because we are truly committed to this life together, no matter how traumatic it is.
But I'm a warrior. I just keep on fighting, no matter what life throws at me. And now, my body is shutting down. I can no longer push through the pain like I have been able to all of these years. And with the medication I actually sleep during the day, as well as at night. I don't like that aspect of it, but at least I am resting. But, I am still in pain.
So that is the long and short of my journey up til now. When I told my husband that there seems to be a connection between trauma and fibromyalgia, he took a long, deep breath, and started processing it with me. It all makes sense now! We knew the pain was real! We just wanted answers!
Thank you, to each of you who are here! Thank you for being vulnerable and open!
I pray each one of you find the peace of mind, heart, soul, and body that you need to be whole again! May the Lord bless each and every one of you! I have found my tribe!
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2023.05.30 20:41 Strict-Amphibian-638 Bought the Most Hated RED, What do you Think of its First Shots?
Hi, I’m a sophomore film student at a large university who finally ditched the DSLR for a cinema camera.
I previously used my 1DX Mark ii for dozens, if not hundreds of shoots for years. And before that I’ve always had a camera in my hand since age 9. I know I’m very young to be owning a cinema camera, and I told myself I wasn’t going to get rid of my 1DX until absolutely necessary.
I started getting on bigger crewed short films as the DP and cinematographer and was using the Canon as my workhorse. I’ve had multiple of these shoots and it seemed to have reached the point where the camera I was using was keeping me from reaching my potential. The 1DX is one of the greatest cameras ever made and set the standard for 4K photo body cameras of today, but it isn’t perfect. The dynamic range is poor and in the end it’s a fantastic photo camera that’s also great for video.
While still being a sophomore in college, funds are obviously tight, and a new camera isn’t cheap. I knew I wanted something that shot at least 4k and could shoot raw (I started diving into the world of color grading). I had my heart set on a C200 but ended up holding off. I started joking around and looking at older used REDs as a joke, and found out they were actually pretty affordable. Yes they are out of service, and they’re not the peak of engineering, but these are full fledged cinema cameras that shot Hollywood movies, and you can own your own now.
After much deciding, I went with probably the least liked RED of all, the Raven. It shoots 4.6k raw (yes 4.6 not 4.5, not sure why red calls it the 4.5, the resolution is 4608x2160) at 120FPS which is mind boggling to me coming from my 120 fps at 1080 on the 1DX. It’s also very compact and has the beautiful color science of all RED cameras. The downside is the smaller sensor size. It seems RED intended the Raven to be used on drones and gimbals and in order to have a smaller body, it seemed they decided to go with a smaller sensor. This sensor is smaller than your average S35 but larger than a M 4/3 sensor. This concerned me when buying the camera, and almost swayed me not to buy it. However, after reading and researching the camera, I decided it was the right one for me.
Coincidentally, a man down the road was selling his entire Raven kit for $3,300, and I ordered him $3,000 cash today, which he accepted. I got a fully kitted, functional 4.6k Cinema camera for $3,000. Of course I had to add my own L lenses, my rails, and other accessories, but after that I was in business.
The flexibility of the footage in post isn’t even comparable to the Canon. It completely blows Canon out of the water, as it should. People who compare their DSLRs or even worse, their phones to cinema level cameras are sadly mistaken. There’s a reason Guardians of the Galaxy was shot on RED and not iPhone. The dynamic range and organic color science that comes from these beautiful machines takes the crown by miles compared to our phones. Don’t get me wrong, I have a brand new iPhone and the camera is great, but nothing even close to the RED.
I’m excited to be able to more easily partner up with this camera on my sets for film school, as well as be the only crew shooting with a real cinema camera, most are using the BMPCC 4k, another great camera. And now we’ve reached the present. I’m using my camera everyday, getting better and more comfortable with it each time I go out. This is the short montage I threw together of my trip down the street to Alki Beach, Seattle.
Let me know what you think of what I’ve said, and the video. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 20:41 alex_x47 Not finding satisfaction with upper jaw symmetry.

Not finding satisfaction with upper jaw symmetry.
Hello all, im currently 6 weeks post op and i’ve had a concern since day 1 post op that I hoped would eventually be fixed due to all the swelling I had but after today getting the confirmation from my orthodontist i’m a bit frustrated and unsatisfied. Before doing operation I consulted with my surgeon on my case and it was very obvious that my lower jaw needed operation due to one side being longer and giving me a cross bite. Im not exactly sure on measurements but I believe it was about 5mm. When we discussed my upper jaw he explained to me I had a very small asymmetry to my nose which again I don’t remember exact measurements but I believe was about 1mm or less. I was told it was not necessary but if I did want close to perfection for aesthetics that we can do the upper jaw as well. Ofcourse to achieve a perfect smile and bite I agreed to doing a DJS. Like I mentioned before, freshly out of post op I noticed that the top was not very symmetrical but I hoped it to just be due to major swelling and held on to that hope till about today after finally consulting my orthodontist. He confirmed that it was not gonna move anymore. So my next move is to discuss with my surgeon next visit about this because I feel like realistically the reason I agreed to pay more and do both jaws was to achieve a close to perfect symmetry. Another thing that is frustrating me a bit is that taking a look at an x-ray right before my surgery and an x-ray I just took today 6 weeks post op. It almost seems to me as if I had much more symmetry before the surgery on my upper jaw than I do now(I am judging by looking at the middle line between my 2 front teeth and my nose). So it’s almost like he kinda worsen what was already not so bad. I was hoping on some opinions from others to see what others think. I also would want to hear some suggestions on what I could do about this if there even is anything I could do about this. I appreciate any responses, thanks!
I’ve attached 3 x-rays. First being 2 years ago pre-braces, 2 weeks pre-op and the last is what I took today 6 weeks post-op.
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2023.05.30 20:40 IllustriousDot1234 Fence dispute with neighbour's landlady

I apologise for this lengthy and frustrated post, but I'm reaching my limit with this situation and feeling quite depressed and stressed. I hope someone can offer some guidance.
Our house is connected to a neighbour's house, and we share a fence. We have taken care of the left-hand side, replacing and maintaining that fence ourselves. However, the right-hand side belongs to the neighbour (although there is no official ownership according to the land registry documents). They previously installed that side, including the posts, but it wasn't done properly. It seems to have been a DIY job by the landlady's husband. Additionally, that fence encroaches about 6 inches onto our property.
A couple of years ago, the panels on their side started breaking due to the poorly installed posts and strong winds. I informed the landlady about this through WhatsApp and even helped with repairs, keeping her updated on the progress. I tried my best to be a good neighbour, ensuring she didn't have to come to the property herself and disturb her tenant (who we had a good relationship with - she has since moved). I took the fence panel replacements through my house and installed them for her the best I could.
Unfortunately, the panels and posts continued to deteriorate to the point where the entire fence now needs a replacement. I repeatedly asked them when they would repair the fence, as it left us without privacy (with missing panels). Furthermore, their poorly constructed shed, spanning the full width of their property, collapsed, creating a hazardous pile of exposed wood and nails. The lack of fence panels at the same end makes this mess easily accessible from our garden, which is problematic when children are playing. Moreover, the state of the fence prevents us from working on our garden on that side.
The whole situation has been incredibly stressful, and I reached a point where I simply left it unresolved for about a year due to the stress. The landlady showed no intention of taking responsibility and even blocked me on WhatsApp to avoid the issue. She left us in a state of uncertainty. She visited the property once, and when I confronted her, she brushed it off, mentioning the need to find contractors and that it would be taken care of eventually, without committing to any specific timeline. Of course, she arrived in a nice black SUV and is away often in Barbados.
When we got our side of the fence done, I even offered to handle everything, including finding and dealing with contractors and allowing them to access the property through our house so as not to inconvenience her tenant. However, she never accepted my offer and instead shutdown all communication with me.
The previous tenant also mentioned that the landlady would ignore requests to fix things inside the property. The new tenant has a dog, which makes it even more important to address the issue, along with our desire for privacy since we don't know the new tenant well.
The previous tenant was a single mother on a low income, so had no choice but to continue to live there until she was able to move out. The landlady, however, had no concern for this or her well being. Classic horrible landlady.
Today, I sent an SMS to the landlady to restart the conversation, but I don't have high expectations.
A couple of years ago, I contacted the council about this matter, but they couldn't assist, despite me emphasising the safety concerns.
I sincerely hope that someone can provide advice on what steps I can take now. I am willing to reach out to the council again, as they are already aware of the landlady due to complaints from the previous tenant and myself on separate matters. The landlady seemed to panic when the previous tenant lodged complaints, which makes me suspect that she may not be declaring her rental income to the tax office, given her reluctance to spend money!
My thoughts are to write a letter giving her a final chance to get this sorted, which I'd give to her new tenant to hand over. Failing that, I will have to get harsher, but I'm not sure how.
Thank you for any advice in advance.
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2023.05.30 20:40 Mother_Cake1683 Customers lying

Customers lying
I’m not completely new to delivering, but need a little advice on avoiding customers who falsely accuse drivers of fraud.
In this message, Uber said there were reports of me picking up orders but not delivering. I honestly think this was from a day ago when a stacked Walmart order customer thought her order was the only order so she saw me driving around seemingly away from her house but I got there after and her husband received it.
But still there was a couple times where people reported missing orders. Uber takes the customer word over driver even when we take pics.
Originally I stopped taking orders less than $8 and it’s worked well. People willing to pay more in tips are less likely to falsely report. I was thinking of upping my limit to at least $10 ish cause I just can’t afford to lose this account.
(Sorry for the long post)
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2023.05.30 20:40 unknown_bully Got my soul broken after 4 years of relationship

Spoiler: long post Note: English isn't my first language so pardon any mistakes. Hi, I (M23) got broken up by my gf (F23) after a relationship of 4 years. I met her in the start of my college(2019). She was just the most beautiful girl out there. She was pretty, adorable, and just matched every requirement I had for me to fall in love. I didn't use to think i was a very good looking guy, but i was popular in college. Well respected, feared to some extent, funny, humorous, charismatic ( i think so). I was a sharp student, couldn't say the sharpest, but i was pretty extraordinary in the courses that were important in our major. I won't go into the details of how we fell in love, but 7-8 months of getting to know each other, and then we said I love you. We were really compatible, she had a bad past, and i was a good listener and i helped her heal. I focused on my career, am financial independent because i wanted something in hand before i married her. She had her parents involved, and so did i. Both of our families clicked. I am from a culture where our parents foresee our marriages.
We were supposed to be engaged in 2 weeks. Our relationship did have it's highs and lows. But the past 1 year, she turned into a totally different person. Fights, dramas, toxic behaviours. She is the kind of a person who would bend backwards to please people, but didn't bother about me, or how i felt about it. She became defensive to the extreme. Always had an answer about everything. It was never her fault in anything. She would remember stuff of 4 years ago, but somehow forget what she said 4 days ago. She even went ahead and told her friends how bad of a person i am, told her mother about my bad qualities, idk god knows what. Do keep in mind, i have never stripped her of her respect, never have i ever shared about us to anyone.
Well, 3 days ago, she told her parents every bad quality there is in me ( bear this in mind, she excluded every good quality of mine, and also everything from her side that led to me having anger issues). And she said she doesn't want to move ahead. I also told my parents just the tip of the iceberg that we are facing problems, and she says no. They asked me if I wanted to go ahead with this if they would reconsider, and I said yes, because i still loved her.
Well, they prepared for war. My parents went to their home, and they threw allegations on me, threw stuff on me and added spices to it as well. They thought i must have told my parents everything so why the hell not. Let's strip him of his dignity. ( i was not present there. My biggest mistake)
Well my parents stayed quite and respectfully countered each and everything but still somehow managed to ask them to reconsider and funny enough they said yes. Parents came home to inform me of all that happened. I was angry, fuming. But didnt say anything to her. I went the next day to her home, brought her flowers, chocolates and a cake. No escalation happened.
Came home, there was a complete silence between us. A couple of days pass, and her father calls and says, i dont find it manageable, so lets not proceed with this.
4 fucking years of me trying keep this going on. 4 years of agony, putting her above myself everywhere. I come to think about it, being a respected person in college, having made real friends; i left everyone to focus on her and my career. Now I have no one. I have no one to talk to. I have no one to tell my story. I have no one. I had just her. I had just her. 4 years, and we had a couple of breakups, but after every breakup, i would just say no, we arent breaking up, because i wont let you go. I changed so much for her. I changed so much for her just to have every bit in me broken up to pieces. 2 weeks before making it official. What do i do? I am numb for the past couple of days, havent/couldn't cry. I keep my day as usual. I don't show my feelings to anyone. I don't have feelings. It is just emptiness. What the fuck do i do? How do i use this to become better? How do i find some real friends? I have no one. Will i ever get out of this?
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2023.05.30 20:40 mmcksmith "I wouldn't trust them with a dead cat"

I've commented this a few times, so figured I'd just do a post I could link.
Sometimes you're dealing with someone and they're being completely and utterly unreasonable. If it's a stranger, you can probably walk away. If it's a co-worker, "polite and civil" may work. If you're really unlucky, it's a relative or in-law.
So, you're stuck with someone you must deal with, who you don't want to, likely offering you advice that you neither want nor need and that might even be dangerous (like letting kids run loose in a stationwagon bed at 110kph? My kids survived fine!). Now you have to evaluate the advice and decide how to refute it, or if you should accept it.
Ask yourself, would you trust that person with a dead cat? If the answer is no, then why would you consider taking advice from them? Say "that's nice" and move away, change the topic, etc.
Now, if you REALLY want to make an impression, you can stare at them (that deadpan "what 3 kinds of stupid are you?" stare) and then ask "now... if I wouldn't trust you with a dead cat, why would I trust your advice?" You can add additional spice to the statement as you see fit, like "I'm not sure which 3 kinds of stupid that is?", "are you really that dim?" and others that might tickle your fancy.
Even if you really can't say it, either because it will just create too much trouble* or because you just aren't that kind of person**, you can fantasize about doing so, and that little smile when you say "that's nice" and move on will confuse them.

*At this point, are you sure that embarrassing them to get them to leave you alone and be afraid to ask you dumb shit isn't a better option?
**Free yourself! You know you wanna! ;)
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2023.05.30 20:39 wedergarten r/FlairAirlines Revival

Good morning/afternoon,
I would like to introduce myself as Wedergarten, a newly appointed moderator seeking to bring a little life to this subreddit. I am here to ensure that posts related to Flair Airlines remain relevant and permissible, even if they contain critical comments about the airline. At the conclusion of each year, we will compile a comprehensive collection of the advantages and disadvantages of Flair, based on the posts throughout the year. This compilation will be directly forwarded to the airline, ensuring that the voices expressed here reach the appropriate recipients.
Although I have only flown with Flair Airlines on three occasions, my overall impression of the airline is quite positive. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that not everything goes according to plan, particularly when it comes to Flair. I firmly believe that Flair possesses substantial potential in the market. Nevertheless, certain areas, particularly customer support and the overall experience outside of their aircrafts, require attention and improvement. Through this open subreddit, we hope to help the airline improve based on customer feedback and constructive diologue.
I encourage you to enjoy and engage with the subreddit, as we embark on our journeys through the skies together.
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2023.05.30 20:39 anonymous_woman23 [F4A] Welcome to Jurassic World

{Disclaimers: (1) I am 18+ and all characters and participants must also be 18+! (2) Please approach me out-of-character. I'd like to be able to discuss aspects of our RP before we start playing. If you approach me with an in-character RP post without even saying 'hello' first, I will not respond.} - Discord? Hazel#5527 - Kik? hazel_tf - Reddit? My DMs are open! Is anyone interested in doing a Jurassic World (alternate universe) RP? Both dinos and humans are of interest. OCs and canons are both welcome! My idea is inspired by a scrapped concept that was one of the ideas that they had for the story of Jurassic World before it went into production: the creation of human-dinosaur hybrids. My character would be a human-raptor hybrid (homoraptor). Her details will be shared over messages. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 20:38 Unicorn_Kitty- My heroin, addict, abusive, ex die, the money he left, did not go to our daughter, it turns out it was left entirely in my name. His family & new fiancé are extremely upset.

A few weeks ago, I got the news that my ex had died unexpectedly.
This man was seriously abusive to be, and horrible to my daughter. We’ve been separated for 3 years. He was a heroin addict. During our relationship he physically abuse me, mentally abuse me, endangered our daughter many times to support his drug addiction.
I consistently support him and his recovery, and even after we separated, I was supportive of him, and his new girlfriend, and their recovery together.
I made a post about this right after his death, his union hall reached out to me, saying that we would receive the benefits from his pension and life insurance policy.
It’s complicated situation, because there was a lot of trouble with his family and his new girlfriend, they have been horrible!
Just vicious to me and my daughter. My daughter has special needs, I went into debt, despite working in healthcare through the pandemic , paying for her medical necessity MYSELF.
He has not seen her or paid any child support in about a year, and before that he was inconsistently in and out of her life. Even when he was out of prison, and out of rehab, he would cancel or reschedule visitations about 40% of the time.
Anyhow, after his services, the union hall reached out to me again to clarify. I guess he had named me as beneficiary, not my daughter.
His family, and his new fiancé, have been fighting it with the Hall. I guess they were legally trying to contest it, I wasn’t even aware, but as it stands, he named me as beneficiary and his pension and life insurance benefits will be going straight to me.
I was really feeling guilty about accepting the money when I thought it was for my daughter, mostly because I felt it was just bad juju to benefit so financially from the death of somebody who hurts so much, and who we were in such bad terms with.
Now that i know the benefits are going directly to me, it’s even more complicated.
I feel more guilt, it’s just a complicated situation I’m trying to process it. Its hard because most of the people in my life live me, and are really nasty about him and his family, all they can see is everything that he did to me, they feel like I deserve the money, and I shouldn’t feel guilty at all.
The new fiancé is out there telling everybody that I’m the bad guy. She hates me, despite the fact that I literally supported both of them, gave them a car when they didn’t have one to pick her up for visitations.
I allowed them to cancel visitations, never enforced the child support schedule when they were low on funds or late on payment. I literally took care of our special needs child alone, week after week, night after night, while she couldn’t sleep, and was in and out of the hospital with various infections, and he was spending 2 to 5 nights a week at the bar she worked at getting drunk and pouring money into her tip jar will not paying anything for his daughter.
Meanwhile they claim that I’m a terrible mother who use my daughter has upon and was still in love with my ass, I don’t know, it’s what they say.
So now I’m sad to game financially, I’m going to receive all this money, and while I understand, it’s a wonderful situation for us, I kind of hate that it’s at the expense of him, and her.
As horrible as they are, I always thought it was gross how much they seem to find pleasure in my suffering, and I don’t want to do the reverse.
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2023.05.30 20:38 captaindancypants1 No motivation in graduate school

This post is mainly to vent, but if anyone has advice, I’m open to it.
I am in the first year of a PhD program, and I’m really struggling. I was diagnosed with ADHD-combined-type at 22 and started taking adderall at 23 (October last year).
For the past six years I’ve been working toward getting into a program like this and now I’m just exhausted. It’s a topic I love, but the workload and create-it-yourself schedule feel so burdensome. On top of it, my physical health has been poor this year.
Family and friends keep congratulating me on “finishing my first year,” and “doing what I love,” but I don’t know how to tell them that I’m exhausted- that I’ve taken an incomplete for both of my courses and have no motivation to keep working toward my goals. I feel stuck and constantly unhappy, and I feel like I’m masking so much that I’m lying to everyone.
It’s too late to request a year off, but finishing my outstanding work seems like an impossible task. I’ve worked with an ADHD coach and a therapist to try and create a more manageable timeline, but I end up dropping the ball for one reason or another each time I start to make headway.
I’ve worked with the accommodations office and my professors to receive some additional support, but it doesn’t seem to be enough..Which makes me feel guilty because they’re going out of their way to support me.
I struggle with task initiation, but I used to be motivated by urgency and my passion for the work. Now deadlines are just dates, and the only thing helping me to stay focused once I get started is external reinforcement (programs like Focusmate where I schedule body-doubling). Even that is starting to fail me as I find myself doing other important but not school-related tasks during my sessions. I have no internal drive and seemingly no self-control, and I’m so frustrated. This field is something I care about, and I can’t bring myself to do the work!
I haven’t failed yet, but I feel like a failure. I have people to support me, and each day I don’t get work done I feel like I’m letting them down. I feel like I’m letting myself down because I’ve worked so hard to get here and now I’m just tired. I’m burn out and exhausted and want to quit, but I know I’ll feel even worse if I do. I don’t quite know what I need at the moment, but I wanted to share the way I’ve been feeling. I have no motivation in graduate school.
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2023.05.30 20:37 chachahahalala Becoming a therapist as a non traditional student?

Hi everyone,
I’m 25M and I’ve done a ton of career exploring and found that therapy would be interesting to me, I just never considered it in college because I didn’t know that it could be an amazing career that is very rewarding.
I majored in Management Information Systems so I don’t have a traditional social worke psych related degree but I was able to find some programs online that seem to take non trads.
And before everyone says to just use my IT degree, I can tell you that the opportunity isn’t there. It’s beyond hard to break into the industry and I had zero interest in it to begin with. I was just already knee deep in my courses that I had to finish and haven’t had luck finding a job above $40-50k here in California. Plus all the lay offs happening are making hard for even accountants to find a job. A lot of the entry level therapist related jobs that require a Masters degree seem to start around the $70-100k range plus some certs which is more than what a lot of entry level business majors make, plus having the ability to start your own practice is attractive to me which can’t be done working in corporate since most of those jobs are company reliant and don’t really allow you to break off to start a business with the skill you were hired for.
Before I begin further researching and embarking on this journey, I wanted to ask, will it be worth it? I’d plan on eventually opening my own practice and hopefully growing it to a corp type practice where I can hopefully help therapists with the pay issue that I’ve seen in previous posts, because you all deserve more and don’t deserve to be run over by these greedy owners.
If it’s worth it, then does it matter where I go to school? I was looking at some online Masters programs but so many come up like USC’s Masters for example but I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to go to an elite school or if it’s fine going to a cheaper school.
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2023.05.30 20:37 r3d3ndymion [TotK] I am once again extremely saddened by the exclusion of a particular equine friend

Yes, this is just a post of complaints, so if that upsets you, remember you aren't forced to read it. This has been a complaint of mine ever since the game dropped and It came to my knowledge that Epona was once again not in the newest game, outside of amiibo function. I mean how hard is it to make a descendent or reincarnation of Epona appear near some stable and have a side quest linked to it? So many of the DLC and Amiibo armor sets were put into the base game so why not add Epona? Hell, they even took Wolf Link away...Stable owners even recognize Epona and force you to name her as such, so why not have a side quest/side adventure along with it. I haven't really posted about it before now but it's been bothering me and scratching at the back of my neck for a while now
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2023.05.30 20:37 SlendrBear [TotK] Locating where some Memories take palce

Last night (est) I analyzed a few memories to figure out where they took place. My main goal with this was to see the geographical changes (if any) and if there were any ruins to be found. There are also these two shots which very clearly takes place in front of what will become the Shrine of Resurrection so I didn't feel the need to highlight it.
I had first done this in my timeline theory to compare the two Temple of Times.
I've discovered a good bit from doing this.

We tried hard to locate where Memory 11 The Demon King's Army takes place but it's hard to tell. It definitely looks like it could be near Death Mountain. Someone had suggested Breach of Demise but it just does not match up at all.
Overall the most important takeaways from this in my opinion are the lack of anything. There are little to no structures, and we can see Hyrule Field is more like Hyrule Forest. So many things are different geographically. This isn't a post about theories, but my two cents is that this all lends more evidence towards the memories taking place prior to MC/FS/OoT and post SS. Exactly at the founding of the kingdom like the game says it is.
Regardless of my theory, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the changes and if anyone notices anything else! The Zelda team clearly has made another Hyrule on top of TotK's that they only used in the memories. I'd love to explore it in DLC but that's hopeful thinking.
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2023.05.30 20:36 Soulegion The City of Doors [West March] [5e] [Discord + Roll20] [CST] [Campaign] [LGBTQ+ Friendly]

While there are plenty of natives in Rift world, many find themselves pulled there; an unstable material plane in which portals to other worlds often open. In the heart of the city of Teebeedee, sits a stable portal to Sigil, the city of doors. Are you a native of this world? If not, can you find your way back home? Or would you rather just explore strange new worlds? Or do you want to make a name for yourself in one of the guilds?
The City of Doors is a West March style, D&D 5e game. We play through discord and roll20. This will be our second season in this setting. Season one took place 200 years in the past, so while there may be references or homages, this game will be its own self contained storyline that doesn't require any knowledge of the previous season.
The world is completely homebrewed. While we use the name Sigil and The City of Doors from D&D lore, many of the specifics of what you'll find there will be original creations.
We have a number of DMs that are able to run games throughout the week and weekend. While some game sessions will be preplanned for plot purposes, we intend to focus more on a true, player driven, West March style of play. You, the players will decide what you want to do, and where.
If this sounds like fun to you, you're 21 or older and you'd like to join us as a player, or even eventually a DM, feel free to send me a message or reply to this post. I'll send you the discord link
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2023.05.30 20:36 Mission-Bandicoot320 Self Help

Things I do as a 9
I don’t even “realise” I do these things until I read other posts discusses 9’s and I then I’m like “oh wait, that’s me.”
honestly being self reflective is embarrassing. It’s like, why am I like this?
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2023.05.30 20:36 horsebycommittee Federal Loan Pause Ending / Debt Ceiling Negotiation Megathread

We've had quite a few posts here in the past week on this topic, mostly linking to clickbait or fearmongering without explaining what's actually going on. I will attempt to do that here.
BLUF: Nothing is really changing. Whatever your opinion of House GOP members, they're not looking to make any significant changes to the loan pause right now.

What is the loan pause?

In March 2020, as Covid-19 prevention and relief measures were being implemented, the Trump Administration announced that all student loans held by the government (which were: all Direct Loans, about 10% of the FFEL loans that existed at the time, and most Perkins loans that had defaulted) would temporarily have their interest rates set to 0% and no payments would be required. Even though no payments are required, this time still counts as progress toward the income-driven repayment forgiveness programs and (if the borrower has eligible public service employment) toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This program is known as the "loan pause" or "pandemic forbearance" and Congress followed suit a week later by enacting identical relief in the CARES Act. More details are here.

When does the loan pause end?

The original pause was scheduled to end after just a few months, but the Trump and Biden Administrations have extended it several times. The most recent extension is set to end 60 days after the Supreme Court resolves the challenges to the Biden Administration's debt relief plan, which will forgive up to $20K of federal student loan debt for most borrowers. (We have a separate series of megathreads tracking that litigation.) If the Court doesn't resolve the challenges by June 30, 2023, then the pause will end 60 days later on August 29, 2023.

What is the debt ceiling?

Many years ago, Congress enacted a limit on how much debt the federal government could have at any one time. Subsequent Congresses have generally continued to appropriate more money for federal programs than is covered by revenues (mostly taxes) and the difference is made up by new borrowing. Congress has, many times, increased or temporarily suspended the debt limit to account for this increase in borrowing so that the government has always been able to pay its bills, either from revenue or with borrowed money. (Is this a good or bad thing? Consult a macroeconomist in your area.) But, because exceeding the debt ceiling would probably have significant negative impacts on the US government and economy, some members of Congress have sought to use the debt ceiling as a negotiating chit -- refusing to enact legislation raising the limit unless they get concessions in other areas they care about. This is one of those times -- the GOP-led House has refused to rise the debt ceiling unless the Democratic-led Senate and President Biden agree to other policy items.

How does this impact the loan pause?

Barely, if at all. One of the items that House GOP leaders have put into their list of negotiating demands (styled the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 (pdf) is Section 271, requiring that the student loan pause end "Sixty days after June 30, 2023" and prohibiting further extensions. But this is already the date the pause was set to end (actually it's later than the pause would originally end, if the Supreme Court issues its decisions sooner than June 30) and the Biden Administration has indicated for several months that another extension wasn't likely to happen anyway.
It's unlikely that this section of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, if it becomes law, will change anything for borrowers. And if it does, it will be to extend the loan pause by a few extra days, to August 29. Nothing in the draft legislation seeks to claw back benefits that borrowers have already gained -- there is nothing about retroactively adding interest, undoing progress toward PSLF and IDR forgiveness, or modifying the IDR plans. The debt relief plan is not mentioned either -- the House is leaving that for the President and Supreme Court to handle, at the moment.

When the pause ends, when will I have to actually pay?

Most experts I see are saying that bills will be generated once the pause ends and then payment will be due 3-4 weeks after the bill-send date. So that means you'll likely need to begin paying in late September or early October.

Do I have to recertify my income-driven repayment plan amount?

Not yet. Unless you recertified your income, consolidated your loans, or changed to a different repayment plan during the loan pause, then when the pause ends, you'll be put back on the repayment plan you had been on with the same minimum payment you had on March 13, 2020. Your next income recertification will then be due no sooner than six months after the pause ends, which would be early 2024.

I've been saving up for a lump-sum payment, when should I make it?

Loan will be zero-interest until the pause ends, which will be sometime between July 25 and August 29. (We'll know 60 days in advance what the exact date will be and we'll also know whether the debt relief plan is happening or not, so this ambiguity is not important right now.) Even though payments won't be due immediately, interest will resume when the pause ends. To maximize the benefit of your lump sum payment, send it 3-5 business days before the pause ends. (Though keep in mind that if you're pursuing PSLF or IDR forgiveness, then making a lump sum payment is probably not a good idea in the first place.)

Could the loan pause return in the event of a future emergency?

Yes. Section 271 of the current draft of the Fiscal Responsibility Act prohibits any further "extensions" of the current pause, but does not say anything about the Executive Branch's power to issue similar relief in the future, should a new emergency warrant it.
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2023.05.30 20:36 Soulegion The City of Doors [LFM] [West March] [5e] [Discord + Roll20] [LGBTQ+ Friendly]

While there are plenty of natives in Rift world, many find themselves pulled there; an unstable material plane in which portals to other worlds often open. In the heart of the city of Teebeedee, sits a stable portal to Sigil, the city of doors. Are you a native of this world? If not, can you find your way back home? Or would you rather just explore strange new worlds? Or do you want to make a name for yourself in one of the guilds?
The City of Doors is a West March style, D&D 5e game. We play through discord and roll20. This will be our second season in this setting. Season one took place 200 years in the past, so while there may be references or homages, this game will be its own self contained storyline that doesn't require any knowledge of the previous season.
The world is completely homebrewed. While we use the name Sigil and The City of Doors from D&D lore, many of the specifics of what you'll find there will be original creations.
We have a number of DMs that are able to run games throughout the week and weekend. While some game sessions will be preplanned for plot purposes, we intend to focus more on a true, player driven, West March style of play. You, the players will decide what you want to do, and where.
If this sounds like fun to you, you're 21 or older and you'd like to join us as a player, or even eventually a DM, feel free to send me a message or reply to this post. I'll send you the discord link
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2023.05.30 20:35 cheeserered Just finished season 1

So I'm late to the party guys, I just finished watching season 1 after finishing mr in-between and looking for similar kind of shows and I must say I am really enjoying it, it's very and has great characters, love fuches even though he's a slimeball but he adds great comedy value.
I thought the scene in episode one was great and really showed you what the character of Barry is, up until the point were Barry meets the chechnyans he seemed like a bit of a goofball then he just takes 3 of them out, although one survives, in the car with amazing shooting and pinpoint accuracy.
If you haven't seen the Australian series,Mr in-between i highly recommend it, it's funny and dark it's brilliant.
P.S sorry for the long ass novel of a post.
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2023.05.30 20:35 theshitmoose Hospital bills, collections, settlement (AL)

Original Post for reference.
After receiving itemized lists of all her procedures, we tried negotiating down the costs of the procedures, a double charge, and being charged $209.00 on 10 different visits for pregnancy tests she told the ER staff wasn't necessary or they just tested anyway without her knowledge. So we tried explaining this to the supervisor of the billing department and they told us everything was valid and "standard procedures". Very detached, all business, no concept of reality. They are offering a settlement to close the accounts for $5,000 to be paid in full within 60 days. My friend pet sits for a private employer (my friend has SLE Lupus, not able to work a strenuous job) and makes roughly less than $8,000 in a year, less than $400/mo, so $5,000 in 2 months is insane and that doesn't include her cost of living and expenses. If she doesn't agree to the $5k settlement, the balance goes back up to ≈$14k and the collection agency will file (on behalf of the hospital) to have her entire state income tax intercepted until the balance is less than $25... which would take about 21 years and something tells us they probably won't want it to take that long.
So we're not really sure which route to take now. We know the $5,000 in 60 days would be impossible, the hospital justifies every action they've taken even though they told us we could "negotiate". My friend has filed for financial assistance through the same hospital in 2019, she called to check on its status and got the "we'll call back and let you know, but we never will" treatment. She's kinda afraid to file again and give them her employer's name because they might try to have her less than $400 a month wages garnished on top of who knows what else. Should we write a complaint to the Attn. General's office? FTC? CFPB??? We'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone has to share.
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