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2023.05.30 20:35 ModernDayBCBA One of the most common questions I get from new ABA therapists in preparation for the RBT exam is how to figure out whether something is positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, or negative punishment. So I made a video about how to make sense of it all!

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2023.05.30 20:35 tikka_masala34 My therapist is so professional.

Few days ago i was fantasising about lying in a hospital bed and she feeding me food. Things have kinda changed after today's session. I showed her this post where I expressed romantic feelings for my T. She said there's nothing to worry about and reassured me that this is going to be a part of the therapy too. I guess because she is aware that this has happened multiple times in the past and there is a pattern which needs to be broken. I feel so much better now. But there's a couple of more things I wish I could get off my chest hoping it's appropriate for this sub.

I feel like my transference is changing to insecurity now.
  1. Her job will never be at threat from AI and her pay is going to increase for sure given whatever is happening out there, the demand for exceptional therapists is going to rise for sure. Even if we had chatbots, people would still prefer talking to a real human being instead of a robot and overall this demand and supply will make therapy more expensive.
  2. I browsed her LinkedIn, she is from an elite university with a first class in psychology and has been a consistent A grade student, if she wants, she can choose to do get phD from Oxbridge or Harvard/Stanford, something beyond the imagination of an average IT student like myself. I always had such dreams of being an among that intellectual crowd but now I don't stand a chance. (I don't have any learning disability as such, just struggle with reading, comprehension and putting thoughts into words, writing)
  3. When she will be in her 40s, she could be making millions as a head of a mental health firm, she will be making pasta in her own penthouse in London, her kids will be studying at Oxford, a perfect luxurious life and I will be lying on an old sofa browsing through reddit, eating donuts and regretting over my past like I am doing right now.

I wish I had taken psychology as my majors in college instead of IT but now I don't have a chance. Need to bring some bread home and worry how AI will affect the IT industry.
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2023.05.30 20:35 GuyWith10Hands Confession - I want to go home.

I don't really know if I'm posting in the right subreddit. I haven't posted on this account since my Call Center days. I'm not really sure how things are handled here but, I'm sure my post will be taken down if I'm in the wrong place.

So, basically - I grew up in Manila. I've been here for the past 21 years. I had a bunch of trips going home to our province ever since I was a kid, but I've never felt this feeling up until I was around 20(?) years old. Manila has always been a jewel for me: The city lights, the night life, the amount of people you can meet, and the amount of memories you can make. I never saw myself growing tired of this place. I always saw my future in this place: A future in which I am enjoying everything Manila can offer, a future in which I am happy with my life, and a future in which I am happy with what I have in this place.

However, things really do change, right? I went home to the province last 2021 and I've never felt happier. That was the only time that I felt like I belonged, like I was loved, and that I was accepted for who I was. I'm not saying that I never had anyone to make me feel loved when I was in Manila; to be honest, I know a lot of people and I've been with them a lot: I'm a member of a Greek Letter Frat, I met a lot of close friends through community service, I have a lot of friends from High School who are still hanging out with me, and I have a bunch of friends from the time when I was working in the BPO industry. I never lost any of my friends.

But for some reason, the province is the only place where I felt like I belonged. I reading through reddit posts but they were all about people from the province who wanted to transition to Manila. It made me feel inferior as I don't feel like I was ever capable enough to handle what life really was in the big city. In the province, I always felt welcome, loved, and accepted for whoever I was. I never felt like I needed to fake my own identity and pretend to be someone who I was not.

I just wanted to get this off my chest, to be honest, I am HAMMERED right now and I just wanted to find a place where I can open up and tell people how I really feel. I do hope this does make it through and it gets posted as I really wanna see if there's anyone who has the same feelings as I do. Don't be afraid to tell me what you feel or ask me if there's anything I could answer for ya.
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2023.05.30 20:34 gaussian-noise The Heisenberg compensator and transporters

The transporter is stated to not disassemble you at point A and reassemble you at point B, especially given the fact that characters have maintained consciousness while in transit. But if that's not true, what happens to you, what is a transporter pattern, and what is being sent in the matter stream? The answer to all of this could be in the Heisenberg compensator.
It's often interpreted as allowing for exact measurements of particle positions and momenta, but if the transporter were sending a snapshot of measurements, then transports would feel instantaneous to the traveler. Instead, I think it could be a name for a device that can convert "particle-like" matter with a well defined position into "wave-like" matter with a well defined momentum.
In the double slit experiment, a single quantum particle is able to "be in multiple places at once" and exhibit wave behavior due to the uncertainty principle, which places a lower bound on the total uncertainty of a particle's position and momentum.
If we say that a human body is composed of mostly particle-like matter with a well defined position, then the total wave function of all of their particles together could be described as particle-like. If the Heisenberg compensator is able to "exchange" these uncertainties then it could turn a person described simply in terms of position eigenstates to a wave that's well described in terms of momentum eigenstates without losing any quantum information, and then invert the process later, after moving their center of mass to a different place.
With this interpretation, the matter stream is a whole person's quantum state, forced to evolve in a wave-like way, and able to be reflected, refracted, and diffracted until it's at its destination. The annular confinement beam could be what accelerates and confines the wavy matter stream as it travels.
Now, a person's total quantum state is incredibly complicated, and each particle's motion depends on the ones around it. If you just use our Heisenberg compensator, the particles in your total quantum state are going to start evolving differently, in a "wavy" way. So, if you invert it without doing anything else, you might get some wet charcoal at point B instead of a carbon based lifeform.
To solve this problem, a ship could use force-fields to constrain the matter stream and make the wavy quantum state evolve as if it were still a solid person. I posit that this unique set of fields is a person's "transporter pattern" which may need to be enhanced to account for interference. This is also how people perceive time as passing during transport, since their global quantum state is still evolving as normal.
Now, an advanced transporter as in the TNG era might even be able to alter the pattern at the very end to change the output quantum state when a person is materialized, allowing for all of the various transporter malfunctions we see, for example, changing a person to a child and back, as well as intended behavior like removing pathogens.
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2023.05.30 20:34 lluv77 Two HOA issues and looking for advice.

I have posted in here before but I was dealing with my mothers passing and a fiancées murder so I was a bit incoherent. I am again clearly (hopefully) stating the issues and asking for advice. Thank you in advanced for reading.
I own a SFH in Central Florida with an HOA. In 2020 they changed management companies. The new management company stated I had not paid fees to the previous management company. However the old companies accounting was incorrect. My mother (who I co-owned the home with) passed in May of 2020 and because she paid the HOA fees with her account it was taking a long time to get proof.
I Waited for the paperwork did not contact the HOA until the end of 2020 because I was not in the right mental state. My fault I know. I told the management company I was behind in fees and wanted to make a payment plan.
Now we only pay twice a year and the fees are about 600 a year. After my mothers death her funeral and with COVID I wanted to establish a payment plan.
We were in talks for a payment plan at the beginning of September and then they filed a lien.
I was shocked. Asked them why it was filed if we were doing a payment arrangement? Well we agreed I’d pay all HOA assessments they said were owed (even the two years they other property management company stated I owed) and they would remove the lien.
I agreed and paid it at once just to get it over with. I just kept other costs down for a few months.
2021 comes around, HOA assessments are paid. I am served a foreclosure in April 2021. Come to find out they did not honor our agreement and the layers were charging fees the entire time. This means I now owed over 3k in fees.
We (property management lawyers and I) discuss this again and came to a second agreement where I would split lawyers fees with the HOA. Guess how that went? They switched management companies a second time because of to many financial mistakes (like mine).
The new management company now wants me to pay 6k in fees, filed foreclosure again and, I had to hire a new lawyer.
Lawyer says I have no case because they had no legal responsibility to honor any agreement we made.
I am about to do a payment arrangement with the management company. However, do I have any recourse against the HOA or management company?
As a separate issue - The HOA has been treating the neighborhood like their own dictatorship. They (President CP and two other members) are harassing residents (e.g., screaming at me for walking my dog, jumping fences to take pictures of people’s backyards going through peoples trash) so much so that the local Police Department has advised us to file orders of protection. The president has also had his grown children chase residents with metal pipes due to disagreements.
Can these people be removed from the board? Can we get the HOA dissolved?
Florida has very strong HOA laws. Is there anything that can be done in either situation? Thank you.
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2023.05.30 20:34 The-God-Of-Memez A character analysis of the slayer that may be accurate.

The Slayer is not some badass god of death and heavy metal but a shattered husk of a husband and father (if you look under the slayers desk in the fortress of doom you can find a picture of a man woman and child, half of the photo has been ripped of completely hiding the mans face) with an obsession to get rid of anything demon related even if that makes problems a smidge worse (destroying argent energy that was being used to power earth, shattering the “fathers” life sphere to and cripple the Makyrs, etc) the slayer chooses to forfeit his own happiness again and again just to continue his war with hell and what’s depressing is his worst enemy is the same way, a man choosing to continue needless bloodshed because he believe he is doing right by his people, and it’s depressing to watch them fight each other because neither Davoth or the Slayer are bad people, they are both just broken husk of once kind and compassionate people who wanted to protect their loved ones, but it’s their rage that locked them in a never ending cycle of pain
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2023.05.30 20:34 sheamichael04 Stop pretending that you are depressed, anxious, have a mental or physical disability or disorder or want to commit suicide.

Seriously, do you know how fucked up that is?. There are so many people that genuinely have these issues, yet, your stupid arse decides to make a fucking video lying about this shit, for absolutely nothing but views and attention and clout. Stop it. Both depression and anxiety is a medical diagnosis. You can't self-diagnose yourseld with any medical condition. Self-diagnosis isn't a thing. There is no such thing as Self-diagnosis. If you really are feeling suicidal, I would've at least expected you to plan something. There are people that genuinely have these issues and you are the reason why these people are not only not believed, they are ignored, mocked and devalued. It's a 50/50. If you come across a person with tourettes for example, you have no idea whether they genuinely have tourettes or if their arse is just faking it. Then you've got the people claiming that they're feeling anxious, depressed and suicidal. You've got their gullible-arse fans in the comments praising that person. Saying how strong they are. No. You're not. You're all a sack of fucking pussies, and this is coming from someone who actually used to talk about wanting to commit suicide, but never went any further with it, which only proves that I was attention seeking, just like you sack of motherfucking pussy-arse cunts. Same goes with people who put out false rape or sexual assault allegations. Like the great legend Chloe Roma said, anyone who does this shit are fucking pussy-arse cowards, and is the reason why people who are genuinely going though this shit are not believed. For the men that are trying to recover their reputation from the false rape or sexual assault allegations, you are the strong ones. You are the ones that deserve praise, but to the women that spew their dirty fucking mouth with the false accusations, you are all a sack of pussy-arse cowards pieces of shit. I hope each and every one of your family members disown you and kick you out of your family and you rot in prison and hell where you belong. Chloe Roma might've influenced me to make this slightly misogynistic post, but this is rants. I'm not holding back, and I'm not apologising. The only people who can safely advocate for men's mental health is other women, and even they should expect themselves to get through dozens of tiktok accounts because false mass reporting and report abuse is STILL an issue in tiktok to this very motherfucking day.
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2023.05.30 20:33 Exicidium Does anyone ever doubt their purchases and investment into Polaroid instead of Instax? What did you do about it?

I've put quite a lot of money into polaroid, into my SX-70, from buying it to getting it serviced to buying a tripod, a bag, lens filters, and a flash. That plus all the film equals quite a lot of money and I'm starting to think it was a waste and a mistake.
My mom is getting a SQ1 for her birthday before we go away on a family vacation, so for the week away I know me and her are going to be taking very similar images and the cameras are going to be constantly compared, and I know hers are probably going to look better simply because of the film, and I also know she's not going to stop bragging about how much better hers look and how I should ''get rid of that old thing and buy a new one'' as she puts it. I feel like bad photos reflect on me and my choices and I don't really want to spend my time off feeling like an idiot for my financial decisions, that I have put my money in the wrong basket.
I'm not sure what to do about it so I'm wondering has anyone else had this doubt and sold their equipment to move over to instax? Or stuck with it and glad they did? Did I make a mistake or are the differences not going to be that much?
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2023.05.30 20:33 CrossFit_Jesus76 Tomorrow Marks An Important Day In My Trading Career

If you are struggling in this market, believe me when I say that I understand what you are going through. I began dabbling in investing during the start of 2021 without any clue what I was doing. All I knew was that a buddy of mine at the gym was seemingly making money from his cell phone without any work whatsoever. As a 21 year old kid, this was obviously very appealing to me. I took a crack at it, purchasing Shares of small cap stocks such as AMC and PLTR to name a few. We all remember how this played out, with stocks absolutely soaring later that summer.
Then came the infamous 2022 Bear Market. Still a young man with no idea how to navigate the markets and no mentor to guide me, I foolishly held my Shares of these companies that could not withstand the massive selloff we were seeing practically everyday. So there went my tiny investment portfolio that I had managed to double in value right back to about break even. Everyday the market would open and get absolutely clobbered. It was at this time that I randomly stumbled upon Day Trading, and more specifically; Options Trading. I was trading from my phone on an app that shall not be named, had no idea how to read a stock chart, and in all honesty I was blindly buying Calls/Puts with zero analysis at all. How I didn't take my account completely to zero I still to this day don't understand! Here's the key thing though: I did not treat trading like a BUSINESS.
Now for the fun part. I am not the person to give up on things easily. I am Type A and somewhat obsessive when I take on any endeavor. This can be a great thing if you direct it properly, which I finally did at the start of this year. After two years of wandering aimlessly about the market, I started treating trading like a business. I relentlessly studied the charts and have a keen understanding of what could "potentially" happen on a day to day basis. I invested the money into a great computer, and I use a platform that is appropriate for trading rather than free platforms that sound appealing but don't offer the assistance needed to succeed in this business. I learned how to manage my risk incredibly well, protecting my downside first and foremost with the understanding that if I consistently take the right trades, the upside will come.
This leads me back to the title of my post. Why is tomorrow such an important day for my trading career? Well, tomorrow is the last day in May which marks my first EVER profitable month as a day trader in the Stock Market. You truly have no idea how much it means to me to be able to make a post like this. I am not a consistently profitable trader nor do I claim to be. What I am is a young kid who wants to share this small win with other aspiring traders that are in the same exact boat. Do NOT give up!
Here are just a few words of advice that I will leave you with if you graciously took the time to read this entire post. Journal everyday! For myself personally, I post screen grabs of my trades everyday to Google Slides and take notes on what I could have done better. I write up a Daily Report Card and recap the ENTIRE day. I give myself a goal to work on for the following day and I always grade my overall performance. I have been doing this since the start of the year and I can say with 100% confidence that it is a game changer. Be relentless in your pursuit of knowledge and understand that this business is not for the faint of heart. It will take your FULL commitment, and in my humble opinion it is absolutely worth that commitment.
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2023.05.30 20:33 feelinghomo To future me.

Hey big head. I’m writing this to you as I paused my cleaning session, to ask how are things? How have you been? I’m not sure at what age you’ll come back to this page but I hope you’re flourishing. I hope the universe has gifted you with everything you deserve and more. I hope you’re happy, successful, surrounded by genuine people that have the best intentions in their heart for you. I hope you’re taking care of yourself. 23 (now) has been THEE most stressful year yet, but anytime I think about just saying fuck it I give up, I think about my past hardships and it helps me realize if I got over that, I can get over this. 23 hasn’t been the sweetest to you in any way shape or form. Hell this is probably the worst year I’ve had to come, but I know I’m going to overcome it. But back to you, I hope you’ve found peace. I hope that you are where you’re meant to be. Don’t worry, I’m going to keep fighting the good fight because there will be better days and you are living proof of that. As the month comes to an end, I wanted to write this so that future me can read it all and laugh about it. Because it’s all a learning lesson right? I hope you have found your purpose in life. Be the grown up your 11yo needed. Be someone who inspires others but most importantly yourself. Whether you’re still in Houston or out of the country, be the best version of yourself. Live up to your own expectations and standards. Don’t let anyone run your life, you only get this shit once so make it fucking count. And PLEASE be rich😭😭🤣🤣🤣 no seriously, have at least 10M in your savings. I don’t want to ask but curiosity will eat me alive. How’s your love life? How are things? Are you happy? Are you married? Single? Dating? (Still thinking about him?🙇🏽‍♂️) Divorced (I HOPE NOT)? Are there kids? Omg are you a cat mom????? Please say yes😭 if you’re not sitting at home with your 2 cat babies right now you got some explaining to do. How’s your spirituality? Are you in touch with ur inner self? Are you aligned with the stars in the sky? WAIT, how’s your hair???? What style do you have in right now? What color? And PLEASE tell me you’ve let go on wearing air forces 1 💀💀💀 I know they’re comfortable but damn I’m on my 3rd or 4th pair right now. They just go so well with damn bear any outfit. Regardless of where you are I hope things are good. Not just okay but GOOD. With love, your 23yo self 🫶🏼
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2023.05.30 20:33 Ok_Firefighter_94 Enbrel vs humira

My rheumatologist is wanting to start me on enbrel or humira. She told me to look into both meds, basically read up on how others have tolerated and responded to the meds. I know everyone's response/reaction will be very individualized but I'm curious, who is on what and how well did it or didn't it work?
I'm currently on plaquenil just reduced from 400mg twice a day to 400mg once daily plus methotrexate 15mg once a week. My pain and joint swelling aren't super well controlled and thats why she is wanting to make a change.
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2023.05.30 20:33 itamison minecraft

my friends have put in a lot of work on this minecraft world ide like to have people join to be able to make it nicer and have builds everywhere .. we have starter gear for anyone and if you want to live close we have areas that are perfect .. 16+ and we usually use psn party chat but i’ll start trying figure out how to chat without psn party chat but yeah direct message me and i’ll lyk
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2023.05.30 20:32 WitchofSpace68 Anyone else not blown away by the action in 4?

So I just watched JW4 with my boyfriend, and I really wasn’t a fan.
I’ve been reading posts here and people seem in agreement that JW4 action scenes were amazing but for me they fell flat so I wanted to discuss and see if anyone else thought the same or if I’m missing something.
So the first fight in the desert, was pretty forgettable tbh. I thought JW3 did a horse action set way better. I think this one just really suffered from not really having any big set pieces in a desert. Like in JW3 you have them maneuvering NYC streets and John doing stuff like going on the side of his horse or using the rope to drag that one guy. In the desert it’s just a straightforward horse chase with John trying to outshoot the other horsemen.
Osaka was a lot better action wise. I loved the scene with the doorbells, I liked Donnies character and his fights, and John and Akira teaming up in that one fight was pretty cool. I just feel like a lot of the “flow” was gone, if that makes sense. Like I could tell it was choreographed and they were fake fighting. It just really took me out and it lasted the whole movie. Overall I’d say Japan was one of my favorite parts of it though.
Berlin was worse. Everyone else just let the Club owner go? No one else wanted to chase him down? I really feel they either should have had this huge drop or the fall down the stairs, not both but that’s probably more a personal thing. And I know the club goers left after the boss got killed but it really took me out to have the party keep going even after gun shots were flying. Like sure witnessing a club fight, but getting hit by bullets meant for some other dude?
Paris just was not my cup of tea barring the dragons breath apartment scene. Again, the choreography was just really obvious and felt fake. One goon at a time type feeling. I also feel like the Tracker was unimportant to the whole movie, and the dog sidekick Schtick had been done way better before. Like instead of being commanded to the “nuts”, Halee’s dogs knew where to bite, what to do with little command, were better prepared for a gunfight, and I felt just had more of an impact.
I know I’m gonna catch flak for this but the Arc scene was the worst offender of “this is very obvious that punches and kicks looking fake”. Maybe I was just too over it by then. Like using the car as shields and breaks to reload was clever, and I liked that John got to “joyride” in a sick car again, but it just felt…overproduced? In a way that I didn’t notice with the other movies. Especially everyone getting hit by the cars, you could see most everyone bracing or doing something in preparation that felt too observable to the audience
Last action scene was the stairs. Again feel the dog fighting was done better before, but did laugh at the dog peeing on the one guy. I think John falling down the stairs was clever to reference Sissyphus, but I can’t lie that I got annoyed because god damn I just wanted the movie to be over by then. I feel like a lot of the scenes just went on way to long, personally. Again a lot of “one cluster of assassins at a time please”. Also, I know movie time works different, especially in John Wick, but the “we have 2-3 minutes to make it” followed by like 10 more minutes on the stairs really took away from the anticipation for me because I was genuinely excited how they would do it so quick but was pretty let down.
I think most of my problem just comes from the break in immersion caused by the fight choreography. It just didn’t feel like a fight like in the other JW movies, but rather like a bad movie fight where nothing is actually connecting or has an impact. This is less so for the fights between named character and more of the grunts, but given the movie is mostly fighting grunts with big bosses mixed in it really took away that enjoyment for me. Please let me know what you all think and your interpretations, what you did and didn’t like. I’m curious to see what others enjoyed about the fights
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2023.05.30 20:32 420OGCBD710 Fml...

You won, No one will ever want me again All because sexting wasn't enough. Unfortunately I don't understand how people can be satisfied without physical relief, that's why I didn't just sext, I went out and fucked someone else. Fucking bothers me that you get to have an emotional affair for 6 God damn years and when I find out and finally get enough courage to take what I need I get a fucking STD. And not just one I can take some medicine and be all good nope it's here to stay...
I know it's my fault, I know I did this to myself, I should have been happy that you didn't throw me away... and now that you know I cheated and that I can't have sex with anyone including you, you still "love" me... I bet you fucking do, cuz now you don't have to touch me or anything like that you just fucking win...
I gotta figure out how to curbe the need for physical touch... or just my emotions in a whole...
But hey now I don't have to wear makeup anymore, watch my weight, clothing doesn't have to be cute. I might aswell go find my robe and make it a permanent part of my everyday wardrobe cuz it doesn't matter anymore.
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2023.05.30 20:32 Apprehensive-Fix352 How does someone have sex with someone knowing they coerced them into it and think they're beneath them?

What goes through the mind of someone that pushes himself into someone that he doesn't find particularly attractive because of their ethnicity but will lead them on and lie to them for the easy access to sex? Is it easier to lie to someone because you don't consider them human?
4 years now after this happened and I haven't got over it. He's happy and "thriving". It's painful to know that I let someone use me in this way and thinking they liked me. People are so fake when they want something out of you. It took so much effort to even attempt to be sexual with someone after SA and now I don't want to do it again. Wanting to get to know someone from a pure and genuine place comes off as desperate. It's cool to get maximum use out of people. "Dating" is a game, use whatever means necessary to get something out of someone. Using someone for sex and causing bodily trauma is nothing compared to when men complain about women only using them for free dinners.
I sometimes wish I could go back in time to after he insulted me and break all his Apple products. This guy pretends to be "poor" but he isn't, he's never had to work for anything in his life.
I feel rage. He doesn't treat women in his life (all white) this way. I was targeted. In my mind it makes zero sense to sleep with someone you don't like. Just stay away from them like a normal racist? He probably plotted with them the entire time.
Contrary to popular belief I think bias are normal especially in dating, what I don't think is normal is using someone for their body and pretending to see them as human and not even 5 minutes of shoving yourself into someone you start spouting out racial slurs.
He thinks women of certain ethnicities are ugly but will still match with them on dating apps to waste their time and traumatize them.
He's a short, very white, bald Danny devito looking guy, poor hygiene. Other people in my life said he's ugly but judging by how he wants to sleep with as many girls as possible he thinks he's hot shit. He pretends to be poor, but he obviously isn't. I guess he was saving his money for OnlyFans e-whores. This man is filthy too. Lives like an animal.
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2023.05.30 20:32 Illustrious-Echo700 Situationship(?) with friend (29M) that I (23F) want to shift

I am going to write this out as plainly as possible because I fear I’m deluding myself.
I (23F) have a friend (29M) who I’ve been sleeping with for almost 7 months. We met at his work and ended up texting, and he’s really been a wonderful addition to my life. We’ve gotten together intermittently, usually every few weeks but sometimes it’s been a month between seeing each other, and we hang out and talk for hours about everything (life, exes, friends, family, etc.) before we ever even kiss. I got out of a long-term relationship with a woman and he has skeletons of his own that, again, we’ve discussed in depth. The sex is really good and the conversations are even better. I never thought I’d be able to have a connection like this with a man (trust issues), which makes it even better. There are a few issues.
  1. At the beginning, he communicated very clearly that he wasn’t interested in exclusivity. At the beginning, I wasn’t either. I was a few months out from a brutal breakup where I got no closure and the idea of dating again and having those expectations placed on me would have destroyed me. I am now getting to the point, because of some major worldview shifts and finally getting closure from my ex, where I would like to be in some kind of romantic relationship. What I feel with him is really what I’m looking for in that–genuine connection, sexual chemistry, and agreement on lifestyle (kids, marriage, religion, etc.).
  2. We live in an area and interact within groups of people that are ENM and polyamorous, but he’s never used those labels to describe himself to me. I even expressed my opinion that while I respect polyamory, ENM is a label I have some issues with (I am always willing to be proven wrong on this take though, but nobody’s been able to describe the distinction well enough to justify the label… plus it almost always guarantees pretentiousness in the area where I live/date). It has been implied to me by mutual acquaintances that he is polyamorous and actively dating other people–potentially for longer than he’s been hanging out with me. While I don’t have an issue with this, I would like to know if this was the case. Not an unreasonable request considering we're having sex.
  3. I have a horrible fear of change and rejection. If I told him how I felt and he decided that we should stop having sex, I would be afraid to lose him as a part of my life. I also don’t know how long we’d last hanging out and not having sex. So, there’s almost an inherent guarantee that if things don’t work out in the exact way I want them to, it will end in “disaster”. AKA, we would stop being friends or spending time together.
So all of these things have led me to a few different conclusions.
First, I need to have a conversation with him. I have no clue how to approach it, though. And that conversation will mean, on some level, I’ll have to say “I like you and I want to date you”... woof. I have never said this to him, or even really implied it in any way. What do I do there? How do I approach it?
Second, I have to somehow get over my fear of rejection and loss in order to make this situation better for me and hopefully give myself a chance at something good. The fact that I’m dreading this is probably a sign that it might not go how I want it to go. Any experience with this? Advice?
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2023.05.30 20:32 UnnecessaryShitter So how exactly am I supposed to develop a witty personality with excellent comebacks when someone is making fun of me?

Not exclusively an autism thing, but still.
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2023.05.30 20:32 skend24 I live in the UK, I wanna go see Indy500. Do you have any tips for me?

Hi guys, as a part of my personal dream I wanna see Indy500 live within next 2 years. I can see some packages that fly from UK for 3 days, but they want around £2500pp, which seems really price’y - and what is more, I’d like to spend a little more time in the USA, since I was never there as well, so not just to fly there and go back.
  1. What’s in there to see in Indianapolis or somewhere close? How many days would you suggest to have to see it all apart from just a race? Is it possible to use public transport to these places, or do I really need to rent a car?
  2. Did anyone of you did something like it recently (flight from Europe to the USA for Indy500)? How much did it cost you? For the reference, Silverstone F1 ticket would cost me around £6-700 this year per person, and I literally live 30 minutes from the track…
I will most definitely not be able to spend 2 weeks watching all practice sessions and qualification and race, but how much would be just quali one week and race another week?
Also, flight tickets prices around these days?
  1. Any general tips? When do tickets go on sale? Anything I should know? Is it possible to meet the drivers? If yes, when? Do my plan make any sense? Please let me know about anything that you think would be relevant :D
I know it might be slightly early to ask for it all, but I really like to plan my holidays beforehand and know everything, so if something doesn’t work out I always have time to change it :p
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2023.05.30 20:32 Mijah658 Update from a post I made a couple of months ago DISCLAIMER lots of reading and (potential) triggers

Since making the first post I've discovered that I'm demiromantic/greyromantic (might give some insight)
Basic summary for those that didn't read the original post- I've only ever had romo attrac twice in my life first time led to a toxic relationship after I broke up with the girl from that relationship I was pretty down and a friend was supportive during this (let's call him "E") who I'd been friends with for a couple of years although I wasn't too close until this year this friend E helped me through the breakup in multiple ways including educating me about queer stuff (this is how I learned about him being aroace flux important later) once I began to recover from the BS that I'd gone through I realized that I was developing feelings towards him (I'm quoiromantic so I wasnt sure at first) and even though I knew he was aroace I confessed to him for honesty's sake and predictably he said he wasn't interested and I told him I assumed and that I wasn't sure if I wanted a relationship even if he was open to it
Since I made that post I've been exploring my place in GRSMs and as such have learned more about myself
Despite the amount time that has passed I still have feelings for E and don't know what to do but the reason I'm making this post is because of a recent development That development being E recently had his discord status mention a "boyfriend" I asked him about it and made sure to not be pushy (because I was curious) and he said that he IS in a relationship I won't get into the details because it's not my place and I don't even know the details myself
Now I'm at a point where I'm experiencing jealousy periodically and as a result am self loathing the fact that I'm jealous
I haven't said anything to him because I don't want to be an ass and also it's not my place to push or force some sort of answer
I'm here to ask advice on what to do because I don't know how to or if I should confront him because it's his relationship not mine but at the same time it's causing me personal emotional turmoil and
Aaaaaah I don't know what to do
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2023.05.30 20:31 filthybusstop Guy from Lebanon has become a Googolionaire after finding out how to make $10 to $1000 in a week.

Breaking: After asking for trading strategies in Reddit's cryptocurrency sub, an anonymous user from Lebanon struck it rich. The simple question: "Would it be possible to turn 10€ into 1000€+ in a week with trading?"
Not surprisingly, users began poking fun of him or offering condolences. Some pointed out that his comment history looked fishy and that he might just be trolling or seeking attention.
The user, however, didn't give up and eventually figured out how to trade for 100x profits in just one week. After almost a year, his profits added up to a factor of 100 50. This means that his assets are now worth $10 101, making him by far the richest man alive
He's the first Googolionaire (named after the famous number 'Googol', which is 10100 and gave Google its name).
Congratulations, and I hope we'll make it one day.
*That's $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
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2023.05.30 20:31 UnnecessaryShitter So how exactly am I supposed to develop a witty personality with excellent comebacks when someone is making fun of me?

Not exclusively an autism thing, but still.
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2023.05.30 20:31 Western_Annual_4749 Gran turismo 7

In vr while in the Lamborghini vgt it always makes me get close enough for the black and green outline to come up how do I stop it
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