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2023.05.30 19:15 Guilty_Bit6413 transfer colleges?

ADVICE NEEDED this past year i completed my freshman year of college. i was absolutely miserable. i was commuting to college because the university i attend is only 30 minutes away and i am paying for college completely on my own since my family is not in the best place financially. the first three months i fell into a really bad depression. however, as time went by i learned to accept the fact that college just wasn’t going to be how i wanted it to be. i got myself out of this dark place by focusing on my grades and was able to maintain a 4.0 gpa the entire year. however, i applied to transfer to pitt this fall. i got accepted, and now i am faced with a tough decision. is transferring and getting the college experience i dreamed of worth going into debt? it’s only three more years, however i don’t want to spend them wishing for it to be over already. not sure what to do.
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2023.05.30 19:15 TheRealJewbilly Charging Solutions for Townhomes under an HOA without driveways or garages

Searched and found a few situations similar to mine, but still wanted to reach out and see if others have had success with their HOA's on this. I'll preface this with a little info that's probably necessary:

I wanted to do this the proper way for multiple reasons. Mostly because I don't want blow-back from the HOA, nor do I want to create an injury situation. But also because of the extremely low percentage of homes that fall into this issue, the HOA has not even remotely discussed how they are going to handle these things. So I sort of wanted to be the one that helped them create some "standard".
Here is the plan I submitted to them:
I would like to install the Tesla wall connector, or a 240v nema 14-50 outlet, in the highlighted area in this photo. From that wall, to the parking spot directly across is about 17'. Now, I know Tesla states the mobile charger outlet should be with-in 13' of the charge port, so this is cutting it close. but the overall length is 20', so I'm hoping this will make it just fine. The wall connector is like 24', so no worries here.
To make it safe for people to cross over the sidewalk, I was planning on making sure the cable lays in the expansion crack, highlighted in this photo. Then, I would use a heavy duty outdoor mat, to cover it up and make it safe to passover without tripping. Much like in this photo. I do not believe the expansion crack is as deep and wide as the one in that example, but I'm certain at least half of the cable would fit in there, greatly reducing the "bump".
I have submitted both my plans to the property management company and HOA. I'm fully expecting them to deny it, due to some ridiculous reason like lack of ADA and whatnot. Though we don't have a single handicapped space, nor handicapped ramp, to comply with ADA in the first place. So I think I can shoot that one down.
As for the parking spaces... they are not officially owned or assigned. So there is the risk of someone parking in the two spots in front of my house. That being said, it's pretty much a unspoken curtesy that no one parks in front of anyone else's house, and they do not allow guests to use those spots without prior approval from the owner of the house at that spots. We have enough "guest spots" and curb parking that this is not an issue. But also, since I don't believe I'll need to charge every day, I'm not too worried about this.
In closing, has anyone dealt with a similar situation to mine? If so, how did you overcome it? And, if anyone sees any flaw in my logic with these plans, let me know. I'm open to ideas/criticism regarding them.
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2023.05.30 19:15 ThrowRAHelpMe1039 My(19NB) partner(21NB) came out to me as aceflux and I don’t know how to feel

I know the title sounds bad, but I genuinely did not know what the title should be. This is kind of an all over the place situation, so this post will most likely be pretty long. I would really appreciate if some of you could read + give advice if you feel up to it.
So to give some background, my partner (21) and i(19) are both nonbinary, and both use they/them pronouns and have been together for almost a year. We’ve both been in some really unhealthy and toxic, even abusive relationships before, and we’ve discussed how this is each of our first genuinely healthy relationship. When I say that, I mean it. They support and love me unconditionally, they actively listen, they make an effort. If we have an issue regarding the other or anything in general, we are comfortable communicating that to each other without fear of it escalating into an argument or the other person playing the victim/turning it around. I love my partner so much, and that will not change.
That being said, when our relationship first started last august, it was the classic honeymoon phase. A lot of tension built up before we confessed to each other, so when we finally started dating it was a lot of sex, a lot of lovey dovey stuff, and a lot of time together. We go to college together, that’s how we met, and this kind of lasted that whole first semester of the year. When we got back from Christmas break this past January, though, it was super different. We weren’t having a lot of sex, they started wanting more time to themself, etc. I discussed with them the fact that these things were okay, but the sudden change really threw me for a loop and hurt me a bit. They said that they have definitely noticed a trend in past relationships that once they get past the honeymoon stage, they tend to be less interested in sex and want more alone time. I understand, and that’s totally okay, I guess the change just hurt because things like time together and sex were sort of weaponized in some of my past relationships, so my brain kept telling me I did something wrong.
As time went on, it got to be a sort of pattern where they would want sex sometimes, and other times they would be totally disinterested. It honestly messed with my self esteem a lot; there were times when I would put in effort, wear something sexy, put on lingerie, etc, and they wouldn’t even notice. I always respected when they didn’t want to have sex though, and never pushed them. Other than that, sex with them always has such a deep personal meaning to me, it establishes a connection with them that no one else has. I will say that physical touch is one of my love languages, and it is not one of theirs.
We’re off on summer break right now, and we were texting a few hours ago about how their “sex brain” can randomly just go dormant, and I mentioned that it sounded like they were ace-flux. They agreed that they resonated with the definition, and it made a lot of sense to me. I was hoping it would help me take knowing that sometimes they are repulsed by the idea of having sex with me less personally, but I’ve been crying a lot between then and now and now I just feel guilty for still being hurt. I know they can’t change or control their sexuality, and I definitely support them and love them no matter what. I also asked them what sex meant to them, and they said when they were younger it was this great connection, the idea of letting yourself be vulnerable with someone like that; to an extent, they still see it that way, but it’s harder after everything that happened with previous partners. This is absolutely valid, but it hurt for several reasons: 1. i know they didnt mean it this way, but i cant stop thinking about the fact that sex meant more to them before they met me, and that it means less to them with me than it did with previous partners. 2. the fact that its the opposite for me; i never felt a true connection with someone during sex until i met them. I actually used to identify as asexual, then ace flux, and now demisexual. i guess i just never knew sex was so important to me; and really, its not, it just is with them. it hurts knowing that its been the opposite for them.
please someone tell me how to get over it, how do i move past this? its not something i should be upset over, i just want to be okay again. i would normally go to my therapist with things like this, but i wont see her for another few weeks and this is eating me up.
TLDR; I found out sex doesn’t mean as much to my partner as it does to me; how do I get over it?
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2023.05.30 19:14 FoxD3n Specific Familiar Selection - Witch

Hey all,
I want to get some more practical use out of a familiar for a level 11 Witch and I'm thinking that the specific Familiar list has more useful options than the non-specific familiar one.
I'm playing a Sprite/Duskwalker Pact Witch that focuses on the relationship between ghosts, death, bargaining and fortune telling. For me, in order to have the most fun in a game I have to use something both thematic and useful in combat.
Here are the ones that stuck out from the list:
Crawling Hand - If I'm not mistaken, once I have 6 Familiar abilities and give it independent, I can just move this to a teammates square and provide them free Aid every single turn on an attack roll that cannot fail? (Can it crit?) That seems rather good. Also being able to deliver touch spells seems nice.
Elemental Wisp - I could slightly alter my Sprite to be based off of one of the elements and with this I could provide +1 damage to that element for my teammates. It's not much, but it's something.
Faerie Dragon - It has nice scouting and a breath weapon that can slow for one of my actions, that seems rather potent.
House Drake - With Independent it can use its breath weapon for free. It's also Will save over fortitude save. Seems somewhat potent.
Imp - His ability is so thematically perfect. My character is making deals, he's making deals. I don't know if my teammates would ever accept the deals though. Not sure how often it is someone dies post 10 and you have the option to raise them. But the ability to reroll 1 hit or save and take the highest seems very strong.
Pipefox - I love the ghostly fox spirit theme, I just don't know how useful any of its abilities are.
What are your thoughts on specific familiars and what are some fun tricks you use them for?
Which among the list do you feel is the most useful?
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2023.05.30 19:14 Mia_NotKhalifa I have 3 months off before my next year of uni and a decent amount of money, what should I do?

I, 18f, will be moving home for the next 3 months with a decent amount of savings. I have around 6k but only wish to spend at the absolute most 1k- hence why they're in savings.
So far I will: -focus on losing around 40lbs and gaining muscle -help with chores around the house -begin an Instagram art page and then a patreon once I have a decent following
However this will still leave me with a tremendous amount of time. I'm aware I won't have this much time off in the future and I really want to enjoy myself while I can.
I've tried googling but it's just basics like 'go travelling' and 'start a blog'. My friends aren't able to go travelling long term and my family wouldn't allow me to go by myself so it's off the table, although I can do day or overnight trips by myself.
I'd really appreciate any insight!
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Myers boasts an impressive track record and a large number of satisfied clients, making it a leading platform for hiring hackers for various hacking tasks.
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2023.05.30 19:14 No_Impact_7083 Need your advice/where to buy laptop?

I live in Ukraine and got not more than 1100$ for a laptop for my wife (photoshop, lightroom) and me (audio/video editing), but I'm a total noob in the theme and would appreciate your help so much! Since my sisters house was ruined due the war, she moved to Spain and now lives there and wants to come to us for a week (at august) and i have opportunity to order a laptop on her name in Spain so she can bring it to us for free, since she might buy it much cheaper than in Ukraine. But i have no clue what to buy and where, at all! I was thinking of legion 5 pro or asus rog g15 with 2k screen since we need a good picture, at least 3070 and ryzen 7 or intel (idk), and don't really want to buy used, but ok with open box and I'm not sure if i can afford what i want but we need a laptop as soon as possible so we could work more and try to get out of the country before we die... Thank you! Any advices about sites/shipping costs/laptop brands/videocards/processors/ANYTHING would be appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.05.30 19:14 lvlup- i scared my girlfriend

It’s my fault too. I acted really selfish. I was giving her hints of a study date since we’ll be having our finals this week. Thing is, she can’t get out of her house to be with me because her mother disapproves our relationship. I knew that but I still had thoughts that maybe she didn’t want to spent time with me and I started thinking I was always the one initiating on dates. God, it’s so stupid.
I recklessly texted her a passive aggressive chat when she said she couldn’t get out of the house and it hurt her bad. She said it’s like she didn’t recognize me for a while. She told me she’s scared of me. I don’t know exactly what to do. She’s tired and probably asleep now but I’ve already said I’m sorry and that I would make sure to do better and to not talk to her that way again. She assured me tho that she’s not mad but she is sad and scared. What should I do? Do I open it up to her again tomorrow? I told her I’d talk to her again in the morning. I want to call her since we had the discussion over text
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2023.05.30 19:14 lastdreamofjesus F2A drop F1 status while AOS pending

Hey! Thanks so much to this lovely community, I learned a lot and I wish everyone great success with their applications!
I just want to confirm something. I’m the spouse of a LPR. Came here as an F1 student. Genuinely wanted to study and did with great grades, unfortunately the classes aren’t what I hoped for in terms of learning, so it’s been quite disappointing but I kept going.
I now had my biometric appointment for my I-485 and got my work permit (I-765) approved the next day, very unexpectedly.
So I’m actually thinking to start working instead of spending another $5k on college in a few weeks for something that turned out to be very unhelpful in what I tried to actually learn.
I am correct in that, since my application has been received and I have my receipt number, and since I now have a work permit approved, I’m totally fine not maintaining my F1 status?
I am aware that the only danger would be that my AOS would be denied for, let’s say a mistake in the application or something, and I have no underlying status, but since my marriage is 100% legit, been happy together for 3 years, live together, bank accounts together, and we haven’t spent a day apart for three years straight, I would fight this with a lawyer as hard as I can anyways, F1 or not.
It would just give me peace of mind to have this confirmed, because I would need to pay for my next semester now, so I got to make a choice and I’d be excited to contribute by working!
Thank you!
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2023.05.30 19:14 Sophie_skyflower My roommate (F22) is talking to my older brother (M25)

I (F 22) recently graduated college and when my family was in town, my brother (25) and my roommate “hit it off” or whatever.
The thing about my roommate is that she is a genuinely annoying person who myself and the rest of my roommates can’t really stand. We aren’t rude to her at all, and include her in everything, but there seems to be a general consensus (between my friend group and many other friend groups) that she has no filter and comes across as nosy, bothersome, and doesn’t have any social awareness.
My other roommates notified me last week that my brothers name kept popping up on her phone which immediately set me off. This is EXACTLY the type of thing she would do. After a few days of purposely ignoring her because of the amount of uncomfortableness I felt, she talked to me and essentially said “I really like talking to him and getting to know him BUT if you don’t want me to I will stop”. While I appreciated her talking to me, I really didn’t understand why because someone who considers themself my “friend” wouldn’t even put me in this position. And now it’s up to me to decide whether or not you should even be doing this?? I really had no idea what to say but I said something along the lines of “I can’t control what you do but this makes me feel very weird”
Fast forward to yesterday, my roommates let me know that they have been FaceTiming. I wasn’t there when they saw my brothers FT notif come through, but my roommates went ahead and told her that this was wrong, and that if they were me, they would feel betrayed and pissed.
I know the blame isn’t all attributed to her, my brother is equally at fault, but I also told him to back off too and he just replied with a snarky “we’re all adults here” which I guess is true as well but also this is a unique scenario that is genuinely weirding me out and causing me so much stress.
What should I do?
TLDR: my roommate is talking to my older brother and it’s making me very uncomfortable.
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2023.05.30 19:14 Planning-4students24 Last chance-enter to win great prizes with short survey!

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2023.05.30 19:14 iBeChillSon Received a vintage dress

Dream about waiting on the stairwell in the old house my best friend use to live in. I was waiting for everyone to get ready. A coworker of mine came from the room of the guy I’m dating with a vintage dress that looked trippy (I’m female)
Then my best friend came out and told me he was going to replace the old refrigerator because the old one broke. I asked him why because he was going to move out. I told him a new one was really expensive and he could replace it with one from Craigslist. He responded saying he didn’t realize that.
Can’t figure out what this means
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2023.05.30 19:14 donutkirby [QCrit] Adult Fantasy - THE GOLDEN KINGDOM (179k, 1st attempt)

(Hello PubTips ! This isn't the first version of my query letter, but it's the first one I've posted to this subreddit. I've glanced at other posts on this sub and I already have some idea of what I could change, but I'm putting it out exactly as it currently is so I can get the most accurate feedback.)
Hello [publisher],
I’m writing to seek representation for my 179,000-word debut epic fantasy novel, The Golden Kingdom, which has been revised with the aid of a professional editor. It is the first installment in the five-book saga Indigo Arbiter.
In the land of Altinala, the fates of travelling guildsmen, assassins, a national hero, and a princess collide through battles of men and monsters, political warfare, and conflicts that shake the once-eternal kingdom to its very core.
For hundreds of years, Altinala has stood at the heart of the Hetran continent. Founded in the aftermath of a terrible war, it serves as a beacon of strength and prosperity for not only its citizens, but the countless dreamers who seek to live within the kingdom’s walls, where all their wildest ambitions can come true.
Among these hopefuls are a trio of friends: Val, a reclusive but empathetic girl; Elie, a talented dancer seeking fame and fortune; and Arthur, an idealistic boy who admires the heroes of eras past. Though their desires are vastly different in scope, they all place their hopes on Altinala.
But trouble is brewing in the so-called “Golden Kingdom.” The High Chancellor governs the land with an iron fist, while murderous vigilantes prowl the streets at night. And as rumours of rebellion spread, a disgraced princess plots an uprising of her own. When Val, Arthur, and Elie find themselves dragged into the coming storm, they must decide whether to be Altinala’s champions … or agents of its destruction.
I am a Chinese Canadian law student with a lifelong passion for writing. I am particularly drawn to fantasy stories with intricate plots, large casts of complex characters, LGBTQ+ representation, and a willingness to be unique within the genre. My book would likely be enjoyed by fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive, and James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse, all of which are among my biggest inspirations. In addition, my writing style is influenced by Japanese anime like Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan, as well as story-rich video games such as Final Fantasy VII and the Trails in the Sky franchise.
Besides The Golden Kingdom, I have completed initial drafts of the second and third books of the Indigo Arbiter saga and am currently working on the fourth book.
Thank you for taking the time to read my query and consider my work. I look forward to hearing from you.
First 300 words:
Val rested under the magnolia tree, all alone in her beautiful world.
She felt a kindred connection to the tree, a brief hike away from the little shack she called home. They were fellow recluses, living isolated from their brethren in Citra Village, which itself stood alone on the southern edge of the Hetran continent.
Val closed her eyes, relishing the hot breeze as it washed over her. Summer had come and gone, but its final vestiges of warmth still lingered. They wouldn’t last much longer, and she didn’t intend to waste the time she had left. She was going to make the most of every moment by doing what she did best loafing around in her favourite black dress and large pointy hat, just letting the hours pass.
The autumn sun shone brightly, and tiny cloud puffs drifted over the formless blue sky. Enraptured by the tranquility, Val sighed, leaning back against her tree. Another thing she liked about the magnolia tree was that it bore no fruit, meaning that on most days, nobody ever came to bother it or her.
Unfortunately for Val, today was not one of those days.
“Val? Hey, Val?” That was Elie’s voice. Val heard her fingersnaps. “Helloooo? Did you hear what we just said?”
“No.” Groaning, Val opened her eyes and glanced at her two friends, who stood directly in front of her. “It was … something about a puppy, right?”
“A dirgehound, Val!” Arthur Steelmettle exclaimed, his amber eyes widening even more than usual. He was a tanned young man with a muscular build, ginger hair, and a somewhat rugged face that made him look more intimidating than he really was. “The hunters spotted one lurking near the village. They haven’t been seen anywhere near Citra in years, but now one’s so close! A dirge-hound!” He spoke the word again, as if the word could be split in half if he tried hard enough.
Thanks for any feedback! I intend to make the most of this sub's help, for this first book as well as the others I've written and will continue to write.
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2023.05.30 19:14 SheriffCoyote Medication side effects may be making me a miserable asshole.

I'm on Lamotrogine. 200 mg a day. I deal with headaches every weekday(aka. Days I leave my house) that start from 3-4 PM, and don't end until I go home and sit in the dark. I rarely got headaches before this med. When my headaches start, everything pisses me off.
People are starting to notice changes in my behavior. Things they didn't notice before. I was told to ask my peers before if they ever noticed any behavior changes during different episodes when I was first diagnosed. I'm becoming less social and less friendly now. "Asshole" might be an exaggeration, as I've been mostly responding reasonably by removing myself when it gets really bad and communicating that I have a bad headache. I've been a bit snappy, like when my peers invaded my space and started to be loud(I was clearly studying). I ended up rudely saying, "Did you just come here to make noise?"
I generally leave my place first thing in the morning, but now I dread leaving. If I'm at home, I feel okay enough(I'd even argue normal due to being able to cook, clean, and engage in hobbies a bit again). If I leave, it's when things go downhill. Part of this is weather as I'm extremely sensitive to the sun and heat, and so I start my day off by spending 10 minutes in hell. Irritability caused by this quickly goes away when I get inside. The far bigger part is the headaches and knowing I'll get headaches if I don't stay in my room where I can control the light level.
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2023.05.30 19:14 drdreyyyy Ex (21m) and I (21f) share the same friend group and it's complicated

My ex (21m) and I (21f) share the same friend group, we met them in college and are all in the same class. We broke up 2 weeks ago and I was very Hurt by my ex at the end of the relationship : he made me wait for 2/3 week-end saying he wasnt sure of our relationship and didnt want to contact me during one week before the breakup. Then he put the blame on me saying I wasnt ready to make efforts (when in reality he was the one not making efforts : cold, distant, didnt message me or made plans to see me). I dont really understand what happened but he said that when I reacted to something he did I was trying to make him change and he didnt want this, when I was just expressing my feelings in reaction to his behaviour. I decided to end it as he didnt show any interest in me and treated me badly.
So I am now angry at him and don't want to see him. He also broke no contact asking to be friends 1 week after we broke up, and I refused.
The problem is we share the same group friend. I explained them privately and separatly that we broke up and I didnt want any of us to be excluded from the group. But I realize now that everytime my ex talks in the group chat Im angry and I dont want to see him even with our friends. He always says how he got plans and he's busy, to show off. So I feel I Will miss stuff as I dont want to see him but i know I would not enjoy with my friends if He joins.
Anyone has been in this situation? How did you handle it? I find it very difficult
[TL, DR : Ex (21m) and I (21f) share the same friend group and it's complicated bc Im too Hurt by him to see him. But im scared I Will miss stuff with my friends and they Will take it personaly]
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2023.05.30 19:14 Selenium_gomez Boris Ursus is the most enjoyable IE Kislev campaign, thoughts?

As a newbie to Kislev, and after having tried both Kostaltyn and Katarin to around turn 90-100 and struggling the entire time, I decided to try some Boris Campaigns (H/N and VH/N), and it was so fun and comfortable relatively compared to the other 2 LLs (challenging but not a slog) that it turned into a full map completion. In my opinion Boris' campaign effects lead him to be the best of the Kislev LL's, and I highly recommend anyone that enjoys/wants to try Kislev's roster but hates Kostaltyn/Katarin's difficult starting situations to try Boris!
Starting as Boris/Ursun Revivalists has a lot of advantages: - Chaotic wasteland is unpleasant climate rather than uninhabitable: This is a major advantage of Boris' faction compared to Kost/Kat; Kostaltyn/Katarin have to contend with the fact that their enemies all hold red/uninhabitable territory, meaning expansion is especially slow/difficult (growth, replenishment, construction cost penalties are crippling in the early game), whereas Boris can easily convert enemy settlements into useful territory, and a lot faster. The bonus Devotion is nothing to sneeze at either and makes it so Boris can spam his Invocations as needed to suit your campaign situation.
- Kislev Confederations: Boris is in the best position to confederate the other Kislev LLs by far. Kostaltyn/Katarin have to play the supporter game, and it takes ages to get to 600 supporters without a lot of territory/church buildings (Even by turn 80 as Katarin I was no where close to confederating Kostaltyn, if he manages to survive at all). In addition, AI Boris starts in the Chaos Wastes and tends to be wiped out quickly by Archaon and his vassal squad, making it hard to save him as Kost/Kat. Meanwhile, Boris can confederate through diplomacy, and seeing as Kislev is surrounded by common foes, it is very easy to get a military alliance with both of them, especially if you trade them some oblast territories that are not very useful anyway. In my campaign, I managed to get both of them by around turn 30-40.
- Supporters race: As above, Boris doesn't really care about supporters as supporting Kost or Kat doesn't really matter, unless you really want the global control and Kislev relations bonuses from reaching the supporter thresholds. In my opinion its worth the trade off to confederate Kost/Kat quickly and just ignore the supporter system entirely.
General Campaign observations/tips: From the perspective of an IE Boris campaign but applicable to IE Kislev in general!
- As per Legend of Total War, migrating down to Frozen Landing in Goromadny Mountains and abandoning his starting settlement is the way to go; it puts you a lot closer to the Kislev homeland/potential allies, and delays meeting Archaon and his many vassals. You can either stay and hold Frozen landing, or migrate directly to Praag, which I prefer to do.
- Securing Praag as fast as possible is key (I prefer conquering Ropesmenn clan for extra EXP and loot, and you don't care about losing supporters anyway)! Not only will holding one of the 3 Kislev cities boost your economy by a ton, Praag has a landmark building that decreases Global Recruitment duration by 1 turn which you can build at Tier 3, and at Tier 5 reduces Global Recruitment duration by 2 turns! If you combine this with the research under the Praag section of the research tree that further reduces Global Recruit duration by 1 turn, you are able to recruit War Bear Riders in 1 turn through Global Recruitment, meaning you can start seriously pumping out doomstacks once you get to Tier 5 (this took me around turn 60). Even before then at Tier 3, you can make a full stack/close to a full stack of Kossars as an emergency defensive army in 1-2 turns, which is very very useful!
- Oblast territories are useless (in the early/mid game); Kislev is surrounded by foes and the oblast regions are always the first regions to be sieged/attacked/destroyed. Don't bother building them up too much and focus your money in building up Praag in the early game, and later Erengrad and Kislev once you confederate Kost/Kat. Alternatively, you can always trade away the oblast regions to Kost/Kat; not only will they defend the settlement and build it up for you, it will generate a ton of positive relations and they most likely will offer a military alliance in exchange, which will make confederations a lot easier.
- Economy: Kislev's economy is mediocre early game, relying on post-battle loot and the main Kislev cities. It's not uncommon to be in the red especially if you don't have Erengrad/Kislev yet. Turtling around Praag/Hell Pit and relying on sacking and ambushing your enemies can be a good way of getting the money to upgrade Praag to Tier 3, at which point you can really snowball. Look out for regions with trade resources; Kislev is one of the factions most dependent on trade resources, as they provide stackable global bonuses to your economy and upkeep, for example tier 3 Iron buildings will reduce all upkeep by 3% for all armies! Other trade resources will do things like increase market/farm incomes percentage wise, so as you take more territory, your economy will compound more and more as you stack resource building bonuses and more farms/markets.
- Tech Tree: Kislev has several gems in the tech tree (Global Recruitment Time Reduction!), but most bonuses from tech are small/unimpactful. I tend to rush for Ice court training slots, Local recruitment slots, Casualty replenishment, and some combat bonuses to Kossars (in no particular order) in the early game, and then focus on the Praag technologies so that I can get reduction in Global recruit time by the time I get to Tier 5 Praag. Getting Student followers can make this process a lot faster too.
- Buildings: Kislev actually has excellent growth; once you get out of the oblasts and into the Chaos wastelands/Norsca/Empire with 3-4 settlements in a province, you can start getting Tier 5 settlements quite quickly, as Kislev has 2 growth buildings you can build in each settlement, getting upwards of ~250 - 300 growth or more in each province. Other useful buildings to build are Markets/Farms for money, Hero capacity buildings (Patriarch buildings in minor settlements, Frost Maiden buildings in major settlements), and the War Sled building, as it increases Global Recruitment capacity by 1 at Tier 4. Stacking these buildings allows you to recruit full stacks of elites instantly in the late game.
- Early game (turn 1-40): If you decide to migrate to Frozen Landing/Praag, then your first major enemy is likely to be Throt; by the time you secure Praag, Katarin may or may not have already dealt with him and taken Hell Pit; if not, then you can do it yourself by baiting him to leave Hell Pit in an ambush, or wait until he leaves the settlement undefended and taking it yourself. Once Hell Pit is taken, Throt is basically a non-threat and will not recruit much else besides stacks of skavenslaves/low tier units. After that, focusing on Throgg and Azazel is likely your next goal; it may be useful to save wiping out Azazel until after you confederate Kostaltyn, as he might have a Mark of Slaanesh that you can get rid of by using Azazel as a punching bag.
- Mid game (turn 40-70): By this time you can already snowball with several Kossar stacks once Praag is Tier 3-4 (see above). I also had Kostaltyn and Katarin in my faction by this time too, which means with Erengrad/Kislev your economy starts to really grow. I found that its quite common for Astragoth to conquer up to the Goromadny Mountains and become adjacent to your territory; something unorthodox I tried was actually gifting a territory to Astragoth in exchange for a defensive alliance; this is possible because you actually start off as neutral relations/minimal aversion with each other. This works out well for you because it covers your eastern flank, allowing you to focus entirely on securing all of Norsca; it will also give you a nice buffer region for when Archaon inevitably declares war on you, meaning you have time to finish off Throgg/Wulfric/Azazel, then come back to the east to handle Archaon when he is fighting Astragoth. If you confederated Katarin, you may be exposed to Azhag/Vlad/Drycha/Festus; in my experience AI Katarin does a good job of holding her capital and weakening these factions on her own. Once you confederate her, you likely have access to War Sleds/Frost Guard/War bear Riders, so you can fill her army up with elite units and roll over their weakened armies.
- Late game (turn 70 and beyond): With Praag at Tier 5 and the right tech, the world is your oyster and you can go wherever you want, as your economy should allow you to spam out full stacks of War bear Riders in 1-2 turns, and you can handle anything Chaos can throw at you. By this time you can start making your way North and clearing out the Chaos wastes - it may take you all the way to Cathay to completely wipe out Archaon for your victory condition depending on how many territories he has taken. Malus, Daniel/Demon Prince, Belakor and Sigvald should also be very easy to wipe out now.
What do you guys think? Do you prefer Kostaltyn, Katarin or Boris for the best Kislev Experience in IE?
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2023.05.30 19:13 gingerboy_at_last What is up my Cranky Crew <3

What is up my Cranky Crew <3
In honour of the end of an era, here is an unfinished portrait of Ethan I did while I was in college in 2018. (I never could do the blue hair justice in only black and white 😅)
It's been great to be part of such a lovely community for all this time and I look forward to seeing all the new and creative ventures that Ethan shares with us in future! 😊
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2023.05.30 19:13 annajsongerr just a vent

hellooo reddit! I posted a little while ago about dishes and cleanliness and how my roommate does not clean but blames me for her messes. Well, my bf and i moved out. we are moving to Colorado in august, and our lease was up here this month, so we pulled the trigger and found somewhere to live for the next 3 months. It’s been hell to say the least moving out. My roommate has been nothing but an ass to me. treats me like scum of the earth, like i’m the worst thing to happen. however she will not speak to me and when asking for portions of shared utilities for the last month, she goes through my boyfriend, or her boyfriend to tell me. It’s beyond frustrating. she’s demanding money for things we split the cost of and she is keeping, which makes no sense because she would be the one owing me money? I am paid and in the house until june 1st, per my landlord. however she took it upon herself before that deadline to throw all of my stuff on our living room floor. i’m just so over it and ready to be out. she’s almost 24 and acts 14… i am about to head back over to the house and get the rest of our stuff, and then i never have to see them again! quite the relief. Word of advice, never live with your best friend, it just ruins everything.
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2023.05.30 19:13 saltbagelz Welfare Check from Not Police?

There is a guy near my house who I feel a little concerned for, given his general appearance/ position/ length of time in one spot, that for various reasons I'm not 100% comfortable going to check on by myself. I also don't want to call the police if he's just hanging out sleeping, however. I tried calling BeLoved but no answer. Any other suggestions for someone who will be able to check in without messing with this guy's day unnecessarily if he's actually ok?
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